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Collision Chapter 11

Title: Collision
Summary: As one family struggles to come together, another is torn further apart.
Main Pairing: RL/OC
Story Rating: Hard R or NC-17 (depending on your own views)
Chapter title: Chapter 11
Chapter Rating: R for violence, and language


Chapter 11


Remus sat on the small moth eaten cot in the corner of his tiny cell that was no bigger than a muggle bathroom. The room was completely dark with the exception of a stream of light from the morning sun that shown through a small portal near the ceiling. He followed the stream of light with his eyes only to see it lighting up a pot that lay of the floor in the opposite corner covered in maggots crawling around over the feces left by the previous occupants. He fought down the burning acidic bile that rose into his throat from finally being able to see what he could obviously smell was there the day before and the last thing he wished to do was add to the odor. He then turned his head away and closed his eyes as he listened to water dripping onto the center of his cot as he thought of how happy he had been the previous few days before he came back.

It's your own fault you know. You should have taken them and run.

"Shut up"

No I won't shut up. You know I'm right. You should have sent the cub back to school then taken her and run. No you had to do the right thing as always and return.

"What point would it have been for us to run. They would have caught up with us sooner or later. Besides we wouldn't be in here if you hadn't gone and bitten her."

I'm only controlled by your emotions. I knew she was ours to begin with, remember I'm the one who mated with her. If it hadn't been for you listening to that idiot friend of yours continuously accusing her of playing mind games then none of this would have ever happened. I had no intentions on changing her that was an accident but you must admit it did turn into a very enjoyable trip

"Then what was that scene that I hear about in the bar?"

That? All I was trying to do was get reacquainted with her and let her know that she still appeals to me even though I let you have your taste of the females over the years. The last thing I ever expected was for her to fight back. Quite discouraging now though, all those years I made it so that you wouldn't take someone who wasn't willing to taste you. And they never did all due to our scent; they weren't able to handle us. But she's just like us, scent and all and you know it. You finally got a taste of what our kind is like. If you really think about it, I didn't truly change her, I just enhanced what she already was. Such a shame though now with where she's at. You've do know what they'll do to her, I know you've heard the stories.

"Those were just rumors, it never happened. She's fine and in a safehouse until she's registered so just shut up."

She'll be registered all right, and examined just like all the others. Constant examinations so they call them, time and time again by the Ministry officials and any of their numerous friends with the right amount of backing. Just imagine how it would have felt on your joining night when we could have had her after all this time. Now she'll just be another plaything to a bunch of high powered turtle headed idiots who secretly hide that their fantasies are no different than Malfoy's were.

"I said SHUT UP! They are not going to take her like that. She won't allow it, you and I both know she will fight them if they even dare to try."

"Talking to yourself again huh Lupin? I knew you were nuts when you taught our class but I see that you've only gotten worse during the past few years." The guard said outside the cell.

"What do you want Flint?" Remus growled.

"Just wanted to let you know that you little bitch almost found herself in a cell last night. Seems there was a bit of an incident that ended her examination early yesterday when she broke out of her restraints." He opened the cell door and placed a bowl of gruel in the lit area next to the pot as he continued to speak, "Don't worry though, I'm sure in a few weeks she'll be ready to entertain. Although it would be a shame, I'd rather enjoy seeing her here. At least that way we'd be able to have experience first hand what she's capable of. I hear female werewolves are true animals and can handle anything. Is that right?"

Remus snarled

"Now I wouldn't do that if I were you, or we just may have to bring in the Dementors afterall. You've been lucky so far, you not only have your bitch refusing to file charges but Dumbledore has found a way to keep Fudge from allowing your sentencing to take place. We'll see how long it lasts though. They've already assigned a counselor to speak to her so they can declare them both insane and drop this foolish nonsense." Flint then locked the cell door and looked at Remus through the barred window, "Maybe she will try to attack again and we can set her up in the cell right across from yours. Wouldn't you just love to see me to go work on her?"

Remus rushed to the cell door grabbing at him through the bars but he was already walking away while laughing to himself. I told you what they would do to her.



Dannie not only woke up hungry but she was sore from sleeping on the hard floor and freezing as a bucket of ice water was dumped on her. "About time you woke up beast." Deloris spat as Dannie sat up and hugged her legs to her chest trying to hide herself from the woman as she started to growl. "I wouldn't start that again if I were you. I took the liberty of placing that collar on your neck while you were sleeping so that the next time you decided to change it would instantly strangle you. Now there's a clean sheet folded on your bed and a wand. I want you to change it into something appropriate you are to have a visitor this morning and I want you to look your best for them." but before Dannie could say anything Deloris walked out of the room.

Dannie notice someone watching her through to window in the door and she crawled over to the bed trying her best to remain hidden from the man's view as she pulled the sheet down to wrap herself in it the best she could. She then sat on the bed and started tapping the wand in a steady beat against the mattress while singing quietly to herself.

About an hour later along with her throat going dry she overheard a conversation outside her door while the others were screaming out to be examined again. "Mademoiselle Margaret I didn't expect you so soon." Deloris said.

"I know you didn't. I have another visit to make after this one so I decided to stop by early. Is this her room?"

"Yes it is. If you don't mind I would like to get one of the orderlies to escort you. I have found this one to be quite violent."

The older woman looked in at the room "What do you expect. You should know that these women need to be able to feel at home. Her room looks more like something from an asylum."

"We usually allow the patents to use magic to make their room as they seem fit. This one refuses to use magic at all, keep insisting that she is a muggle."

"Have you taken into account that she may be telling the truth?"

"We did up until yesterday when she attacked one of the orderlies just before she transformed into a wolf proving to be nothing but another illegal animagus."

"If you feel that I shall need one then go fetch one but he is to remain outside of the room unless I call for him. Do you understand?"

"Yes madam." Deloris stated as she headed down the hallway while the woman went inside the room.

Margaret stood there and watched Dannie as she continued to sing and drum on the mattress and as soon as the song was over she said, "I enjoy Mankiller as well but I have found that Mirabel's flute music it can be quite soothing during difficult situations. What do you think?" Dannie just glanced at the woman then continued her drumming "Now come on child I know you have a voice aren't you going to even answer my question?"

"You mean I actually have permission to speak to you?"

"Of coarse you do. I'm Margaret, your counselor, I've been asked to help see you through what has happened. I am curious though, why are you wearing a bed sheet, didn't they provide you with any clothes when they brought you in?"

"Nope. Your friends took away what I was wearing while the rest of my things were left at the airport. I can only hope that my daughter grabbed them before they went back to school. Just before you showed up I was given the sheet and what use to be a wand and told to make something appropriate to cover myself with. As for what has happened to me, that's been done and it will probably keep being done until I can get out of here and I'm back home to my mate and daughter."

"I had no idea that you had already mated, I was informed that you were only just bitten a few days before the moon." She said as she slowly walked up and sat in the chair next to the bed.

Dannie stopped what she was doing and walked to the other side of the room keeping her eyes on the woman the whole time. "For being my counselor and working here you sure don't know much about my case do you? Haven't you read my files at all?"

"I don't work here, I was asked to take your case as a favor to someone who helped out my family a long time ago. Unfortunately Albus never did tell me what exactly your situation was, only that although you're a muggle you are also a professor at Hogwarts where your daughter is a student, and that a close friend bit you. As for your records I haven't even seen them because I would rather go by my own judgement rather than someone else's biased opinion."

"So what's your opinion of me so far? Do you wish you waited for her to bring one of her orderlies to protect you from me?"

"Although you are distrusting of people right now which I can understand after someone you care for bit you, I don't see you as a threat because I don't plan on being on towards you. I do however see you as wanting people to be straightforward but however for some reason you are very hesitant on answering questions yourself. If you want my help you will need to trust me and answer my questions. You will find that I'm very open minded and however you think I feel about the idea that you mated with a wolf may effect me, it won't. I've heard tons of stories throughout the years."

Dannie studied her while she spoke, "You said you listen to Mirabel? Have you ever heard of him talk of shape shifters or skin-walkers?"

"Quite a few times, I've even read up on them and found the stories very fascinating."

"So you believe that they exist?" Dannie asked.

"I've never met one until today but I always knew there is always the possibility that they are out there." She said. "What form do you take?"

"I'm a wolf. I guess that's why I have already had my first change."

"Was that when you two mated?"

"No, he was on the Wolfsbane potion and my mind was still human."

"But you keep referring to him as your mate."

"We became life-mates years ago but we are to be officially joined next month."

"So you don't hold any resentment towards him for biting you?"

"Why should I? In a way it's done nothing but bring us closer together."

"How so?"

"Umm there's this thought reading thing that went on during the moon but other than that I would rather not say." Dannie said as Margaret started writing in her notepad again. "You think I'm crazy don't you."

"Trust me I don't think your crazy. You are different from most cases I've handled after the women have had their first change." She then looked at her watch. "I hate to end our session here but I do still need to meet with your daughter today. How do you think she feels about all of this happening to you?"

"Up until we were taken away, I guess she thought it was cool. What's the chance of me going home soon?"

"Well I do have a few people to speak with but if all goes well I believe I can have you back with your daughter next week."

"Next week? But our hearing is on Monday to prove that she has the right to contest his sentencing. I thought that I would at least be able to be at that."

"How would she have the right to contest his sentencing? You would since you're the victim but that would only raise the chances of you remaining in here the rest of your life. Other than that only immediate family has the right to contest although they never do."

"If we don't' try to contest it thought I might as well stay here and besides, Bria's his daughter."

"So he was changed into a werewolf after you had her. How long ago was it that you two mated?" Margaret asked.

"No, he was changed as a child. Bria was conceived when we mated, she's also a werewolf."

Margaret wasn't quite sure what to believe but she tried to keep from showing her disbelief. "Is there any way that you can prove to the Ministry what you just told me?"

"A friend of ours is working on a potion to prove it but if you could see them together there is no mistaking it. Unless of coarse you're as blind as that bat out there."

Margaret stood up from the chair and headed for the door. "I have to admit you have made me quite curious on this since what you say is not suppose to be possible. As for your daughter's hearing, I cannot make any promises but I will see what I can do about signing you out so that you can attend. That is if you do not oppose to my company," she said as Dannie shook her head. "Very well. In order for us to be able to release you for the day you are going to have to do as they say when they say without leading them to believe you will try to attack them again."

"I'll do what I can. Thanks."

"Oh I haven't done anything yet."

"You're the first person to talk with me since I've been here."

"Well don't think anything about it. Just remember what I said and keep your head up. I'll try to come by again later this week to check on your progress." She said as she walked out the door.

As soon as Margaret entered the hallway closing the door behind her she noticed Deloris waiting impatiently. "I thought I told you to wait until I had one of the orderlies here to guard over you. Do you realize what kind of problems you would cause if that beast were to have attacked?"

"I have been assigned to her case which makes her my patient now while you are merely her caretaker during this process. If I feel that I am in need of protection from any of my patients then I will provide my own protection, not yours. Now if you will show me to your office so that I may use your Floo system to proceed to my next meeting."

"Aren't you going to discuss with me what you have learned from your patient?" Deloris questioned.

"When I send my report onto my employers I will send you a copy if you wish." Margaret smiled.

"Yes I do wish as I will do the same in regards to your mindless actions here today. This way." Deloris said as she started to lead her down the hallway and into the small well decorated office.

"Now I will be back here tomorrow with some clothing for her. I suggest you find a way to obtain some for the rest of your patients as well. Good day Miss Umbridge." Margaret said as she pulled a bag of Floo powder from the pocket of her robes and threw it into the fireplace. She then turned around and smiled at the smaller woman as she said "Dumbledore's office." then disappeared into the green flames.

As soon as she was gone Deloris turned to her desk and in a fit of rage flipped it over onto her side dumping papers and forms everywhere.



"Maggie child. How good to see you again. I take it you just met with Ms. Lightpaws?" Albus said as Margaret stepped from the flames.

"Yes sir I did. Thank you for bringing me into this case, I've been trying to find a reason to have that place closed for years and I believe I may have just found it."

"Is it really as bad as all that?"

Margaret sighed. "I'm afraid so, if not worse."

Before Albus could say anything they were interrupted by a knock at the door. "Come on in Harry."

Harry opened the door and stepped in. "I'm sorry to interrupt sir. The examiners would like to speak with you."

"Wonderful. Harry this is Mademoiselle Margaret, would you be so kind as to meet with Bria?" Dumbledore asked.

"Um sure. I was just on my way to find her myself." The boy replied as Margaret walked towards the door.

"Thank you Albus. I hope we get a chance to speak as soon as I'm done."

"I wouldn't expect any less. Just meet me back here and you can tell me how your family's doing." he said with a smile as she followed behind the boy.

"So Harry, I suppose you and Bria are good friends?" she asked trying to make small talk.

"You could say that." he replied.

"Good, I know she could use all the support in the world from you right now."

"Are you that counselor that my dad said was coming to see her today?" Harry asked.

"Matter of fact I am. You must be the one she's staying with. Do you're parents teach here as well?"

"Dad does."

"What about your mother? What does she do?"

Harry glanced at the woman not wanting to be rude but also not enjoying the fact that she was asking so many questions. They then started to round the corner but he was almost knocked down by a wolf as raced by towards the doors. "Bria!" he called out after her.

Margaret stood there amazed as she watched the wolf transform quickly and easily into a girl. "There you are. I went by the testing rooms 'cause I thought you'd still be there." She said as she walked up and kissed him.

"It didn't take as long I expected then they asked me to fetch Professor Dumbledore for them. Bria, this is Mademoiselle Margaret, she's the counselor dad said would be here to see you."

"Hi, I wasn't expecting you until later." Bria paused as she squeezed Harry's hand, "So how much longer until my parents can come home?"

"Well I will probably be able to have your mother home next week. In fact I just came from visiting with her." Margaret replied.

"What about dad?"

"Why don't we go somewhere else to talk. It's a beautiful day outside and I haven't seen the lake in years." She said and the couple followed slowly behind the woman without saying a world until they reached their destination. "I have always thought it was very relaxing down here. Although I've never seen it so quiet, it's almost eerie."

Harry sat on the ground and leaned against a tree wrapping his arms around Bria as she sat down infront of him and leaned back against his chest. "What about dad? When can he come home?" she asked again.

"I am sorry but I've been called in to help you and your mother learn to live with her situation. I'm sure your father knew what would happen to him if he ever bit anyone." She replied as she pulled her tablet from her bag. "I couldn't help but notice your form as you were running through the hallways. Did you inherit that from your mother?"


"Do you remember how old you were when you were first taught how to change?"

"I was never taught how to change. It just happened whenever there was a full moon. Didn't anyone tell you I'm also a werewolf like dad?"

"I was told you were but nobody ever mentioned how old you were when you were bitten."

"I wasn't bitten, I inherited it from dad."

"But what about the mark on your shoulder?"

"That was from a curse that someone hit me with when I tried to keep from being skinned."

"Listen I understand that you and your mom do not want to see any harm come to the man who bit her but this story the two of you have come up with is rather hard to believe. It's been proven to be impossible for a werewolf and a human to have a child together."

"Why all of a sudden is it considered impossible?" Harry asked. "For the past year everyone around here knew whose child she was and up until now it's never been questioned."

"They may have never questioned it outright but that was before anyone was attacked. Professor Dumbledore has taken numerous risks over the years by allowing werewolves to attend school and obviously become professors. Unfortunately I'm quite sure that when word gets out that a co-worker bit your mom, people are going to think twice about sending their children here until things change. He has to think about everyone's safety."

"Everyone knows that dad wouldn't hurt anyone. Mom wasn't attacked, it was an accident." Bria cried out from the frustration of the woman's words.

"An accident? She told me she accepted the bite." Margaret stated.

"She did but it probably would have never happened if his potion had been done in time." Bria replied.

"What about your potion? How was yours done in time and not his?"

"I've never had to take the potion before."

"But you claim you're a werewolf. Don't you loose your senses when you change as well?"


"Why is this?"

"You're the expert counselor here, why don't you tell me?" Bria asked.

"I understand you're upset with this happening to your mother. I am only trying to help you out here but I can see you're still too upset to be reasonable about this. How about if I come back in a few days and we can start over again." Margaret said as she put her tablet back into her bag and started to stand up.

"If you are going to start asking the same stupid questions and continue to accuse my dad of attacking my mom then don't bother. If you really want to help then you will help both of them to come home." Bria said as the tears poured down her cheeks.

Margaret looked at the girl and sighed before walking back towards the school and up to the headmaster's office only to pause as a small group of kids exited to castle. When she arrived back at the office she noticed it was empty so she decided to wait there until Albus returned. Margaret soon found herself standing in the window and loosing track of time as she watched the children down by the lake. "So you're back already. How did the meeting go, did you find out anything?" Albus said as he walked into his office.

"It really didn't go all that well. I've never met a victim's family so willing to defend their attacker. Even the story they've come up with is like nothing I've ever heard before yet they almost have me convinced that it could actually be possible."

"When you say story, are you talking about Bria being a second generation?"

"Yes. With what her mother has told me about being able to read the thoughts of the one who attacked her does prove that they have mated but the claim about the girl. It makes it too unbelievable. I hate to say it but for a werewolf and a human to be able to have a child together goes against everything in nature."

"With that in mind what do you know about shape-shifters?" Albus asked.

"Just that the gene is carried from mother to daughter that makes them similar to an animagus but until today I thought that they were pretty much a race that had died out and only survived in legends and songs."

"Ok then try looking at her the way her world sees her."

"What do you mean?"

"Outside their family Dannie's world sees her no differently than the majority of our world sees a werewolf in the fact that they are both nothing more than evil creatures that have the capability of blending in with humans. Bria is not seen as a human in either world, to the Muggle world she's seen as a shape-shifter and in our world she's seen as a werewolf, no difference in either one except she doesn't suffer from the painful side effects of the latter." Albus said as he walked up next to her and started watching the group of teens. "Amazing, how many memories seeing them together like that brings back. It's like watching their parents all over again. Don't you agree?"

"The blonde almost looks like a Malfoy but that couldn't be since the girl he's with is no doubt one of Molly and Arthur's children along with the red haired boy. As for the others they almost look familiar from here but I really can't tell."

Albus handed her a pair of Omnioculars, "Here take a closer look." Margaret held them up to her eyes and peered down at the group. "The black haired boy and girl are Sirius' twins, Jamie and Ann; the blonde is in fact Draco Malfoy; the red-haired children are Ron and Ginny Weasley; then there's Lily's son, Harry..."

Margaret interrupted him "You do have your hands full now. A whole second generation of them."

"And in just as much trouble as their parents half the time too. All we would truly need to complete the set would be if Peter would have had children."

"Or my brother." She mumbled to herself. "I really have to get going soon. I was hoping to be able to retrieve some of Dannie's clothes for her but after my meeting with her daughter I doubt I'd be allowed in their rooms."

"No worries, I'll take you down there myself. It'll give you more time to fill me in on what's been going on with you and the kids." He told her as he walked over to the door and waited for her to follow. Mind you it may be in a bit of disarray, her things are pretty much packed up and I'm afraid when Bria returned she just took the boxes and threw them into the front room."

"I find it hard to believe that you have a muggle teaching here of all places."

"Why? I've had ghosts, ex-convicts, Death-eaters, spies, frauds, Voldemort in a strange sort of way, and even Remus. With Sprout and Flitwick moving on we needed someone to fill the position and with her extensive knowledge in Herbology it seemed only logical."

"Only in your way of thinking. Are you sure that's the only reason?"

"That is the only one I will admit to." Albus smirked.

"That's what I though. You haven't changed a bit, you still have your secret motives for everything that you do."

"Don't we all? I'm sure that you didn't take on this case just out of the goodness of your heart."

"Actually I was hoping to be able to talk to you about Alexander."

"That's right, I almost forgot. He just turned eleven didn't he?"

"Yes he did. I was wondering if by chance the letters had been sent out of not. I wouldn't normally do this but with his father's history here…. Please believe me, Xander is nothing like Adam was and..."

"You don't need to say another word. I held onto his letter so that I could give it to you personally just to put your mind at ease. Although I must know, after what you said to young Bria. How do you feel about my choice of staff that will be teaching him?"

"Albus, you know that I don't feel that way, I was just letting her know the Ministry's views in which you cannot deny that the idea that you are partially responsible for her being infected with the curse."

"Maggie child, you have met Dannie so you should be able to agree with them that she does not see this as a curse." Albus then paused as they arrived outside her quarters. "Here we are, I'll go and make us some tea while you gather some of her belongings." Margaret followed him through the door and looked around at the empty walls before noticing a few small boxes that were stacked along the wall. She started to bend down and open one of them when Albus stopped her "Oh no, her clothes are still in her bedroom closet. Those are just some of Bria's things that they brought back with them. You'll find Dannie's room is the first door on the right."

Margaret walked into the bedroom finding the walls as bare as in the rest of the rooms with the exception for a small dreamcatcher just above the headboard. Draped across the foot of the bed was a Morning Star Pendleton Blanket and a garment bag next to it. On the dresser she saw a few framed muggle photos of people she could only assume were family then out of the corner of her eye she caught glimpse of something moving on the nightstand. She walked back over to the bed and reached into her bag pulling out her spectacles before she picked up the photo and started watching it repeat itself. Before she could get a good at the man that was dancing she heard a growling voice from the doorway, "What in the hell are you doing in here?" Bria asked.

"I was just retrieving some..."

"GET OUT!" Bria shouted as her eyes glowed like an amberfire.

"Your mother needs some fresh clothes. I was going to take them..."

Albus entered the room just as Bria picked up the unpacked duffel bag and threw it at her, "Here's mom's clothes now take them and GET OUT." She screamed once again.

"Gabriella, that is no way to treat someone who is doing us a favor by trying to help your mother. Now why aren't you outside on a day like today with the rest of your friends?" he asked.

"I saw that mom's door was open so I came in only to find her going through my mom's things."

"Now Bria I told her she could come in and gather some clothes for your mother."

"Sitting on mom's bed while staring at a photo of mom and dad is not getting some clothes for her. I want her out of here NOW!"

"What in Merlin's name is going on in here? I could hear you shouting all the way down the corridor." Severus said as he and Harry stood in the doorway followed by Sirius.

"No worries Severus, it seems that Bria and her counselor have had a bit of misunderstanding." Albus replied.

"Misunderstanding my ass. She said..."

"Now Bria, Margaret is doing us a big favor with your parents case. She is one of the best counselors in this field. I'm quite sure if she was looking through your mom's things it was merely to help her to get to know your mom so she could be able to help us get her home quicker."

"But what about dad? He needs help too and she said that you wouldn't be allowed to let them continue teaching."

"Yes I know your father needs help too but we need to be able to bring your mother home first so that the two of you together can contest his sentencing. Don't worry about your parents jobs, far too many people know your father isn't a danger to anyone and you know all to well how the other students feel about him. I'm not loosing any of my staff over a little thing like this."

"Albus how can you call it a little thing? The man bit someone." Margaret stated.

Sirius thought he recognized the voice so he pushed his way through the doorway. "Magpie?"

There's only two people in this world that would ever call me that she thought as she stared at the man walking towards her. "Sirius, is that you?"

"In the flesh." He said as he tightly hugged her, "I should have known when Severus told me that there was someone called in to help out that it would be you. So how have you been?"

"Sirius, this is not the time for you to get caught up with old flames. Especially since there are other matter she needs to attend to." Severus stated.

"Magpie and I are far from being old flames."

"I'd say so. Anyone who would talk my brother into releasing a swarm of insects in my room could never be an old flame of mine." She replied.

"That is one stunt I refuse to take the credit for, that one was his idea. Who do you think spent a week outside collecting the bugs? I just dumped the ants all over Adam's side of your bed, not my fault the two of you screamed so loud you woke your parents."

Bria glared at the two of them as they continued their conversation until finally she had had enough; "I don't believe you. Here you and dad always said how good of friends you have always been and now your being all buddy buddy with someone who thinks he deserves to have his soul sucked out?" she then turned to Margaret "So did you think dad was dangerous when you were younger too or is this something new?"

"For your information I highly doubt that Magpie would ever want to see your father's soul sucked out. The two of them got along better than any of the other kids in their family. Who do you think gave her that nickname?" Sirius said.

"Dad didn't have any family other than mom and me."

"Not that he talked about. Your father and Mags here were the two youngest out of the five kids in their family. Who did you think we were talking about with the bug stunt?"

"Then if they were so close why would she act like he's a danger to everyone?"

"You're right, I did act like he was a danger to everyone but, that was before I knew who your father was." She replied as she glared at Albus. "I knew you had to have something you weren't telling me and now I know why. I'm sorry Albus but knowing this information I definitely can't continue with this case. I'll see about having my office send someone else out to handle it."

"Now I know why dad never mentioned you. Keep your where they are, mom and I will be fine without your help." Bria spat.

"Listen child, there are reasons why your dad never mentioned his family and unfortunately I wasn't there when it happened so it's his story to tell you. Now if I were you, I'd accept all the help my office can give to you and your mother. You have no idea where they have placed her and what goes on there, she will need the help if she's going to get out without any further harm done. The only reason I cannot continue this is that if the ministry found out that we are related it could cause me to loose my practice. I love my brother dearly but I have children I need to be able to take care of."

"Margaret, don't be so hasty here. I thought you wanted to be the one to shutdown Deloris' safehouse."

"You're right I would love to see that, just as much as I would love to see my brother again. Unfortunately I can't, Deloris already sees me as a threat, if she found out about this then I would be ruined."

"Excuse me but I do believe you could still be of some assistance here." Severus said.

"No, you heard her. She can't help us so let her go." Bria stated.

Severus glared at Bria as if she were an insubordinate first year, "Between what she has told us along with the tales that Lucius use to tell then your mother can use all the help she can get especially from people we know she can trust. Now I can understand about you not being legally able to help Bria with counseling due to your blood relations to her. However, Dannie and Remus have not been officially joined as of yet, wouldn't you still be able to assist with her case and then if by chance the need arises you have someone else in your office assigned to Bria?"

"By legal standpoints that would be alright but what about the moral ones. Afterall, as hard as it was to believe at first we are talking about counseling the mother of my niece, I'm not sure how that would look on the records."

"Obviously by moral standpoints these safehouses shouldn't even exist. If you were publicly brought forward for questioning by the ministry then you could turn it around on them by making the rumors a reality which would severely damage the public's views of the Ministry officials." Albus stated.

Margaret leaned against glanced at the photo again the over at Bria as she though about it for a few moments. "That may work but before I agree on this I will need to let her know what is going on and who I am. I'll stop by there tomorrow with her things and if she agrees to it then and only then will I continue."

"Do you really have to tell her what is going on? What if they use veritaserum on her?" Sirius asked.

"Yes I do need to tell her. If I am to gain her complete trust and get her to talk openly and honestly with me about everything then I need to be able to do the same."

"Very well then. Severus if you would be so kind as to escort her back to my office."

Margaret picked up the duffel from the floor and started to follow Severus into the corridor. "Do you think it would be alright if I had a quick look at my brother's rooms?"

Bria started to protest but Albus quickly intervened, "By all means, take your time."

"Thank you sir. Bria it was good to meet you although I wish it was under better circumstances." Margaret said but she only received a glare in return so she turned and continued out the door.



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