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Collision Chapter 16

Title: Collision
Summary: As one family struggles to come together, another is torn further apart.
Main Pairing: RL/OC
Story Rating: Hard R or NC-17 (depending on your own views)
Chapter title: Unexpected Expectations
Chapter Rating: R for abuse, violence, and attempted rape.

Chapter 16 - Unexpected Expectations

As soon as Margaret and Bria arrived on the front lawn of the Lupin estates Margaret noticed how green the girl’s completion had become and she immediately led her to the nearest bush where she held her hair back while Bria was sick. As soon as the girl was done the woman looked at her, “Your father was the same way the first time he apparated, I should have suspected that it would affect you too.” Bria remained quiet and accepted a mint leaf that was offered to her. They then walked across the lawn to the front door in which opened automatically for the two of them.

Bria was stunned when she took notice of the size of the foyer as they walked in. The room alone was larger than either of her parent’s quarters so she could only guess at the size of the rest of the house. She was suddenly startled when a house-elf appeared before them. Margaret gave the elf her cloak and Bria’s duffle “Take her things to the room next to Xander’s.”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Oh and as soon as you’re done I’m afraid there’s a slight mess in the front hedges I need to you attend to.”

“Yes Mistress, at once.” the elf replied before it disappeared.

Margaret then looked at Bria as she continued to eye her surroundings “I know it’s quite large, a bit too big for my choosing but I’m sure you’ll learn your way around in no time.” Bria still remained quiet, “Until then I’ll give you a map of the grounds. All I ask is that you be careful of where you go. If it’s not on the map then you shouldn’t be there.” Bria nodded.

The two of them then headed down the long corridor and up the stairs while Bria looked at all the portraits on the walls. As soon as they entered the dinning room everyone turned and gawked at them. “It’s about time you decided to show up.” an older woman stated.

“I’m sorry we’re late, I had an errand to run.” Margaret replied as she motioned for Bria to sit next to Xander while an elf brought in another chair.

“Who may I ask is that? We told you when you took on this little hobby of yours that you would not be allowed to bring any of your monsters into our home. It’s bad enough that we have had to tolerate your assistant running around here all day.”

“Veronica I know for a fact that Barbara knows and has paid attention to the rules here and has not left the vicinity of the east wing. As for Gabriella here she is not one of my patents, she happens to be our niece.” Margaret replied as the food was passed around the table.

“What do you mean by our niece? I don’t recall neither Angelica nor I ever giving birth to a daughter and unless you decided to have a bit of fun with one of those roadies when you were with that good for nothing ex…”

“How many times do I need to remind you to keep your opinions of Adam to yourself?”

“I’m just speaking the truth. He was a good for nothing, expelled in his final year. If she is our niece then it could only mean that you briefly came to your senses sooner than we gave you credit for.” Veronica snapped as she glared at Bria who was feeling very uncomfortable and picking at her food. “So what was he? One of those savage Indians from the states? I do hope you had enough sense to check into his family history to see how pure his blood is.”

“No dear sister, I hate to break the news but it seems that we weren’t the only ones in the family to have children.”

“Well if she’s not yours and she’s definatly not any of ours then she obviously does not belong here.” Angelica stated.

“Has twenty years honestly erased your minds? Think back, who was the house and land originally suppose to go to?”

“Well since father legally had no son’s that reached legal age it went to its proper owner, me. And since this is my home I want her gone. She has no right to be here.”

“She has more right to be here than any of the other children, she’s Rem…”

“Don’t you dare say that name.” Veronica shouted, “You know it is no longer allowed to be used within these walls after what he did.”

“Remus didn’t do anything wrong it was Deloris’ doing. She refused to take on her role as his mate and produce an heir with him. He has an heir now, she is his daughter whether you like it or not she has every right to be here.”

“Are you suggesting that we just hand everything over to him now after all these years? If we do that then what in Merlin’s name do you suppose is going to happen to all of it when he has his soul sucked out? I am not going to stand by and watch that…that thing take over the family business and destroy everything we worked so hard for.”

Bria had seen and heard enough, she was quite aware of where she actually stood in her father’s family. “I don’t want your fucking business and neither will my dad once we get him released. You can take this house and everything else and just shove it all up your fat ass.” she spat before she got up from the table and ran out of the room.

“Well I never. The nerve of it speaking to me in such manner.” Veronica stated.

“Calm yourself sister; just remember she won’t be here that long.” Angelica replied.

“Well she has already been here far too long. Margaret I suggest you take that child back to the cave you drug her out of and leave her to rot.”

“Veronica you deserve everything that she said. In fact I’m surprised she didn’t say more than she did. Bria will be staying here until the new term starts or Remus is released.”

“NO I will NOT have her in MY home!”

“Yes sister you will, court orders. I suggest you start praying that Remus is found innocent of all charges.”

“Julius has not worked as hard as he has just so that monster can walk in and take it all away from us.”

“Julius work hard? I suggest you have a look at the books sister, your precious Julius has run the vineyard into the red. I’m quite surprised with the way he spends money at brothels we have not already lost everything.”

“How dare you make such accusations. Julius would never…”

“Oh no? Ask him where he was earlier today and what happened while he was there before you ever try to defend him to me again. Better yet find out the answers and then try to defend him to your own brother or niece and see what happens.” Margaret spat before she turned and went in search for Bria with Xander close behind her.

“Mum, what you said about Uncle Julius, what did he do?”

“Nothing for you to concern yourself with right now. Just keep a close eye on your cousin when he comes back, ok?”

“He wouldn’t try to hurt her would he?”

“I’m not sure but I don’t trust him.” Margaret said. “Ok I need you to check outside and I’ll check around in here.” The tow of them separated to search the estate. While Margaret was looking around the house she almost ran into her assistant. “How’s she doing?”

“She was sleeping when I checked on her but the good news is that her vitals are back to normal. Were you able to tell them?”

“No, unfortunately Deloris was at the courthouse today and I didn’t want her to try to claim that I’m stealing her inmates without authority.”

“But that is what you did. What are you going to do when she finds out? You do realize that you could loose your licenses over this.”

“No I don’t believe I will. There was another incident this afternoon that completely shut down the Safehouse for good. In fact after tomorrow I’m going to need you to check with St Mungos and see if they can you anymore assistance there. They transferred all of Deloris’ surviving inmates there.”

“Surviving inmates?”

“It’s a long story; I’ll have to tell you about it later. I need to find my niece right now.”

“Ok then if you don’t need me for anything else I’ll be going home.”

“Alright then, be here bright and early tomorrow morning though, I need to register Bria.” Margaret replied and her assistant headed for the front door.


As Harry sat and studied for his final OWL that was to take place the following morning Ann and Draco were occupied by a game of chess. She was loosing terribly with only being to have taken two of his pawns and a rook. “You would think that with as much time as you’ve spent with Weasley you would have at least been some sort of a challenge.” Draco smirked before he announced “Checkmate.”

Harry glanced at her as she rose from the table and walked across the room to sit in one of the other chairs, “Ann are you feeling alight?”

She shrugged “I’m just bored.”

“Well it’s no more boring that any other day.” Draco replied as he stood up “Well I’m going to do a few laps around the pitch, want to come along?”

“She can’t, she has to stay here until the others return.” Severus stated as he entered from the kitchen. He then walked up behind Harry and closed the boy’s text book that he was reading, “You have gone over your study time by a half hour. I thought I made it clear that I don’t want you to over do it.”

“Sorry dad I guess I lost track of time.”

“Well come along, I could use your help. Ann, would you care to join us?” the girl just shook her head so the two of them proceeded into the other room. After awhile Severus looked at his son “Well that should be all, why don’t you go….” he was interrupted by a loud spine curdling scream from the other room. “What in Merlin’s name?” he said as he ran back into the front room only to see his niece curled up on the floor. From where Severus was standing it looked as if the girl was having problems with her stomach, “Harry go get Poppy…immediately.”

“Will she be alight?”

“If you hurry, yes.” Severus said as he lifted Ann off the floor and laid her down onto the couch while Harry ran out the door and down the corridor. As soon as she was stretched out onto the couch Severus realized it wasn’t her stomach at all and there was something wrong with her arm. “I need you to tell me what happened.”

“It…it’s burning!” she cried.

Severus gently pried her hand off her forearm and lifted the sleeve and gasped as the skin was gradually turned black as coal in the same spot his own mark was. “When did…who did this to you?”

“Sniff It just started…”

“Ann Marie, I need you to think, is there anybody anything that you could have bumped into or…”

“No.” she stated, “I don’t know why it started or where it came from.”

Severus rose from the couch and walked into the other room only to quickly return with a bowl of salve that he gently applied to the area causing the burning to subside and Ann to slowly calm down.

Soon after Harry and Madam Pomphrey arrived “What happened to her?” she asked as she walked over to the couch and noticed the mark on the girl’s arm.

“I’m not sure but it seems as if she will be fine.”

“Severus, tell me that is not what it appears to be.” Severus remained quiet as he covered Ann’s arm and walked into the other room with Poppy following close behind him. “Severus answer me. Is that the dark mark on her arm?”

“As of now, no it is not.”

“Are you positive of this? With your family’s history…”

“I am quite aware of not only my history but that of my family and I can assure you that the girl in there has not been marked.” Severus stated as he kept an eye on Ann from the doorway.


The sun was setting as Xander was flying around the property looking for Bria. He was about ready to call it quits when he finally found her sitting at the edge of the vineyard. “There you are.” he said as he hovered over her.

“Go away.”

“Nope, mum sent me out to find you.”

“Why? So that they can prove none of you want me around as much as I don‘t want to be here?”

“Mum and I want you here, they use to treat me the same way but they’ll stop after awhile.”

“Well I don’t want to wait until then, I was much better off at home.”

“Sorry but you’re stuck. We’re twenty miles from the nearest town and not even set up for Floo travel. Unless you have your apparition license then you might as well make yourself comfortable.” Bria just glared at the younger boy above her, “Just think of it. Wouldn’t you really love to piss off our aunts for the way they welcomed you?” Bria smirked. “I thought so, what better way to do so than to not only stay here but make yourself quite visible.”

“Why are you telling me this? I thought you all felt the same way.”

“No not at all. I guess it’s because from what mum always said, her and Uncle Remus were tight, not to mention do you realize how tired I am of being the oldest one? Having nine younger cousins is annoying. Ever since mum told me about you I was looking forward to going to school even more.”

“Trust me, school is school. It’s not all that great, especially when your parents and their friends are your teachers. The only good thing about it is that you don’t have to stay in the dorms over the weekends.”

“Try being home schooled with everyone younger than you. I can hardly wait to get away from here and with kids my age.” Xander paused, “So are we going to stay out here all night or are we going to go back inside and upset our aunts some more?” Bria sighed “I’ll tell you now; mum’s not the type you really want to have worried about you. She can get overly clingy once she sees reason to be.”

Bria stood up and brushed the dirt from her shorts “Fine let’s go back.” As the two of them started walking towards the house Bria looked at her cousin “So is that the only thing there is to do around here?”

“Pretty much so, there’s a pitch on the other side of the estate if you want to play one on one tomorrow.”

“That’s ok, I don’t play. Besides I have to be branded tomorrow.”

“Branded? You mean you don’t have your numbers yet? I thought mum said you were born a werewolf.”

“I was but I was raised in the Muggle world as a shape-shifter like my mom was.”

“What’s it like?”

“What’s what like?”

“Being able to change form like that? What’s it like?”

Bria shrugged, “I suppose it’s cool I guess. I’ve done it as long as I can remember so I don’t know what it’s like not to be able to change.”

“Does it hurt?”

“Not at all, that was one of the traits that I didn’t inherit. I know mom didn’t use to have any pain either until she became one.”

“If you bit someone would they also become a werewolf?”

“I never tried it so I really don’t know…Probably.” Bria stopped walking “Why do you ask?”

“Just curious I guess. You’re the first one I’ve met.”

“But your mom works with werewolves all the time. Why don’t you just ask her?”

“She may work with them but she can’t tell me what it’s like to be one.”

“Listen it’s really not as great as you think it is. Yes being able to change like I do is cool but if you look at everything I went through this past year alone and what I get to look forward to isn’t. I spent the last year with some lunatic trying to kill me for my pelt, I have to be branded so that I can be watched by the Ministry for the rest of my life, and last of all dad is not in jail for merely marking mom.”

“He did more than mark your mum though, he turned her into another werewolf.” he replied as he noticed she wasn’t paying much attention. “Your not changing your mind about going back to the house are you?”

“No, I just thought of something. You wouldn’t by chance have a computer would you?”

“A what?”

“Shit, I didn’t think so….and your house isn’t on the Floo…I need to reach Uncle Dan and Aunt Bobby.”

“You can owl them. I know mum wouldn’t mind.”

“No that would take too long, they’re back in Wisconsin.”

“Do you know anyone else who would have one of these compoota’s that may live closer?”

“Hermione has one but I don’t think she’s at home right now?”

“Well what is it, maybe mum’s friend has one.”

“It’s something that’s used in the Muggle world mainly to find information on or to even talk with someone on the other side of the world.”

“We have a good size library, the information you need is surely in there.”

“No our stories very rarely make it to print they are mainly told at the different gatherings by storytellers. I just needed to talk to my uncle to see if he remembered one in particular.” Bria sighed, “Forget it, it’s not like some old fairytale could possibly help my dad now.” she then lowered her head and slowly started towards the house again followed by Xander.


As Severus finished preparing dinner Harry and Ann played a regular card game as Poppy kept an eye on the girl to make sure that what ever it was that affected her earlier didn’t happen again. Just then the front door flew open and Sirius barged in with Jamie in his arms and Patricia following close behind the two of them. “SEVERUS!” he bellowed.

“Now what is going on?” Severus loudly grumbled as he walked into the room curiously locking his eyes on his sister.

“Ask your sister. I found her and Jamie in an alleyway in Hogsmeade with Voldemort. Severus, you have to counteract what they gave him.” Sirius said as he placed the boy on the loveseat.

“Patricia what did you give him?” he said as he glared at her.

Patricia slid down the wall with tears streaming down her face “Oh Merlin, I am sorry….I just wanted to see…to talk to….but they caught us and next thing I know…Merlin please.”

“Tell me what you didn’t…!” he said in a more demanding tone.

“Not completely. The ceremony was interrupted and he didn’t get the whole potion. Tell me he’ll be ok…Please Sev.”

“I need you to tell me exactly what ceremony was being preformed and how it was done.”

“Please understand…I didn’t want this…I promise you this was the last thing I ever wanted…and I tried to fight it.” she cried.

“Stop lying!” Ann yelled at her, “You tried to take us away last spring.”

“I just wanted to be with you again. I missed having my….”

“Bullocks! If you really wanted us you would have never…”

“Ann Marie that is enough. I want you and Harry in the kitchen now while your parents and I sort this out.” Severus waited until the two of them were in the other room. “What potion was used?”

“I…I don’t know.” she replied as she started to stand up and walk towards the couch their son was on. “I’m so sorry baby, I…”

“Keep your fucking apologies to yourself bitch, they aren’t going to help him now. “ Sirius commanded as he grabbed her by the arm and flung her to the other side of the room “You stay away from my children!”

“They are my children too!”

“No! You gave them up when you became his slut!”

“Severus, please.” she pleaded.

“What does the potion do Patricia?” Severus asked as he remained as calm as possible.

“It’s new; he recently started using it on the children to make sure that they never disobey him like you did.”

“How does he do that?” Severus asked.

“The old man said its acid based, if…if the stabilizer isn’t administered then it slowly eats through their system.” Sirius replied.

Poppy looked at the boy, “If the ceremony was not completed then how is it that the acid has not started to take effect?”

“That part of the potion had just started to be administered when Sirius attacked me and knocked it to the ground.”

Severus turned and glared at Sirius, “You knew he needed it and you still attacked? What were you thinking?”

“I couldn’t let them take him, I…”

“Once again you didn’t bother to think about what you were doing did you? “ Severus asked as he noticed Patricia was clutching a vile in her hand, “Is that the remainder?” she nodded and Severus quickly grabbed the vile from her hand and quickly smelled the contents as he walked over and looked at Poppy who nodded in agreement before he started to pour it onto the boy’s arm.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Sirius shouted.

“I’m saving your son’s life.” Severus calmly replied.

“No your not, your giving him to Voldemort.”

“Black, let me remind you, your son needs a stabilizer as quickly as possible before this eats him alive…do you want the child to just lay here and die a very painful death?” Severus waited for an answer but received none, “Answer now. There’s not enough to completely stop the effects but it will contain it a bit longer.”

Sirius stared at his son who was starting to go into convulsions as his eyes started to tear, “But if he survives then he will…”

“I know he will and we will do what we can to hopefully bring him back. I need your answer now.”

“Dad, please…” Ann begged from the doorway.

Sirius looked between the girl and his wife, “Is this going to affect her as it did you when he was marked?”

Patricia shook her head, “That’s what the chant was for, to sever any bond he had to his siblings.”

Sirius closed his eyes and lowered his head, “You’ve won, I hope you’re happy now. You have our son back…but I warn you…if I ever think you are even considering trying to contact her in any way I will kill you.”

“Siri…I didn’t…”

“Don’t. Just…just keep him safe. Sev, do whatever it is you have to do but don’t let him die.” he then turned to Ann “Come along, lets go home.” then waited for her to walk past him towards the door.

“Princess,” Patricia murmured as Ann passed without acknowledging her in any way

“It’s a wonder your children have survived as long as they have. The two of you have always jumped into things before thinking about the consequences. I do hope you are pleased with these results.” Severus stated as he continued to pour what was left of the potion onto the boy’s arm.

“The last thing in the world I need from you dear brother is a lecture about my decisions in my life. What I do does not concern you.”

“When your reckless antics are brought into my home then yes it does.” Severus took a deep breath and sighed “Go with Poppy and Jamie to the infirmary and wait for me there. Harry I need you to go find Draco and bring him to my labs. Do not tell him about what has happened, I will take care of that. It looks like it’s going to be a long night tonight.”

“Severus, what about Albus. He needs to know what has happened.” Poppy stated as she conjured up a stretcher to carry the boy on.

“I am well aware of that and I will inform him but right now our biggest concern is keeping Jamie alive.”


Dannie woke up feeling much better although still groggy from what she considered far too much sleep. She then placed her feet onto the floor and slowly started to stand as she tested the strength in her legs. Once standing she slowly made her way over to her duffel that was still on top of the dresser and pulled out some clothes for the day when she noticed a small leather medicine bag and a note underneath it.


I wanted to tell you how sorry I am for the way we left things at the end of your visit home. You and Nicca are my babies and although this mate of yours seems to care for the two of you very much, the pain of loosing you two was too much to bear.

I have found the papers you left out and from what I can tell you are in for some very hard times. I hope the information I have given Dan will be of some assistance.

Although I cannot be there to protect you I want you to put this on and do not take it off. Do not worry there was no hatred in my heart when I prepared it, only my love and concern for you.

Until our paths cross again, remember you will always be my baby and I will always love you.


Dannie then placed the bag around her neck and went in search for the bathroom. Before she even made it to the door that led out of the rooms there was a small panicky voice behind her. “No! Shandra told miss she cannot leave. You must stay her or master will be in trouble.”

Dannie sighed and looked at the pain in the ass elf, “I doubt your master would be too appreciative of you if you deny me the use of the facilities.”

“No, Shandra not deny miss use of the facilities, just miss must use the ones in here, behind that door.” she said as she pointed to the other side of the room.

Dannie sighed, “Fine. I’ll use that one but I will also need something to eat and unless there is a hidden kitchen in here as well…”

“No kitchen. Shandra will make food for miss but you must stay here until Shandra returns.” the elf replied.

Dannie quickly showered and dressed and peered out the door in hopes that the elf hadn’t returned. No seeing anyone around she quickly made her way out of the room and started down the long corridor until she reached then end where she stopped and listened for any sounds from around the corner. Upon not hearing anything she started to proceed but only to be quickly stopped by an angry Shandra.

“Miss has been told she is not to leave master’s rooms.” she shouted and with a snap of her fingers Dannie was bound, gagged, and floating back towards the room and dropped onto the bed while the elf mumbled to herself “Master deserves better mate, miss does not listen. Miss only wants master punished by mister. Shandra not believe miss would act in this manner if miss cared for master.” Dannie tried struggling against the roped but quickly found that the more she did the tighter they became.

Meanwhile on the other side of the house

Bria woke up bright and early and as soon as she walked into the main room of Margaret’s quarters she noticed her aunt with her back to her as she worked at her desk. “Good morning, how did you sleep?” the woman asked.

“Ok I guess.”

“So are you ready to get started with your registration?”

“Now? I was hoping to get something to eat first.”

“Unfortunately the antistatic must be taken on an empty stomach in order to work properly.” she explained as Bria sat on the couch. “So do you want to know what is going to happen or would you prefer to be surprised?”

“I know what will happen, you’re gonna brand me like I was some sort of farm animal.”

“Well I would like to think that the way I do it is much more civilized than just tying someone or something down and just burning them with a branding iron.”

“So then it is done the same way.”

“In a way yes. But as you can see there is nothing making the metal hot. I’m simply going to place the silver plate onto your skin long enough for your serial number to seep in and then it will be gently removed.”

“Silver? But…”

“Yes silver but don’t worry, you won’t feel a thing.” Margaret replied as she walked over and handed Bria a small vile. “Just drink this and when you wake up the procedure will be over with.” Bria looked at her aunt trying to figure out if what she was saying was the truth, “You don’t have to take it if you don’t want to but I must warn you that there would be a tremendous amount of pain.” Bria hesitantly raised the vile to her mouth as she watched the woman next to her smile, “I promise, the last thing in the world I want is for you to be hurt anymore than you already have been.”

Just as the girl finished the potion Barbara came running into the room, “I’m sorry I’m late. I wanted to stop by…”

Margaret cleared her throat quickly to keep the woman from saying anything else, “Bria, this is my assistant, Barbara. She’s going to be monitoring you while I register you.” The potion started to take effect immediately making Bria groggy enough so that all she could do was nod in response. Within a few minutes she was sound asleep and oblivious to anything around her. Barbara then repositioned her so that the arm that was to be marked would be easily accessible while Margaret finished putting the serial number on the plate. “So how is our other patient doing this morning?”

“Well I believe she must be feeling quite a bit better. It seems she has already found the facilities and was in the shower.”

Margaret started placing the plate to the exposed arms as she said, “I didn’t expect her to be up and about already. I had better stop by there since I’m sure she’ll have quite a few questions.”

“Well if you’d like I can finish here while you go and check on her.”

“Are you sure you can handle it on your own?”


“Very well then. I think I’ll stop by the kitchens first and get her something to eat, she’s probably starved. If there seems to be any reaction at all come and get me immediately.” Margaret stated as she placed a salve on the table as Barbara slowly started to remove the plate as gently as possible without tearing the skin.


Meanwhile unknown to anyone, Julius had arrived home a few days early and as he entered through the back door of the manor he saw Barbara exit a wing of the house that was suppose to have been closed off. He immediately ducked into a nearby door way and waited until the woman was out of view only to quickly see his oldest nephew sneak down the same corridor she came from. Curious about not only what the boy was up to but what the woman was doing down there he quietly followed Xander down the dark empty corridor only to stop and listen outside the doorway that led to the quarters. As soon as Xander entered the room he briefly looked around before turning on the high-fi and sitting down at the drum set in the corner. When Julius heard the beat of the music starting he threw open the door letting it slam into the wall just for the enjoyment of startling the boy. “What do you think you are doing back here?” he asked.

“I….I just wanted to….”

“You just wanted to come into an area that is completely forbidden to you so that you can disturb someone else’s belongings.” he said as he approached the boy, “It’s about time that you learned that just because you are the oldest you do NOT get to do whatever you wish.”

Xander quickly moved away from the drums and blindly moved to his side only to bump into the high-fi and causing the phonograph to fall to the floor “I…I’m sorry….it was an…” the boy stammered as Julius lunged towards the boy and grabbed his arm.

“Look at what you have done!”

“Let go your hurting me!” Xander shouted as he tried to pull his arm away. Unfortunately Julius grabbed the boy’s other arm and started violently shaking him until they heard a noise from the other room.

“What was that?”

“I swear I don’t know” the boy fearfully replied

Julius threw the boy away from him sending him into the wall. As he started walking towards the bedroom Xander took the opportunity to run out of the room and down the corridor. When Julius reached the doorway he quickly noticed that a nightstand had been knocked over and the culprit was bound and gagged on the bed. “Well well well, what do we have here?” Dannie turned towards the voice and her eyes widened in fear, “I assumed that you had perished after our last meeting.”


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