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Collision Chapter 10

Title: Collision
Summary: As one family struggles to come together, another is torn further apart.
Main Pairing: RL/OC
Story Rating: Hard R or NC-17 (depending on your own views)
Chapter title: Captivity
Chapter rating: R for abuse, violence, and language


Chapter 10 - Captiviey


Severus, Bria, and Harry exited the bus once they arrived at the Leaky Cauldron and entered the empty establishment. "Tom!" Severus called out but never received an answer. "Tom!"

Tom walked out the back room "For Merlin's sake Severus. What's so bloody urgent?" he said as he noticed the children. "Bless my soul, is that actually Harry?" He asked "You've changed quite a bit from the skinny little runt that use to come in here."

"Tom, there's no time for pleasantries. We need to use your fireplace to get back to Hogwarts immediately." Severus replied.

"So it's true then. About Remus biting someone?" he asked as he led them to the back room.

"Yes it's true but it was her mother that was the one bitten."

"Then why's he locked up?"

"Umbridge." Severus replied.

"That explains a lot. Well here you go. Heads up little lady. You pop has some of the best friends that one could ask for. They'll take good care of you and make sure you stay out of the orphanage."

In hearing Tom's words Bria started quietly sobbing again as Harry tightened his grip around her shoulders. "Thank you Tom. As always you know just the right thing to say." Severus spat.

"You come in here in the wee hours of the morning insisting to use my fireplace and comment about what I have to say? At least I'm not filling her head with the wild notions that she may see them again."

"And here people considered me the heartless bastard. Come along children I need you to go directly to Albus office." Severus said as he handed the container of powder to Harry as he led Bria into the fireplace and listened as the boy announced their destination before he did the same without saying another word to Tom.


As soon as the kids arrived in the headmaster's office there was a woman's scream from the staircase that immediately caught their attention. Unfortunately they wound up seeing more of Professor Trelawney that they would have liked to as Albus appeared at the top of the stairs in nothing but bikini briefs to see what the commotion was about. "Harry, Bria, would the two of you care to explain your intrusion here at this hour of the morning?"

The kids' eyes immediately shifted towards the floor as Harry replied "Dad told us to come here…" then the green flames rose again and Severus stepped from the fireplace.

"Why don't the two of you go to the kitchens and get something decent to eat." Severus said as he noticed the situation and the kids gladly obliged.

"Severus, what is the meaning of this?" Albus spat as he put on her robes while descending the stairs.

"Good morning Albus, Sibyll. Sorry for the inconvenience. I believe that Miss Granger has informed you of what happened the other day?" Severus replied.

"She has been trying to talk to me about something since her arrival yesterday but I assumed it had to do with her prefect duties so I informed her that we would talk before the term starts. She's been quite impatient over the issue to the point it's actually beginning to worry me."

"Do you mean to say you haven't taken the time to speak with her at all about what has happened?"

"Take hold of yourself. School business will be conducted during the school term, in the meantime I err, we have been quite preoccupied in other matters." Albus stated.

Severus sighed, "She has not been trying to speak with you regarding her duties. It seems a problem has arisen while we were gone."

"That I can see by lack of traveling companions you seem to have. I do wish that they would have informed me ahead of time that they wouldn't be returning so that I could have made arrangements to fill their positions sooner." Albus opened up his desk drawer and pulled out a stack of parchments. "To find one decent professor at this late of notice will be hard enough let alone two. Perhaps I can persuade Sprout and Flitwick to return from their..."

Severus was furious as he walked over to the old man's desk and took the stack of parchments from Albus and threw them in the trash. "Would you stop jumping to conclusions. Hermione has not been trying to speak to you about her duties just as you are not in need of two new professors just yet although if they had stayed behind they would most likely have been better off than they are now."


"Albus he bit her."

"Oh dear."

"Yes, 'Oh dear' is correct. The moment we stepped out of the airport Umbridge and Miss Tonks confronted us. While Tonks took Remus onto Azkaban, Umbridge has taken Dannie to some sort of safe-house."

"How long ago was she bitten?" Albus asked.

"Two nights before the moon. Surprisingly enough she has already changed."

"Indeed she would, that's no surprise since it's already a part of her nature to. You wouldn't by chance know if they have mated since it happened, would you?"

"Albus please, I have better things to do with my time than to worry if two fully grown adults have had sex yet or not." Severus paused, "I did however inquire if she could have been pregnant when Remus pointed out certain changes in her before the moon rose, but, he claimed that they had not consummated the relationship as of yet."

"What about during the moon, do you know if they..."

"I didn't inquire about it since as I stated before, they are two adults and what they do is their own concern. What I am concerned about is they are ready to send Remus to the Dementors while Umbridge feels that Dannie is off her rocker."

"Then for her sake we can only hope that they have or she may very well be off her rocker just like the rest of the female werewolves in that house. Deloris claims she knows all there is of magical creatures but even the students that take Hagrid's class are more knowledgeable than she is."

"What I don't understand is if Umbridge doesn't know as much as she claims to then why would she be put in the position she was?"

"I have my beliefs on how she received her position but I cannot state what they are without proof. In the meantime have you told Deloris that we will be contesting his sentencing?"

"I have on Bria's behalf although it was under the guise of being her temporary guardian. Unfortunately the only hearing she would grant us was to prove that Bria is in fact related to both of them so that we can contest their cases and that will be at the end of the week."

"Am I correct in assuming that you will be held up in the labs preparing for the hearing then?"

"Of coarse, although I don't have enough time to prepare the parentage potion, I will be able to provide proof that they are of blood relations."

"Then I suggest you get started, I'll go ahead and have another room added to your quarters for the girl, I do hope I can expect your son to act appropriately while she is staying with you?"

"Yes, of coarse you can."

"Very well then, if you don't mind I have some other matters to take care of. Good day Severus." Albus said as he pulled some parchment out of the desk.

Severus nodded and headed out of the office while Sibyll came down the stairs and approached the older man. "I thought you'd never get rid of him, are you ready for your bubble..."

"Not now, and don't look at me like that. You well know you still have your position here so why you keep up with this charade is beyond me."

"Albus you know..." She started to say.

"Sibyll, don't continue with this. Your feelings for me are as real as your predictions. Now if you don't mind I have pressing business to take care of." He said causing her to grab her robes and leave the office in a huff.


Meanwhile down in the kitchens the two kids were sitting across from one another at the table each with a huge plate of food before them. As Harry ate he watched Bria just push her food back and forth across the plate only nibbling at it every once in a while. "I guess we now know how Trelawney has held onto her job all this time." He said while she just sat there with tears in her eyes staring at the food. "Although I could have sworn that he and Professor McGonagall would have made a better match." Bria just eyed him. "Please eat, it'll help some. I'm sure once dad and Professor Dumbledore show the Ministry the.."

"Harry, Bria. I didn't know you were back already." Sirius said as he walked into the room "Where's your folks?"

Bria pushed her plate to the side and folded her arms on the table as she sobbed into them while Harry sighed. "Dad's with Professor Dumbledore and..."

"What's wrong with her?" he interrupted.

"Remus was arrested this morning while Dannie was taken to a safe-house of some kind." Harry replied.

"Arrested? What in the hell...that bitch." Sirius exclaimed while the two just stared at him, "It's all her fault, if she hadn't gone and sent back that damn ring he would have never gone out there and this wouldn't have happened. I told him not to go after her and now look where he is. Serves them right, damn stubborn wolf, he couldn't just let her go and move on with his life."

Bria stood up and ran out of the room. "Thanks Sirius. Dad was right, you have turned into a bitter bastard." Harry said as he started after her.

Sirius grabbed the boy's arm; "Don't you dare talk to me like that and walk away. Who do you think you are?"

"Don't you ever grab me like that again. I am not your son." Harry replied as he pulled his arm from his uncle's grip. "Bria has enough on her mind without you reminding her that returning the ring is why her parents are where they are. I can see now why Aunt Pattie would turn to Voldemort instead of spending the rest of her life with you."

Severus entered the kitchen just in time to see Harry's head jerk to the side from the force of being backhanded by Sirius. He instantly rounded Harry and had Sirius up against the wall by his throat, "Harry get out of here now." he commanded but Harry was stunned as he held his face and stared at the two men. "I said NOW!" Severus shouted with more force and Harry headed out the door but now without glancing back at his father and uncle's confrontation.

"Well Snape there is definitely no doubts about it. He definitely has that viper tongue that your family is known for. I never thought I'd see the day where Lily's boy would turn against me. I hope you're happy." Sirius smirked, "Who are you going to get to turn on me next? Remus' cub or are you going after my own children?"

"Think however you want to Black but if anybody is the reason for him or any of the other children to turn against you it's because of your own bitter self. I have no idea what went on in here to cause you to hit him but if I ever even think you're going to lay another hand on him or any of the other children, including your own. I will take great pride in putting you out of your misery."

"Then I suggest you teach the boy to respect his elders instead of opening his mouth to them and it won't happen again."

"You really haven't changed one bit have you?" Severus said as he released his grip and let Sirius drop to the floor. "You still demand that everyone respect you when you don't earn it and nothing is ever your fault. What did you say to them Black? I saw that girl running out of here and no matter what you think, I know my son wouldn't have done anything to anger you like that if you hadn't said or done something to provoke him."

"All I did was tell them the truth about how Remus was an idiot for going after her like he did. He should of just listened to me and let her stay where she belongs." Sirius stated as he got back onto his feet while rubbing his throat. "You're just as much to blame for dragging Harry along with after him. If none of you had gone then Remus wouldn't be in this mess. I told him before he left that he could do better than some little backwoods tramp who was only out to use him."

Severus was dumbfounded as he watched Sirius sit back down at the counter and pickup the cup of coffee that had been placed there. "What in Merlin's name does he have that she could possibly use him for? The man has less money than the Weasley family."

"He maybe but not his family. That's right I forgot you never did go with us to stay at the estate during Summer Hols. The size of their home would put the Malfoy Manner to shame."

"That doesn't matter since he was disowned the summer before our 7th year, that's why he was working for Tom during the hols. Everything went to his sisters."

"That's probably why she tried to leave him. She found out he didn't have anything so she went on to find someone with money and leaving him without a second thought."

"The way I see it is that you and your mouth is the reason he started jumping to conclusions before we even got there. If you had just kept your damn comments to yourself for once they wouldn't be where they are now. I told you before she was nothing like you believe my sister turned out to be. You had to keep at him just to make sure he was just as confused and angry as you are. Thing is though, you never did expect him to make sure he claimed someone that was without a doubt his to begin with did you."

"I maybe angry but I am far from being confused. If anyone is confused its Remus for believing in all that life-mate crap that he spats off about. Don't you tell me that you believe in that stuff too." Sirius spat.

"You are very confused. Think about it Black. You spent two years on the run hunting down Peter when all of a sudden you are pardoned and he's received the kiss. No big battle of fight took place. Just all of a sudden Peter is appears out of nowhere and surrenders. Didn't you ever wonder how that could have happened, who could have possibly made such a bargain to make sure it happened?" Severus questioned. "As to your question. Matter of fact I do believe in the whole life-mate idea, just as much as I believe in soul mates. We were lucky; we found ours early on only to have them taken away from us one way or another. Remus has finally found his again and whether you like her or hate her it doesn't matter. He was one of your best friends and she is a part of his life no matter how you feel. If you want your friendship to remain you need to accept that just like I had to accept you as a part of my sister's life."

"How can you possibly forgive what she did?"

"Who Pattie? I can't. I still believe she and the twins were much better off with you in Azkaban and out of their lives but she's an adult and did what she wanted to do." Severus smirked as he noticed the glare he got from Sirius, "Now if you're talking about Dannie, she's not the one who sent the letter and ring so there isn't anything to forgive her for. Now are you going to help us with this case against him or are the children and I on our own?"

"I'm not sure. I need to think about this." Sirius replied as he stared into his coffee cup.

Severus shook his head, "It amazes me, after all we've been through you sit here and say you need to think about helping your best friend. Remus would foolishly help you out no matter what the cost. I was wrong in what I said before. I remember a time where you would have been the first in line to help out James or even Peter without a second thought, but now that it's actually Remus that needs your help you decide you want to think for the first time in your life. Don't waste your time thinking about it, the kids and I will most likely be better off without your form of assistance. In fact I'm quite sure we will be because once Umbridge sees you she would most likely make sure he's sentenced without hesitation."

"Umbridge? You mean that hem-hem beast that Peter use to date?"

"The same, and she is as hateful as ever. She even went as far as trying to accuse Remus of changing Bria. Now if you don't mind I have quite a lot of work to do. I will see that the house elves collect Draco's belongings." Severus stated as he headed out of the room before Sirius could say anything else.


Dannie's POV

How in the world they could possibly call this place a safe house is beyond me. I have done nothing but try to cooperate with this woman but she has made it quite obvious that she hates me not only for being a werewolf but even more for being a muggle. As soon as we arrived here I was instantly chained to a wall in the showers as she allowed two men to remove my clothing and scrub me down with bleach to remove my scent. I swear I only fought them like I did because they refused to listen to me when I told them that I was allergic to the stuff. By the time I had passed out from the fumes closing up my throat the tips of my hair were already stripped of color and my body had a burning itch to it that still makes me want to just rip the skin right off in order to make it stop. As for my scent, under this horrible chemical it's still there, the only sent they did manage to remove was Remie's from when he held me as we slept on the plane. I know it sounds strange but I miss him already. His scent, his touch, his voice, his tongue. Oh that tongue, long enough to tickle the back of my throat everytime we kiss not to mention other things. Stop it Dannie you are not in the position to be thinking like that. Of coarse what would he think of me being in this position? My arms are stretched out to the sides and strapped down and my legs…. I move my head so see what they've done to me, hell my legs are in stirrups, you know the kind that an OBGYN uses. "Stop it." I tell myself again. Just think, only five days and we'll be together again. Once Severus' potion proves that Bria is his daughter they will have to let us go. I do hope he doesn't mess it up like he did the last batch of Wolfsbane he gave Remus, although I must remember to thank him for leaving out the Ladies Sage.

As I look around the room I notice that it's pure white. The walls, ceiling, furniture, and floor completely white with not one speck of color and no windows. Am I the only one without windows or do the others have to suffer the same way? Yes there are others here; I know that for a fact. I haven't seen them yet but I can hear them calling out begging to be examined while laughter is in their tone of voice. They almost sound like a pack of Hyenas instead of wolves. I just want to go home. Please someone come in here and get this registration thing over with. Five days left. Just five days and I'm going home with Remie just like he said, we'll be where we belong. If only I had something with his scent still on it instead of this bleached sheet that covers me.

The door opens and the screaming from the other rooms is louder as it's more clear of what they want done to them. I can't see who has entered the room but as the door closes I feel a breeze rise up from under the sheets. "Why am I strapped down and when will I get my clothes back?" I ask but nobody answers. I know someone is in here, I hear mumbling. "Please take the straps off I won't fight you guys again I promise." I say.

"I told you before, I will not tolerate any creature speaking to me." She said as something whipped across my leg. "Now you, get on with it so that we can leave this place."

"But you told me that I could examine this one." He complained, well to me it sounded more like he was whining.

"That you can do, just get on with her marking first so that I can at least leave." She told him.

As I watch them put the plate together I realize now that the biggest mistake I ever made was not asking Remus how they branded his number into him. I automatically figured it was some sort of tattoo that was magically put on his arm. I remember reading a book back in jr. high that some kid mention if you concentrate on the object that is going to hit you and where you are to be hit, it won't hurt as bad. It had worked in the past; at least with the few times papa was upset with me enough to take his belt to my backside. I hope this will still work the same way so I start concentrating on my arm and the plate the man is carrying in his hand as he walks to the stretcher I'm stuck on when he bends down as says, "There is nothing I love more than branding the new females as they come in." Then he heads towards the foot of the stretcher.

I try my best to concentrate on where I'm going to be branded but it's hard when you can't see what is going on. I feel his gloved hand move all to slowly up my right leg as if he's enjoying this far too much. The higher up it moves the louder I start chanting "Nonononononononononono." Over and over again growing louder as he reaches my inner thigh then all of a sudden it's my left leg that is burning so much that the skin feels as if it's melting and I scream as loud and as long as I can. That wasn't the worse of it and I should have known something worse was to come when I heard the short fat bitch mumble a silencing charm. To have your skin melted and fused against metal is one thing but then to have it quickly and completely ripped off when the metal is removed has got to be the most excruciating torture anybody could have ever come up with. This time not only did I scream until my throat was raw but somehow I broke the stirrups off the table and kicked the son of a bitch square in the chest sending him flying backwards into the desk.

For a very brief second I feel proud of myself as I hear him crash against the wall, unfortunately that was when that switch of hers came crashing down on top of my new marking. Although she wasn't able to hear me it seemed the more I screamed the more she whipped me until finally I was able to rip the straps on my arms. "I thought you said she was only just bitten." Came a voice from the door as someone else came running in to assist. "They do not get their strength until after their first change."

"Obviously whatever book you got that information out of was wrong now shut up and contain her." She yelled at the man that had just entered. By that point I had my other leg free of the broken stirrup and I was able to change in which caused me to slip my remaining arm out of its strap. At first she and the other man jumped backwards then she started wildly swinging that switch as she screamed "Muggle my arse. I knew you had to be lying. Not only are you a witch but you're an unregistered animagus. I should have know with the company you keep." She then starts approaching me again but I lean back and snarl at her bearing my teeth. "What do you think you're going to do Werewolf? Bite me?"

Just to bit her would be too easy. No I want to rip out her fucking throat, especially when she starts to hit me with that damn stick again. After the third wallop I m able to grab hold of it in my jaw and wrestle it away from her breaking it in the process….oops. I then jumped down onto the floor and slowly made my way towards her as she backs to the door. The next thing I know is something hits me hard in the side sending me flying into the wall and as my head hits the table the last thing I remember hearing is "Get it cleaned up now. That counselor wants to speak with it in the morning."

Just five more days and this will be over.



Harry walked through the corridors and to the Potions lab where he lightly knocked on the door before easing it open. "Dad?" Severus held up his hand as he continued to stir the potion before him. Harry quietly entered the room and sat across from him.

After a few minutes of complete silence Severus turned down the burner and removed his gloves as he stated to clean the work area. "So has she calmed down at all?"

"Somewhat I suppose. She mainly cried herself to sleep." Harry noticed the look that Severus gave him "Don't worry. We were only on the couch with the door open; all I did was hold her. Nothing more." He watched his dad continue to work "What are the chances on them being released?"

"Unfortunately not very good. Right now our biggest concern is for the Ministry to accept our petition to contest the law on Bria's behalf and the only way to do that is to show that she is of direct relation to both of them while showing that they are not related to one another. If I had the time I would be able to complete the potion to prove her direct parentage but either way there is no telling if these would even help their cases or not."

"You were there that night, did she really wish to be bitten or did he just take her?"

"I'm really not sure. It looked like it could have been an accident but there is no telling." Severus replied.

"If mum would have been a werewolf would you have wanted to be bitten by her?"

"How do I put this?" Severus sighed before continuing, "At the age we were at the time we were together yes I probably would have gladly welcomed the bite, just as I was ready to welcome death when she was taken from us. But knowing what I know now and seeing what they are going through I really don't know. It's still a strong possibility if she was still here."

"I have to get going, Hermione is pestering me to study for my OWL make-ups."

"When do they start?"

"Tomorrow morning is Transfiguration but I should be done before lunch."

"Remember I want you back at our rooms for dinner tonight."

"We were just going to grab something from the kitchens later when we take a break." Harry replied.

"No, I want you back for dinner. That gives you four hours to study in which should be plenty of time. I'm not having you stay up all night cramming for your exams."

"Yes sir." Harry stated as he headed out the door.

"Hard to believe that a year ago you were wondering if you would ever adjust to being a parent." Albus said as he entered the lab.

"Is there something that you wanted Albus, because if not then I need to let you know I have more pressing issues that need my attention at this time."

"I came to inform you that I have sought out some assistance for Remus and Dannie. She should be arriving here tomorrow afternoon after she visits the safe-house."

"What kind of assistance?"

"She's a counselor for werewolf victims and their families."

"Albus, don't think that I don't appreciate your help but at this time but another counselor is exactly what we don't need when it comes to trying to prove Dannie's sanity."

"Severus trust me, not only is she extremely open-minded but she is one of the best. Not to mention her position in her community could pull a lot of strings in our favor. She just merely wishes to speak with Bria and the rest of the children to hear their input on the situation. I had to call in a very old favor for her to consider to take the case."

"What did you tell her about the 'case' or did she happen to read about it in this morning's paper?"

"She stays away from the papers due to cases such as these. All I told her was that one of the professor's her was bitten by a loved one and asked if she would be willing to counselor her through it."

"What about Remus? How this going to help him out?"

"Right now we need to get Dannie out of Deloris' safe-house. I have heard stories of what goes on there and if we are going to be able to use her to free Remus then we need to get her out of there as quickly as possible otherwise all will be lost."

"What will we owe you in return for this generous offer of yours?" Severus asked.

"I do understand your lack of trust in me at this time. You and the others have lost a great deal over the last few years due to my choices in the past. I'm not as young as I use to be and I know I have numerous debts of my own to payback before I cross over. Consider this one of those debts although I suspect you would prefer to see the outcome of it all first."

"Matter of fact I would. If the two of them do make it out of this alright then I will decide if it holds up to anything that you could possibly owe us."

"We shall see Severus, we shall see."



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