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Collision Chapter 15

Title: Collision
Summary: As one family struggles to come together, another is torn further apart.
Main Pairing: RL/OC
Story Rating: Hard R or NC-17 (depending on your own views)
Chapter title: Everything Changes
Chapter Rating: R for abuse and violence

Chapter 15 - Everything Changes

Dannie woke up bleary eyed and sore as the house elf made it’s way onto the bed and crawled over towards her. She looked at the elf and in a soft scratchy voice she asked, “Where am I?”

“Young Master’s rooms miss. He be in big trouble when mister finds you here, he will.” Shandra cocked her head to the side. “Young Master promise Shandra only miss he bring here be his mate. Miss be master’s mate?”

Dannie tried to speak but all she could get out was a very quite “No.” before her voice gave way. She looked around the room some more thinking “How did I wind up here? The last thing I remember is that room with all those people and that…oh shit, they waited until I was unconscious before they…was I sold? They can’t do that can they? She should have at least realized that someone will most likely come looking for me sooner or later, especially when I don’t show up for the….” Dannie looked over at the open window and noticed the sun setting. “The trial, I’ve missed it.” Her breathing became rapid and she pressed her hand against her ribcage which was giving her pain with almost every breath.

“Miss must be young masters mate, miss is in master’s rooms, in master’s bed. Young master never lie to Shandra.” the elf moved closer to her but instead of staying there on the bed Dannie swung her legs over the edge and started putting her weight down onto them. As she did so a sharp excruciating pain shot through her system as she collapsed onto the floor. She held onto her ribs again with one arm as she tried to move back up to the bed but before she knew it the elf had snapped it’s fingers and she started to float back up to the center then the sheets and blanket were bound tightly around her and Shandra walked across the bed and looked down on her face. “Mate in bad shape, not quite healed she’s not. Must sleep to heal before master comes home.” Dannie quickly started growing more and more tired from the lack of oxygen caused by the pressure her ribs were putting on her lungs and soon drifted back to sleep as Shandra started frantically cleaning and mumbling, “Master be home soon. So long he gone but mate here so master be here….soon.”



“Jamie, I can’t believe you actually going to go.”

“You can’t believe I’m going? I can’t believe you won’t even come with to see her. You and mom were always close and now you act like you could care less about her all of a sudden.”

“If I had known earlier that is was her that put us thought all of that last year I would have stopped caring awhile ago. Dad was right; she’s not the same person that we grew up with. She works for him now and she tried to make us do so as well.” Ann replied.

“She said she wanted to explain why. Won’t you even come and hear what she has to say?”

“There is nothing she can say that could possibly explain why she put me under the Imperius curse. If you go…”

“What are you going to do? Run to dad?”

“You bet your ass I will.”

“Go right ahead, I could care less.” Jamie replied then he exited through the passage behind the one-eyed witch.


Remus lay quietly in his cell staring up at the ceiling with dry eyes. “My love. I am so very sorry. I know you have heard me say that a lot lately and I will continue to say it until the day I am able to join you again.” He then rolled over onto his side, “Something isn’t right. I know I felt you leave us but it’s as if something is different here. I don’t know maybe its from the many years of hiding my emotions and feelings. I never did find a medium except for when I was with you. Far too many years of being afraid that he would emerge like earlier when I felt you pass. Have to keep a level head, be the rational one, the emotionless one. You brought me out of that and now I want to go back there again. Can’t let him take over, if I do I don’t know what can happen. You tamed him, kept him sedated, just being around you made everything easier even when I believed you to be unfaithful. We were yours as much as you were ours if not more. If only I could see your face as I told you that. I never needed to tell you how we felt about you; I wish I did tell you though. Should have said it every day, but I didn’t. Should have done a lot of things that I didn’t. I promise you though; if I do get out of here our daughter will never have to question my feelings for her. She is a part of you, she is all I have left of you.” he paused to take a deep breath and closed his eyes and started to drift off to sleep a tear rolled down his cheek. “I miss you so much my love.”


Margaret and Severus sat quietly in Severus’ front room as Harry helped Bria pack her clothes once again. Neither one of them said a word as Severus glared at her until she finally spoke up, “I’m not one of your students so that look of discontent will not work on me. Besides your glare is nothing compared to the one that Professor Golum use to give Adam and I.” she stated.

“My dear Ms. Lupin if I were wasting my time glaring at you then you would definatly feel it. I am merely attempting to determine what kind of mental state the magistrate was in when he determined that Bria would be better off staying with you during this time in her life.”

“Bria will be perfectly fine staying at the family home and surrounded by family.”

“Like her mother was perfectly fine being placed in your care?”

“I knew it. Even with what happened to the magistrates own daughter you still blame me for what happened to Dannie. Listen here Snape, I’ll admit I wasn’t there when she needed me but I was under the assumption that Deloris would have obeyed court orders that pertained to her care and treatment. I did every legal thing in my power that I could to care for her just like the magistrate did with Katherine.”

“You should have restricted her visitations and who actually was permitted to treat her or take care of her.”

“I did. The only people that were allowed to set foot in that room were of my own choosing. I did everything I could.”

“You didn’t arrive in time to help her when she needed it. You even said you had been investigating the Safehouse due to what goes on there.”

“For your information I was in that facility the moment the wards were lifted and visitors were permitted to enter. Unfortunately nobody ever visited with their family members once they were committed so nobody with proper intentions ever questioned the ‘private party’ hours that took place.” Margaret sighed, “Be thankful she wasn’t there to be greeted by the junior Deatheater festivities. They would have had a wonderful time with her in the condition she was in when…”

“What do you mean by the condition she was in? She wasn’t in any condition short of deceased by the time you got there and now that Lucius is gone there are no other necrophilias in Voldemort’s ranks that would dare been seen in such a place.”

“What about those children? Some of them were with women either they or one of their friends had murdered while….” she paused before changing the subject when she saw the two teens enter the room. “Are you ready to go?” Bria just shrugged. “Very well then. Harry you are more than welcome to visit with us the day after tomorrow. After Bria has received her numbers.”

“Wait a second. What do you mean numbers? You don’t mean like what dad has do you? I don’t want to be branded.” she said hysterically as she started backing away.

“Miss Lightpaws.” Severus spat capturing Bria’s attention, “You will cist this immediately. You know that you are to be registered with the Ministry as a werewolf, this is merely the procedure you must go though.”

“Listen Bria I won’t lie to you by saying it won’t hurt but I will do what I can to ease the pain. As for anyone seeing it, outside of an auror scanning it the only ones who will be able to see it are those you choose to.” Margaret explained.

“I still don’t want it done.” the girl stated.

“I know and I understand but it has to be. Now come along, it’s almost dinner time and the family will be waiting.” she then turned to Harry and Severus, “You are more than welcome to come and visit with her the day after tomorrow, in fact I would like to go over Remus’ case with you.”

“Harry will be there once his final exam is over with. It is not necessary for you to be burdened by your brother’s case. I will have it completed in sufficient time for presentation.” Severus replied.

“Can you guarantee that what you have is an airtight case?”

“You should know there is no such guarantee.”

“The Ministry has an airtight case. His serial number provided that.”

“All we have to do is prove that there was no harm done to her and she accepted the bite willingly.”

“But without her being available to testify to that will declare it all as hear-say. You need to have a backup. Something that could possibly distinguish their case is different from those of the past. As it is we also have to prove her mental stability, that’s going to be hard to do at the same time.”

“There should be an exception to the rule since they have mated.”

“Don’t you think that if that was the case then Remus would have been released once the magistrate was shown proof? Albus said that you guys came back with some sort of paperwork?”

“All we really have is their medical records and birth certificates. Her cousins seemed to believe that there was important information regarding her in the records but with everything going on we were never able to find out what it was or what the terminology meant.”

“May I take them with? I have a friend who’s a physician and can translate it for us.”

“Physician? You mean a muggle medic? You know the rules of exposing…”

“He’s not a muggle; he’s a squib who happens to work in the muggle medical field. I’ve known him just about all my life and since neither one of us know their terminology then he could explain it to us.”

Severus walked over to his desk and pulled a manila envelope from the drawer then waved his wand over it as he mumbled a duplication spell before he gave the copies to Margaret. “I will hold onto the originals.”

Margaret quickly scanned over the paperwork to make sure they seemed somewhat legible. “Very well then. We’ll expect the two of you at my place in two days and I can let you know what I’ve learned.” she then looked at Bria. “Come along we’re late.” and they headed off the grounds towards Hogsmeade.

“I thought we were late. Where are we going now?” Bria asked.

“I have one more stop to make in town.” she said.


Not long after the women left Sirius walked into Severus quarters, “Have either of you seen the twins lately?” he asked.

“Not since we got back here. Have you checked the weight room?” Severus asked.

“Yes I’ve searched everywhere but can’t find them.”

“Try looking behind you, Ann just walked by.” Harry stated.

As Sirius turned to go after his daughter he pulled an envelope out of his pocket. As soon as he entered their quarters he held it out towards her, “Why didn’t you tell me that you were still in contact with her?”

“I haven’t been. We just received those this afternoon when we got back.” she quietly replied.

“So your brother received one too?” Ann nodded, “where is he?” Sirius asked but when all she did was look at him he took a deep breath and sighed. “Go to your uncle’s and stay there until I get back. Don’t you dare leave until then.” He then changed into Padfoot and ran out of the castle and across the grounds as quickly as possible.


Jamie started to walk out of Honeydukes but stopped in the doorway as he noticed Margaret and Bria down the street.

“Here hand onto my hand.” Margaret said as she reached out to Bria but she pulled away. “We need to Apparate and I am not taking a chance on having you splinched. Now hold on.” Bria then reluctantly did as she was told and the two of them disappeared.

Meanwhile Patricia was sitting inside The Three Broomsticks relieved to be out her usual Deatheater robes but also nervous on what she would say to her children. As she sat there lost in thought she didn’t notice the two men who walked up to her table. “Good afternoon Mistress.”

She then looked at them, “You need to watch what you say around here. I refuse to be exposed by you two idiots. Now I suggest you get out of here and leave me be.”

“We were sent to collect you. Our lord wishes to have a meeting with you immediately.”

“Tell him I am already involved in a meeting and I will join him as soon as it’s over.” she replied as she noticed Jamie standing in the doorway across the street. One of the men then pulled out his wand and pointed it at her chest, “Our lord said immediately. He was quite disturbed about something that happened earlier. You wouldn’t know what that happened to be would you?”

“Put that thing away now you fool. Do you want to be captured?” she said as she knocked the man’s wand hand away but there was instantly another one pressed against her back. Patricia sighed and rose to her feet as stood up and was led out the door.

From the other side of the road Jamie saw the three of them walk down the street and into an alley and he quickly followed after them. As soon as he rounded the corner he heard voices and quietly proceeded until he reached another corner and quickly hid behind a dumpster and out of the sight of the four Deatheaters that surrounded his mother as she knelt before a heavily cloaked figure.

“Well well my dear, would you care to explain what happened to your pupils this afternoon?”

“I do apologize for that my lord. I felt with all their hard work they deserved to have some entertainment.”

“So you took them to participate in this entertainment with beasts. I believed that when you stepped up to your family responsibilities that you had left your past indiscretions behind.” Voldemort paused to look at the woman before him who continued to keep her eyes on the ground. “What I am curious about is how you have come to be here before me now instead of with your recruits in prison.” Patricia remained silent. “Explain yourself.”

“I do apologize my lord, I left for only a few minutes to visit with their owlery. The facility was known to entertain in such matters on a regular basis without any interference from the Ministry.”

“The owlery? Who possibly could have been so important that you needed to owl at that particular time? It wouldn’t by chance have been the Ministry would it?”

Patricia raised her head and looked at Voldemort and lied, “No my lord, I would never betray you in such matters.”

“What about your precious offspring?”

“My children will have nothing to do with me my lord.”

“Is that so. Then explain the young man that is hiding behind the receptacle.” Jamie heard Voldemort say before he started running back towards the main street. Voldemort instantly turned to two of the Deatheaters and commanded “Get him.”

Before Jamie could make it half way through the alley the Deatheaters quickly caught up to him and the only thing the boy heard was “Stupefy” before he fell face down onto the ground. The two men walked up to the boy then picked him up by his arms before they drug him to the end of the alley.

Voldemort looked upon Patricia “Your offspring have interfered with your loyalty towards me far too many times. You swore your servitude of your own free will stating that you would not have to be reminded of to whom you belong to. Although you have proved to be an asset you have also disappointed me but I have continued to be lenient towards you.”

“You have my lord and for that I am extremely grateful. I swear I will not disapp…”

“Silence. I have no desire to hear any more of your empty promises of devotion.” he then paused and chuckled as he glanced back and forth between Patricia and Jamie. “How fitting a punishment. Your family has served me well through the years although there have been a few disappointments and I am looking forward to your family‘s continued loyalty.” Patricia looked at Voldemort questionably as he continued, “It seems that it has been quite a long time since I have disciplined the young for their parent’s mishaps. Do you remember those times?”

“No my lord, please.” she started begging.

“Imperio.” Voldemort stated, immediately silencing Patricia then he turned to Jamie, “Enervate.”

Jamie slowly started to come to when he realized where he was, he then lifted his head and noticed the lifeless look in her eyes, “Mom?”

Voldemort smiled at the boy, “Welcome son…”

“I am Not your son.” Jamie growled as he started struggling against the 2 Deatheaters that held him causing the third to walk over and assist them.

“Oh but soon you’ll look to me as your father. It is about time you joined us, I have been waiting for this day.”

“I won’t join you….ever.”

“Don’t make this harder than it is.” Voldemort stated as he pulled an athame and a vile of green liquid from his robes, “Soon you will stand next to your mother in our little family and you will come to know you belong.”

Jamie eyed the items that he had in his hand and started trying to struggle even more but the three men held on even tighter. “No no no no no no, you are not going to mark me.” he started panicking.

“My dear boy, I wouldn’t dream of it. That’s your mother’s job.” he replied in a sarcastically soothing voice and Patricia started slowly walking towards her son.

“Mom, no, fight it…mom….please mom no…” Jamie started shouting as her shaky hand pressed the athame to his arm starting the incision and the boy’s blood started trickling down his arm.

As soon as Padfoot arrived in town he looked up and down the street when his canine ears pickup up the boy’s screams and knew it was Jamie. He then went running towards the commotion but as soon as he arrived he heard a faint chanting coming from the Deatheaters as the one woman he once believed to be his life poured something onto their son’s arm that resulted in spine curling screams echoing through the passage. Sirius had one thought on his mind and that was to stop what was going on and save his son but before he could react he felt a strong hand on his shoulder. “It’s too late it’s already started.” the old man said.

Sirius shook his head “I‘ll be damned if I let them finish.”

“The poison is already in his system, if they do not finish the ceremony then it will not be contained. Are you willing to risk your son’s life?”

Sirius closed his eyes momentarily as Jamie released another blood curdling scream. Unknown to him, Severus was trying to sooth identical screams that were filling his quarters.


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