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Collision - Chapter 3

Title: Collision
Summary: As one family struggles to come together, another is torn further apart.
Main Pairing: RL/OC
Story Rating: Hard R or NC-17 (depending on your own views)
Chapter title: Went to a What?
Chapter Rating: PG-13

Chapter 3 - Went to a What?

Dan walked in the front door to find Robert was stretched out across the love seat and Dannie was sitting on the edge of the couch all watching the Farscape tapes that they recorded for her. "I take it you like the way they ended this season?" he asked before he lifted up his partner's legs and sat on the loveseat only for them to stretch back across his lap.

"Two Critons both in black leather? Definitely loved It." she replied.

"Get your mind out of the gutter girl, what would your fiancée' say if he heard you talking like that?" Dan joked.

"First of all he's not here to hear it and secondly it's only a t.v show. Besides it was your boyfriend there that was talking about a Criton sandwich, not me."

Dan glanced at Robert who tried looking innocent as he stated. "But we all know your mind and how your imagination works."

"Can we pleeeease drop this subject now." Bria whined from the dinning room table "This is getting way to.....ick."

"What are you doing paying attention to our conversation? You're suppose to be concentrating on your essays." Dannie spat at her.

"See just as always, the daughter saves her mom again by causing the subject to change." Dan smirked.

Dannie glared at the lovers, "Don't you two start on me, you two watch the show for the same reason I do. I am quite sure that you were thinking the same exact way when you first saw it."

"Maybe I would have if I had seen it. Just so happens that we were picking you two up from the airport when it was on so I haven't seen it yet." Dan smiled "But I'm not going to complain if you want to rewind it to watch it again."

"I would love to but you know we're going to the cook shack tonight." she replied.

"You're kidding right. I thought that was tomorrow night."

"You didn't make other plans did you?" Robert asked.

"Well yes. I ran into some friends of a friend tonight and sorta invited them over here. Angel, I hope you don't mind."

"I don't mind at all. When are you expecting them to show up?"

"You may not mind but who are these people and how did you meet them?" Robert asked.

"I'm not sure on exactly when they'll arrive but I drew them a map on how to get here." Dan then turned to Robert, "I told you they are friends of a friend, they're only passing through. You have nothing to worry about. Trust me."

"I've heard those words before."

As Dannie took some dishes into the kitchen Dan leaned over towards Robert and whispered, "Let's just say I'm not they're type. You will find out who they are soon enough."

"That still don't help." Robert spat.

Dan noticed that Dannie was coming back out of the kitchen when he decided to change the subject. ""So what time are we to leave?"

"Papa had to make a quick run to the store, as soon as he gets back I suppose."

"Can I go too?" Bria asked.

"I don't thing so, I still say you're responsible for my ring disappearing and from what I've seen you still haven't even started your essays. Be happy I'm allowing you to go to the Gathering tomorrow."

"They gave her homework over the summer?" Robert asked.

"Just a few essays, nothin too much." Dannie replied.

"What are they on?" Dan questioned.

"I have one for each subject except DADA. They each have to be 2 feet long except Potions which is 4 feet."" Bria stated as Jack walked in the door.

"Then I suggest you get started." he jumped in "I want to see that Potions one done before you go tomorrow."


"Don't but me Nicca, get your Potions stuff down here and get busy."

"Yes sir." she said as she stomped up the stairs.

"Thank you." Dannie said to the man.

"Don't worry about it."

"Papa, before we leave could you do us a favor?"

"What do you need?"

"Some people that Danny knows will be stopping by later, would you give them directions to the cookshack?"

Jack sighed, "So I guess these friends of his are just like him and Bobby?"

"Probably, I don't know I've never met them."

"Angel, how do you ever expect to meet someone and settle down if you keep hanging out guys who clearly won't have any interest in you?"

"Just think, with guys like us you know your daughter will be safe." Robert joked.

"But I don't want her safe, I want grandbabies." Jack spat.

Dannie rolled her eyes, "Papa, would you just give the directions to Danny's friends?"

"As long as they don't show up too late."

"They shouldn't" Dan said as the trio walked out the door then climbed into the car and drove off with NDN Car blasting from the radio.

Many hours later while Bria was sitting at the table still working on her essay she started to get up. "Where do you think your going?" Jack asked.

"I finished the essay and I was going to go to bed"

"Bring it here and go on. If I don't approve you will have to do it over in the morning." Jack stated. Bria took the scroll to the older man and he looked at it then her. "Go on with you, I will let you know what I think when you wake up."

Bria then hugged him goodnight and ran up the stairs towards her room. As Jack started to look over the scroll trying to make sense of something he knew nothing about he heard some noise coming from outside so he put it down to investigate.


"Severus are you sure this is the right place?"

"I followed the directions and there's the lake. Do you have any idea of what you're going to say to her?"

"No I don't. I just want to hear what she has to say about not returning."

"From the impression her friend gave I think he believes they are going back. Besides didn't he say that she's been waiting to hear from you?"

"He's a friend of hers, he was probably stunned to see us and would tell us anything that we want to hear."

"You've been listening to Sirius way too much lately. Just because Pattie betrayed him doesn't mean Dannie would do the same to you."

"Just then the door opened and a tall muscular looking man with long silver hair looked at them. "Is there something that I can help you with at this late hour?"

"Yes sir, sorry to disturb you this late. We are looking for Dannie." Remus said as he stepped into the porch light.

Jack looked at him curiously "Have we met before?" he asked.

"Not that I am aware of sir." Remus stated.

"Well they left a few hours ago for the Sixty-nine. Danny asked me to give you directions there."

Remus and Severus looked at each other then Remus had to ask, "Sixty-nine?"

Jack handed them a slip of paper with directions on it, "Danny asked me to give you these directions. I suggest you hurry since it's been going for quite awhile now I bet that old cook shack is definitely rocking by now."

"Um, thank you sir." Remus said as he and Severus turned to climb back into the vehicle and drive away.

Jack watched the two of them leave and shook his head thinking "Such a shame." Then he turned and headed back into the house.

"Papaw, who were you talking to out there?" Bria asked as she stood up on the loft of the second floor.

"Just those friends of your Uncle Dan's." Jack sighed then continued. "I want you to give me your word Nicca. Promise me you'll meet a nice boy who'll give me some great grandbabies at least." Bria didn't reply, she just watched as he mumbled to himself "That one looked like he could have been a good choice for my Angel, such a shame." Then Bria turned around and went back to bed.


Meanwhile on the other side of the lake sat a small platform wooden cook-shack next to a dance circle and along the backside of the shack were all sorts of tents and campers set up for the weekend events. Coming from the shack were various songs ranging anywhere from Native rock to Bon Jovi while the small group of Dannie and her friends drank and danced wildly inside. A few of the campers who didn't have children with them to care for were welcomed as they also joined the group. Some of the people there known Trail riders, whom traveled around from one Pow-wow to another, while the majority were from the city and only went to the local events. After many hours of dancing and an unknown number of Diablos that she had drunk, Dannie sat on the counter and leaned against one of the support beams trying to relax. Dan then walked up and sat down next to her, "Are you alright?"

Dannie shook her head as she replied "Yeeepp."

"Are you sure? I don't want to see you getting sick on us tonight."

"I'm fine, since when have you ever seen me sick from drinking?" she replied as she looked around the group. "So which of these people are those friends of yours?"

"They aren't here. I would have sworn that they would have been here by now." Dan replied then he looked at her and took her drink away. "You really don't look to well."

Dannie looked at her watch then leaned over and held it right in front of Dan's eyes, "Does that really say 1 am?"

Dan moved her arm back so that he could see it clearly, "I hate to say it but yes it does."

"ShitIgottago. Papa wants us up early to pack up the truck."

"Come on then, I'll walk you home."

"Are you sure? What if your friends show up?"

"I doubt they are gonna come this late."

While Dan told his partner where he was going, Dannie slid off the other side of the counter landing outside the shack keeping her hand on the ledge while she regained her balance. When he returned he asked "Are you sure you're going to be alright? I can still put you up in one of the cabins, it's not as far as your house."

Dannie started stumbling home, "No I've gotta get back. Papa's gonna kill me as it is for being so late and leaving him to deal with Bria and her mood."


Remus and Severus walked into the cabin "That had to be the wrong house. Are you sure you followed the directions correctly?"

"Yes I am sure why would you think otherwise?"

"That man that was there. I have met him before, years ago."

"How? Why did you say otherwise? That was obviously her father."

"He use to give me rides to and from town during the cycle, strange man he was. Always going on about how I needed to go home with him to meet his Angel." Remus smirked, "I doubt if the girl ever did exist, if so she really had to be something scary for a father to want to bring strangers home to her."

"Well he sure acted like he knew Dannie, he did give us directions of this party she's at."

"Yes he gave us directions, but if Dannie had told him to then she would have known we were here and she wouldn't have gone. Besides since when have you known Dannie to be the type to participate in parties like that?"

"Parties like what?" Harry asked as he sat up on the couch.

"Don't you worry about it, it's not something you need to know about just yet. By the way, aren't you suppose to be asleep?" Severus said to his son.

"I was until you two came in talking as loud as you were. What kind of party are you talking about? A Sixty-Nine?"

"Where did you hear of that?"

"Bria one told me. They usually have them the night before the gathering starts. She told me that this year she would be old enough to attend the Forty-nine but she had to be 21 years old to go to the Sixty-nine because of the drinking."

"What else did she say about these parties? Did she tell you what went on at them?" Remus asked.

"Just that they meet up at the cook-shack to dance until all hours of the night and usually there is alcohol there. What did you think goes on there?" the boy asked with a smirk on his face.

"Don't you concern yourself with what he thought. I want you to get back to sleep if you are going to work on that potion in the morning, you are going to need all your energy if you want it to work properly." Severus then turned his attention to Remus. "Did you want to go and see if she is actually at this party?"

"We might as well." Remus sighed.

Not ten minutes later they arrived at the small bt crowded cook-shack and as Harry had stated, it wasn't all all what they were originally afraid to find. Although Robert was quite tipsy, he could easily tell by the way the two men were dressed that they were not part of the usual Pow-wow group and they were most likly lost. "May I help you?" he asked.

"We were told we could find a friend of ours here." Severus replied as Remus looked over the crowd,

"Who's your friend that you're looking for and I'll tell you if they are still here or not."

I'm sorry did you say Danny?"

"Yes." but as he answered he sensed the sudden jealousy coming from the shorter man.

"Well my cousin, Angel happened to have had to much to drink so Danny is walking her home and won't be returning. I'll make sure when I climb into our bed…" Robert paused as he tried walking closer to the two strangers and ran into a chair along the way "Sh…he knows you actually showed up tonight."

Severus stepped between the two men "So you and Dannie are together then?"

"We have been for quite a few years now." Robert proudly slurred as he saw the look of Remus' face "Danny may have flirted with you a bit and mislead you but your not the first and unfortunately you won't be the last. It's something I'm use to but always he'll be mine."

"My apologies for my friend here. we seem to have been given some wrong information here. If you'll excuse us we'll be on our way." Severus said as he started leading a very angry Remus away from the other man only to bump into the same shorter woman from earlier at the hotel.

"Do you mind? Look at this mess! You made me dump my drink all over myself." She spat then looked up at him "Figures it would be you again."

"I beg to differ madam' but just as it was earlier, it happened to be you whom barged into me as you were standing up. Maybe if you tried looking where you were going you would be such a klutz."

Jenny was fuming "Me a klutz? Just because you are so damn tall doesn't mean that you can go around and not even bother watching out for those of us who are short."

"Sis." Robert said in a warning tone causing the others around to stare at the two strangers. "I suggest you watch that temper of yours."

"Sev, it was a mistake coming here in the first place. Just leave her alone and lets go." Remus stated and the two of them drove back to the cabin.

As they entered the door Severus quietly said, "Listen Remus, I am sorry. I didn't think it was possible that Black would have been right about her. Tomorrow we'll head back to Hogwarts and you can try to forget any of this ever happened."

"No, not completely all of it. Sirius may have been right about her but I still have my daughter. Dannie can live however she wants but there is no way now that she is keeping Bria from me anymore nor attending school."

"Remus, before you go jumping to any more conclusions I believe you need to talk to Dannie first. Afterall that is what we came here to do. Maybe she has some good reasons for living with that man and not saying anything sooner?"

"Trust me. I really don't care what her reasons are, what she did was completely uncalled for and unforgivable and she is no better than that sister of yours." Remus paused for a moment "Better yet, she's worse than Pattie. At least she let everyone believe she was dead before she did what she did."

Severus noticed Harry moving on the couch and motioned his head in the boy's direction. "Something just doesn't seem right here. Let's just get some sleep and maybe it will look clearer in the morning. We have no idea what exactly is going on until we talk to her and get some straight answers."

"It has never been more clearer before. You may sleep if you wish but I know I won't be." Remus stated as he headed towards his room. Severus sighed then noticed Harry staring in his direction and shook his head to tell the boy not to say anything.


When Dannie and Dan arrived back at her home they noticed Jack sitting in his recliner appearing to be sound asleep. As soon as the door closed he said, "Do you realize that it was past midnight when those friends finally decided to show up?"

"They did arrive? I am sorry about that, I had no idea."

"Didn't you see them at that party of yours?"

"No sir."

"What may I ask are you doing home so late? You know you have work to do in the morning, not to mention I know nothing about this assignment that Nicca was to do so there is no way that I can even tell if it's correct or not."

"Sorry papa, I'll look over it in the morning." Dannie then cringed and ran into the bathroom.

"Damnit Angel, what the hell do you think your doing? You should know better than to get in this condition."

Dannie flushed the toilet before she replied, "Papa, I didn't realize the drinks were as strong as they were. Please not tonight, I'm not feeling good."

"You are 35 years old you should know by now that you don't drink yourself into this state. What kind of example are you setting on Nicca? I expected better of you."

"Yes I am 35 and I know I made a mistake. As for the example I'm setting for Nicca, it is no worse than what I grew up watching of you and mama when you two came home from a Sixty-nine. I remember her wrenching her guts up a few times but you never yelled at her about how she was, you just held her hair out of her face."

"And look where it got her. Raped and burned alive as soon as I went back onto the road. I refuse to have to worry about seeing that happen to you."

"You act like I do this all the time. I have never gotten this bad before and when I move away you won't have to worry about any of that happening to me."

"You don't know."

"I know more than you realize. I was there and saw it all, you weren't." Dannie growled before she stormed up the stairs and into her room slamming the door behind her.

Jack glared at Dan who stood there and watched the shouting match between the two then said. "I doubt you're in condition to drive, if you want you can crash on the couch." He then went into his room and closed the door.

As soon as it clicked shut Dannie stepped back out of her room and sat at the top of the staircase. "Sorry about that."

"Don't worry about it. It's my fault for not telling you about the tequila in those things. I shouldn't have let you drink so many."

Just then the phone rang "Answer it quickly before he comes out again."

"Hello?…..Bobby what's wrong?…..I am a what?" Dan paused again before walking the phone over to Dannie. "He's angry at me about something but he's insisting on talking to you."

"Bobby?…..What do you mean what's he doing here, he's your partner isn't he?…..Wait wait wait wait, what do you mean cheating on you? When does he have time to? The two of you are together almost all the time…" Dannie listened as she walked down the stairs and quietly walked out the front door with Dan right behind her. "Whoa don't you be calling me a traitorous backstabbing bitch. When I don't even know what you are talking about……those friends of his were acting strange? How?…..jealous? Bobby he said that you have nothing to worry about, why don't you wait and talk to him in the morn…..hello? " Dannie removed the phone from her ear and turned it off. "He hung up. Talk about a horrible way to become sober again."

"What was he ranting about?"

"Something about you cheating on him with those guys you were expecting? Is there anything you care to share?"

"Angel I know you two are related but you have to believe me. I would never cheat on him. I've never even though of cheating on him."

"Then why wouldn't you tell us anything about them? Who are they?"

"I can't say. I promised them I wouldn't tell anyone they were here until they could surprise someone."

"Well I know that Bobby was sure surprised. Surprised to the point that he doesn't want you home tonight. He also said he made it quite clear that the two of you have been together for years and that he wasn't going to let you go for anything. The couch is still available for you tonight if you wish. But only on the condition that you tell him first thing in the morning who they are and who it is this surprise is for. I don't care if it was even for him or not, you need to say something."

"I promise, first thing in the morning I'll tell him." Dan sighed.

"Ok good. I hate doing this but I do have to help papa tomorrow and I need some sleep. Are you going to be ok?"

"Yeah I'll be fine. I'm just going to stay out here for a bit."

Dannie hugged her friend goodnight "You know, whoever this surprise is for it had better be good."

"Don't worry I think they will definitely like it."

Dannie then went back inside and to bed leaving the front door open for when Dan decided to go back inside.


The next morning Dannie had tried her best to sleep in but Bria screaming at the top of her lungs very painfully startled her awake. "NO! GO AWAY! PLEASE JUST LEAVE! I'M SORRY NOW GO!"

Dannie threw her pillow over her head but Jack then started pounding on Dannie's door. "I suggest you get out here and calm down your daughter. Now"

Dannie then started to climb out of bed but Bria came running in the room "Mom, please make him go away. He can't be here. I'm sorry for everything I did just please make him go."

Dannie then groaned. "What are you talking about? Make who go away?"

"Harry. He's outside trying to get in. I saw him. Please make him go away and stop haunting me. I know what I did was wrong and I'm sorry for what I did but he won't leave me alone."

"Bria, Harry wouldn't haunt you. He has no reason to."

"But he's down there. I saw him."

"Down where?"

"Along the lake."

"It was probably one of the kids from the camp, you know they like to explore."

"No mom it was Harry. I know it was. I would know him anywhere. Please make him leave ma alone."

"Have you smudged since you came home?" Bria shook her head. "Fine get me my box."

Bria ran to Dannie's closet and pulled out a cedar box. Dannie then opened it up and handed her feather and a conk shell filled with white sage, cedar, sweet-grass, and tabacco. "Here go in your room and smudge it completely along with yourself. That should work. If it doesn't then we'll try something else."

Bria went into her room and lit the contents of the shell then put out the flames letting the items slowly burn and filling the room with it's smoke. Dannie got sighed and got dressed before she headed down stairs. Jack tossed her some headache powder and said, "Truck is already packed up. We are leaving right after lunch."

Dannie took the powder and drank it down with water "Thanks. I'm going outside for a bit."

"While you're down there make sure you feed Nicca's dog."

"Yes sir." She replied and then headed down to one of the trees and sat down next to it looking out over the lake and petting the small mutt.

Not too much later Jack heard a vehicle pull up in his driveway so he stepped outside to see who it was. "Good morning sir." Severus said, "Is by chance Dannie home?"

"It's you again. Listen I'm sorry but you have the wrong house. Danny and Robert don't live here and if they wanted you and your friend to know where they lived then I'm sure they would have told you. I not only do not appreciate the hour of night you and your friend came by last night but I also overheard that you caused quite a few problems that should not have happened so I suggest you leave." Jack said as he started to go back into the house.

"I do apologize for bothering you again then, the desk clerk at the lodge we are staying at told me we could find a Danielle Lightpaws here. I must have the wrong house I'll be going then."

Jack paused and looked over the suspicious looking stranger; "You are looking for Danielle? How do you know her?"

"She was a colleague of mine over the past few months."

"She didn't mention that anyone from her daughter's school would be coming by."

"She is here then?"

"Yes, you'll find her down by the lake."

"Thank you." Severus said as he walked down the hill. As he approached her he was rushed by a knee high little white furred mutt that was jumping up and down infront of him begging for attention.

"Bubba, please stop barking at everything please."

"Interesting friends you have here Dannie." Severus said as Dannie turned around looking quite confused when she saw the man.

"Severus? What are you doing here? There isn't something wrong with Remus is there?"

"What am I doing here? What did you expect to happen when you had Bria send that letter back to Albus? If you didn't want to marry Remus then you should have said something long before you came back here instead of leading him along like you did."

Dannie stood up and brushed the dirt off her jeans as she said, "Don't want to marry Remus? What are you talking about? What letter?"

"Don't be coy with me. We were at that party of yours last night and met your lover. I defended you to Sirius and tried convincing Remus that you were different than Pattie but after last night. You didn't have to lead him along the way you did, you should have said something."

"Wait a second Severus. I maybe groggy have a splitting headache from this hangover and seeing two of you right now but I would definitely know if I had a lover, especially someone from the party last night. What letter are you talking about and how do you expect Bria to send one when we haven't heard a single word from anybody since we got here."

"You really don't know about the letter? What about that guy last night?"

"Listen all I know is that every since I stepped off that plane I have had to constantly had to fight with everyone around here. First I had to explain to Papa and Bobby why I was gone so long without a single word to anyone, then if Bria and I weren't fighting over her not packing her things then it was getting her assignments done all because she still swears that everyone will be mad at her about Harry. Then a few days ago my ring disappeared and I swear that Bria had something to do with that but because it's gone I can't tell Papa about Remus so he's constantly onto me again about meeting some man so he can have grandbabies again. The man is insane." Dannie then paused to take a deep breath "Finally I was able to go out with my cousin and his lover last night only to come home to Papa ranting over some idiot friends of Dan's that come by the house after midnight but also he was pissed over the late hour I came back home in. After that I had Bobby calling me up all upset because he thinks Dan is cheating on him with those idiots that showed up so late and Dan was then upset because Bobby thought he was cheating on him when he would never do such a thing. Last of all I come out here to rest because Bria has been in hysterics all morning screaming and yelling that Harry is angry with her and now haunting her, I swear the girl she is taking after Papa. And now you show up accusing me of being unfaithful to Remus because of some letter that we have had no possible way of sending and I still have to spend a hot miserable day sitting in a damn tent selling herbs to people who seem to believe that the only reason I even left last year was because I got pregnant and had to give the baby up for adoption to the zoo for some dumb ass reason."

"So you didn't have Bria send the letter."

"What letter? Sev, we don't own an owl and since nobody has even once tried contacting us, including Remus, we have no possible way of sending any letters. What I want to know is how in the world Remus could think that I've been living with someone else?"

Severus handed her a beaten up envelope, "There seems to have been some miscommunication around here. This was sent to you and Bria through Fawkes at the beginning of the week. Inside you will see a letting Remus has sent numerous times but it kept coming back so he talked Albus into sending it with her supply list."

Dannie pulled out the supply list and a letter from the envelope and as she looked it over Jack stuck his head out the door. "Angel, you had better get in here and eat lunch so that we can leave soon."

"In a moment Papa."

Severus looked her over "Did he just refer to you as Angel?"

As Dannie read over the letter from Remus she said "Yea. Is this true? Is he really?" Severus nodded "How?"

"It's a long story and would take to much time to go into but lets just say that Muggle equipment isn't all that accurate when it comes to a wizard. Does everyone around here refer to you as Angel?"

"Yes now what is this fascination you seem to have with my middle name and you still haven't told me how Remus could possibly think I was living with someone?"

"Last night at that party, Remus was asking around about you when one of the gentlemen, and I use the word loosely, informed us that you was walking Angel home and would not be returning but he would be happy to tell you we came by when he climbed into bed with you."

"How did you find out about the party?"

"Your father gave us the directions."

"I knew there had to be some reason he wouldn't say who was going to stop by last night. He told Bobby and I that it was some friends of a friend and we would find out soon enough. You're the idiots that stopped by here so late. When Remus was asking for me at the party did he call me Danielle or Dannie?"

"Dannie I believe."

"The man who told you we were living together, was he my height, stocky build, long black hair, had a goatee and blue eyes?"

"I don't know about his eyes but yes. Who is he?"

"I haven't lived with him and his sister since I was in school. That's my cousin Bobby, his boyfriend. Danny, is the one who I imagine told you to come by last night and was walking me home when you two finally arrived. What I don't understand is why you and Remus would actually believe that I would agree to marry him if I was actually living with someone."

"Seeing how when Bria sent her reply she also included your engagement ring I'm sure you can understand our reasoning."

"Remus has the ring? I knew she had something to do with it disappearing but I kept searching her room and could never find it."

"Angel!" Jack hollered again.

"In a minute."

"I have to go anyway. I'll try to explain everything to Remus."

"Thank you. Also do you think you could get Remus to the Gathering today so that I can talk to him as well?"

"I will see what I can do." Severus said has he climbed into the vehicle.

"Thanks again." She said and she watched him drive down the driveway then went into the house.

"I can't believe you would talk to him after the problems he and his partner caused between Bobby and Dan last night."

"It wasn't completely their fault Papa. If Dan would have told us who it was that was going to be there then none of the problems would have happened."

"So you do know them? Are they…."

"Yes I know them and no they are not."

Bria then came down the stairs "Mom, who was that you were talking to outside?"

Dannie then sat down at the dinning room table "I was talking to Professor Snape. He decided to hand deliver your supply list for this term since the school's birds seem to have had problems doing so."

"Seems that other world of yours has its problems with their postal system as well." Jack stated as he put the food onto the table and also sat down.

Dannie held up the back of the list so that only Bria could see her own note written on it and replied, "Only when students refuse to accept their mail. Isn't that right Gabriella."

Bria swallowed hard and looked back and forth between Dannie and Jack's glares and replied "Yes ma'am."

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