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Collision Chapter 17

Title: Collision
Summary: As one family struggles to come together, another is torn further apart.
Main Pairing: RL/OC
Story Rating: Hard R or NC-17 (depending on your own views)
Chapter title: Goodbye's and Hello Again
Chapter Rating: R for abuse, violence, and attempted rape.

Chapter 17 - Goodbye's and Hello Again

“Well well well, what do we have here?” Dannie turned towards the voice and her eyes widened in fear, “I assumed that you had perished after our last meeting.”

As the man entered the room he immediately removed his robes and placed them on the foot of the bed then continued towards Dannie. She quickly tried scooting backwards away from him but soon ran out of room and fell backwards off the end of the bed. “I do appreciate the fact that you are attempting to put up a fight on this. I would hate the idea that you would be too easy of a conquest.” he then smiled down at her, “Although I must remember to thank my dear sister in law for your presence, these ropes are not something that appeal to me.” he then waved his wand and removed Dannie’s bondings and she scrambled to her feet as he quickly moved to block the doorway. Julius then started walking toward her once again as she back to the corner. “If I didn’t know any better I would say that you are not appreciative of your surroundings here.” he said as he ran the back of his fingers downward from her jaw line and across her breast only to pull them away as if they were burned as soon as they passed over the medicine pouch.

“Keep your fu…” Dannie started to say but was quickly silenced when he pressed his mouth to hers and in defense she just as quickly connected her knee with his groin.

As Julius collapsed Dannie tried making her way past him but he quickly grabbed her ankle causing her to fall to the ground and crashing into the breakfast tray that Shandra had left next to the bed. “You little Bitch! I will teach you respect.” he shouted as he flipped her over by her legs and started to crawl on top of her.

Dannie stared at her attacker as her hand quickly searched for anything to defend herself with.


As Xander ran down the corridor he rounded the corner and collided straight into Margaret. “What in the world are you doing down here?”

“I just wanted to try his drums, I…I didn’t mean any harm.”

“Well you know that you kids aren’t allowed down here. If they found out…” she paused as she noticed her son kept looking back towards the set of rooms, “Look at me, what happened?”

“He..he found me in there and I’m sorry I didn’t mean to break the…that music thing. It was an accident. I swear.”

“Who found you in there? Julius?” the boy just nodded “Go back to my rooms now and wait for me” Margaret said before she went running down the hallway towards her where Dannie should have been safely hidden.


The sun was just starting to peak through the lab windows when Patricia walked into the room. She immediately noticed Severus sleeping in a chair in the corner of the room with an hour glass next to him and Draco had dozed off with his head rested on one of the potion books. She quietly looked around then made her way to the office doorway where she spotted Harry sleeping soundly on the couch. Unknown to her Severus opened his eyes slightly and watched her as she passed. She then made her way across the room and knelt down next to the sleeping boy and lightly brushed the fringe from his face and for the first time in over a decade she was able to take a good long look at her nephew/Godson. “I am sorry that I was unable to be there for you like your mum and I had planned. She would have been so proud of you today.”

“I have it on good authority that she is proud of him, as am I.” Severus said from the doorway. “If he was allowed to leave with you and the twins, would you still have turned to Voldemort?”

“I already explained to you why I did what I did. It didn’t turn out the way it was suppose to but at least Sirius is free.”

“You haven’t answered my question. Would you still have turned to him?”

“If it meant having the charges against Sirius lifted, I honestly believe I would.” Patricia stated.

“Did you really have so little faith in us to capture him that you would turn away from everything that we were taught? Everything we believed?”

“I still have the same beliefs, if I didn’t I wouldn’t have done what I did yesterday knowing that I was risking my own life.”

“But it’s not your life that you risked is it? You completely neglected the fact that it wasn’t his followers that he use to punish, it was their children.” Severus replied then Harry stirred and he motioned for her to follow him back into the lab. He then bottled up the potion and handed it to her, “This will keep the acid in his system stable as long as it is not triggered by Voldemort, just give him a few drops each morning.”

“Severus I don’t know how…”

“Don’t, this is for him not you. When you run out contact me and I will make some more but I will only do so as long as Jamie is alive and well. This is not to be used for you or any of the others that you have condemned to this life. Do I make myself clear?” Patricia nodded then tried to hug Severus but he stood firm and non-responsive so she quickly let go. “They will be awake soon, I suggest that you gather him and leave now before you are seen.”

She quickly turned to the door leading to the corridor and started to leave but not without turning to take one last look at her brother then her nephew who stood sleepy-eyed in the office doorway and smiled at the two of them. Not five minutes later she and Jamie quickly and quietly crossed the school grounds and out of the gate without looking back. Not even noticing that he was being Severus cleaned the quietly cleaned the work area as Harry glanced over at Draco who was also watching his guardian. Severus then turned around and quickly composed himself as he saw the two boys watching him in silence. “I believe it’s almost time for your exam.” he said to Harry.

“What about…Jamie will he…”

Severus ignored the question and just said “I’m going back to our quarters to get some sleep, wake me when your exam is completed and we’ll then go out to the vineyards.” he then walked out of the room and headed down the corridor.

“You do realize that it could have easily been one of us instead.” Draco stated.

“Yes I do, all too well.”


Dannie quickly crossed her ankles locking her legs together as he pushed himself against her. “This little hard to get game of yours is starting to get old very quick, now I suggest you relax and enjoy what you know you’ve been waiting for.” Julius purred

She felt something with her finger tips and stretched her arm out and grabbed the item and immediately brought it up piercing the fork into his arm as she shouted “Get the fuck off me!”

Julius reached up and pulled the fork out of his arm then instantly punched her in the jaw with the same hand causing it to scratch directly below her eye. “You bitch!” he shouted as he lifted up onto his knees and flipped her over onto her stomach again and lifted her head up by her hair, “You come into my home and sleep in one of my beds and you have the nerve to stab me with a fork? You should be thankful you aren’t lying dead in that brothel you came from with the other beasts.” he then released her hair and as he pulled down on back end of her shorts as Dannie tried to squirm away from him.

Just as Dannie heard him undo his zipper with his free hand there was a small pop at the other end of the room. “I knew it. Shandra leave Miss alone for short time and she have another mate!” and she felt the weight instantly move off her followed by a crash against the wall to the side of them. Dannie immediately scrambled forward grabbing a small butter knife and as she turned to sit with her back against the wall to calm her breathing there was another voice that came from the doorway.

“What the bloody hell is going on here?” Margaret shouted as she saw her brother-in-law’s condition.

“The fucking beast stabbed me then that poor excuse for a rodent attacked me, that’s what’s going on here.” Julius shouted. “I want them both out of here, NOW!”
“I would be more than happy to leave if your little monster would quit tying me up.” Dannie replied. “You told me that Albus asked you to be my counselor, how in the hell is bringing me here for that bastard helping to get me back home to Bria and Remus?”

“Miss not listen at all, Shandra say master’s name cannot be…”

Margaret looked at the elf, “Shandra, you need to leave and let me deal with this now.”

“Master be only one that can dismiss Shandra. Not misses and not sir Shandra not know.”

Julius removed his blood stained shirt and threw it at the elf “I am the master of this house and I want you out now!”

“Julius that’s enough, you’re the master of the rest of the house but these are still my brother’s rooms and you have no say-so in what goes on down here.” Margaret then turned to Dannie, “The only reason I brought you here was so that you could recover without Deloris finding you. I honestly thought that by being in these rooms you would feel more at ease here.”

“I would have been more at ease if I was back at Hogwarts with my family, how in the world do you think I could have recovered easily here with that fugly hairless ewok wannabe tying me up so that bastard could have his way with me?”

“Shandra not keep you here for sir. Shandra make you to stay so master not be in trouble with Mister and Mistress.”

“Shandra, leave now before I make sure that when Remus returns you are dismissed and if I don’t then I’m sure that Dannie will.”

“What does your good for nothing brother have to do with anything that happens here?” Julius stated.

Dannie looked back and forth between the other two. “For your information these are still his rooms and she is his mate.” Margaret stated as his jaw dropped. “How do you think Remus will feel about you trying to force yourself on her not once but twice, and in his own room no less. Not to mention the fact that you are still married to my sister.”

“If they are mates as you say they are then why was she in a brothel? I paid good money for the use of her in any fashion that I pleased.” Julius replied.

“I was there to be registered and that was it. You know that they had me in a body bind when they brought me into the room.”

“I know nothing of the sort and there is nothing you can do or say to prove other wise.”

“First of all the money you spent was not for your play, that was from the business account and I am quite sure that there will be plenty of proof of how you spend the corporate funds once Deloris is captured. Now do you care to explain your actions that took place in here?” Julius didn’t say a word and Margaret continued, “I thought not.”

“What are the conditions to keep either of you from saying anything?” Julius asked.

“No more brothels, no more recklessly wasting the profits. By the end of the fiscal year this place had better be in the black for once and remain that way. Not only will I keep all books and records but I expect receipts for every single knut that is spent and finally once Xander is of age you will offer to step down and hand over the business to him. Also I reserve the right to add onto these conditions once I have thought through the situation. Do I make myself clear?” Margaret asked.

“And what about her? How are you going to keep your brother from finding out about this?”

“That is for Dannie to decide and for you to worry about. Although we all know how he will react once he finds out, I do not believe either one of us will want to see him have to go through another trial.”

Julius looked at Dannie with pleading eyes as he walked by her and out of the room. “I can’t believe you just let him walk out of here like that. He needs his ass thrown in jail.”

“You have to understand, not only do we need him to run the vineyard but by law there really isn’t just cause to have him arrested.”

“No just cause? He tried to rape me! What other cause should there be and you, why didn’t you ever tell me who you were?”

“Dannie, you’re a werewolf and a muggle one at that. You know as well as I do that you have absolutely no rights in this world. As it is we are very lucky that the Magistrate has agreed to continue with Remus’ case.”

“There has to be some sort of rights to keep something like this from happening to someone like me.”

“Unfortunately no. You were placed into an underground brothel so he legally had paid for services with you; Julius was not completely in the wrong here.” Margaret explained.

“You guys are all screwed up. It’s no wonder why Remus never once talked about his childhood before school. Please just take me back to Hogwarts and away from here.” she said as she stood up and walked over to the dresser to pickup her duffel.

“I can’t.”

“What the hell do you mean you can’t? You brought me here now take me back, I need to be with my daughter and prepare for this trial.”

Margaret took a deep breath, “Please sit, we need to talk.”

“You have 2 minutes.” Dannie replied as she remained standing leaning her back against the dresser. “This had better be a good reason.”

“When you changed back at the Safehouse you had that collar on.”

“Yeah so.”

“Because of it you had literally cut off your oxygen supply long enough for you to completely become unconscious. Deloris and everyone there believed you were dead, we were lucky not only that Barbara and I arrived in time but that they didn’t even take the time to check your vitals although they were so weak they were barely detectable.”

“Fine then, Deloris believes that I’m dead. That means that she’ll leave us alone.”

“But you don’t understand. With you being so close to death the people at the Safehouse were not the only ones that are under the impression that you crossed over.”

“Remus and Bria.” Dannie then saw Margaret close her eyes and nod in response. “But you surely told them that I wasn’t.” Margaret then shook her head. “Why the hell not?”

“At first I wanted to make sure that you would be alright. You were so weak when Barbara brought you here we didn’t believe you could make it through the night. Then by the time I arrived at the courthouse I had decided that I needed to tell them. Unfortunately Deloris was already there and the magistrate was ready to start.” Margaret stood up and walked over to her, “I hate the fact that I couldn’t tell him the truth, I honestly wanted to just so he wouldn’t hurt so much but the situation wouldn’t allow it.”

“But what about his trial? How do you expect the courts to believe that I was willing to accept the bite when I’m not there to say I was?”

“To be honest we really are unsure on how to precede other than the testimony of Bria and of coarse myself from the session that we had. And of coarse your friends.”

“I didn’t know many people in this world and as it was nothing that was ever spoken about.”

“Don’t you fret, we’ll figure something out we will.” Margaret stated.

“What about Bria, how is she doing?”

“I can tell she’s hurting but all in all she’s alright. She’s going through her registration…”

“Registration? After what happened to me how could anyone even consider taking her there? She’s only 15 and…”

“Dannie calm down she is fine. Your daughter was never sent to the Safehouse. In fact it doesn’t look as if anyone will be going back there again. She’s actually back in my quarters recovering comfortably I assume.” Margaret smiled.

“So I can see her then.” Dannie said sounding more hopeful with the idea.

Margaret sighed, “Later today I suppose. After she has completely recovered and I’m able to explain the situation to her. She’s quite amazing you know. Even after Remus told her about your crossing she still faced the magistrate without to much of a scene.”

“Yes but if things keep up this way she’s going to start to wonder if anyone really dies around here.”

“What do you mean?”

“It’s a long story but let’s just say I won’t be the first person she’s known to die and come back in just a few months.”

“Thing is though if you really want to be technical, you didn’t completely die. As I explained earlier, your heart slowed drastically but it never did stop.” Margaret then looked at her watch, “Listen I had better get back to check on Bria. I expect she just may wake up shortly and probably will have a bit of discomfort. Are you going to be alright in here?”

Dannie nodded, “As long as you keep that elf away from me I should be.”

“Good, make yourself at home. I’m quite sure that Remus won’t mind at all and as for Shandra, pay her no mind although she is actually quite harmless she does tend to over react and is quite possessive over my brother.”

Margaret then walked out of the room and was greeted by Xander who had remained in the corridor the whole time. “Mum, is that?”

“Yes now leave her be, she still has some mending to do. Especially after this morning.”

Meanwhile Dannie spent the rest of the morning walking around Remus’ rooms for the first time taking the chance to really look over it’s contents as the knife she had picked up was kept in reach of her at all times.


Later that afternoon Bria woke up to see Margaret, Severus and another man at the desk discussing some things he pointed out of the paperwork between them. “What I would like to know is why anyone would give these vaccinations to someone.”

“Why what are they?” Margaret asked.

“By looking at these alone I’d guess that this was someone’s pet but with the Smallpox and Tetanus shots in the order they are in…Margaret I have never issued rabies vaccinations to anyone on a yearly basis. This is something that Muggles are only to give to their pets. Why in Merlin’s name would a doctor authorize these treatments? Even if they lived in the woods and were bitten by a rapid animal then and only then it would be a series of 21 shots.” the man explained.

“What’s going on?” Bria asked.

“Well hello sleepy.” Margaret cheerfully said, “Bria this is an old friend of the family. He’s just explaining your mother’s medical records to us. Ted, this is my niece, Gabriella.” Margaret stated as Bria nodded to the man.

“Well I’ll be. She resembles your brother at that age. I’m pleased to meet you my dear.”

“If you two will excuse us I need to talk to Bria for a bit.” Margaret said as she stood up and led the girl into the corridor. “I have something to show you but I need you to be understanding on why I didn’t inform you sooner.”

“Nothing’s wrong with dad is it?”

“Don’t worry; nothing has happened to your father.” Margaret reassured her.

“Where are we going?”

“I thought you would like to see his old rooms. Up until recently they should have been completely closed off from the rest of the house but with circumstances the way they are I’ve decided it needed to be used again.”

“Used for what? Am I going to be staying down there now?”

“No that’s not it at all.” Margaret then stopped and looked at the girl, “You know I was to bring your mum to the court house yesterday. Unfortunately when I had arrived at the Safehouse she was already…How do I put this?”

“Just tell me what happened.”

“I was the one to find you mother. She had been in the auditorium for certain special guests to…”

“I figured out why she changed, I know it was to keep from letting someone rape her and that’s why she died.” Bria explained.

Margaret shook her head. “She hadn’t completely left. She was close but there was still a small possibility. My assistant and I let Deloris believe she was dead. It was the only way we could…” before Margaret could finish what she was saying Bria ran down the corridor and started looking around the rooms frantically for Dannie. Finally she found her hidden in the shade on the balcony while in wolf form watching Xander and Harry fly around the pitch that lay only a few yards away.

Before Dannie could change back Bria was tightly hugging her neck which caused Dannie to wench due to some bruising that remained and the younger girl let go of her. Bria then followed Dannie as she stood up and walked back into the room and jumped up onto the bed before changing back. Bria once again greeted her with a bone crushing hug. “Hey now what’s all this for, you act like you haven’t seen me in ages.” Dannie replied.

“Dad and that bitch said that you…”

“I know but I didn’t thanks to your aunt getting me out of there.”

Margaret walked into the room and saw the two talking and smiled to herself, “Bria you need to let your mother get some rest.”

“I’m alright.” Dannie replied as she pried Bria’s arms off her waist.

“Are you sure?” Margaret asked and Dannie nodded. “Ok then. Bria if you want to bring your mum back to my quarters in a half hour I’ll have dinner waiting for the two of you there.”

“What about the others that are here, I thought me being here was to remain a secret. Aren’t you worried about them telling anyone?”

“To be honest nobody ever goes into each others wings so as long as you stay between this one and mine then we will be alright. The only obstacle will be will be crossing through the main house. The rest of the family will be out for the rest of the afternoon so everything will be alright.” Margaret then turned and left the room so that mother and daughter could have some time alone.

A few minutes later Margaret arrived back in her own rooms when Severus asked, “Where is Bria?”

“I thought she would enjoy seeing Remus’ old rooms. She’ll be back here for dinner.”

“Do you really think it’s wise for her to be there alone after going through such an ordeal?”

“To be honest it’s the best thing for her.” Margaret replied and she noticed Severus attempting to look straight into her eyes so she quickly walked into the other room.

Severus rose from his chair and followed her, “How long were you going to keep it a secret?” he said knowing that the woman was hiding something but not sure of what it was.

“Until I am positive she’s safe.”

“Is this what you were trying to tell me at the courthouse?” Severus asked and Margaret nodded “But she’s not safe. You know if Deloris really wanted to she could…”

“She’s safer here than anywhere else, that’s why I had Barbara bring her here after it happened instead of at the school. The only one that would even think of informing Deloris of her whereabouts is Julius and there is just too much information on him that I am in possession of, not to mention how petrified he is of Remus to ever say anything.”

“Wait a second; you were the one who collected Bria yesterday. Who is Barbara and what does she have to do with anything?” he said as he spun her around “She’s here? Why didn’t you say anything yesterday? You saw how distraught your brother was and you just sat there knowing there was no reason for him to be.”

“How in the hell was I to tell him with Deloris constantly around? I wasn’t even certain that she was going to come out of this in tact whit the condition she was in at the time. Besides I did try to tell you but you didn’t want to hear what I had to say. You were far to concerned that I had let my brother down once again.” Margaret spat.

“What is her condition now? Is she well enough to face the magistrate and tell them that she wanted this to happen?”

“Dannie’s testimony alone is no guarantee that the charges will be dropped. They could instead decide to send her to St Mungos permanently with the others. We have to find another way to make sure that we have at least one backup reason.”

“Am I safe to assume that you are going to at least tell your brother the truth?” Severus asked.

“I don’t think I’ll have to. If I’m right then he has most likely noticed that something is not right and hopefully figured it out.” Margaret replied.

“If he hasn’t you will tell him. Right?”

“If she doesn’t I will.” Bria responded as she and Dannie walked into the room.

“You be careful when you do. Make sure that nobody overhears you.” Margaret said then she turned to Dannie taking note that she looked exhausted “I told you that you needed to rest and now see the shape your in. What are you doing here so soon?”

“I’m fine, I’ve spent far too much time resting over the past week, I need to move around more.” Dannie replied

“Do as you see fit, I can tell you will no matter what I say.” Margaret stated and Dannie just smirked at her. The group then went back into the front room where they greeted the boys when they finally came back into the rooms. Everyone spent the rest of the evening enjoying dinner as Severus informed Dannie and Bria of what happened that morning and finally they all started working on Remus’ trial once again.

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