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Collision Chapter 8

Title: Collision
Summary: As one family struggles to come together, another is torn further apart.
Main Pairing: RL/OC
Story Rating: Hard R or NC-17 (depending on your own views)
Chapter title: Meeting Mama
Chapter Rating: R - for light sexual situations

Chapter 8 - Meeting Mama

Just as the guys and their children reached the cabin Jenny and Dan drove up "Are you guys alright? What happened back there?" Jenny asked.

Remus shook his head then handed Bria her duffel and said "Why don't you go on inside to my room and change before we look for your mum." The girl took her things and did as she was asked while he waited for the door to close before walking towards the truck. "How long has he treated her like that?"

"As far as I know this is the first time I've ever known him to slap her." She replied

"I'm not only talking about him hitting her, I mean the way he talks about her."

"Oh he's always joked around about her not finding a man, especially in the Circle. You have to understand Jack when it comes to family." Dan stated.

"After the incident in the Circle. I cannot for the likes of me understand how a man could go around calling his own daughter a slut."

"Papa Jack would never say anything like that about Angel." Jenny protested.

"He did tonight." Remus replied

"Maybe he had his reasons. I'm sure he didn't mean it." She said.

"Just like he didn't mean to hit her? I'm sorry but from what I've seen here I'd take both of them home with me tonight if I could."

Just then Bria walked out of the cabin and Remus turned to her. "Are you ready?" she nodded, "Come along."

"Where are you taking her this late?" Jenny said as she climbed out of the truck.

"To go find Dannie and make sure she's alright." Remus spat as he took the girl's hand and started to walk back down to the shore.

Dan leaned out the window, "Hold up, it's about five miles to the pole. I'll drive you out there."

The two of them climbed into the bed of the pickup leaving Jenny, Severus, and Harry behind. Jenny then sat on the steps of the cabin porch, "Severus, you guys have to understand what Jack is going through. He would never do or say anything to hurt his girls."

Severus motioned for Harry to go inside and to bed then looked at the woman. "I don't know what he's usually like but what I saw transpire back there, I am quite amazed that Remus didn't kill the man. Especially this close to the moon."

"I wasn't there to hear what was said but I know Uncle Jack and those two girls are his whole world. If he said anything derogatory about either one of them then it had to be done out of pain. The idea of them leaving and possibly never coming back has got to be killing him."

"Then why has he been trying to marry her off for so long? Remus told me about how he use to try to get him to meet her."

"Yes Jack did do that but not with just anyone. I don't know what his criteria was but I know he wanted more than anything to see her happily married, living close by and with a house full of little ones, especially once Bria was born." Jenny sighed. "Please understand. None of us ever knew until recently how Angel got pregnant. We heard the gossip and rumors but she never confirmed or denied any of them. Jack thought that some drunken hunter raped her and because of it she was just afraid of getting involved with someone. It came to the point that Bria's father would never enter their lives again so he started acting more like her father instead of her grandfather and in his mind he was exactly that and nothing would ever break the bond."

"Until we arrived."

"It wasn't just that. It was the way they acted around one another. Jack knew that Remus was her professor and had a relationship with Angel but he saw the differences in how Bria acted around him compared to how she acted around you. Not just in the future step-father way either, tonight she looked up to him for approval, the same way she use to look up to Jack."

"I know I've said some things to Harry out of pain and frustration that I never meant to say but I could never imagine going to the extremes that he went to tonight."

"Unfortunately I am unable to see him going that far either but how we found him after you guys left, he knows he was wrong and is truly sorry for it."


Dan drove the truck through a large gate that had been left open and followed the extremely bumpy dirt road as far as he could, when they finally stopped Remus helped Bria out of the truck as he looked around. "Where is this pole? I don't see it anywhere."

"About another half mile down. The path use to large enough to drive all the way but Papaw let the woods take over since he doesn't even come anywhere near here anymore."

"Do you two want me to wait here?" Dan asked.

Remus shook his head. "No, I'm not sure how long we'll be here. Thank you for the ride."

Before leaving Dan waited with his headlights lighting up the small path ahead until the two of them had disappeared around the bend. "Are you sure your mum would be all the way out here?"

"It's either here or the cave. They are the two places she has always gone whenever she was upset over something or another."

As the path grew darker Remus pulled his wand out of his back pocket and used it to light the way as he studied their surroundings. "All of this belongs to your grandfather?"

"Yep. He's been talking about selling it though. I doubt anyone would ever even think of buying it from him."

"How come?"

"Are you kidding? This is where Memaw was murdered and everyone on the Res. is afraid of coming anywhere near here. We still get an occasional hunter now and then or some dumb town kids wanting to test the superstitions on Halloween."

Neither one of them said another word as they continued to walk while several eyes watched them from the brush. When they rounded the final bend they entered a moon lit clearing in the perfect circle about a hundred-foot radius. In the center of the circle stood what use to be a large tree towering above all the others. The tree and the ground immediately surrounding it still looked freshly scorched. As he slowly gazed over the area he took notice that the normal forest sounds were now nonexistent as the air stood still but there was still no sign of life in the dead shadows that lay within the clearing. As they entered he looked back at the path that they followed and although the turain hadn't changed it seemed as Bria's tracks had suddenly vanished as she entered while his remained and he could understand the reasoning in why the locals didn't trespass.

Bria took the lead and directed him along the outside edge of the circle to the other end where the path continued. As they approached it a sudden breeze came from the center and as it circled around them to head back to the center Remus noticed it carried Dannie's sent. He then turned around and noticed her leaning against the pole with her back to them. Bria stayed behind as he quietly walked to she sat and knelt down next to her releasing a small groan of pain. Dannie remained still with her eyes closed as she whispered "Your leg's acting up again isn't it?"

"Nothing to worry about, but are you alright?" he asked.

"I will be." She sighed. "Mama's not, some carved into her." He just watched and listened as she stood up to rub her hand across the wood and continued "Most likely some kids from town found their way up from the lake and did it for fun. Papa doesn't think anyone comes back here anymore so he never sees what they do. In fact I don't remember him coming back here since the day after it happened and he came lookin for me."

"Why didn't he try to stop them?"

Dannie sighed as she stared at the dead tree. "It was ironic. Extended Coverage called that night saying they had an emergency run for him to complete because one of the other drivers up and quit. He wound up bobtailing all the way down to Milwaukee for the load because he was the closest driver available. When he got to where he was to pickup the trailer there were no signs of it or any other drivers. By that time it was almost morning and he'd been up all night so he climbed in the sleeper and went to sleep to wait for the other driver. Come morning there was no sign of the other driver so he called his dispatcher but they knew nothin of the load or anyone quitting but told him to grab somethin to eat and they would hook him up with another get home load. By the time he had made his delivery and made it back home everything was over with. Nobody would tell him where we were until finally Mama Trina called because she overheard some guys laughing about it in the bar. By that evening I was living with her Bobby and Jenny and he was on the road again."

"He didn't even stay to bury her or make sure you were alright?"

"There was nothin left to cremate, her body was already ashes by the time the fire went out. Mama Trina use to tell me that the reason the tree was still here is because her soul blended into it so she could watch me when I came here to play. I know it sounds stupid but to a 6 year old it was something and I felt special because I believed she was still here to either watch over me or listen to me when I was upset over something."

Remus stood up and walked up behind her wrapping his arms around her and whispered "It's no more stupid than someone being afraid of the moon up until a few months ago."

"Are the changes really that bad?"

"They can be if you fight them but it still effects certain emotions and then there's the taste of that blasted potion. All in all it does have its plus sides as well."

"Well if I can deal with PMS effecting my emotions then I can handle the moon, from what I've seen of you there are no differences. What are some of the plus sides?" She asked as she turned around.

Remus caressed her cheek and said "Quick healing time and…" he paused as he make sure Bria was out of hearing distance, "the sex drive."

"Well thanks a lot, here you go and bite me so that I can spend the rest of my days not only celibate but also horney as hell, I don't find that a plus."

"I can't believe you're talking like that in front of your mum. Do you really think she needs to know that much about you?" he joked.

"There's not much I've done that she doesn't know about."

"What about earlier?" he purred in her ear.

"That's for you to wonder about." She said as she rested her head against his chest.

After awhile Remus looked around "Luv, Bria's gone."

"Don't worry, she probably went to the cave."

"You sure she'll be alright?"

"Remie, she grew up in these woods. She'll be fine." They then felt a few raindrops fall so she pulled back and picked up her shawl. "Come on it's gonna pour soon."

"Do you feel up to going back there?"

"Not tonight I don't, come on." She said as she pulled him by the hand towards the trail where Bria stood. As they started down the path neither one saying a word as they listened to the night songs. After awhile they reached the end of the forest and noticed how hard it was actually raining outside the canopy of trees. "Do you think you can run over there on that leg?" she said as she pointed across the lake to the cave. He nodded and she covered her head with her shawl and she took off running leading him across a homemade footbridge just barely above the water and into the shelter.

When they entered they noticed Bria lying on a ledge sound asleep so the two of them sat down along the opposite wall. Remus wrapped his arm around her shoulders and pulled her close, "Luv, about what happened earlier…"

"I'm sorry about that." She interrupted as she repositioned herself to rest her head on his lap. "I had no idea that Papa would snap like that, especially inside the Circle."

He started stroking her hair "No need to apologize that's not what I'm talking about."

Dannie closed her eyes and sighed, "Oh."

"Why didn't you tell me he treated you like that?"

"Like what? Like everyone else does? I shouldn't be surprised, he's heard everyone talk like that for years about me so why wouldn't he feel the same way. I shouldn't have over reacted like I did. It's just…." She paused and rolled onto her back to look up at him. "No matter what Papa thinks, I'm not like Jenny. I want you to know I was tellin you the truth the other night when I said that I hadn't been with…"

"I know." He said as he leaned down and gently kissed her. ""Just think, after tomorrow night we'll all be back home and we can put all of this behind us."

"We can't put it all behind us. There's still the fact that you plan on going to Azkaban."

"I've been thinking and I want to talk to Albus about it after we go through those papers you had Severus get. Maybe there is something in the laws that made the other couple feel they could fight the courts then it very well could be worth looking into."

Dannie sat up and smiled. "You mean it, you are willing for us to fight this?"

He then caressed her cheek, "I can't promise its going to be easy but I am willing to try." She kissed him deeply upon hearing the news then when Remus came up for air he whispered "Besides there's the matter that you owe me a midnight swim and there's no possible way I'm not going to let you make good on that one."

"If the weather was better I'd definitely make good on it tonight." She said as she stood up and removed her belt then started to lift her cloth regalia over her head.

"Um Luv, what about…" he said as he nodded towards the other side of the cave.

Unknown to him at first, Dannie still was wearing her camisole and bike shorts as she replied, "What about her? She's sleeping just fine." She then lay down next to him "But I think we'd better get some sleep ourselves since she'll be awake at sunup." Remus reached to the other side of her and picked up her shawl and lay down using it as a pillow. "Come 'ere you." She then rested her head on his shoulder but he quickly pulled her onto him.

She then folded her arms across his chest and rested her chin in her hands. "Are you sure you're comfortable?"

His hands ghosted up and back down her sides before he wrapped his arms tightly around her and purred. "Mmm, most definitely. You?"

Dannie nuzzled into his embrace "As long as you don't let go."

"Never." He replied as they drifted off to sleep.


The next morning Dannie woke up next to him with her head on his shoulder and his other hand resting on her side. As she started to gently remove it in hopes not to disturb him, he rolled onto his side wrapping his free arm around her and pulling her even closer. "Remie, I need to get up." She whispered.

"No." he replied as he pressed himself against her.

She held her breath as she begged, "Remus please, I really need to get up. I'll be right back."

"Uh-uh" he mumbled as he started nuzzling her neck. She then pushed her legs against the ground and rolled them onto his back with her legs straddling him. As she attempted to get up from there he moved his hands to her hips and pressed himself harder against her as he sleepily mumbled "Much better."

She then grabbed his hands and pinned them to the ground as she rose to her knees. "As much as I would love to continue this, the last thing we need in an audience." She stated as she climbed off him and quickly left the cave.

Remus lifted his head and glanced at the ledge where Bria was sleeping the night before and thought Must continue, no audience. then lay back down smiling as he started to drift back to sleep waiting for her return. Not much later he felt a tugging on the bottom of his shirt and as he blindly reached towards the culprit he was awoken by something landing hard onto his stomach causing him to bolt upright from the force.

Now wide-awake he noticed Dannie leaning against the ledge opposite him and laughing, "I was wonderin how long it would be before they woke you up."

Remus looked over at the small ball of fur that was growling and pulling at his shirt then he reached over and picked it up as the other one peered at him from behind Dannie's legs. "They're so small. Where'd they come from?"

"Not that small but, they're only about four months old. I remember when Bria was half their size but just as feisty." She then picked up the cub at her feet and hopped onto the ledge. "Bria is outside visiting with their parents."

Remus put the cub down and scooted his back up against the ledge as it tried tugging at his shirt again. "How old was she when she first changed?"

As the one that Dannie held chewed on her finger she replied "I think she was about 6 months old. It was just after she started scooting around the floor." She smiled as she continued "It scared the livin shit outta me when I woke up to this pathetically weak howl in the middle of the night. I had no idea that she had inherited the gene until then."

"But I thought all the women in your family could change?"

"We can, well really we have the ability to but we still have to be taught, just like with children in your world with magic. Mama taught me how to change when I was three but her sister, Mama Trina, never taught Jenny so she's unable to do it. I honestly had no intention on teaching Bria how to because of obvious reasons but she just did it on her own that first time and once she figured out she could change I couldn't get her to stop."

"Wish I could have been there for it."

"No you don't, it wasn't all that fun and nothing at all like raising a normal child. Constantly digging her out from behind the fridge or entertainment center or anywhere else she would decide to hide where a child couldn't fit. Couldn't use one of those child safety gates because she was always climbing under it. Then the worse part was that she hated diapers so if she dirtied them she would change and either drag it around the house or shred it to pieces causing an even worse mess." Dannie watched Bria outside for a few moments, "She was four years old when she went a whole month without changing back to herself, that's when I first brought her out here to play with Spike and Dargo's parents "

"Would you do it again?" Remus asked as he continued to play with the cub.

"Do you mean would I go back and do it all over again or would I do it all again at the age I am now?"


"Don't tell me you want another little one."

"I've always wanted children but with the regulations on Werewolves regarding adoptions and that we're not suppose to be able to breed it made it impossible to imagine."

"First off kill the word breed. Secondly how can it be impossible for you to imagine having a child of your own when your daughter is right out there."

"But she's different, you're different." Remus paused. "How do I put this. There's too many genetic differences, to be blunt it would be no different than a human mating with a wolf. The chances of an offspring are impossible."

"So you're telling me I can go out and have sex with anyone I want to and never have to worry about getting pregnant unless they happen to be another werewolf."


"Why not? You did."

"Because I happen to be very possessive over what is mine and you just so happen to be not only my mate but if all goes right then my partner as well."

"So what you're saying is that I'm here with you merely because you want another child."

"I never said that. Yes I would love to have more cubs with you but I would understand if you didn't want anymore. I was just wondering about how you felt about the possibilities of having more."

"So you'd be alright with it if I said no more kids." She asked and he nodded. "If we did have another child you do knew that there is a chance that he or she could be non-magical."

"There is always a chance in even the purest of bloodlines that there will be a non magical child. Look at Filch, his mother was a Malfoy. Magic or not, it would still be our child."

"I don't know, you're asking quite a lot. Bria wasn't an easy child to raise, and if the next one were a girl she would also be a shape-shifter. Then there's a lot for me to deal with; mood swings, weight gain, morning sickness, labor pains, and stretch marks." Dannie paused as she kept an eye on Remus reactions to what she was saying as she put the pup down and walked over to sit down beside him. "I really couldn't go through all of that again at…."

"That's all right, I understand that it's a lot to expect especially since we don't know what's going to happen." He sighed.

Dannie stared at him; "You're really ok with that? No more children, no arguments, nothing, that's it?"

"If that's what you want. I can live with it. Why?"

"No reason." She said as she started to stand up but he grabbed her by the arm and pulled her down onto his lap.

"There's a reason, tell me."

"No it don't matter. You didn't wait for my full answer before you're not going to get it now."

"It does matter. Tell me or…."

"Or what? You'll use a tickling charm on me? You wouldn't dare."

Remus slowly ran a hand up the inside of her thigh, "Oh trust me, tickling charms are nothing compared to what we don't teach the children."

"Such as?" she questioned and he quickly whispered the answer in her ear as he continued to move his hand upward. "You'd actually do that?"

"Do you want to try me?" he purred.

Dannie quietly glared at him but as soon as she started picking up his wand and pointed it at her "Ok, ok, Geesh. All I was going to say was that I couldn't go through it again at least not on my own."

He then cupped her chin and looked into her eyes. "Are you serious? You're not just saying that, you really want more cubs running around?"

"Yes I want another baby but fair warning though, if I get pregnant again…."

"When" he corrected her.

Dannie sighed, "Fine, when I get pregnant again, I may gain some more weight that I can't loose. I had a hell-of-a time loosing what I did after Bria. As you saw yesterday. Native mothers are not small women."

"That's fine, just more room for the next one." He said as he leaned in to kiss her.

Dannie immediately pushed him back "Next one? How many are you wanting?"

Remus shrugged. "I was thinking that we could give Molly and Arthur a good run on the number of kids. Besides who knows, with both of us being werewolves we could definatly have a few small litters."

Dannie's eyes widened upon hearing what he said and she mouthed "Litters?" but he quickly captured her mouth with his kissing her deeply and passionately as he moved his hand up inside her camisole. Thoughts were quickly running through her head Litters, litters. How many small litters? What is a small litter? One? Two? Six? he then rolled the hard nipple between his fingers and she moaned Oh shit who cares.

He then moved over to her ear and started nibbling on the lobe as he whispered "Let me taste you again. I want to buy my face deep into you until you cant stop howling from pure pleasure as savor every drop of juice that pours from your body." He heard her heart beat start racing as her breath against his neck gave away her silent panting, "Then we can forget about the ceremony and make today our bonding night as I bury my…."

"EWWWW" Bria stated from the cave entrance.

Dannie pulled her head back from Remus' neck and clearly announced "If the person who made that remark is of any blood relation to me then I will gladly declare mental insanity as I am drug off to jail for their mutilation."

"I just wanted to let you know Aunt Jenny is taking us to the mall but we'll be back in time for tonight. Bye"

"Where were we?" Remus asked after Bria walked away.

"Something about our bonding night I believe." She replied as she repositioned herself to straddle him. He then ran his hands under her top and up her sides to raise her to her knees as he ran his tongue from her naval up to just below her breast as he started to remove them from their confines.

"Sorry, not looking, eyes closed. See hand over eyes. I almost forgot, Uncle Dan is waiting for you at the house so he can start loading up our stuff for the airport. We're leaving first thing in the morning."

"That's it, my dagger is on my belt. Where's my belt at?" Dannie shouted as Bria ran off and jumped onto the back of an awaiting Jet Ski.

"Luv, calm down you can't kill her. We need her." Remus stated.

"What in the world could we need her for?" Dannie asked jokingly as she stood up completely frustrated that the mood was ruined for both of them.

"Free babysitting so we don't have to worry about the other's doing the same thing to us." He replied with a smile as she gathered her regalia and belt off the ground and he wrapped her shawl around her shoulders. "Besides, she's right. We are leaving first thing in the morning so we have quite a bit of work to do before sundown tonight."

The two of them then walked along the lake back to her house. Once they entered Dannie noticed Dan sitting on the couch looking over some papers. "Dan, where's Papa?"

"He left just before sunrise this morning." He replied as he gathered up the paperwork from the coffee table and put it into a manila envelope. "Why didn't you guys tell me about this stuff? Better yet, why didn't you tell any of us?"

"Because he was mad enough about Remus biting me the other night, how were we to tell him that he was going to die for it. How did you find out anyway?"

"Because you left the paperwork out yesterday and Jack found it. He's gone over some of it and made notes in different spots before he drug me out of bed before he left and asked me to look them over." He said as he shook his head. "You two are in for quite a battle aren't you?" Remus wrapped his arm around Dannie and nodded. "Well, lets get you and Bria packed up then we'll go over it at the lodge. The house goes on the market tomorrow."

"You two go on up to Bria's room while I fix us something to eat." Dannie said.

"I'd rather eat…" Remus started to purr in her ear but she just turned and walked towards the kitchen. "Luv, you all right?" he asked and she just nodded in response.

Dan walked up to Remus "Come on, If I know your daughter, there's still a lot of work to do up there. Just give her some time" and the two of them went upstairs to tackle the teen's room.

As Dannie prepared their breakfast she stared out the kitchen window remembering everything she possibly could as the tears trailed down her cheeks when a voice broke her train of though. "Luv, did you want me to pack the stuff in this box too?"

She walked out of the kitchen and looked at Remus who was standing up on the loft with a medium sized cardboard box sitting on the ledge. "What box?"

"This one from the back of your closet." He smirked when he saw the look on her face. "Interesting toys you have but I really don't think you'll be needing them. Dan said he'd like them if you don't want them although I don't quite know what someone would want with this rabbit eared looking one."

"Give them to Dan." She said.

"Are you sure? They look brand new with being in their packages and all."

"Yes I'm sure. Give them to Dan."

"But Luv, we could…."

"Remus, if you want the handcuffs then you can keep them but put everything else back into the box and either give it to Dan or dump it into the lake."

Remus dug to the bottom of the box and pulled out a pair of handcuffs then handed the off to Dan as he called down to her, "Thank you Luv."

Dannie went back into the kitchen to finish up breakfast when Dan came back into the house after taking his new box of toys out to his truck. "I can't believe you let him have the handcuffs. You know Bobby and I enjoy things like that."

"Um no I didn't but that was definitely information I didn't need to hear. Thank you so much for sharing." She replied.

"If you don't mind me asking. What are you doing with all that stuff still in the packages?"

Dannie continued to stir the food in the skillet as she replied "Your sister in-law gave me them and more every Christmas and birthday since I was sixteen."

"You mean there's more? Can I have that stuff too?"

"Just my old Magenta outfit from our Rocky Horror days along with different flavorings and things like that. If you can get them out of there without him seeing them then yes you can have them too."

"Where do you have it all hidden?" Dan asked.

"Underneath my bed in the center back against the wall." She replied then the two of them heard a pounding noise going up the stairs and she sighed.

"Well it looks as if you two are going to have an interesting honeymoon." Dan laughed. "Can I still have the Magenta outfit, Bobby would look good in it."

She then slammed the spatula on the counter and glared at him. "You did that on purpose didn't you."

"Seeing how I knew what your gifts from Jenny had been, yes I did. He didn't believe me when I told him about it so I figured I'd let you mention it." He then picked up a piece of egg from the pan and popped it into his mouth only to immediately spit it into the sink. "Sorry cuz, I didn't mean for you to burn your breakfast. I'll just take the stuff over to the lodge for you now, we'll see you in a while." and he headed out the door.

Dannie scrapped the ruined food into the garbage can then went into the laundry room and grabbed some clean towels and clothes. She then glanced upstairs not even wanting to think about what Remus was still doing up in her room so she walked through her father's room and used his shower to clean up. When she came back out she noticed Remus sitting on the couch with the French maid costume on the back of it. "Sorry about breakfast, we'll get something from the lodge." She said as she continued into the kitchen and started washing out the frying pan.

Remus snuk up behind her "That's ok, I wasn't that hungry anyway." He purred as he took her shoulders and turned her around to face him. "Have I mentioned how much I love you?" he asked but before she could say "No." he captured her mouth with his and exploring it with his tongue as his hands moved down her arms keeping them behind her.

Dannie pulled her head back and stared at him "Do I really want to know what you've been into?"

"I had to see which flavor I liked best." He smirked as she heard two distinct clicking sounds causing her eyes to widen.

"Remie we can't. There's too much to do."

"No family or friends to interrupt us this time. Oh yes we can." He said as he picked her up and flung her over his shoulder and opened up the cabinet next to them pulling out a small white box.

"The least you can do is uncuff me."

"Umm, nope." He replied as he grabbed two small bottles and carried her upstairs to her room.



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