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Collision Chapter 13

Title: Collision
Summary: As one family struggles to come together, another is torn further apart.
Main Pairing: RL/OC
Story Rating: Hard R or NC-17 (depending on your own views)
Chapter title: Trials I
Chapter Rating: R for language and sexual abuse

Chapter 13- Trials (part 1)


“Professor Snape! Professor Snape!” Bria called out as she knocked loudly on the closed door.

“For Merlin’s sake Bria, can’t you tell dad most likely placed a silencing charm on his door?” Harry replied as he opened his bedroom door. “What’s all the commotion about anyway?”

“Don’t you remember what today is?”

“How could I forget, you’ve done nothing but mope around waiting for today to come. Don’t worry dad will be up in time for us to go; after all we still have a few hours before the trial starts.”

“But he needs to finish the potion doesn’t he? What if it’s not ready in time?” she panicked.

Harry waked up and wrapped his arms around her as he said “Would you calm down? It will be alright. If I know dad…”

“Then you would know I wouldn’t approve of you being out of your room without being completely dressed while she’s staying with us.” Severus said as he walked in through the front door.

“Well she….um I was just….” Harry stumbled.

“I don’t want to hear your excuses. Go back into your room and get dressed.” he stated and Harry leaned down to give her a quick kiss. “Now!” Severus commanded as he walked past them and into the dinning room where he then sat down and started reading the paper.

“Sorry about that. He was just trying to calm me down because I was a little panicky when you weren’t answering your door and I was worried about the….” she then saw him reach in his pocket and pull out a small vile “Is that it? Is it going to be enough?”

“Matter of fact it is and before you ask, yes it was made correctly. Now I would appreciate it if you didn’t try to make excuses for Harry. He knows the rules around here and what is expected of him and no matter what you may think, I happen to know that he had more than enough ample time to be dressed and out of his room long before you started pounding on my door.”

“Yes sir. How do you know I was….”

“I have my ways and I really don’t feel the sudden need to inform you at this age of what they could possibly be.”

“He just doesn’t want to admit that he has placed monitoring charms throughout his rooms so that he can listen in on whatever goes on in here.” Harry stated as he entered.

Severus ignored his remark “Well it’s good to see you have finally decided to make yourself presentable. How much longer until Draco is ready?”

“He’s already gone, said he wanted to meet with Ginny before breakfast.”

“That boy is defiantly in need of having a monitoring charm placed on him.”

“Not necessary, Ginny told us that not only did her dad but also Fred and George placed similar charms on her before they allowed her to come here.” Bria replied.

“Very well then, come along we’ll be leaving as soon as the two of you have had something to eat.” he replied as he rose from his chair and placing the potion back into his pocket. Severus then walked over to his desk and picked up and envelope before the three of the headed out the door.



Dannie was sleeping no so peacefully as Deloris followed by two orderlies entered her room. "Out of bed." she ordered as she brought her switch down onto her bare legs. Dannie jumped from the sudden pain and instantly sat up and started where she was hit. "Up now" she said as she started to bring it down again but Dannie slid off the bed and landed on her hands and feet on the floor growling at her. "Go ahead I dare you to change. I'm hoping you do so that I don't have to be troubled by you any longer." The orderlies then came up behind Dannie and grabbed her arms lifting her to her feet. She tried pulling away but they kept a firm grip on her. "Bring her along. It's time she started earning her way here."

"Please no, I have Remus’ court hearing today.” She stated as she tried digging her heels into the floor but the orderlies just drug her down the hallway. Dannie continued to squirm and fight them as much as she could when she finally broke free of one of the men and started pulling even harder from the other. Unfortunately he yanked hard on her arm jerking her towards him with enough force she lost her balance and fell to the ground. He then absent mindedly released her arm so she could get up again but instead she rose and ran back towards her room when she heard “Petrificus Totalus.” and fell face first to the floor again.

Deloris walked up to her slowly and turned her onto her back before she leaned down and backhanded her across the face. “You are my property now. You will do what I say when I say to do it without any more of these antics.” She then turned her attention to the orderlies “Well, what are you waiting for? Take her to the others.” The men each took one of Dannie’s legs and drug her into a crowded room where they lifted her up and dropped her onto a table. Deloris smiled as she noticed the crowd of witches and wizards that were looking over the inmates deciding whom they would be spending some time with.

Soon one of the patrons walked up to Deloris, “Is that the new one that you spoke to me of?”

“Yes, matter of fact it is.”

“Do you care to tell me why she’s in a body bind? I do hope she is at least somewhat willing.”

“We had a bit of a problem bringing her in here. Don’t worry though it was just her nerves but I am quite sure she will meet your expectations. You did say you wanted someone who wasn’t as willing as the other and I can assure you that she is well worth the price.”

“What else can you tell me of her?”

“She has just recently been changed, hasn’t even had her first transformation yet so she hasn’t had the chance to mate like the others have. In fact from the examination we conducted upon her arrival you will be pleased to hear that she might as well still be considered untainted.”

The wizard approached the table where Dannie lay and looked down at her. “What do you mean by that? I though you said you had someone who was pure. I am in need of one who is completely trainable to fulfill my needs alone and not worry about its own pleasure.” He then ran his hand across her stomach, “Wait a moment, she’s been with child. How can you consider her practically untainted?”

“The child is in their teens, from what we could tell she hasn’t had a partner in years. In fact my assumption is that it hasn’t been since the child was born but the exact timing is impossible to distinguish.”

Dannie cried inwardly as the man continued to grope her still body his hand then stopped at her chest and as he cupped her he glanced at Deloris, “Not tremendously large but firm. Still she’s a bit heavier than I usually like my toys. Take five galleons off the cost and you have a deal.”

“But that’s half her price; I’ll take off two, not a knut more.”

He studied Deloris a bit more “Remove the spell; I want to see how responsive she is.” Deloris did as he requested and as soon as the spell was lifted she tried to sit up and move away from the man but she was held down. “Open your mouth.” he commanded but Dannie didn’t obey so he pried her jaw open and moved his wand in front of it. “Who are you trying to fool? This one has been with someone recently there is bruising in the back of her throat.”

“That’s not possible. Explain yourself. What have you done?” Deloris demanded.

“What my mate and I do is none of your business.” Dannie stated.

Deloris backhanded her again causing Dannie to snarl at her out of instinct while the man looked at the two women “Did she just say her mate? I thought you told me that she had not mated yet. I have found that everything you have told me about this one is completely false, the deal is off.” he stated as he turned to walk out of the room.

Deloris followed after him, “She is delusional. There is no way that she could have possibly mated, she was just recently bitten. She even believes that she is a muggle and refuses to perform any magic whatsoever.”

“A muggle you say? Are you positive that she won’t cast any spells against me?”

“She’s been here for a week now and has shown no interest in casting any magic with the exception of changing into her animagus form but we took care of that.” Deloris replied.

He then walked back over to the table where Dannie was now sitting hugging her knees to her chest while the orderlies each had a hand on her shoulders to keep her in place. “Is what she says true that you claim to be a muggle and refuses to use any magic at all?”

Dannie didn’t reply she just sat there quietly singing to herself as she rocked back and forth. “Answer him!” Deloris ordered as she started to raise her hand again so Dannie nodded. He then grabbed one of her ankles and pulled it towards him as he placed his other hand on the inside of her thigh and moved it upward. Dannie tried pulling her leg back but Deloris brought her switch down onto it causing her to start growling again.

“Do you know how much that sound excites me?” he asked as he pulled on her leg again bringing her down onto her back and banging her head hard against the table and out of the grip of the two orderlies. He then ran his fingers inside her undergarments and against her opening as Dannie then turned the upper half of her body over and grabbed the edge of the table to attempt to pull away from him but he continued to hold firmly onto her ankle. In an attempt to get away from his molestation of her, Dannie completely forgot about the collar around her neck and started changing. “You have accomplished nothing except for disappointing me once again Deloris; the collar didn’t stop her from changing like you said it would. Deal is off and this is the last time I come to your facility to entertain my associates.” as he released her hind leg and she was instantly freed until the collar cut off her air supply and she collapsed in the center of the room then with two snaps of his fingers all the visitors followed him out of the room nearly knocking over Margaret and one of her assistants as they entered the room.

As they waited while the others left, Deloris called the others to the center of the room. “You can thank her for the lack of entertainment tonight. I want you all back in your rooms immediately.” she ordered and the girls all left the room some kicking or spitting on the wolf as they passed her while others cussed under their breath for what they had lost. As the room cleared Margaret caught sight of the wolf’s body in the room and they ran over to her and the assistant checked her vitals. “I warned her about her actions, do you realize how much she just cost me? Well at least I’m rid of her now so I don’t have to tolerate that infernal heathen chanting.”

“Dammit Deloris, what the hell have you done?” Margaret asked.

“I haven’t done anything other than introduce her to the people who finance this facility.”

“Then why is she just laying there in that state and unconscious while you just stand around doing nothing?”

“She knew what the consequences would be if she tried transforming again and she knew what was expected of her. How she is now is of her own doing so if you’ll excuse me I have other matters to attend to.” Deloris replied as she started to turn and leave the room.

Margaret instantly grabbed her arm “Not until you give me the keys to undo that collar.”

Deloris patted the pocket to her robes. “It seems that I have left them in my office and it is protected against unlocking charms. Would you care to accompany me there so that you can retrieve them?”

“Margaret, I’m sorry.” the assistant quietly stated.

Deloris took the moment to turn back around and leave and she reached deep into her pocket, “Well what do you know, seems I have been mistaken once again.” and she tossed a set of keys on the floor.

Margaret ran over and picked them up then fumbled through them as she quickly walked back over to the corpse. “Thanks for saying that I thought she was lying about the keys but how did you know?”

“No Maggie, I truly am sorry.” she said as she placed a hand on Margaret’s arm.

Margaret tried to ignore her words as tears filled her eyes and she unlocked the collar she then pulled out her wand “Mobilicorpus” she muttered then led Dannie’s body towards the door but the two orderlies blocked her path.

“Where do you think you are taking that?” one of them asked.

“What difference does it make? She’s already gone.” the assistant replied.

“For your information I am going back to her room so that I can gather her things to take back to her daughter. You need not bother with disposing of her either; I will take care of that as well.”

“You do not have the authority to do that. We have to dispose of her properly.” the other guard stated.

“For your information I do have the authority to do so. She was my patient, not Deloris’ and she knows that Dannie should have never been brought into this room to begin with. I left specific written instructions with your supervisor that clearly stated that she was not to receive any treatments or examinations by any of you and by no means was she to have visitors that were not accompanied by me. Now I suggest that you go fetch Deloris and bring her to Dannie’s room immediately.”

“Sorry I cannot do that.” he replied.

“You can and you will or I’ll make sure you are brought up on the same charges as your boss. How would your wife and children feel if word got out that you were part of this woman’s death?” Better yet how about if they knew you have sex with werewolves on a regular basis?”

“There is no proof of any of those accusations.”

“I can defiantly supply the proof. I have the funding for the ingredients and her mate happens to be very good friends with a well known potions master. All I need to do is get a few of the girls in front of the Ministry and have them issued a few drops of Veritaserum. Even if the Ministry doesn’t believe them the papers take advantage of the story.”

The two guards looked at each other then turned and headed towards Deloris’ office while Margaret and her assistant continued to what was once Dannie’s room. Fifteen minutes later the two women were preparing to leave when there was a knock at the door. “Quick take her and Apparate to the house while I take care of that bitch.” Margaret told her assistant. The knocking then came again as the woman left and Margaret looked out the small window in the door to see the two orderlies holding Deloris off the ground by her arms.

Margaret then opened the door and stepped into the hallway. “What is the meaning of this? How dare you…” Deloris spat.

“No Deloris, how dare you. Did you or did you not read the paperwork I gave you pertaining to Miss Lightpaws’ care.”

“I receive orders on what to and what not to do with each and every one of the inmates here. I know how to take care of the creatures and I do not appreciate anyone else telling me what and how they want things done.”

“Well Deloris you signed the document stating that you would abide by the conditions and you didn’t which resulted in her death.”

“I told you I am not responsible for what happened to her. She knew the rules and the consequences of breaking them.”

“That’s fine Deloris, stay with that story because it still tells everyone that you are responsible. If you had taken the time to read over the paperwork before signing you would have seen that she shouldn’t have been there in the first place. Not only that but you and your people here were not permitted to even go near her nor was she permitted visitors. You not only disobeyed the document for my patient but you murdered her.”

“I know what this is about and I know what you’re after. It’s not going to work.”

“Excuse me?”

“I remember you. Don’t you dare think that I don’t know you’re after your brother’s inheritance. This has been your plan all along and it’s not going to work.” Deloris huffed, “This whole idea about how the two of them actually produced a child, and a so called muggle woman as well. Some specialist you turned out to be, you should know more than anyone that it’s impossible.”

“For your information Deloris, the last thing in the world Remus and Dannie wanted was his inheritance back. All they wanted was to be together and raise a family.”

“You really expect me to believe that touching story. Oh so sad, it just touches my heart that I could have possibly ruined his chance at a happy life once again.”

“Once again? Deloris when you broke off the arrangement you made him happy. The only way you could have made his life miserable back then was if you had agreed to be joined with him knowing what he is. Remus meant for you to find out only because he knew what you would do and that your parents would refuse to let you take the bite so that you could have children. I wonder Deloris. How happy have you been with his money? I don’t see a ring on your finger or any wizards bending over backwards to please you like Remus would have if you and he were joined. Was it all worth it? Or is that the reason you were out to try to destroy him again?”

“I have been very happy with my life and all a wizard would possibly do is become a nuisance.”

“Really now, then why are you working here surrounded by those you can’t even stand the sight of?”

“Because of the money.”

“Well I hope the money has brought you happiness because once word gets out of what you have been doing and what has happened today it will all be over with.” Margaret then turned to leave “Now if you will excuse me I have an errand to run before I’m expected to be at the court house. You two have been of great assistance, I suggest you find another means of employment before I even get started in having it shut down.” and she started down the hallway.

As soon as she exited the building she Apparated home and walked through the twisting corridors until she reached a small group of rooms where her assistant waited for her. “How is she?”

“Her breathing is shallow and heart rate is still irregular it’s really hard to say if or when she will pull out of this.”

“Do me a favor and keep a close eye on her. I promised Remus that I’d be at the courthouse today.”

“Are you going to tell them the truth?”

Margaret looked in the open door at Dannie, “I don’t want to give them any false hopes. If she doesn’t pull out of this then it will only hurt them more.”

“But if she does pull out of it then how will they feel?”

“They’ll probably hate me for it but at least they will be together.”


Meanwhile at the courthouse Remus was sitting at a table in a small waiting room quietly waiting for the proceedings to take place while two aurors remained inside the room and two more were just outside the door. All of a sudden shouting was heard down the corridor. Tonks immediately went running to see what the commotion was. By the time she arrived the table was smashed to pieces and the two aurors that were in the room were unconscious while Remus had another one against the wall by their throat and the fourth was standing there with his wand pointed at him. “Remus put him down now.” she ordered but he just growled something incoherently. “Remus, this is not going to help your case today now please put him down.”

“I don’t care about my case or my trial. Just sentence me and get it over with.”

“Well what about the woman you introduced me to the other day. I thought you said the two of you were to be joined, don’t you think she would care?”

“She can’t care anymore. They…they…” he then dropped the younger man and looked at her with tear filled eyes.

“Remus you’re not making any sense. If she didn’t care then you would have already received your sentencing and this trial wouldn’t even be taking place. Now do you care to tell me what is going on to make you act like this?” Remus didn’t say anything as he slowly started to approach her. The remaining auror stepped in-between the two of them sticking his wand in Remus’ chest. “Put that away and attend to the others. I’ll take care of him.”

“He’s gone mad. You can’t possibly think you can handle him on your own.”

“I’ve known him all my life and I was the one who brought him in. If I didn’t believe I could handle him I wouldn’t even attempt to. Now go.” The auror pulled out at pair of shackles and Remus held out his arms to have them attached before he moved over to his coworkers. “Before someone else comes in here with one of the Dementors right behind them tell me what has you so upset all of a sudden.”

“She’s gone. They’ve taken her away from us.”

“Don’t tell me you’re just now realizing this. She was taken to the safe house last week.”

“I know damn well where they took her and how long we’ve been apart that is not the issue.”

“Then in Merlin’s name tell me what the issue is.”

Remus then walked over to the wall and slid down to the floor and rested his head in his hands before he finally said “They…they took her away. I…we felt it…she was suppose to be safe…she even wanted to have more cubs…” he then lifted his head and leaned back against the wall with his eyes closed as the tears streamed down his cheeks. “Merlin….Bria…how am I to tell her?”

Tonks then looked over to the auror and he shrugged his shoulders. “How are they?”

“They seem to be alright.”

“Good I want you to go and find Professor Snape, there will be a teenage girl with him that I need you to bring here immediately. If the professor isn’t here yet then wait at the front door for him.”

“It’s against regulations, he is not allowed any visitors. He a prisoner and a violent one at that.”

Tonks walked up to the auror and quietly said “Have you not been listening to what he has said? This is not a man who is normally violent, he’s distraut right now and he needs to speak with the girl immediately. Now unless you want to be the one to tell a teenage girl that her mother is now dead I suggest you bring her here and let him tell her.”

“How can you be so sure that she hasn’t already heard the news. After all he knows already.”

“Really? How long ago did he start all of this?”

“Ten maybe fifteen minutes ago.”

“Had anyone other than the four of you been with him before then?”

“No, but you’re asking me to put a child’s life in danger by bringing her to him. What is to say that he won’t turn on her.”

“Because she is the only person left on this earth that he never harm no matter what kind of state he’s in.” she replied. “Trust me, if anything happens to the child then I will take full blame for it. Now go.”

While Tonks sat next to Remus not saying a word but just listening to him mumble incoherently as he cried the auror ran throughout the corridors asking anyone and everyone he came across if they had seen the professor. Finally he reached the entrance just as they arrived, “Professor Snape sir would you and your party accompany me please?”

“We have an important hearing to attend to at this time, whatever you feel you need with me must wait until afterwards.”

“Sir please this is of the utmost urgency. If you would allow me to explain to you privately I’m sure you will agree.”

Harry and Bria watched as Severus followed the auror out of their hearing range after a few moments Harry watched his father put his hand onto the wall as if he were suddenly in need of supporting himself and he then took Bria’s hand and squeezed it tightly. Soon Severus walked back over to them with an emotionless expression on his face that they had not seen in a long time. “I want the two of you to go with the auror over there. No questions asked of any kind, just do as he says.”


“I said go!” he commanded and without another word they did as he said. As soon as the three of them rounded the corner Severus placed his hand on the wall again and took a few deep breaths until he once again regained his composure then headed in the same direction as the others.

Tonks removed Remus’ shackles just as Bria entered the room and went running straight into his arms. Remus embraced his daughter as if his life depended on it as he silently whispered “I am so sorry baby. So very very sorry. I never ever thought that this would have ended like this.”

Bria squeezed him tightly around this chest not comprehending what he was saying. “It’s alright, mom will be here soon and everything will be explained and then we can all go back home again.”

“No baby I’m sorry we won’t be no matter how much we wish it could.” he then paused to take a deep breath before his voice started cracking, “Something has happened. I don’t know exactly what but…”

“Well I said it before and I’ll keep saying it. You are a sick bastard Lupin. Have you been with the child the whole time or is it something new now that her mother is dead?” Deloris said from the doorway.

Bria pulled out of Remus’ embrace and looked at his tear stained face as Tonks shouted “Damn you Deloris. Get the fuck out of here and let them have some peace. He was just trying to break the news to her.”

“You’re the bitch that took my mom away from us and you…you killed her.” Bria screamed as she tried to lunge at Deloris but Remus held on tight to her.

“Trust me child. I didn’t kill your mother. She acted just like the stupid animal she was and killed herself.”

“Don’t you dare lie Deloris, Dannie would never take her own life.”

“Well I hate to say it Lupin but obviously you really didn’t know her. She knew the consequences of what would happen if she changed again while her collar was on and she went ahead and did so anyway. Serves her right, do you realize what her antics cost me today? I lost an easy fifty gallons and some of my best customers all because she refused to participate with the others.”

Bria started growling at Deloris and before anyone could say or do anything the court clerk walked in “The Magistrate is ready to see you now.” then he turned and headed back to the courtroom.

Deloris smirked as she said “Good luck today. Although I don’t see where there is much of a case now that the one person who could have allowed your freedom is now gone.”

Bria started crying hysterically and as Remus tried to calm her down Tonks said “I’m sorry I really hate having to do this but I must put these back on you now so that we can leave.”

Remus then painfully pried his daughters hands off him as Harry walked up behind her and placed his hands on her shoulders to show he was there. Tonks then shackled Remus and led him out of the room as he once again looked at her and said “Remember whatever happens from here, I loved you and your mum more than anything and I’m sorry baby.” Bria then turned around and cried hysterically into Harry’s chest.



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