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Collision Chapter 12

Title: Collision
Summary: As one family struggles to come together, another is torn further apart.
Main Pairing: RL/OC
Story Rating: Hard R or NC-17 (depending on your own views)
Chapter title: Truths
Chapter Rating: R for violence and language


Chapter 12 - Truths


"Get up now Lupin." Flint shouted from the doorway. Remus sat up on the bed and rubbed the morning sleep from his eyes as he looked around. "Stand in the circle with your arms infront of you."

Remus did as he was ordered but not without questions as another guard bound his wrists with silver shackles. "What's going on? I thought I wasn't to be transferred until after the trial."

His question was ignored and Flint motioned for him to step into the corridor. He then led Remus down the passage as two other guards followed them, "It seems that your bitch is a faster learner than anyone gave her credit for. She already has her own personal counselor." Remus continued to follow silently so Marcus continued, "It's a shame, someone has actually paid for exclusive rights to her and she has to do whatever they say. What I wouldn't give to work there and be able to watch them through the window."

"Marcus, stop harassing the man already." Katie said causing Remus to glance behind him as he recognized her voice.

"Bell I suggest if you want this part of your training to go quickly then you need to keep your mouth shut. He is not a man, he's nothing more than a muggle loving monster." Marcus said as he stopped and turned around. He then looked Remus in the eyes "Oh just think of the possibilities that are there with no direct way to be able to defend herself from magic. I can almost see why you found her so tempting."

"Why don't you ask Malfoy how defenseless she is, that's right you can't. I almost forgot he's dead now." Remus replied.

The other auror took his club and hit Remus square in the center of his back knocking him to the ground Marcus quickly followed by kicking him in the ribs, "I suggest you watch that tongue of yours or you just may not see any trial."

"That will be quite enough!" Margaret stated as the guards turned and noticed her standing in a doorway.

"He was trying to escape." Flint replied.

"I find it quite hard to believe that a werewolf bound in silver shackles would even dare attempt to escape from three armed guards. Keep your story boy but if I see that happen again I'll make sure someone else has your job." She then stepped back from the doorway, "Take him inside and remove his restraints."

"I wouldn't suggest that, he could attack you." Flint replied.

"He does not appear to be ignorant enough to try that. Now do as I say then leave us."

Flint drug Remus into the small room and remove the shackles and quickly left. Margaret watched her brother slowly make his way to one of two chairs that stood in the center of the room and sat down keeping his head down so his fringe covered half his face. As soon as the door clicked shut he finally spoke, "He's right you know. I could easily attack you right now without a second though."

"Oh I know you could but you wouldn't."

"Don't be so sure of yourself. I attacked my mate already changing her. What more could they do to me if I added one more to the list."

"You attack me and you loose your right to the trial. The Remus I knew wouldn't throw away that chance."

"You only knew a mere school boy, we have all changed including you. Father was right when he said that I could turn on anyone at anytime." He then looked up at his well dressed sister, "I never thought that you would be the one sent to check on me. Well you can report back to him that his reject is soon to be gone permanently so he can't disgrace the family name any longer."

Margaret walked over to the chair on the other side of the table and sat down, "Let's get one thing straight right now Remus Jonah Lupin, I am not here for father or anyone else in the family with the exception of Dannie..."

"You stay away from her. She is my family not yours or theirs and I don't want..."

"You don't want your daughter put through what you went through. I know this and it won't happen, father passed 12 years ago and mother last spring." Margaret then sighed, "Do you realize how long I searched for you? Everytime I thought I found where you were you had already moved on."

"Yes although I could never understand why you would bother. Afterall it was made quite clear that it was a unanimous vote that I was to have no contact with the lot of you."

"Remus, you remember what father was like, and yes it was unanimous with Angelica and Veronica because they wouldn't stand up to him."

"And for the first time you refused to."

"No Remus I couldn't. Don't you remember where I was when the voting took place?"

"How would I know where any of you were or even what you were doing at that time. I was still at school, hadn't even finished my 6th year yet. Do you have any idea what it was like not receiving any news about it until two hours after the train had delivered us to the station at the end of the term?"

"Yes I know you were still in school, just like I was still on tour with Adam. I wasn't informed about any of it until I went crawling back home after father passed."

"Adam told me you were back there but he couldn't remember how long you'd been gone so I figured you were there for the voting."

"No, I didn't go back until we split because of the drugs and I didn't want Xander around that life. Don't you look at me like that, I know I swore never to have any children but accidents do happen. Besides what about you? And with a daughter no less."

"You know as well as I do that to remain childless was not by choice. How do you..."

"I know it wasn't by choice but it was the reason that Deloris had her family break the arrangement between you two. Oh if father had only known about Gabriella he would have been able to retrieve all that he lost. Damaged goods my arse. Come to think about it you could still..."

"No, I don't want any part of it."

"But think of your daughter, her education, her dowry."

"I said no, now what do you know of my daughter anyway?"

"Albus asked me to meet with her and her mother yesterday, I'm Dannie's counselor. I'll tell you, I was a bit confused as to why he tried pointing out how much it reminded him of the lot you hung out with but once Sirius broke the news of your relationship it became all to clear. Maybe if we had met under better circumstances things would have been different."

"You're right they would have been because you would have never met her. As for her dowry or education, don't fret yourself with that. This past year I've been able to put something aside for her to use as needed. I don't want her to be pulling into the family mess, not now and not after I'm gone. Do you understand?"

"I understand that you've obviously given up."

"No, just accepted my fate. If I had given up I'd be fighting them so that I would receive the kiss."

I really don't understand you. I know I haven't see you in years but what happened to the boy who wanted a family to take care of?"

"The same thing that happened to the girl who wanted to play football, we grew up. Dannie and I spent our last two days together pretending that things wouldn't end like this and it was more than I ever expected but that was it and as soon as we returned, reality hit us in the face. Since you're her counselor you can help her get out of there and back to Hogwarts where she'll be fine."

"Not from what I've seen she won't. Neither one of them will be."

"Yes she will. I'm sure Albus will allow her to work there as long as she wants and they guys will make sure she's taken care of."

"She is not their responsibility, she's yours. They didn't give her that little girl and they aren't the ones who changed her. I never thought you would be the type to walk away from family responsibility. What happened to you?"

"The person you knew was 13 years old, had parents who made sure he realized he would amount to nothing, and was engaged to someone who he couldn't stand. I started throwing away family responsibilities when I accidentally mentioned to Deloris what I really am just so that her parents would dissolve the arrangement. What in the world makes you think I wouldn't do it again?"

"Because I've paid attention to how you both are acting. You two have mated already; you are bound together more than you will even allow yourself to admit. Does she at all know about you and Deloris? Does she have any idea that the woman hates her so much?"

"Deloris has always hated anyone who she didn't consider pure or normal."

"Yes she has and given that information along with the history the two of you shared..."

"We do not share any history."

"Yes you do, you were engaged for what 16 years plus she has been living off your inheritance. Deloris knows what the possibility of bringing up the idea that the contract was dissolved under false pretenses could do to her and right this moment she is the primary caretaker of the one person that can prove that."

"Nothing can prove that. The only way her and I could have had children is if I had changed her and the laws would have forbidden that."

"No they wouldn't. It wasn't made public notice but I found out last night while talking to a colleague that Gabriella is not the only child who was born as a werewolf. There is in fact one other case of an arranged marriage where the bride's family permitted her to be bitten during their honeymoon and the following cycle they were placed in a controlled environment to ensure mating. I'm not sure but I believe Deloris' parents were given the same option but turned it down."

"Then why in Merlin's name am I still locked up? We had mated already, we were bound together more than any contracted marriage could do."

"We have to get the courts to understand that but shape-shifters are unknown to our world. As long as I've been doing this job I never even thought it was possible until Albus explained it to me yesterday. Is there anything you can think of that could prove that she is different from the other muggles or that you two have actually mated?"

"Of coarse I have proof we mated, we have Bria. What else do you want, photos?"

"That is not what I mean. Think is there any way that you two can prove that she is not like other Muggles other than her changing infront of people since Deloris is already screaming that she's an unregistered Animagus."

"I'm not sure..." Remus sat quietly for a moment; "There was something that intrigued her cousin's partner about her medical records but we were unable to stay to see what it was."

"Where are these records?"

"I think either Severus has them."

"Times up madam." Katie stated as Flint walked in and placed the shackles back on Remus' wrists.

"If you and his bitch are ever looking to expand your partnership I would be more than..."

"I beg your pardon, are you suggesting..."

Marcus turned to Margaret and stated, "Come off it lady, I know what your kind is actually like behind closed doors. My father has worked around the Ministry far too long and has told me all sorts of stories. Are you saying that you aren't the one who paid for exclusive rights for the muggle bitch?"

"I have made arrangements so that the victim like my other patients are treated only by myself and that I am the only one who will decide who is to visit her and who isn't. But that was done merely for protection to keep anyone from aimlessly wondering into her room." Margaret stated as Remus snarled at Flint. "However, what goes on between my patients and I are of our concern alone and not to be discussed with anyone, especially infront of their attacker so if I were you I'd be wise and start watching what I say or you just may be another one of my patients."

"Tell me you let your patents participate in certain activities with one another and I just may take you up on that offer." Flint replied.

"I never considered it before but if you really wish to, I do have a few male patients who would most likely enjoy the idea of being your life-mate." Margaret replied only to receive an angry glance from Flint before he turned towards Katie who was trying to suppress her laughter.

Remus was then led back to his cell where as soon as he was unshackled he placed his hands in his pockets and leaned against the wall thinking about what his sister did and didn't say. He then pulled out a small cloth that wasn't there before and caught the scent that it held thinking Thanks Mags as he smiled to himself and lifted it up to his nose.


Hogwarts dungeons

Just as Severus started to add one of the ingredients to the potion he was working on, the door to his personal lab flew open, hitting the wall behind it. "Damnit Black, do you have the slightest inkling of a notion what an entrance like that could possibly do to the potion if it happened to be at the wrong time?"

"I don't care, you have to do something about your sister."

"I have not been able to do anything about my sister since our fifth year. What has Patricia done now?"

"Do you realize she's been trying to contact the twins?"

"She has every right to, she is their mother afterall." Severus replied.

"She is not their mother. Their mother died while your sister turned into Voldemort's plaything."

"I highly believe that it is physically impossible since Voldemort's body was never fully restored. And as much as you hate the idea, she is in fact their mother and has every right to contact them when she sees fit."

"Not until I have the chance to tell them she's alive she doesn't. Do you realize what they would be like if I hadn't intercepted these letters? The questions it would have raised?" Sirius spat as he tossed two enveloped onto the worktable.

"The same questions that could have been avoided if you had told them back when you first found out. I find it hard to believe that you have had two months to say something to them but yet you haven't."

"I haven't had the opportunity to tell them with their friends visiting and all."

"You haven't had the opportunity? The term has been over for more than a month now and Miss Granger and the Weasley children were not here when we left for the states, you have had plenty of time. Now I suggest you sit them down and tell them exactly what happened and exactly who she is before they find out some other way."

"I warned you, you are not to say a word to them about her."

"What about Harry, or Bria? Have you warned them not to say anything either?"

"You told them?"

"I told Harry because he asked. Bria I didn't have to tell, I'm quite sure she has easily figured out why a strange woman gave her a vile of blood for Harry last spring."

"I can't believe you went and told Harry, how could you do that? If he lets it slip..."

"He won't let it slip, as you put it. I had to tell him, I felt he had a right to know since she is his aunt."

"Oh so since Saint Severus finally stopped living a lie after fourteen years he things all parents should be honest with their children?" Sirius spat.

"We all lived that same lie Black. You knew the truth for years, why didn't you ever tell him? You had plenty of chances while you were on the run and none of us could have stopped you from doing so."

"You know bloody well why and you had even more chances than I did."

"Yes I did and I wish I could have said something sooner. The thing is we don't have the same promise to Patricia that we had with Lily. The twins need to know that she is still alive."

"Who do we need to know is still alive?" Ann asked as she walked into the lab followed by the rest of their group.

"Damn you Snape." Sirius quietly growled.

"Don't you put this one me. You're the one who stormed in here and didn't shut the door behind you."

"Dad, what's going on?" Jamie asked but Sirius didn't say a word. Instead he just turned and stormed out of the lab knocking into Harry on his way as he left. "Uncle Sev?"

Severus looked at Harry and sighed while Ann pickup up one of the envelopes. "This is mom's writing...why haven't we seen these before?"

Severus took the envelopes from her and placed them in his pocket se he started to clean up. "You need to tail with your father."

"Dad doesn't talk to us, now what is going on?" Jamie stated.

"What do you mean he doesn't talk to you?"

"Other than barking orders he hasn't said more than three words at a time to us since that test." The boy replied.

"Ann, is this true?" Severus asked and she merely nodded. "Why didn't any of you say anything sooner?"

"We figured you were too busy with the hospital and all we didn't want to bother you." She said.

"Harry, Draco, I need the two of you to take your friends and find something to occupy your time while I speak with your cousins." He then turned towards the twins, "You two wait for me in my office while I finish in here."

Ann and Jamie just looked at one another before doing what they were instructed to do while the others nodded and left. Severus then finished cleaning up the worktable then wrote a quick note before calling for "Dobby!"

"Professor Snape sir, how wonderful for you to let Dobby back in your labs again." The house-elf said as he quickly appeared in the doorway and started to look around. "Dobby doesn't see any accidents that could use cleaning up again, Professor Snape sir doesn't wish for Dobby to test a new potion again does Professor Snape sir. Dobby's been a good house elf Dobby has, stayed away from the Professor and young Harry Po…Snape as told to sir." He continued as he started to walk over to the table reaching for a vile.

"If you don't desist with that insufferable yammering I will have you test some new potions again. Now stay where you are and don't touch anything. Do you understand?"

"Yes sir Professor Snape sir. Dobby understands."

"I need you to take this note to Professor Black for me, it's quite urgent that he receives it immediately."

"But Professor Snape must need Dobby for something else. Delivering letters is an owl's job and they be quite offended if mere house-elf like Dobby takes their job."

"I don't have the time to sit and argue with you about this and I have even less time to run to the owlery so I suggest you take it to Professor Black immediately and make sure he reads it." Severus ordered as he handed the letter to the trembling elf.

"Yes, right away Professor Snape sir." Dobby said as he vanished.

Severus then took the two envelopes from the pocket of his robes he then closed his eyes and thought 'I do wish I knew if I'm about to do the right thing or not.' as he tapped the envelopes against his hand. He then felt something tighten around his midsection "Thank you" he quietly sighed before he proceeded into his office.

Meanwhile Sirius was sitting in his front room staring at a half empty bottle of whisky when Dobby appeared. "What in the hell are you doing in here? Can't I get any privacy?" he spat at the elf.

"Sorry Professor Black sir but Dobby was told he had to deliver this letter immediately."

"Leave it and get out." He spat as he started to open the bottle.

Dobby walked towards the man holding the letter towards him "Dobby also told he had to make sure that Professor Black reads the letter, Professor Snape said it's quite urgent and Dobby don't want to upset Professor Snape again."

"At this time I'd think you would be more concerned about upsetting me. Now drop it and get out of here. Now"

"Mr. Jamie and Miss. Ann will be very upset if Professor Black starts to drink the burning liquid again."

"I said get out!" Sirius shouted as he threw the bottle in the elf's direction but before it could hit him Dobby squeaked and disappeared causing the bottle to smash against the wall. Sirius then walked over and picked the letter up off the ground and glanced at it.

I strongly suggest that you come to my office immediately.
You left the letters behind and the twins recognized the writing.

Sirius ran out the door and back down to Severus' office only to find Severus appearing content as he sat at his desk while the two teens sat on the couch staring blankly at the tellers they were each given. Ann then looked at him with tear filled eyes, "Did you know about this?" she asked.

"Ann you don't understand." Sirius said.

"You knew all along. You fucking knew the whole time that she was alive and you didn't stay one damn word to us." Jamie shouted.

"We didn't know until the day of that test. Believe me she's changed, she's not the person we use to..."

"How would you know if she's changed or not? You weren't even around to know what she was like." Ann stated.

"I know she didn't use to be the kind of person who would risk her own children's lives just to please Voldemort. Who do you think set up that whole so-called test or responsible for kidnapping your uncle?"

"Why didn't you at least tell us that it was her? Don't you think we had the right to know that?" Ann asked.

Sirius walked over and knelt down infront of his daughter, "I didn't want to ruin any of the memories you had of her by telling you what she became."

"So instead you spent the last two months ignoring us. At least mom had the decency to spend some time with us before sneaking out of the house at night for her meetings. You don't even bother to see if we're awake or not before you sneak out to go whoring in Hogsmeade." Jamie stated.

"What I do in Hogsmeade is none of your concern."

"It is what you're cheating on mum." Jamie spat.

"That woman that wrote those letters is not your mother. She is Voldemort's whore..." Sirius spat back then instantly caught Jamie's arm as the boy swung at him "You need to be a bit faster than that boy."

Jamie pulled his arm back and shouted, "Fuck you" as he stormed out of the room.

Sirius then sat on the couch and placed his arm around Ann's shoulders, "Princess, are you alright?"

"Are we really that terrible? First mum sent us here because she didn't want us around, now you don't want us around..."

"Who said I don't want you around?"

"You act like we're not even here anymore. I couldn't understand why until now, I'm sorry I look like her but it's not my fault."

Sirius tried cupping his daughter's chin to make her look at him but she pulled back as he said, "If I ever made you feel like you weren't wanted here I'm sorry. That wasn't my intentions, I just didn't know what to...Ann? Where are you going?...Ann." he called after her as she got up from the couch and walked left the room. Sirius then turned to Severus, "You could have been of some sort of assistance there. Afterall you were the one who let them read the letters."

"It wasn't my place to intervene and I am not the one who let them read the letters. That was your doing when you left them on my worktable. I told you a long time ago that you needed to tell them and you refused."

"Now you see why I didn't want them to know. I knew they would act this way."

"No I don't believe they would have. From what I've just seen they were merely upset that you didn't trust them enough to tell them. Although I am quite sure that telling them that she is Voldemort's whore were not quite the right words for this situation."

"Then what would you call it?"

"Merely one of his followers." Severus replied as he placed his elbows on his desk, "I do have a question though. Since when did you start sneaking off the Hogsmeade to find company?"

"I only went there one time and it was not to find company. She asked me to meet her there so that we could talk about them."


"And nothing. I went and saw her standing outside The Three Broomsticks and then changed my mind so I came right back before she could see me. I just couldn't do it. I know she wants to take them back and I'm not letting them go."

"Well if you would spend time with them instead of constantly running away from them then you wouldn't have to worry if they wanted to go with her or not."

"Don't tell me what to do with my children Severus, I don't see you spending much time with Harry or even Draco."

"If you remember right I recently spent every waking moment for six weeks sitting by my son's bedside..."

"While he was comatose."

"Yes while he was comatose but since then I know he has his studies to make up and he knows I back logged on my own work. Other than that he, Draco, and even Bria know that my door is always open to them if they feel some strange urge to want to talk to me."

"Well with your reputation I find that hardly ever happening.

"You'd be surprised on how often it does actually happen." Harry said as he stood in the doorway. "Sorry to interrupt, Professor D sent me to find out if you were going to be at dinner tonight, something about Aunt Dannie's counselor wanting to talk to you."

"Tell him I'll be there. Black if you'll excuse me I have other business to take care of." Severus said as he stood up and started to leave the room.



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