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Chapter 14

Title: Collision
Summary: As one family struggles to come together, another is torn further apart.
Main Pairing: RL/OC
Story Rating: Hard R or NC-17 (depending on your own views)
Chapter title: Trials II
Chapter Rating: PG-13 for language

Chapter 14 - Trials part 2


Severus watched as his friend was led into the courtroom by Tonks while Harry continued to comfort Bria in the waiting room. To see Remus so distraught brought up so many memories from when his Lily was taken away. He felt he had to do something but due to the circumstances he couldn't. He then composed himself once again and stood in the doorway to the waiting room, "I am sorry but it's time to go."

Harry looked down at Bria as he pulled back slightly "Are you sure you can do this?"

"I have no other choice do I." she said as she dried her eyes with the back of her hand. Harry then wrapped his arm around her shoulders as the two of them walked to the courtroom as Severus slowly walked behind them.

When he reached the main door he stopped and looked around at the small crowd in the courtroom that arrived one by one to show their support of the couple. Where's Sirius he thought. He's suppose to be Remus' best friend and of all these people that here I thought that nothing would keep him from showing his support. As he stood there slightly shaking his head at the idea of how things had truly changed. All of a sudden he was startled by a hand on his arm. "Severus are you alright?" Margaret asked.

He turned and glared at the woman next to him, "You were supposed to keep an eye on her. You gave us the impression that you could keep her safe. Your brother is in there right now forced to defend his actions against one of the two people that meant the world to him and all he can think about now is how she was taken away."

"He knows what happened then?" Margaret asked.

"Look at him and tell me they don't know she's gone.

Margaret looked into the court room and saw Remus sitting in the front of the room with his head with his head in his hands as his body shook slightly while Bria continued to quietly sob as she leaned against Harry in the first row. She then looked at Severus and asked "May I speak with you in private?"

"Here ye! Here ye! We are here today for the sentencing of the werewolf, Remus Johan Lupin who is on charges of attacking of Danielle Angel Lightpaws. All rise."

Everyone rose to their feet as the magistrate entered the room and Severus replied, "As you can plainly see I have more pressing matters other than spending time with the likes of you." Then he turned and walked towards the front of the room to sit with the teens. Margaret sighed deeply as she slowly entered remaining in the last row with the other spectators.

The magistrate looked over the file in front of him before glancing at the bench that Remus occupied then at the bench across from him where Deloris sat with a smug smirk on her face. "Miss Umbridge, you are the caretaker of Miss Lightpaws am I correct?"

"Yes your honor."

"Was the Ministry mistaken in believing that she wished to contest Mr. Lupin's sentencing?"

"No your honor they were not mistaken no matter how much I tried to persuade her otherwise."

"Then where is she?"

"With regret there was an accident at the safe house today in which resulted in her untimely demise." Deloris replied.

The room went into an uproar with the sounds of gasps, people murmuring between one another, and Bria standing up yelling "Accident my ass! Your the reason my mom is dead!" causing the magistrate to pound his gavel against his bench until the room was once again silent.

"Although I must admit I feel deeply for your loss. It seems with the death of Miss Lightpaws and the knowledge that Mr. Lupin has already attacked one person, and for the safety of the public you will be taken to Azkaban then immediately upon arrival you shall receive..."

"No! You...You Can't!" Bria shouted once again.

"Young lady, I do not know who you are but outbursts like that are intolerable. One more word from you and I will have you removed."

Severus then stood up, "Your honor, if you will excuse my ward. She has just recently learned of her mother's passing and as you can see she is quite distraught."

"That is understandable but what I would like to know is why you have not taken her home so that she can mourn properly."

Severus looked at the teens "Your honor, if I may approach the bench?"

"You may."

He then walked to the front of the courtroom and Deloris quickly followed, "Your honor, young Miss. Lightpaws wishes to fill in for her mother and continue with these proceedings."

"I find that very commendable for her wishing to complete her mothers final request but unfortunately she is not the victim in this case so she has no grounds to do so." he replied.

"I beg to differ your honor. If you continue with the sentencing of Professor Lupin today then she will be the victim. One parent was already taken from her today; we beg that you do not take the other as well."

"Sir, are you saying that the young lady that accompanies you is the accused's child?"

"Yes your honor, I..."

"Poppycock." Deloris spat earning her a warning look from the magistrate before she continued. "Your honor I apologize for this load of rubbish that they are trying to insult your intelligence with. If you would check your files you will see that the accused has been a werewolf for the majority of his life and in that there is no way that he could be this child's father unless her mother was also a werewolf at the time they conceived."

"Professor Snape, I have to agree with Miss Umbridge on this matter. Now having a family member of my own who is also cursed with the disease I find it truly hard to believe since the girl’s mother was merely bitten a few days ago. Unless you can provide amply proof that what you claim is true then I will have no choice but to find you in contempt of court on the grounds of perjury."

"That your honor I am quite capable of doing. I am sure you know of my position at Hogwarts."

"Yes professor, and thanks to my grandchildren I also know of your reputation."

"Very well then. I have come prepared with a potion to prove that Gabriella Lightpaws is of immediate family to Professor Lupin."

"Your honor that could easily show she's related to him in one form or another, she may as well be his daughter."

"I beg to differ Deloris. The potion I have created will show of how close they are related. The difference between parent/child or child/other relations will be distinctive.”

“Do you have enough of this potion and associates here to where you can show us the difference before you test it on the two in question?” The magistrate asked and Severus looked around the room filled with people to find Sirius, Draco, and the twins sitting in the back of the room with Margaret.

“Yes your honor, I do.”

“Very well then, court will reconvene at 1500 hours. Professor Snape I suggest you collect your party and I will send someone to escort you into my chambers when I am ready for your demonstration.”

“I object your honor.” Deloris stated.

“Miss Umbridge, I have already called for a recess, you will have to wait to object to anything but you are welcome to bare witness to the professor’s demonstration.”

Severus then joined Remus and the two teens while Sirius made his way from the back of the room. “How are you holding up?” he asked Remus and received a shrug in response, he then turned to Sirius “It’s about time you made an appearance. We seem to be in need of your assistance in a few minutes.”

“I had a few problems with the twins, what’s going on? Where’s Dannie?” Sirius asked.

“She’s gone.” Remus quietly said.

“What do you mean she’s gone? I thought she was in the safe house and couldn’t go anywhere until she had been fully registered.”

“No Black, she is actually gone. Something happened this morning at the safe house and…”

“Severus please I still need to speak with you.” Margaret said as Tonks walked up to them from the magistrates chambers.

“He’s ready for you if you’re ready to start.” Severus nodded and everyone stood up as Tonks unchained Remus from the table then escorted the group into the back room.

As the group approached the magistrates chambers there seemed to be a heated argument coming from inside that ended instantly when Tonks knocked upon the door. “Enter.” As they walked into the office which reminded them of a smaller version of Albus’ chambers, the magistrate was seated behind the desk while Deloris remained next to it just glaring at them. “I assume all of you know one another so there is no need for introductions. Professor Snape, do you care to explain to me how this potion of yours is to work?”

“Clearly what the potion will do is it will change colour once it touches something containing person’s DNA. Now normally it will remain motionless but if there is another sample in the vicinity containing someone’s DNA then the two samples with move towards one another to so show how closely they are related.”

“Your honor, you cannot possibly believe that this potion is anything but a farce. He has obviously made the whole thing up and the people you had him bring back here with him are not only his friends and coworkers but they are also all related to one another.”

“You do have a point there Miss. Umbridge. Professor Snape, would you by chance have enough of the potion for one additional test?”

Severus lowered his eyebrows as he looked at the magistrate, “Of coarse I do.”

“Very well then. Miss. Umbridge if you would be so kind as to donate a strand of hair so that we can test this potion of theirs.” Deloris and the magistrate each pulled a strand of hair from their heads and placed them on a clean sheet of parchment. Severus then placed a drop of the potion on each and when the clear liquid touched the strands of hair they instantly changed to yellow for Deloris and red for the magistrate. At first there was no movement and Deloris started to open her mouth to say something when the two drops of liquid started to swirl around and move towards each other only to stop when the edge of one just barely overlapped the other and Severus looked slightly surprised as he glared at the two of them. “Well Deloris, I do hope you are satisfied with the results. It seems the professor’s potion is quite accurate.” then he turned to Severus “As you can see we are indeed related, Deloris happens to be the daughter of my third cousin once removed.”

“My sincerest apologies.” Sirius said earning him a glare from Severus.

“Now now, with the history that the lot of you share I can understand you feelings towards her.” the magistrate smirked “Now that we’ve seen how this works with distant relatives, I am curious on closer relations so if you would be so kind to proceed with the experiments.”

“Is this really necessary? I do have other matters to attend to.” Deloris complained.

“First off my dear, you should know that you never go with the first test results in a matter such as this. Secondly I am quite fascinated with this procedure. If you are quite sure that the people that you left in charge of your facility are quite capable of seeing to matters themselves but if you do not wish to stay here for the final results in this matter then you are free to leave. But I warn you, if what they say is true then you will not have the opportunity to defend your past decisions. If you know what I mean.” he warned.

Deloris looked at the others around her who were staring at her while they waited for her decision. After a few minutes of painfully deciding what she was going to do Deloris finally stated, “Due to some events that unfolded earlier today,” she paused to glare at Margaret, “I am in need of two replacements at the Safe house. This is not a matter that can be left up to one of my assistants since they were the incompetent ones who hired the two that I recently let go. Proceed as you wish with this foolish testing but in my opinion you are accomplishing nothing but wasting the inevitable. As for you dear cousin, I do not know what you mean since I have nothing to defend myself from. Good day.” and she stormed from the room.

“Well she’s as overdramatic as she ever was.” Sirius stated.

“Unfortunately a trait that she received from her mother.” the magistrate sighed. “Now professor if you would be so kind as to proceed, after all as I told her, I am quite fascinated in this little potion you have conjured up.”

Severus did as asked and proceeded with the experiments only proving what everyone knew already but at this point they decided that it would make everything easier if they pleased the magistrate. Finally the only ones left to be tested were Remus, Bria, and Margaret but there was only enough potion for one more test. “Since I happen to already know that you to are indeed siblings lets see how this young lady tests with you.” the magistrate stated and they proceeded as the others. When the potion feel on Remus’ hair it turned a silvery blue but in Bria it was more blue than silver. “Interesting color choice, how come the others didn’t contain any metallic colors?”

“It seems that the silver is due to the fact that they are both werewolves since I have never seen it form into a metallic color before.” Severus replied.

“Why hasn’t it even been brought up that the child was also bitten and has her attacker been apprehended?” he asked Tonks as the two drops blended together forming one solid circle with the colors equally blended.

“Your honor, Gabriella was not attacked, for if she was then the silver would most likely have been just as prominent as it was in his. If you will now notice on the parchment before you, they are indeed father and daughter which can only mean she has inherited the werewolf traits.” Severus replied.

The magistrate sat back in his chair and stared at the parchment for a few minutes. “I really did not expect the results to be as you said but the proof is quite clear. For a werewolf to be able to conceive a child with someone outside his species is astonishing. I am quite unsure of how the Ministry is going to look at this.”

“You don’t mean that they are going to place even more laws on werewolves?” Margaret asked.

“I’m afraid they just may otherwise people will start to panic at this new information.”

“Do you have to tell?” Bria asked.

“Unfortunately my dear because I am in fact an employee of the Ministry I have no choice. This is not something that I look forward to since as I mentioned earlier; I too have a relative that carries the curse.” he paused as if lost in though, “I need to think about this. You still have time to take the children down to the dinning hall for something to eat. Agent Tonks, would you be so kind as to escort Mr. Lupin back to the waiting room?”

“Yes sir.” she replied.

“Your honor, I know this is a lot to ask but would it be alright if Bria accompanied me. We haven’t had an opportunity to discuss…”

“No need to say another word. Given the circumstances to today’s events I do believe it would be best for the child at this time. But if I hear of you attacking anymore of the guards then I will have you placed back into a holding cell.”

“Yes your honor.” Remus replied as he stood up and followed Tonks out of the room with Bria close behind him.

Severus started to leave with the rest of the children as well when Sirius looked over at Margaret, “Aren’t you joining us?”

“No I would like to speak with the Magistrate in private.” she replied.


Deloris stepped out of the fireplace and into her office before rushing out the door when she ran into one of her assistants. “Miss Umbridge, I’m glad you’re back early. There is a group in the waiting room to see you. It seems that the entertainment they had for their party was cancelled and were wondering if they could use the facilities here.”

“Not now.” Deloris stated as she raced down the corridor but the girl followed after her.

“But Deloris we need to make up for what we lost earlier this morning.”

“I said not now.” she then stopped and looked at the younger woman. “Where did those two oafs put the body?”


“Yes the body of the new one. Where did they put it?”

“I’m not sure. I believe they took it back to it’s room to await disposal.” she replied.

“Dammit.” Deloris spat as she ran down the hall toward what use to be Dannie’s room. When she arrived she noticed the room was completely empty. “They took it. That bitch took it’s body.”

“I don’t see why you’re so upset. At least we won’t have to cremate it and worry about the stench filling the hallways tonight.”

“I could care less about the smell for I won’t be here. They have it’s body and if they run any tests on it they will surely figure out exactly what was done to it.”

“There was nothing done to her that wasn’t done to any of the other ones and everyone knows what they are truly here for.”

“If it wasn’t for the fact that she was to remain untouched just like the one across the hall then I wouldn’t worry.”

“Untouched? Why didn’t you ever say anything about any of them having to remain untouched?”

“Do you realize that she brings in more than any of the others? Once I had this one trained properly, the idea of it being a muggle would have earned us just as much if not more.”

“But still the risks of the wrong people finding out is not worth how much they could have brought in. You should have never placed them on the market like you did. What were you thinking?”

“The last thing that I need is a lecture from you. This is my facility and I will not stand by and let everyone else tell me how to treat these beasts.”

“Then why are you so worried now?” the assistant asked.

“I’m not. Well not anymore. This place is yours; do with it as you wish I don’t care. I never wanted this job to begin with.” Deloris stated as she stormed back toward her office.

Just as she was about to enter the small room to clear out her belongings she heard a woman’s voice from behind her. “Good afternoon Deloris.”

Deloris turned around and looked at the group of young men before her. “What do you want?”

“Your facility was highly recommended for my boy’s pleasure. Are the females here as sturdy and I’ve been told they are?”

“Step forward and stop hiding behind these children if you want to find any services here.” Deloris replied.

Patricia stepped from behind the row of boys and Deloris’ mouth fell open. “Now now Deloris, are you always that surprised when you’re reunited with one of your old classmates?”

“Today alone I’ve have the misfortune of being reunited with more than enough to them to last me for the rest of my life.”

“Well then, lets get down to business and we can cut this one short and sweet.” Patricia smirked.

“Aren’t you suppose to be dead?” Deloris asked.

“I’m suppose to be a lot of things that I’m not. How about these girls of yours, how much can they withstand?”

“Seeing how your group still appears to be wet behind the ears I’d say they can handle anything the boys have to offer. What’s the occasion?”

Patricia looked at one of the boys that was holding his forearm then turned to Deloris, “Let’s just say one of my students completed his right of passage this afternoon. Now I don’t believe I need to stress that secrecy is a strong issue here. Will two hundred galleons suffice?” and she tossed a bag of coins at Deloris.

Deloris examined the contents of the bag, “They are down the hall. Tell your party to help themselves. Now if you don’t mind I have other business to attend to.”

“Very well then I won’t detain you any longer. Good day Deloris.” Patricia said as Deloris entered her office. She then turned to the group of young men behind her, “You heard her boys, go have some fun.” Patricia then watched as the boys ran down the corridor hollering with excitement as they went in search of their prey. Once the hallway was clear Patricia took a folded newspaper from her pocked and removed a small parchment that she had between the pages. She glanced at the headline and shook her head before dropping the paper to the ground and walking out the front door.

Hogwarts Professor Takes own Life

It has come to our attention that Hogwarts Professor Danielle Lightpaws took her life this morning while she was a guest at the Safe house for Werewolf Registration.

This reporter always believed that Albus Dumbledore, headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, took far too many chances with his choice of staff that he hired to teach our children. This time I have to say he has finally crossed the line. One would think that accused Death eaters and ex-convicts would be enough but, even after an incident that almost resulted in the death of Harry Potter two years ago he invited the known attacker, Remus Lupin a werewolf, onto the staff once again.

Unfortunately this time Miss Dannie (as referred to by the students) whom was also a new addition to the staff last term, carelessly formed a relationship with Mr. Lupin in which resulted in a brutal attack that had infact cursed her with the same disease that turns him into a monster each and every month.

Sources also state that Miss Lightpaws was actually planning on contesting his sentencing today in court. If this was a choice of her own then what would cause this woman to take her own life in such a way? Was it the pressure of her peers to continue this façade? Unfortunately we will never know since the only one who can answer that is Miss. Lightpaws herself.

I had the opportunity to interview Miss. Umbridge, overseer of the Safe house this afternoon before court and her theory was that it had to do with the idea that Mr. Lupin was also having relations with Miss. Lightpaws own daughter whom is in fact is also a student at Hogwarts. “I always knew Lupin was a sick bastard.” Miss Umbridge told me, “The poor woman’s body wasn’t even cold yet when I found him fondling her own daughter.”

This is sick people. We can’t even send our own children off to school without the fear that they will be attacked by the very people who we intrust to protect them. I can only hope that if any good is to come out of this whole instance then not only will Professor Remus Lupin receive the dementors kiss but Albus Dumbledore will be removed from his position so that someone who actually is concerned about our children can step in and hire the proper staff that is definatly needed.

One final note: I wish my deepest and sincerest condolences to the family and true friends of Miss Lightpaws and I will personally see that they receive this message along with any condolences that you the readers would like for me to forward onto them at her home in the States.

Rita Skeeter

Severus finished reading the article on the front page of the Daily Prophet and shook his head in disgust as he cursed under his breath and chucked it into the trash. Harry and the other kids quickly noticed Severus’ reaction to the paper and knew better than to ask questions on what it happened to pertain to. As the group then finished their meals in silence when an announcement rang throughout the room “The case of Ministry vs. Remus Lupin will recommence in five minutes.” As they reached the courtroom Ann and Jamie instantly jumped out of the way as a group of aurors went running past them. They then entered the room and noticed Bria sitting next to Remus at the front table while the crowd in the room was obviously whispering about them.

As soon as they took their seats again the clerk walked into the room and announced “All rise.” as the magistrate walked in the and whispering ceased.

The magistrate then took his seat followed by everyone else. “There have been quite a few developments during the recess that not only have confused me but some additional ones that I find quite disturbing as well. The most important one is what has in no doubt cause the attendance of this room double since the earlier proceedings. Unfortunately the grief this young lady and the gentleman next to her are experiencing today is not enough for the so called press to exclude them from falsified accusations pertaining to the relationship between them. I have instructed one of the aurors and they are at this time contacting the owner of the Daily Prophet with a warrant to immediately write a rebuttal to this afternoon’s article that will be printed in this evening’s edition. Mr. Lupin, I am sincerely sorry for any discomforts that you and your daughter may have experienced due to this and I only wish that I had been informed of it earlier so that it would have not been printed.” Remus gave Severus a dumbfound look as the sound of this news the chatter between spectators grew to the point that the sound of the gavel pounding on the desk was barely heard until he finally stood up and shouted “One more noise for anyone else in this room and that person will be held in contempt of court!” and the room instantly silenced. He then sat back and regained his composure before proceeding, “Due to Professor Snape’s potion I have learned that the child is infact the daughter of the defendant and with that she will be allowed to stand in her mother’s place and contest his sentencing. Miss Lightpaws would you please rise.”

Bria glanced at Remus and he took her hand for support as she stood up. The magistrate then continued “Your guardian stated earlier that you wish to contest your father’s sentencing, I would like to know if you understand the full consequences of your actions in proceeding in this venture.”

Bria looked down at the floor then back at Severus and Harry and they nodded in support, “Yes your honor I do.” she finally replied.

“Very well then, I am quite sure that no matter what the outcome may be your mother would be quite proud of you. Now with the other matter that has come up, since you my dear are a werewolf although by heredity you still must be registered. Now I will hold off the next session for a few days for your grieving period and the time it will take for you to be properly registered but I expect you to return properly prepared to prove that your mother actually was accepting of being transformed but due to today’s events he should not be held responsible for her mental state that caused her to take her own life.” Bria opened her mouth to speak but the magistrate instantly continued, “I suggest you hold all your ideas until the actual hearing. Now as for the rest of you in attendance today, when the hearings start this will be a completely closed case, the only people allowed in here will be my staff, Miss Lightpaws, her guardian, and Mr. Lupin. There will be constant scans for anyone or anything that should not officially present at that time for I will not allow anymore of these scandalous editorials to appear in any newspapers. For you that are associated with the press, you may inform your employers that if they wish to publicize this case then court transcripts will be sent directly to the editor in chief and will only be printed if they are word for word no different than how it leaves my office."

Just then an auror Apparated into the room and ran up to Tonks as the magistrate continued. “Professor Snape, as Miss Lightpaws temporary guardian I require you to escort her immediately back to Hogwarts so that she may obtain some clothes for her processing at the…”

“Excuse me your honor. Something has come up that I need to speak with you about immediately. If I may approach the bench?” Tonks interrupted.

“Agent Tonks, I am quite sure that the matter can wait five minutes while I dismiss court.” he replied. Tonks ran up to the bench anyway and quietly conversed with the magistrate who then looked at the room full of people “There will be a fifteen minute recess.” and slammed the gavel down onto the table.

Tonks then walked up to Margaret “He would like to speak with you in his chambers if you don’t mind.” Margaret stood up and followed Tonks into the backroom behind the bench.

“Dad I don’t want to go to the Safehouse.” Bria whined.

“Don’t worry luv, your not going to.” Remus replied as he turned to Severus. “As soon as you get her back to Hogwarts have Albus activate the network and get her back to her uncle’s home.”

“Remus have you lost your mind. You can’t refuse her registration especially when it’s court appointed.”

“It’s not her registration I’m refusing, it’s what he’s about to sentence her to. I already lost Dannie to that place and I am not going to loose her too. If it were anywhere else I would agree to it but it‘s not.”

“Remus it wasn’t the Safehouse that killed her. You heard Deloris as well as I did there was an accident that resulted in her taking her own life.”

“Severus, I can’t believe this. With all your contacts you cannot tell me you never heard what really goes on there can you? I know I didn’t want to believe it at first but with Flint as one of my guards I can’t deny it.”

“Really Remus, that was ages ago. Do you really think that the Division of Magical Creatures would allow that to actually happen?”

“As much as I believe that they would allow Deloris to run the facility…yes. You know Dannie and she would not change if she was not upset over something, especially if she had a collar on. Think about it Sev, with Dannie’s history and that place’s reputation what do you think would cause her to change?”

Severus looked at the shock on Bria and Harry’s faces then replied, “How do you expect me to explain her sudden disappearance?”

“Do what you have to….report her as a runaway if need be but don’t let her go there.”

“But dad, if I leave what about your trial?”

“Listen Bria. My biggest concern is your safety right now. Don’t worry about my trial or anything else; it doesn’t matter as much as making sure you’re alright.”

Just then Margaret walked out followed by the magistrate once again and everyone grew silent as Severus and Remus noticed that his eyes seemed bloodshot all of a sudden. The magistrate then cleared his throat before he stated “Sorry for the disruption. Now I usually do not condone physicians treating their own family members but under some unforeseen circumstances that have just been brought to my attention there is no other alternative. As I was stating before, Professor Snape, you are to escort Miss Lightpaws back to school where she is to gather her belongings and be placed under the guardianship of her aunt, Ms. Lupin.” Remus turned and glared at his sister when she closed her eyes and lowered her head. “At that point instead of being taken to the Safehouse for Werewolf Registry she will then proceed to Ms. Lupin’s home to be properly registered and continue to resign until either the new school term will start or if by chance her father is proven innocent of charges.” he then took a deep breath and released it slowly. “For those of you whom may have relatives that reside at the Safehouse I would like for you to please contact the Care of Magical Creatures division immediately. Trials shall recommence in three days, court adjourned.” and he made a hastily retreat back into his chambers.

“What in Merlin’s name just happened?” Harry asked as Remus standing up to be escorted back to his holding cell by Tonks.

“Just before the afternoon session started there was an anonymous tip that came in via owl informing us where to find a Deatheater party. Once everyone apparated over there they quickly discovered that it was in fact at the Safehouse. Although to their surprise the only ones there besides the staff and inmates were mere 15 to 17 year old boys but a few of the older ones that were captured did have the mark branded onto their arms.” Tonks replied.

The men looked at each other when Sirius asked, “Do you know if they found a chaperone with the boys?”

“I only wish we had. There are a lot of people who would love to get their hands on the person that taught those children to do what they did to the women there. It seems that not even Deloris was anywhere to be found and when they checked her office it had been cleared out. The magistrate has sent word for a group to find her, he has some questions pertaining to his daughters care.”

Remus reached down and cupped her chin to lift up her head, “You behave yourself with your aunt while your there, I’ll see you in just a few days all right?” Bria only replied by wrapping her arms tightly around Remus’ waist and burying her head into his chest while he kissed the top of her head before pulling back to be led out of the room.



Dannie lay sleeping in the center of a king size four post with her arms wrapped around a pillow when she caught a very faint but familiar scent. Remie she murmured quietly. She then stretched and turned over onto her back when she felt something moving across the mattress. In suddenly remembering what took place earlier she opened her eyes as she sat up to look around only to come face to face with a house-elf which caused her to let out a strangled sounding scream that sent the elf running to the other side of the room.

“Shush, shush, please no scream. Shandra sorry miss. Shandra sorry.” The elf said in a panicked voice. “Mister cannot know Shandra here, he be mad at Shandra he will. Be mad at young master too for having miss in rooms.”

Dannie looked around the room to see the walls littered with various rock posters along with a various bikini model one thrown in now and then. Every one of them seemed to have been there for quite some time. Other than the ones including the various models it reminded her of Bobby’s room when they were teens. “Where am I?” she asked in a scratchy voice.

“Young master’s rooms miss. He be in big trouble when mister find you here he will.” Shandra slowly walked back over to the bed and climbed up onto the foot of it as she looked carefully at Dannie. “Young master promise Shandra only miss he bring home be mate.” she then sat down and asked, “Miss be Young master’s mate?” causing Dannie to rest her head in her hands as she wondered what had happened and where exactly she was now.


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