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Collision Chapter 9

Title: Collision
Summary: As one family struggles to come together, another is torn further apart.
Main Pairing: RL/OC
Story Rating: Hard R or NC-17 (depending on your own views)
Chapter title: Changes
Chapter rating: R for violence, abuse, and sexual situations


Chapter 9 - Changes


As the two of them lay sleeping while spooned into one another they were instantly woken by the front door slamming not just once but twice. "Get away from me!" the voice trailed up the stairs.


"No! Just stay away from me."

"But I didn't do anything!"

The screaming got louder as she stomped up the stairs and to her room "Dammit, where the hell did my stuff go? MOM!"

Remus sat up and Dannie rolled over onto her back "Love, can you please remove these now so I can get dressed?"

"Where's my wand?" he asked as he started looking around the bed.

"What did you do with the key?"


"Yes, the key that was in the box?"


Dannie sighed, "Find you wand and my clothes and get these things off of me. Please."

"Where'd you take them off at?"

"I didn't take them off. You charmed them off me. What happens to them when you do that?"

"They should be somewhere around here." He said as he leaned over the foot of the bed looking under is. He then held up the wand "Found it." He stated as he crawled back over to her.

"Good get these off me before she barges in here." She frantically said.

Remus helped her sit up and unlocked the cuffs and she started rubbing her wrists when they heard a tapping against the bedroom window just before Bria's voice once again bellowed "MOM!" from the next room.

Dannie instantly covered herself with the sheet as Remus looked out the window at Jenny standing on the roof smiling at them as he opened it up. "I got these from the laundry room for her." She said as she handed him some clothes. Remus gave her a questioning look and she continued "I'm glad to see my cousin is finally getting some but you two really need to learn not to announce it to everyone." as she pointed towards the clothes hanging off various tree branches.

He handed the clothes to Dannie and as she got dressed she asked. "She was in a good mood when you guys left this morning, what happened?"

"We were all doing just fine today even through she finally started it."

"It?" Dannie and Remus both asked.

"Yes, it. It's about time too you may want to keep an eye on her tonight though, she's a bit nervous. Anyway we went to the mall so that Bobby and I could get the kids some clothes and some other things.."

"Jenny you didn't have to. They will get their clothes when we go back. Besides they wear uniforms to school." Dannie interrupted.

"She's my only niece and she needs something for the weekends and as for Harry. The boy needs something decent to wear that actually fits him, especially the way he keeps growing. Now as I was saying. Bria and I didn't think the guys would want to go with to get my present for you so we agreed to meet them for lunch. Well when we got there I swear the boy was going to give himself whiplash from the way he kept turning his head every which way to look at the waitresses and Severus kept adjusting the way he was sitting in the chair everytime they poured him another drink."

"You took them to Hooters didn't you?" Dannie asked.

"Bobby did but she seemed fine with it at first. It's just the more pit stops we had to make on the way back the madder she got. I swear I have never known two people to drink so much before, they acted like they were dehydrated."

~Bang~ ~bang~ ~bang~ "Mom are you in there? Where's my stuff and why is the door locked?"

"Listen I had better get back down there before she realizes that I told you." Jenny stated as she started towards the ladder leading back down to the ground.

Dannie finished putting on her shorts as she got out of bed and leaned out the window. "How many pit stops did you have to make?" Jenny replied by holding up six fingers. They then heard the door rattling again and she looked at Remus "Are you really sure that you want more of them?"

"Most definitely." He said as he took her in his arms and leaned down to kiss her. "I'll go talk to her." He walked past the main door to the room and slipped through into the vanity. "What is going on out here?"

"Where's mom?" Bria asked.

"She's in there resting for tonight."

Bria tried to push past Remus to the bedroom. "I want to talk to her." But he blocked the doorway.

"No, your mum needs to rest up. What is wrong?"

"What's wrong is she never before needed to rest up before the moon. You should have left her alone and let her 'rest' earlier instead of fu."

The door instantly was thrown open with a very angry Dannie glaring at the teen. "Get in here right this second." She snarled as she backed away from the door. Bria looked smugly at Remus as she walked into the room and plopped down onto the bed. "First of all stand up. You are not going to barge into my room and make yourself comfortable any time you want to." Dannie said as she watched Bria's expression change. "I suggest you apologize to your dad..Now"

"But we wouldn't let me in so that I could talk to you."

"I know but that is still no reason for you to say what you were about to say."

"But he lied. He said you were resting because of tonight. You have never needed to rest so much before."

"He didn't lie. We were both resting until you came barging in the house ranting and raving. You have to remember things have changed since the last full moon. Another thing, what goes on in my room whether it's here or back at Hogwarts, is none of your concern. If my door is closed then it is to remain closed and you are not to enter without permission. Do you understand?"


"Do you understand?" Dannie asked again, but this time sounding more aggravated.

"Yes ma'am" Bria mumbled.

"Now what else do you have to say?"

"Sorry dad." Bria sighed.

Remus nodded in acceptance before he asked, "Would you like to tell us why you were yelling at Harry the way you were?"

Bria was feeling a bit uncomfortable having to talk about his in front of him so she shrugged, as she replied "No reason."

Remus walked over to her and tried putting his arm around the girl "Come on. You don't go shouting at your best friend like that for no reason."

Bria just back away from his grasp "It was stupid, you guys will just laugh."

Dannie sat down on her bed, "If it's got you this upset then I promise we won't laugh."

"We couldn't get him to leave Hooters."

"Nobody can get a boy his age away from there." Dannie explained.

"But mom, it was embarrassing. The two of them were practically drooling all over themselves during lunch."

"Drooling huh?" Remus smirked.

"Yes, it was disgusting. I swear that Professor Snape left mouth marks on her the last time she got close to him to pour him another glass of water. Not to mention we had to stop six times on the way home for them. There aren't even that many bathrooms between here and the city." Bria noticed her parents' reactions "I thought you said you weren't going to laugh?"

"We are not laughing at you." Dannie said as she glared at Remus. "It's just I can't see Severus drooling over a waitress."

"Luv, where exactly did he leave the marks on her?" Remus asked.

Bria sat there a moment feeling embarrassed then started laughing. "Um, she had her arm along the back of his chair when she poured the water and he turned his head he left hot sauce stains on her white shirt."

While mother and daughter continued to talk about everything else at the mall Remus slipped out of the room still smiling to himself as he made his way downstairs and into the living room. "Well I hear you two had an interesting lunch." he smirked.

"It wasn't anything spectacular." Severus replied.

"You seemed to enjoy it, afterall you did tip her fifty percent." Robert stated.

Remus raised an eyebrow as he stared at his friend. "Fifty percent? Was the food that good?"

"It was adequate." Severus said wishing for the subject to end.

"Was the service as fast as Rosmerta?"

Harry couldn't contain his silence any longer "Uncle Remus, you should have seen the." he paused as he caught his father's glare "women. It was like someone used Engorgio on their.."

"That's enough Harold." Severus snapped. "For your information Remus, what Rosmerta seems to lack, this establishment more than made up for."

"Sev, you have never tipped anyone. What in the world would possess you to give a waitress fifty percent?"

"If the young lady has the brains she seems to have, then she will surely set the money aside to assist her in any future complications that she seems destined to have with her back."

"Now Severus tell the truth." Robert joked. "Was that the real reason or was it because you left behind obvious proof that she had too much to fit into your mouth."

Harry's mouth fell open from shock "When did this happen?"

"During your second trip to the bathroom before we left the restaurant." Robert replied as Harry flopped against the back of the couch as if he were pouting.

"Well all joking aside. Sev, can I talk to you outside?" Remus asked.

Severus stood up and started to follow Remus out the door when Harry whined "But she couldn't have been older than.."

"Tonks perhaps? I know, don't worry she seemed to enjoy it." Severus quietly said as he stopped infront of the boy and smirked.

"Who's Tonks?" Harry asked.

"Your uncle's cousin. I'm sure you'll meet her sooner or later." Remus replied as he waited in the door for Severus to pass by him.

As soon as they felt they were far enough away from the house Severus looked at his friend and said, "Now that you have completely humiliated me infront of my son what could you possibly feel I would be willing to do for you now?"

"Get off it Sev. You know as well as I do that you enjoyed rubbing that in his face, so to speak." Remus stated as Severus shook his head. "I hate to do this to you and everything but I need to ask for your help tonight."

"What could I possibly help you with?"

"There are other wolves around here and I figure that if she can be kept in the back of the cave tonight and if you would keep guard at the entrance she would be alright."

"What about you and Dannie? You two would be more capable of chasing off any other wolves than I would be."

"Under normal circumstances, yes we would. Tonight isn't going to be a normal night for her." Remus said as the man stared at him. "You haven't noticed anything different in her? Sleeping habits, the way she carries herself, she's even more responsive towards everything, and her scent it's more.."

"Ok stop there." Severus interrupted, "Maybe you're reading more into this than what it is. I know that you wanted to be there for her first change and with the possibility of you being shipped off to Azkaban when we return it's not possible. The symptoms are suppose to gradually increase over the next month and it's only been a few days. Are you sure she's not pregnant, some of the symptoms you described could be the result of that."

"I can guarantee that she is not pregnant."

"From what I understand you two have been caught many times alone, she has given you a child already, and unless I am mistaken, in which I'm not I might add. There is no new species of tree either in this world or our that is capable of growing women's clothing." He said as he pointed to the branches above them. "Now unless you plan on either running off and taking the Dark Mark or not planning on fighting this sentence you have foolishly given yourself then how could I think any less of you by having another child with the same woman before you are joined?"

"I never thought it had been so long of a time that I would have to remind you that there are other activities that are to be enjoyed in which one does not impregnate their mate."

"That was more information than I needed to know but, touché" Severus replied. "It could still be a number of things."

****Unknown to the men outside, Dannie and Bria finished their conversation and while Bria went downstairs to join the others, Dannie climbed out the window and over to the tree to climb the branches trying to retrieve her clothes.

"I know about the time that Voldemort was infecting people with the virus so that you could have test subjects for the potion. Do you recall how long they use to suffer from the fever?"

"It always lasted week."

"Exactly. The fever has always lasted that whole first week. It was the same way when I was first bitten. She had the fever that night Sev, you saw it as well as I did but come morning it was gone. I've been monitoring her constantly and there has been no sign of it even returning."

"Fine she's going to change tonight. I don't see why you will need my help. Have you told her what to expect?"

"Not all of it, of course how do you describe something that painful so someone you love while knowing that because of you they will have to live with it for the rest of their life? There are so many reasons why this was not supposed to happen this way. Her first change was to be under the potion back in the dark forest with us either already joined or me already completing my sentence. Either way she was suppose to be in her own mind, not in one that won't remember anything that has ever happened to her before I destroyed her."

"Yes you changed her but you didn't destroy her. Potion or not, there was always the risk that this could happen sooner or later just nobody spoke of it. You have no idea what state of mind she will be in tonight, she's a new werewolf so she'll be as unpredictable as a child."

"That's just it. She'll be as new as a cub in an adult's body with other male wolves around. Think of it Sev, why haven't there ever been any werewolf couples before? We join with women or men but as soon as the moon is full we leave them and turn to the forests. We never have children and women rarely ever survive their third changing because the remains of what they've done drives them into insanity. I know she hates what we did just like I hate the fact that I don't remember anything except for her scent. With her being Moony's mate and my future partner, that's all part of her human life and will be completely nonexistent once the sun sets."

Severus looked at his friend carefully as he comprehended what was being said. "You and everyone else always acted like you were both one being and I never understood how that could be true but to sit and listen to you talk of Moony as if he's someone completely different makes it.." He paused as he noticed some thing fall from the branches above. "I don't care if you have to let him take over tonight, I don't care what you do or how you do it but so help me if you are not there at her side at all times then I will be more than happy to skin you alive."

"Sev, I appreciate what you're doing tonight but don't get me wrong I have to ask. Why are you being so protective of her all of a sudden? You don't.."

"Nothing like that, don't get your fur all in a bunch. Consider it a debt paid. You three took care of Lily and Harry when I couldn't then when Harry had his accident she helped out tremendously with him. I see the way you look at her and it's the same way Sirius looked at Pattie and I looked at Lily and I have to admit. For a Muggle thrown into this type of situation she has actually done better than quite a few witches or squibs I have known could do."

"I don't know what to say."

"Don't say anything, for not only will I never repeat it again but, I'll deny every word until the day I cross over." And without waiting for another word to be said, Severus turned and headed back into the house.

As Remus sat down on the ground against the tree staring out at the lake he was hit by a piece of bark. He stood up and glanced at the branches above him watching as Dannie tried to retrieve her shirt that was just out of reach. "Accio Dannie's shirt" he said and it came floating down into his hand.

Dannie felt a slight tugging on the shirt she was wearing as her eyes followed the other one down from the branches. "What are you trying to do?"

"I could ask the same of you. I was just trying to help since I am the reason that it's up there to begin with."

She then dropped the rest of the clothing down to the ground and started to climb down. "Well I couldn't just leave them up here could I?"

"How long have you been out here?" Remus asked as he watched her.

"Long enough." She said "What you told Sev, Why would you think that I hated the way Bria was conceived?" Remus remained silent. "Papa and the rest of the Res. may hate it but I never once said that I did. Of coarse it doesn't mean I want any more children the same way either so you can just keep the reins on Moony tonight."

"I'll do what I can but he's not going to be happy tonight." he said as he wrapped his arms around her. He then looked up at the sun and in noticing its position he quietly asked, "Are you ready for tonight?" Dannie shook her head "I'll be with you the whole time. I promise I won't leave your side once." Dannie sighed as she tightened her arms around his waist. Remus pulled back slightly and cupped her chin raising her head to look at him. "You will be fine love." He whispered as his lips brushed hers.


Inside Severus, Robert and Dan were at the table looking over the papers that Hermione had sent while Harry, Bria, and Jenny were watching TV. "How long ago was this law passed?" Dan asked.

"If memory serves me correctly, I'd have to say about seventy years ago before Grindelwald was removed from office."

"I didn't know he served in office." Harry stated.

"Haven't you paid any attention to your history lessons?" Severus asked.

"Well." he paused "when I can stay awake I try to."

Severus shook his head as he sighed, "It will be a miracle if you pass your O.W.L.S. at all when we get back. Grindelwald served for 5 years before Fudge's grandfather took over. Grindelwald was quickly removed due to his ideas of placing anyone who was not a pureblood by either ancestry or an unfortunate attack into concentration camps."

"You mean like the ones that Hitler used?" Dan asked.

"Of that I'm not sure. From what I understood they were considered Protection camps. The people were fed regularly, housed, and looked after but they were also removed from their homes and families and the children of non-pureblood families were seen as having less value than a house-elf."

"Have they amended any of the laws since then?"

"Although they have removed the ideas of the camps which have in time become thriving neighborhoods such as Diagon Alley, the laws have remained in tact and some people have just changed the meaning of them to fit in with their own beliefs."

"So by those old laws it would be my children who would be considered purebloods." Harry said.

"Only if you married a pureblood in which there are fewer of than anyone would like to believe." Severus replied.

"Uncle Dan, what does the law actually say?"

"It states that if a werewolf bites a citizen no matter what the blood relation is then they would instantly receive the Dementor's kiss." Dan then flipped through the papers before continuing. "This states that another couple tried contesting the law on the grounds that they were already soul mates and to be joined but, it was ruled out when the courts discovered that they were actually first cousins instead of third as originally testified to and that they were not to be joined afterall." Dan looked at Severus and asked "Cousins?"

"That's another downfall of our world. Between the population decrease and families being so determined to keep the bloodlines pure that it's not uncommon for a couple to be as close as a second cousins. Even Ron and Ann are I believe third cousins once removed or something like that."

"You wouldn't happen to be related to dad would you?" Bria asked.

"Don't worry. Luckily enough that was one of the few times my family went against the old ways by moving here from Greece, and with your father's family being from France, it is highly unlikely that you are related to any other students." He said as the two kids sighed in relief.

"Bobby, what is this?" Dan asked.

Robert looked at the form in his partner's hand "That's just one of Angel's shot records. Jack probably thought that she would need it for some reason. Looks like he put in her birth certificate as well."

Dan looked at it closely "Some of these I recognize from school; Tetanus, Small Pox, DDP, but there are others." he cut himself off "Bria, where's your shot record?"


"Would you get it please?" Dan asked and she ran up to her room.

Remus and Dannie walked into the house and he headed into the kitchen and started making some sandwiches as Bria came running back down the stairs handing the form to Dan. "Are you guys about ready to go?" Remus asked.

"Don't we have time to finish the movie?" Bria asked as she went back into the living room.

"Sorry, but the sun is getting ready to." Dannie paused and looked over at what Jenny and the kids were watching "Isn't that Robert Downey Jr.?"

"Sure is." Jenny replied with a smile. "Meg Ryan is in it too."

"What movie" Dannie was at a sudden loss for words. "Bria, wait for us outside please."

"Why? I was watching this." She complained.

"Because you don't need to be seeing this." Dannie replied as Bria started heading for the door. "Is that a plume feather tied to his."

"Uh-huh." Jenny said as she smiled.

"Where are you going? Aren't you going to eat?" Remus asked as Bria walked by him with Harry following close behind.

"Mom doesn't want me to see some guy running naked across the TV so she said I need to wait outside."

Remus glanced into the living room as Dannie sat on the back of the couch not taking her eyes off the television set asking "Wait a second, why is he just laying there fanning himself with the feather as that other guy just climbs in bed between them?"

"That's the king. You'd have to see it from the beginning to understand." Jenny replied.

Dannie then stood up again and turned around to find Remus directly behind her. "How would you feel if I wore something like that when we get back home?"

"As long as you're not running through the castle and you keep your friends out of our bed then you can wear as little as you want. But if you decide on a plume feather then it had better not be pink." She replied.

"Too late." Severus said from the table.

Dannie looked in his direction as Remus glared at him "What was that?" she asked.

"Severus." Remus warned.

Dannie looked back and forth between the two friends as Severus replied "The time, it's almost too late." Severus said as he started to stand up.

Remus took her by the hand and led her out the door stopping grab some sandwiches along the way. Robert walked up to the couple "I'll be gone before you even get back tomorrow morning. You take care of yourself." he said as he gave Dannie a strong bear hug that lifted her off the ground.

Dannie wrapped her arms around his neck and fought the tears as she whispered "You're going to hurt yourself if you don't put me down."

"Well worth it. You'd better keep in touch this time or I'll have to come looking for you." He warned then he turned to Remus and held out his hand "I don't know what to say other than I can see why she held out for so long." And as Remus accepted his hand to shake it Robert pulled him into an equal bear hug as he continued "Since Papa Jack's not here I guess it's my duty to welcome you to the nut house." While grabbing his ass causing Remus to jump back and Robert held up his hands. "No harm intended cuz." Remus just nodded not wanting to know about the gesture and started to lead Dannie outside when Robert leaned over and whispered in her ear, "He's got a nice ass too." Causing her to playfully punch him in the arm, "Well had to lighten the mood somehow."

Dannie hugged her cousin again. "Tell Papa I'm sorry for not.."

"He knows, he told me before he left. Now go before it gets too late." He replied as he pushed her towards the door. As the group walked down the driveway Robert stood in the doorway and silently cried as he watched them leave.

Dan then walked up to him and wrapped his arms around his partner; "They'll be alright."

"We don't know that. You read their law and what's going to happen to him."

"Yes but if I'm correct then Jack has found the loop hole that they need. Come back inside and I'll show you." Dan replied as he led Robert back into the house closing the door behind them.


Severus quickly caught up with Harry and Bria as they walked down the path from the driveway to the lake, "I didn't know you were going with them." Harry said.

"I shouldn't be gone too long. The cycle has thrown off Remus' powers a bit so I'm going to cast some wards around the cave entrance to keep the other wolves away."

Harry frowned, as he was about to question why the wards were needed but then he noticed how uneasy she looked and he realized the situation. "Oh."

"Now I would like to know where you think you're going."

"We were just going down to the waters edge to say goodnight."

"You two go on ahead while I wait for her parents."

Harry then took Bria's hand and they continued down the path while Severus stayed behind looking over the vegetation around him. Finally he heard voices coming from behind. "Would please at least eat? You'll need all the strength you can have tonight." Remus stated.

"I told you I'm not hungry." She said as her stomach grumbled and Remus just looked at her. "Please don't start. I will be fine I've changed hundreds of times on an empty stomach before."

"You know as well as I do that this isn't going to be like the changes you've had in the past. Just take a few bites, that's all I ask."

Dannie sighed and took the sandwich he tried to give her. "If I eat half of it would you please stop worrying about me?"

"That I can't do but I won't pester you about eating again for the rest of the night." He replied as he placed his arm around her shoulders and pulled her close to him. As they continued down the path they finally caught up with Severus, "Where are the kids?" Remus asked.

"I told them to go on ahead, they're suppose to wait for us at the waters edge."

Dannie looked over at Severus, "If you want, feel free to help yourself to what you feel you can use on your way back tonight. There's more in the garden on the other side of the house as well." and he nodded.

While the kids waited for their parents Harry leaned against a tree with Bria's legs on either side of him. He brushed a lock of hair behind her ear before leaning down to kiss her as his other arm wrapped around her waist bringing her as close to him as possible as their kiss deepened and they were completely oblivious to the approaching adults. Harry's hand then ghosted down her spine to wrap around her waist as she moved up onto the balls of her feet causing Harry to let out a slight moan.

Unfortunately the sound did not go unnoticed by the two men and Remus unwrapped his arm from Dannie's shoulders and walked up to stand next to the young couple. Severus then stood on the other side of them and at the same time they both cleared their throats. The kids' eyes flew open as they loosened their grips on each other and broke their kiss. "Do we need to start keeping a closer eye on the two of you?" Remus asked.

"No sir." they both replied as they refused to look at the men in fear of the expressions they were see on their faces.

"Very well. Now that you have said goodnight to her I suggest you head back up to the house." Severus told his son.

"Yes sir." Harry replied then he leaned down and whispered to Bria "I'll see you in the morning." and softly kissed her again.

Before Remus could say anything else Dannie walked up and took his hand to lead him away from them. "Calm down and let them have a little time together."

"It looks as if they have been spending too much time together." He replied as he glanced back at them.

"They are just making up for lost time. They just kids, they'll be fine."

"She's 15 and not only is he almost 16 but he knows every secret passage in the castle. I remember very well how we were at that age and just discovering the passageways."

"Well at least between the two of you they will be a lot easier to find." She said as Bria walked past them while Harry watched them leave for the night.


When they reached the cave Dannie and Remus each handed over a small lock of hair as Bria walked to the back of the dwelling and waited. As soon as Severus was done casting the wards he turned to the couple and noticed the Dannie's mind was elsewhere so he told Remus "They will automatically collapse at the break of dawn. You two should have no problems entering or leaving but it will keep everything else from passing through."

"Thank you Sev, I owe you." Remus stated.

"As I have told you before, we are now even. This wasn't for either of you, I did this for the kids." He said then glanced at Dannie as she continued to stare off towards the forest. "I suggest the lot of you be ready to go immediately so that we can catch that contraption back home."

"Don't worry, we'll be ready." Dannie finally said.

Severus nodded then walked along the lake heading back towards her childhood home while Remus walked up behind Dannie and wrapped his arms around her, "You alright?"

Dannie shook her head; "I thought that if I changed before the moon rose then it wouldn't be as bad. I've been trying to changed ever since we crossed under the road but nothing is happening." She said as she wrapped her arms around herself. "There has never been a time where I haven't been able to change before."

Remus turned to Bria who had heard what she said and told her "Don't worry about her, I'll make sure she's alright." And he led Dannie across the footbridge and into the woods to get as far from their daughter's sight as possible. Just as they made it to the edge of the woods Dannie collapsed to the ground in pain while he knelt down beside her rubbing her back trying to comfort her.

In what seemed to her like it took forever, actually only lasted a few minutes as she did her best trying not to make a sound as she dug her fingers into the ground. Finally she released a deafening scream that soon turned into a howl as her body completed its transformation. She just lay on the ground with her breathing very erratic as she eyed her surroundings. Soon she felt something nudge against her and she moved her head to see that it was Remus as he started to lick the remaining tears from her snout before she batted at him with her paw. She continued to remain there watching him carefully as he moved infront of her and sat back on his hind legs waiting for her pain to subside. She then swore she heard something in the back of her head tell her that the sooner she started moving the sooner she would feel better so she rose to sit on her hind legs as well and turned her head around to see Bria inside the cave watching them.

Remus watched her reactions for a bit before he lowered his head thinking 'I wish it was you in there.'

She turned back towards him and studied him then painfully walked over to him and nuzzled his neck lovingly to let him know she was all right then licked his nose playfully and ran into the trees. 'She's out to mate' said the voice in the back of Remus' mind, 'You said if this happened she'd be mine.' Remus shook his head as he released his control over his other half and took off after her.

After awhile he had lost her sight of her so he stopped and started sniffing around at the ground trying to find her scent. As he looked in the direction he thought she had gone she jumped out the bushes and tackled him to the ground trying to playfully wrestle with him. Moony finally pinned her down on her stomach and placed his paws onto her back as he started mounting her. Dannie used all the strength she could muster and lunged away from him continuing deeper into the woods as Moony chased after her. Finally when she thought she had enough distance between them she stopped and turned to face her attacker growling as he approached. The two of them circled each other and she easily noticed a look in his eyes that she'd only seen a few times before as she thought she heard 'So good to finally see you like this again.' Dannie looked at him in confusion, 'Don't worry I'm not going to hurt you. You obviously don't remember but we've already mated and I'm just here to make sure you I'm the one you choose to mate with again.'

Dannie leaned back and bared her teeth as she snarled at him trying to make him understand that he was wrong. Moony was the first to lunge in for the attack as she sidestepped him again and again until she landed wrong causing her to lose her balance and he took his chance by pinning her to the ground. The two of them batted and bit at one another as she fought against him trying to take her until she was the one who had him pinned to the ground with his throat in her jaw and tears in her eyes. She remained like that until she noticed his tail tuck between his legs in submission then she leaned back on her hind legs trying to figure out how to make him hear her like she heard him but he just stared blankly at her until finally she gave up and limped down the trail. Moony quickly followed behind her but kept his distance until she reached the clearing in the center of the forest and lay down at the base of the solitary pole nursing her wounded leg while he remained hidden in the trees. She quickly started to grow tired and she looked up at the sky noticing the moon was now directly above her before she started to drift off to sleep with her body leaning heavily against the pole. Moony slowly and quietly started to walk over to lay down next to her but she picked up on his scent and without lifting her head she opened one eye and started growling at him again causing him to stop and lay down about 2 feet from her. Believing he would now keep his distance she closed her eye again and drifted off to sleep as she ignored the apologetic words that rang through her ears as he sneakily inched himself along the ground until he was curled up next to her sleeping form.

As the night drew closer to morning Dannie's ears started twitching to a sound she wasn't too fond of. As the noise got closer she lifted her head and sniffed the air then started running down the path that lead to the cave. Once there she looked at the entrance and noticed Bria was growling at something up the river and, she continued along the bank until she heard a pair of gun shots causing her to stop instantly. Dannie then proceeded to creep through the trees until she came across someone hunched over something on the ground. Dannie stood behind the man as she growled at her. He instantly turned around and pointed his gun at her only to hear more growling coming from either side of him. As he looked for where the other wolves could be she lunged at the man and he fired once again in haste.

The echoing of the first two shots caused Remus to awaken abruptly and he instantly panicked as he noticed she was no longer next to him. Fearing the worse he ran towards the cave but by the time he arrived the third shot went off and he noticed that Bria went from pacing back and forth inside the cave entrance to leaning back on her hind legs howling as loud as she could. He quickly and carefully scanned the area for any possible danger to her then took off running along the muddied tracks that he knew as hers very fearful of what awaited him.

When Remus finally got to the scene he immediately noticed that behind the jumbled angry pack was the form of another wolf half hidden in the shadows lying motionless. His heart rate increased as he leaned back into an attack position snarling and ready to join in the feast that the others were having as they tore the man's body to pieces. He watched and waited to make his move into the crowd believing for the first time in his life that someone deserved this type of ending since they had taken his life away. Just as he found his opening 'Dammit please let me change already' rang through his ears but he ignored it as he leapt into the air. He immediately went for the man's heart and as he bent down to bite into him he heard the voice again but this time crying even louder 'Please just this one last time let me change!" as the wind picked up and carried her scent into his direction. Remus looked up and saw on the other side of the wolf's corpse laid Dannie as she batted at something with her paws. He then sprang towards her and over the wolf's corpse, as he was overwhelmed with joy of seeing she was all right and he immediately started nuzzling against her neck. 'Why can't you stop? I need to change to help him.' she cried to herself still wishing she could get through to him somehow. Remus then looked at the metal trap that lay in a pool of blood infront of her that was clamped shut around the middle of one of the cubs from earlier that was still quietly whimpering. Dannie turned to him with tears begging him for help but when she turned back to it the noises had stopped as it's body went limp. She then sat up onto her hind legs and let out a mournful howl causing the others that surrounded the barely recognizable body to stop what they were doing and joined her in their death song. Remus quietly sat back and listened to her morn until it was all too obvious that her voice would not last much longer so he nudged her towards the lake. Dannie stood her ground as she glared at him for interrupting her thinking to herself 'I wish he would stop trying to get me to mate with him again.'

'That is not what I am trying to do. We need to get back so that Bria knows that you are all right.' he thought as she stared at him. 'Yes I heard your thoughts just like I know you have heard mine.' he continued as he started walking away kicking a piece of bloody flesh towards the still howling cub.

'Then why the hell didn't you stop earlier instead of attacking me?'

Remus turned around and looked at her. 'We couldn't hear you at that time. This is not something that we knew would happen since you're the first one we've known since my father killed the one that changed me. I am sorry about letting him attack you, we were afraid that without the potion you would follow instincts that all adult females do and go out looking to mate on your first night. We couldn't let it to be with someone else.'

'Remus there are no other male werewolves or shape-shifters around here.'

'To a werewolf who has no memories of their human lives it wouldn't matter.' He thought as Dannie stopped and sat down just staring at him. 'Are you coming?'

'Not until you tell me what's bothering you and don't deny it cause you are never this cold unless something's wrong.'

'I am sorry I don't mean to be. I already have given him control not only when he went to attack you because we thought otherwise but again when I thought we lost you and I almost joined in on the feast of that man. This hasn't happened in a long time and I am still battling him right now to remain in control. The sooner we can get back to the cave the sooner we can sleep until dawn and get back to where we belong.' He replied as he once again turned around and led her to the caves.

As soon as they arrived Dannie and Remus went to the back of the cave and curled up with each other as Bria walked back and joined her parents. Come first light Remus was the first to be woken up as Dannie tried not to make any noise during her transformation 'Let it out Luv. Scream, shout, whatever you have to do just don't fight it and it will be over soon.'

'Easy for you to say Mr. I'm on a frilling potion' she thought as she glared at him before she took a deep breath and let out a blood curdling scream then she sat there trying to calm down her breathing once again.

"Happy Birthday mom." Bria said as she stood there watching Remus take Dannie into his arms attempting to comfort her.

Dannie glared at the girl before her and he said, "I thought your birthday wasn't for a couple of months."

"It's not, she's picked up sarcasm by comparing me to a blasted Christmas cartoon." Dannie replied as she sat up and leaned against the wall.

"Well Mrs. I'm soon to also be on a potion too, I wonder where she gets it from." He whispered before he cupped her chin and kissed her lightly. "Are you up walking back or do I get to carry you back."

Just then Jenny, Severus, and Harry came running in. "Are you ok?"

"I'll be fine, why?" Dannie asked.

"I haven't heard anyone scream like that since Dan first took Bobby."

"JENNY!" Dannie exclaimed as she tried to stand but her legs gave way causing her to fall into Remus' arms and he quickly scooped her up.

"What?" Jenny asked.

"Nevermind." Dannie sighed, "What are you guys doing here?"

"You guys have a plane to catch so we brought the jet skis. The truck is packed and waiting at the house."

"The house? I thought we'd be leaving from the lodge so we could say c-ya to Dan."

"He's too busy. Turns out that Billy Ray didn't make it home last night after closing time so they're questioning everyone who works there."

"Have you been questioned yet?" Dannie asked.

"Yeah, that's why I was able to leave."

"Good. As soon as Bobby gets home I need the two of you to do us a favor."

"Angel what happened last night?"

Dannie looked up at Remus and sighed, "All you need to know is he killed Dargo and one of the cubs last night. I need you to go out there and cleanse the area and the bodies."

"Remus." Severus said questionably.

"No Sev, although as surprising as it sounds the idea of joining them in the feast did cross my mind I never placed my mouth on him."

"Now that I have a good idea of what happened last night you guys really need to get out of here before the reslice come by the house." Jenny stated and the six of them headed down to the water to climb on the jet skis and took off towards the house.

As soon as they got there Dannie and Remus jumped into the water to try to get rid of some of the mud they acquired during the night as Jenny pulled Bria aside to talk to her while Harry and Severus climbed into the vehicle. As soon as they stepped out of the water Severus leaned out the window and cast a drying charm on the two of them as Bria climbed into the backseat next to Harry. Jenny then made her way over to her cousin "Do everyone a favor and make sure you keep your windows closed the next time you decide to let him use that charm on you again and what ever you do, do not use it on the regalia. I plan on seeing Bria in it one day without having to make any alterations to it other than lengthening it."

Dannie leaned over and hugged her shorter cousin, "Yea what ever cuz. When are we going to see you settle down?"

"Probably the same day you see pigs fly over my house shitting gold." She replied.

"You never know, that very well may happen one day." Dannie joked.

"Only where you're going to cuz." She said as she hugged Dannie again then went over and looked up at Remus "You guys are just too damn tall." and she wrapped her arms around his middle to hug him then reached down to grab his ass causing him to back away as she smirked.

As Dannie and Remus climbed into the SUV she walked over to the driver side window "Well Severus it's been a pleasure."

"I would rather say interesting."

"To say the least. So do I get a hug?" she smirked.

"I do not hug."

"Come on we're practically family. Besides it's not like I can grab you since you happen to be sitting down."

"G'on dad. She's right, what harm can she do if you're sitting down. At least she's not a cheek pincher." Harry stated.

Severus leaned out the window to accept the hug from Jenny but instead to everyone except Dannie's surprise she kissed him hard and invading his mouth with her tongue as she clinched her hands together at the base of his neck giving Remus a chance to hide his friends wand. Severus struggled to unlock her fingers as he tried pulling away but it was no use and he instead lifted her arms up and over his head and broke free. Poor Harry sat there staring at his father with his mouth open as Jenny responded, "There's some promise there." And Severus started up the engine and headed out of the driveway while the others quietly chuckled to themselves.

Harry finally closed his mouth when Bria leaned over him and hung out the window waving to her aunt as the boy focused on her backside that stuck up in the air as his ghosted his hand over it. Dannie tapped him on the shoulder and quietly said "Do I need Remus to sit back here with you two?" and he replied by shaking his head violently as she tapped Bria's shoulder to get her to sit down.

As they pulled onto the street Remus reached over and turned on the radio 'I want you to tell that slut of a sister you have there to let my Billy Ray out of her room and let him come home.'

'Wait a second Gertrude, I know you're upset about Billy not coming home again last night but that does not mean he's will Jenny. Besides this is not what we are taking calls for.' The announcer stated.

'I don't give a *beep* what your taking calls for and what your not. We all know the family's reputation and I will not put up with my Billy winding up like his poor daddy after their aunt took advantage of him.'

'Listen here you nasal voiced *beep*, this is not the first time Billy has not gone home. This is an every weekend thing and to tell you the truth if I had to listen to a voice like that every day then I too would refuse to go home.'

"Mom is that Uncle Bobby?" Bria asked but Dannie just nodded in response as she listened while Remus reached back from the front seat for her hand.

'As for what happened to his father, I believe you need to get your facts straight on what happened that night before you start bringing up the past again. It's been thirty years and you didn't even live here at the time.'

'I know what she did you dumb *beep* little *beep*.' The woman screamed 'Billy told me the *beep* *beep* bit off his God *beep* *beep*! You're whole family is dangerous and should have roasted with that woman ages ago then we wouldn't have to worry about that little tart with our own children.'

"That's it I'm turning this off." Severus stated.

"Sev, please no. Bobby and I have been waiting for this chance for years and she's finally messed up and bringing it into the public.' Dannie said.

"Now now Trudy, I already warned you once. We are here to talk about the Gathering this past weekend and what transpired with Papa Jack. Now Bobby we all know that Papa Jack is good for his theatrical jokes at the Gatherings but for some reason this one seemed to go a bit too far. We want to know if what he said was true.'


'Bull *beep*'

"Trudy this is your last chance.'

'Mike, let her have her say. I want to hear it because once she's done trust me she's getting an earful.'

'Bobby this is not the time for your families to continue they're feuding.'

'You asked me here so that we could clear up some of the rumors and that's what I'm here to do. All that you know about is what you've heard in the past 16 years when it actually starts long before that.'

'You heard it Trudy, he wants to hear exactly what you have to say but you have to in return stay on the phone and listen to him as well. Do you agree?'

'Hell yes'

'Ok you two the floor is yours. Trudy go on ahead.'

'What took place the other night was nothing but a bunch of bull *beep*. Jack knows as well as the rest of us what kind of daughter and granddaughter he has. His own flesh and blood doesn't even have the decency to sleep with a man, instead she beds down with those animals he keeps locked up and that daughter of hers is no different. I've seen her sneaking out there before and I hope that the two of them were out there last night as well so that Billy could have taken care of them once and for all. In fact it would be better off if your whole family was out there, your nothing but a bunch of *beep*, *beep*, and animals. Neither one of your cousins are even human.'

'Hold up Bobby I see your temper's flaring and I know I said I would step back but I have to ask. Trudy did I hear you right in that Billy Ray was going out to Papa Jack's forest?'

'Yes but he was suppose to be home by two at the latest'

All anyone heard next was muffled mumbling then the announcer finally came back on 'Sorry about that folks. Bobby your turn.'

'Thank you Mike.' He said joyfully. 'Ok Gertie you brought this up on your own so lets get the facts straight here. Yes I'm gay and my sister is on the easy side so to speak, those are family issues that our family deals with. Yes my cousin and her daughter are shape-shifters, that's another family issue that they deal with. My niece's father is in a round about way also a shape-shifter whose form is also a wolf, which is another family issue that they deal with. Before you hit me in the face with it, here's another family issue that my partner and I have been dealing with. Angel, Bria, and Jenny, I love you girls but she works for the druggist and knows my prescriptions. All three of you obviously can guess at what Dan and I are dealing with, don't worry we all knew the chances. Now Gertie here's a bit of information that your family needs to finally deal with. That wonderful father-in-law of yours that you never met but your husband speaks so highly of. That man was nothing but a drunken *beep* who had his buddies hold down a 5 year old child and forced her to watch as he tried to have his way with her mother until she was able to shock him by changing in the middle of the act. Not only did she scare the living *beep* out of him but yes she also bit off his *beep* while his friends *beep* on themselves as they ran leaving him bleeding to death on the floor.'

'You *beep* liar. Billy Ray and Rachel told me how your aunt use to come onto their daddies when she waitressed.'

'Oh yes, Billy Ray and Rachel. The two people you can trust the most in the world. Your own husband and best friend who were engaged before your little shot gun wedding took place. Remember Gertie, I'm the one who owns the only hotel in a 50-mile radius. I know exactly what goes when and between whom.'

'You're nothing but a God *beep* *beep* *beep* liar who's going to burn in *beep* with the rest of your family'

'Listen you stupid cow, before you even think about saying another word I suggest you take your inbred, cross-eyed, half-brained monsters back to your fat *beep* daddy's house in the back woods and cram his pencil *beep* in your fungus infested mouth and for once shut the *beep* up.'

*dial tone*

'Well now that was interesting. Jerry Springer eat your heart out I suppose. At least we now all know if you have any secrets that Bobby may know about you had better stay on his good side or the whole Res. will know about them as well. Let's see what the next caller has to say. Hello you're on the air.'

'Hiya Mike'

'Papa Jack I thought you left town.'

"Just passin through when I heard my nephew. God *beep* Robert why the *beep* didn't you tell any of us about.' Static hit as they drove out of range.

Remus then brought Dannie's hand up to his shoulder and turned his head to kiss is. "Are you ok?"

"Yeah I'm fine." She replied as she moved forward to rest her head against his seat wrapping her arm around to his chest as he rubbed his hand back and forth across her arm she dozed off. All too soon she was woken up when they arrived at the airport and they made their way through check-in, security, and just in time to catch their flight. As soon as the boarded the plane they took their seats and prepared for the long flight ahead of them.


14 Hours later in London

The group exited the airplane noticing the clocks showed 4 am with the time difference. They then followed the crowd through customs and to the baggage claim. As soon as they collected their luggage they headed for the doors to catch a taxi to the Kings Crossing.

"Excuse me, Mr. Lupin?" said a nervous voice.

Remus and Severus turned around "Tonks, what are you doing here? I thought you would still be in training." Remus said as he bent down to hug her.

"I've been placed on an assignment already."

"Congratulations. I want you to meet some people." He took her by the hand leading her to where Dannie was sitting with the kids.

"Mr. Lupin really I can't."

"Come on Tonks what's with the formalities. We've known you since you were in diapers and this isn't like you." He continued as he stopped infront of the bench. "I'm sure you remember Harry." she nodded as he stood next to where Dannie sat "This is my mate and soon to be partner." He said as he smiled.

Tonks just looked at her eyes and quietly said, "I'm sorry Remus but please don't make this any harder than it already is."

"I know, I just wanted you to meet my family." Remus stated

"Hem-hem" Deloris stated as she walked up behind the group. "Nymphadora, I told you this would not be a social visit. Have you already scanned his registration to make sure he's the one we're looking for?"

"Yes Deloris I have and it came back as negative."

"Then you obviously didn't do it correctly." She spat. "Hold out your arm werewolf." Remus pulled up his sleeve exposing the numbers on his arm as she used her wand to scan them. "You were incorrect with your findings. Which one of you is the victim? Speak up." She then walked over to Bria and looked at her eyes. "A child Lupin? I always knew you were sick but this has gone too far."

"Excuse me but I was never bitten by my dad or anyone else. I was born a werewolf."

"First of all I will not tolerate any creature talking to me unless I require an answer from them, especially one that lies although I would not expect any thing less. I have no idea who you think you are trying to fool but I will let you know that I have studied your kind and I am well aware that it is impossible for anyone to be born a werewolf since werewolves cannot have children." She then grabbed the collar of Bria's shirt and tore it exposing her shoulder and part of her chest when Harry jumped in between the two of them. "See there it is and just where they are known to bite."

"Deloris!" Severus spat as he motioned for the teens to stand by him and out of her grasp.

"I knew there was something familiar about this boy. Fitting isn't it, the son of a Death-eater with a tart like a teenage werewolf who enjoys the company of old men."

"You have gone too far Deloris. Not only have you verbally abused two Hogwarts students but you have also proceeded to sexually harass one by ripping her clothing. You have worked for the Ministry long enough to know that before you examine a child you must not only have written contract from the parents before hand but it must be done in a medi-witch's office. The front of an airport does not co-inside proper facility nor have I seen her parents sign any such document or give any sort of verbal permission for the examination."

"If what she tells me is true then she has no rights in our world and you know that."

"As a student she does have student privileges to privacy which requires both parents consent."

"You." She spat at Dannie "Are you the mother to this child?"

Dannie looked up at her "I'm not only her mother but I'm the so called victim that you're looking for even though I asked to be bitten."

"Are you daft? Didn't you learn anything in third year?"

"Let's see, third year was 8th grade for me. I learned we were at war with Iran, there were freaks like Gacey burring boys in his basement, The Fonz was cool but Shawn Cassidy wasn't, disco sucked which I knew anyway, and most importantly. If you plan on going camping in the woods, do not get high or laid because you will run into an axe-murderer."

"What in Merlin's name is she talking about? Has she lost her mind?" Deloris asked Severus.

"No Deloris I haven't, I'm a muggle and what we learned was different than what you learned. Now I have lived in your world for 10 months and if you meant for me to answer on what I have given up by taking the bite then I'd have to say not a thing since I had no privileges to begin with."

"Nymphadora, take him onto Azkaban for his sentencing." She said before turning to Dannie "You are coming with me to a safe house so you don't infect any more Muggles."

"Deloris, I must let you know that we are contesting this."

"Severus you should know you cannot contest this, you are not his blood relative."

"As temporary guardian over his only living blood relative I have full rights to do so on her behalf since she is still a minor."

"If you cannot provide proof on the first day of court that she is in fact a blood relative of his you do realize what you will loose." Deloris spat.

"Deloris you have known me for far too long to know I do not loose. Just remember though that the same applies to you if you cannot prove that she is not."

"Very well Severus the hearing is in five days. Make sure you come prepared. Nymphadora lock him up."

Remus bent down and gently kissed Dannie while Tonks placed her hand on his arm. "I am sorry but we have to go."

Before Severus could stop her Bria went running over towards them but Deloris swung a switch in the direction of her mid section hitting her in the stomach and stopping her. "Do not approach the prisoners." causing Remus to start to lunge forward but Tonks held onto him with both hand and in a pop they were gone. Deloris then used the switch to guide her up from the bench and in the direction she wished her to go.

"Deloris one small question." Severus said and she turned around. "How has life been without your boyfriend over the past few years?"

"I have no idea to whom you're referring to Severus."

"I believe you do. You do realize that until before we caught the train for our 7th year we never did come up a knick-name for him but once we learned what transpired to make you scream so much, Wormtail seemed so fitting."

Deloris looked over at Severus and said "You Bastard" then placed something into Dannie's hands, which were now magically bound behind her back.

"Thank you, I am so glad you noticed." He said with a smirk as they watched the two of them disappear into a vortex. "Harry do you have those papers that Dan said to pack?"


"Good, we have to get back to school." And he held his wand up to hail the Night bus.

"Professor Snape, What are you doing 'ere" Ernie said.

"How long for you to get us to Hogwarts?"

"'Bout and hour."

"How about the Leaky Cauldron?"

"Five minutes, it's the next stop."

"Good come one kids." Severus said as they climbed aboard the bus.



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