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Demonic Angel

Chapter Chapter 6

Title: Collision
Summary: As one family struggles to come together, another is torn further apart.
Main Pairing: RL/OC
Story Rating: Hard R or NC-17 (depending on your own views)
Chapter title: Distractions
Chapter Rating: Hard R or NC-17 (depending on your own views)


by: Demonic Angel

Chapter 6 - Distractions

As Remus transfigured the pillow back into his shirt Dannie quickly picked up her jeans and put them back on and they joined the others inside the house. Remus then remained in the doorway as Dannie said "I'll be right back" and went upstairs to clean up, and the two kids were sitting at the table glancing at him every now and then as Jack put their breakfast infront of them.

Jack then went back into the kitchen and emerged with two more plates of food, not once taking his eyes off the younger man. "You might as well join the kids for breakfast. I'm sure you've managed to work up quite and appetite."

"No thank you sir, I'm fine."

"Nobody comes into my home at mealtime and doesn't eat. Not sit." Jack ordered. Remus did as he was told and sat down between Bria and Harry while Jack sat directly across from him. "Go ahead and eat. I haven't poisoned it." He stated. Remus slowly picked at the food, feeling quite uncomfortable as he felt the larger man's eyes bore into him. Soon the kids were done eating and got up from the table, when Remus started to do the same but decided he had better not when he heard "Nicca, why don't you take Raven outside with you. I need to have a talk with your professor." Bria glanced at her dad then turned to follow Harry out the front door. For the longest time the sat there in silence while Remus kept glancing at the staircase waiting for Dannie to come back down. "She's most likely going to be a while. You might as well just relax for a bit."

Remus continued to nervously sit across from the man as he finished his breakfast then started clearing the table. "You told the kids you wanted to speak with me?"

"Yes I did. To be honest I gave up on the idea of ever havin to have this conversation with anyone regarding Angel but after the way I found you two this mornin and with Nicca at the age she is seein her mama like that…"

"Let me assure you sir that absolutely nothing happened between us. We merely fell asleep while talking." Remus interrupted.

"Son, I used that excuse many times when I was courtin her mama. It wasn't until she was pregnant with Angel before anyone caught on. I want you to understand, I know what her cousin's reputation is and no matter what you may think about my daughter being a single parent, I want to make it quite clear that she is the complete opposite of Jenny."

"I do know that sir and..."

"Do you really? If so you would definitely be the first. Let me make this very clear to you. Because of my job I have spent most of her life on the road so I never met her last boyfriend and it tore me up when I came back into town one weekend and found out she was pregnant with Nicca. The last think I want to see in my life is for that to happen again. If it does, I will have no regrets on doing to the young man what I should have done to Nicca's father."

Remus did his best not to give away their secret when he replied "Mr. Lightpaws, I understand your concerns and I can honestly tell you that not only are my feelings for your daughter are true but I care for Bria as much as I would my own child. I would never knowingly do anything to harm either one of them."

Jack continued to glare at him not quite knowing what to think. "Until yesterday neither one of the girls had told e anything of your existence but Angel does seem to care for you a great deal. If you know anything about her past then you would know for obvious reasons that she is very particular on who she opens up to. If I ever hear of you proving her wrong or harming either one of them in any way shape or form I will take great pride in personally neutering you. Do I make myself clear?"

The two of them then heard a door from the top of the stairs open up and Remus looked him in the eyes and replied "Yes sir, quite clear." Before they turned and saw Dannie slowly making her way down.

"Excuse me but you are expected to go to the Gathering today. Why aren't you in your day clothes?" Jack asked.

Dannie went straight into the kitchen and fixed herself a plate of food before sitting down and replied. "Maybe later. I'm not feeling too good this morning."

"Well it's no wonder. I heard about how much you had to drink last night, just like I heard about that pool game of yours."

"I figured as much. People around here have nothing better to do but talk way too much when they shouldn't."

Jack then reached across the table to remove the sunglasses from her face but Dannie quickly moved out of the way. "Take those things off while you're at the table."

"Papa, I have a horrible hangover and the light is far to bright in here."

I don't care. You are the one who decided to drink as much as you did so you can suffer the consequences. Take them off before I take them off of you." Dannie looked at Remus as he took her hand in his and she lifted the glasses to the top of her head. Jack stared at her eyes then looked at Remus once again then took a deep breath before saying, "All I want to know is how long ago did it happen? I don't care why or how, just how long has she been like this."

"It happened last night." She replied.

Jack nodded, "Well it's no wonder you're not feelin good and I don't care how you feel tonight. Today is most likely your daughter's last Gathering and I have given Bobby permission to challenge her tonight. You can spend the day resting up but I expect to see both of you along the circle come time for the Grand Entry tonight." He then stood up from the table and as he walked out the front door he bellowed across the yard "Nicca, Raven time to go. Get your things and get into the truck NOW!"

Dannie sat back in the chair and folded her arms over her chest and closed her eyes. "That didn't go as bad as I thought it would." Remus said, "He didn't really seem all that upset."

"Oh it's bad. Papa is one of those who will holler rant and rave over nothing. It's when he's silent like this when he's really mad."

Just then the screen door slammed "What has got Papaw so upset now? Harry and I were just walking down by the lake when…"

"Bria come here and sit down a moment. There is something we need to tell you." Remus said.

The girl walked over to the table and looked back and forth between her parents, "You two aren't fighting again are you? After this morning I thought everything would be okay."

"No hon we aren't fighting but, there was an accident last night." Dannie replied.

"What kind of accident?"

"I...I bit your mum."

"Cool. So does this mean your going to have to run with us tomorrow night and I won't be tied in the yard?"

"I had already planned on running with you two tomorrow so don't worry about being tied up."

"After that though your mum will be the only one to run with you. It does mean that we have to go back on Tuesday so that she can be registered and…"

"Remus, don't tell her."

"She needs to know that this is not cool. We need to tell her what's going to happen to me now."

"But there's got to be a way out of that. I am not spending the rest of my life without you especially after this."

"I would love to be there to help you through your first change and every single one to follow but it's just not possible. I always was so careful to take precautions to keep this from happening and I have been very lucky on a number of occasions. Don't you thing that if there were some sort of solution I would jump at it?"

"Are you two saying that you're going to get the,,,the kiss?" Bria asked and Remus slowly nodded. "But you two are to be joined, what if mom told them that she wanted to be bitten?"

"It wouldn't work. Someone already tried that before. Unfortunately while he wound up in St Muggios, she was sent to the Dementors immediately." Remus signed.

"NICCA!" Jack shouted from outside.

"You had better get going."

"But can't I stay here with you two?"

"Sorry little one. Although I know you want to spend all the time with your dad as you can, your papaw is already quite upset with us as it is. I don't want to see him mad at you as well. Besides wouldn't you rather spend some time with Harry?"


"No buts luv, your mum is right. Besides we still have tomorrow night as well remember? You can show me around the area then alright?"

"Yeah." Bria sighed as they heard the horn blaring from the driveway. She then ran upstairs and quickly returned wearing a long broom skirt with her T-shirt and carrying a duffel bag.

"Do you have everything?" Dannie asked.


"Even your leggings?"

"Yes even my leggings. Are you and dad going to be there later tonight?"

Remus stood up and walked her over to the door, "I wouldn't miss it for the world." He said as he hugged her.

Bria then walked out the door and joined Harry in the back of the pickup truck while Dannie started clearing off the remaining dishes from the table and started the dishwater. "Luv, what do you thing you're doing? You need to rest." Remus said.

"I have to keep busy, if I try to rest now then I will do nothing but start thinking of what's going to happen and I don't want to. Just let me do this and then I promise I will get some rest."

"At least let me help then." He said as he picked up a towel from the counter and started drying the dishes as soon as they were cleaned.

When the two of them were done the doorbell rang and Dannie looked out the kitchen window "It's Severus."

Remus took the dishrag from her and replied "You get in there and get some rest now, I'll let him in." He then walked over and opened up the door "Harry has already left with…."

Severus walked in handing Remus some clothes, "I know I just saw them on the road. Mr. Lightpaws is taking them with him to that function today." He then walked over and sat down at the table as he continued, "I also heard what happened last night and this morning. Although I am pleased to see that the two of you have finally worked out your differences, I am surprised that you didn't tell your daughter about Harry being alive."

They both turned towards Dannie as she carried a canvas tackle box and a small wooden box over to the couch and sat down. "Things were quite hectic yesterday and I was planning on telling her today but then when I saw Remie talking to her yesterday I assumed he mentioned it." she said as she pulled out a wing fan and started beading it.

"Luv, I thought you said you would get some rest."

"I am resting, I just need to get this done if we're going to go tonight."

Remus sighed, "She's going to make herself even worse if she doesn't take it easy and keep from wearing herself out."

"If this is what she needs to do to cope with the situation then let her. The last thing you two need to do now is start fighting again over something so trivial."

"Trust me I know." he said as he looked at the clothes in his hand. "Luv, do you mind if I use your shower?"

"Um, no. Top of the stairs, first door on the right and straight through the vanity." Dannie stated and Remus headed up the staircase.

"I have to be going, there are some things I need to take care of back at the cabin and with you two settled here and the kids with you father, this seems to be my only chance." Severus said as he started to stand up.

"It wouldn't happen to have anything to do with a certain Hawk that I'm related to now would it?" she joked.

"If you are referring to that insufferable cousin of yours then no. Robert is allowing me the usage of that contraption he drags around with him so that I can get some research done."

"You're actually going to use his lap top? I don't' know if I would advise that one. He and Danny have some very intimate friends that I know I never want to see messages from again."

"They said something about giving me an account name I believe the called it." Severus replied.

"Just a moment before you leave." Dannie said as she put the project to the side, reached to the coffee table and took her purse off it then dumped the contents onto the couch. "Before we left for the airport, Hermione gave me her email address for Bria to contact her with. Unfortunately we don't have a computer of our own and with the problems I've been having with Bria we really haven't been able to. I was wondering if you would write her and let her know what happened and maybe she could look into some sort of loophole for Remus' case."

"Dannie, I hate to say this but the laws are quite clear when it comes to Werewolves biting people. You won't find any loopholes as you call them."

"But Sev, you know as well as I do that it was an accident. Remus would never do such a thing. This morning he mentioned to Bria that there was a case of another couple that this happened to and they tried to fight it."

"But they still lost. If you try to go in that direction then not only would Remus still wind up with the Dementors but also, you would be declared insane and committed into St Muggios. Do you realize what would happen to your daughter then?"

"The same exact thing that will happen to her as it is now. If Remus gets kissed by one of those things then I definitely will go nutters enough to be locked away. There has to be something that they saw in the system to make them think they could find a way around it. I need to know what that something was."


"Sev please. Just write to her and ask her for help. We have to at least try before we get back there."

Severus looked at Dannie and the scrap of paper she held towards him before he took it from her. "I'll write her but don't get your hopes up. Just enjoy the time you two do have together."

"Thank you and don't worry I definitely plan on enjoying every single moment we have until then." she replied with a slight grin.

Once Severus left she put everything back into her purse then made her way up the stairs. Once at the top she was glad to hear that the water was still running so she walked into the vanity, glanced at the pile of clothes sitting on the counter then glanced at the closed door before her as she struggled to get out of her jeans. Just as she lifted her shirt over her head the bathroom door quickly opened and Remus stood there with a towel wrapped around his waist. "May I ask what you think your doing up here when you're suppose to be down stairs resting?"

Dannie quickly covered herself back up with her shirt and started stammering as she looked for her jeans "I um...well I thought...that I'd.." she then found them and started to bend down to pick them up when Remus pinned her against the wall.

"Join me perhaps?" he purred as he gently brushed his lips over hers. As he pulled her in closer she found herself melting into him and gripping his shoulders for support as he worked his way to her ear and whispered "What's behind that door?"

"Bedroom" she said breathlessly into the crook of his neck and he started kissing and nipping his way down her neck to her shoulder blade. Dannie instantly flashed on the previous night and pulled back and stared into his eyes for a few moments as he sensed her sudden fear he stayed back and waited until she made the next move. It wasn't long until she stepped closer and inhaled his scent before she started sucking and nibbling on his collarbone. He then lowered his head and captured her mouth in his as she wrapped her arms over his shoulders caressing the scruff of his neck with one hand and teasing the edge of his ear with the other causing him to plunge his tongue into her mouth to deepen the kiss. He lowered his hands to her buttocks and pressed himself into her as he lifted her up so they were at eye level. Although he was at a loss when the teasing of his ear ended he was pleasantly surprised as she wrapped her legs tightly over his hipbones as she fumbled to open the door next to them.

Remus then carried her across the room and after sitting on the side of the bed he broke the kiss as he brought his hands up to caress her cheeks as he stared into her eyes looking for approval to continue. Dannie answered him by taking his hand in hers and lightly licking a small trail from the inside of his wrist up along to the tip of his thumb only to suck it into her mouth and scrape her teeth against it lightly as she pulled it out. Remus didn't waste any time in practically ripping her shirt over her head and fumbling trying to remove her bra as she repositioned herself over his harder than he could ever remember erection. Once rid of the clothing he plunged his tongue into her mouth once again as he wrapped his arms around her pulling her tightly into him as their bodies would allow before he flipped her over to lay her back onto the bed.

Dannie let out a slight moan of disapproval at the loss of his heat as Remus lifted himself onto his elbows to gaze at the figure beneath him as she glanced at his in return noticing that the towel had worked it's way open. She then lightly drug her nails down his side and around to palm over his ever-aching staff. His eyes widened and a small snarl slipped out of the back of his throat as he captured one breast in his mouth and massaged the other's nipple with his thumb and forefinger while she continued to gently stroke him.

Slowly he moved his hand lower and lower caressing her skin as he sent shivers throughout her body causing her breathing to become more rapid. He lightly licked up her collarbone and neck to her earlobe as his hand worked its way under her panties as he moved to lay beside her. Dannie gently ran her hand back down his back as she turned her body towards him seeking out his heat and taking her turn on his neck. As he moved his fingers across her opening he felt her body tense as she gasped. Remus pulled her head back from his neck and stared directly into her eyes wanting to memorize every expression as he slowly inserted his index finger seeking the small nub that lay inside and nourishing the tightness that engulfed his finger. When he found the small prize a moan came out of her throat as her gentle touches along his spine turned into her nails clawing into his back pulling him even closer to her as if she was petrified he'd leave. As he continued to finger her he started kissing her passionately muffling her moans with his mouth before he stopped.

Dannie pushed up on his shoulders and begged "Remie, please..." between shallow breaths as he brought his hand back up to her chest, catching her scent that lingered on his finger. Once again he plunged his tongue into her mouth as he blanked her body with and rubbing against her.

"Those have got to go." He purred before he moved his way back down her body kissing and tasting her skin while his eyes remained locked with hers. When he got low enough he tugged at the waistband of her panties with his teeth as his hands slid them off from behind.

OH MY GOD! I am so sorry. I had absolutely no idea..." Robert stammered as Remus glared at the intruder with her panties still clutched in his teeth and growled a warning at him while Dannie tried to cover herself with a nearby pillow. "I'll just go back down stairs now...Um, don't stop what you're doing...Just keep going. Forget I was ever even in here…. Oh and Congratulations." Remus grabbed the pillow from her and threw it at the door just as it closed.

Dannie sat up trying to pull away from Remus to gather up her clothes as he held her legs firmly in place with one arm while removing her underwear with the other, he then started kissing her inner thigh working his way upward. "Remus, we... We shouldn't, not with them here."

"I know and we won't." he said continuing to move upward and moving her legs onto his shoulders forcing her to lay back down. Dannie again tried to scoot away from him but he grabbed her hips to keep her in place as he lightly blew over her opening.

"Please stop then." She panted at the sensation that started to flood her.

"Cant, your scent is to strong and..." he paused as he kissed the lips before him, "...delicious." He then wrapped his arms around her thighs and opened her with his fingers as he slowly started bathing her with his tongue causing her to whimper. He then darted it in and out teasingly watching her squirm whenever he happened to hit the small nub inside. Dannie was clenching onto the sheet as she felt his hand move up her body and cupped her breast as he rolled the hardening nipple between his fingers.

Dannie took his hand and brought it to her mouth licking from the inside of his wrist, across his palm and up his middle finger before drawing it into her mouth and out again teasing the tip with her tongue. Remus opened his eyes and watched her work his finger a few more times before he pulled his hand back down her body then stopping as he removed her legs from his shoulders and moved beside her as she snarled in frustration. He then lay across her burying his face into her curls as he wrapped his arms around her waist and flipping over onto his back taking her with him.

Dannie wasn't prepared for the new position change that not only resulted in something digging into her chest but also allowed him to plunge his tongue deeper into her sending sparks through her body. She then lifted herself up onto her shaky arms slightly moaning as she removed his leaking staff from between them. Her curious instincts took over as she licked the liquid off the tip then ran her tongue down and back up to the head before wrapping her mouth around him and slowly sucking him completely in. Remus' eyes widened at the feel of her lips around his base. Not possible. he though briefly until he felt one hand cup his balls and the other hold his thigh to the bed as he tried to resist the urge to thrust into her mouth then he felt her teeth lightly scrape the sensitive vein as she worked her way upward again to the head. As she started downward again he pulled her closer to him so he could bury his tongue deeper into her exploring every bit until he heard a muffled high pitched moan and felt her tonsils vibrate against him.

In his mid thirties and all the women he'd tasted before never had he come across one that was able to or even willing to devour him like she was and as her head continued to bob up and down he knew he was not going to last much longer as he felt the fluid build up. As he felt her return to his tip he lavished on the small nub licking it continuously with the tip his tongue. Suddenly a fingernail brushed a very sensitive spot behind his balls causing him to thrust hard and fast into her mouth as he shot his seed down her throat as he moaned. Luckily she had moved her hand quickly to his other leg as his moans sent vibrations throughout her body she dug into his thighs with her nails as she all too soon followed him in release letting out a gargled cry in ecstasy.

Completely spent and unable to hold herself up on her arms any longer she rolled over onto her side facing his legs as he released his grip on her as she ran her finger across the claw marks on his legs. When he sat up his leg moved slightly and Dannie thought he flinched, "I'm sorry."

"For what?" he said as he started kissing his way up her side.

"Clawing you like that."

Remus brushed the hair out of her face as she rolled over onto her back "If those are the results of me pleasing you, then I would definitely show off each and every one if I could. Especially after what you just did to me." He said as he leaned down and kissed her deeper and with more passion than he ever had before.


Meanwhile downstairs

Robert had joined Dan on the loveseat watching a movie in complete silence and after a few minutes it was commercial time when Dan looked at him and said, "You're acting strange. What happened up there?"

"You would not believe what I actually did."

"Don't tell me she's still asleep and you tried waking her up?"

"Worse." Robert replied.

"What could be worse then waking her up and having her throw something at you?"

"Interrupting them."

"Interrupting who?"

"Them. Angel and Remus."

Dan looked at his partner in disbelief; "I don't believe you. She wouldn't."

"I swear."

"You're serious aren't you?" Dan asked and Robert nodded. "Oh my God what did you do?"

"I apologized, told them to continue, and congratulated them. What did you expect me to do, shake his hand or pat him on the back?"

"You congratulated them?"

"I was at a loss for words. I mean that was definitely the last thing I ever expected to see in her room."

"Well good thing is at least we know she's feeling better." Dan chuckled as he pulled his partner closer and they continued to watch the movie.

About ten minutes later Dannie descended the stairs and noticed the smiling faces staring at her. "Don't you dare say one damn word. I can't believe you barged into my room like that," she said as she made her way to the couch and laid down on her side.

"Don't worry we understand that you're just tired right now. Of coarse I would be quite angry too if it only took what, twenty minutes." Robert joked.

Dannie looked around at the floor next to the couch then picked up a shoe and simply replied to his comment by throwing it at his head. A few moments later Remus came down and as he approached the couch Dannie sat up and made room for him to stretch out before she laid back down infront of him. Although nobody said a word outright the couple kept hearing snickering coming from the love seat. Dannie then opened her slowly closing eyes and finally asked. "What is so funny?"

The two men looked at each other daring the other one to speak when finally Dan gave in and with as straight of a face as he could muster he asked "So after sixteen years does the hymen actually grow back?"

Before Remus could stop her, Dannie had rolled off the couch and ran to the door gathering all the shoes she could carry from the shoe-rack and started throwing them at the guys as they quickly jumped off the love seat and ran towards the door doing their best to avoid the flying objects. Once they were gone she took her previous spot on the couch and nestled into Remus' embrace.

"May I ask what this is that you're watching?" he asked.

"Some lame vampire comedy that the guys wanted taped, called 'Love Bites' the vampire is trying to be human again." She replied sleepily.

"I know Adam can't possibly still look like that. How old is this movie?"

"It's at least 15 years old." She said as she turned over and looked at him. "I didn't know you've heard of Adam Ant."

"He went to school with us. He was Head Boy during our third year."

"Wait a second here. The Adam Ant, punk rock singer, not only went to Hogwarts but he was Head Boy? The idea that he went to Hogwarts I guess explains a lot with the way he dressed and all but I really can't see him with his reputation as a Head Boy."

"Well I guess that is kind of hard to believe but it's true. Unfortunately he only held the position until he was expelled half way through the term." Remus replied and noticed the questioning look on her face "I don't know the exact details but the files stated it was on the grounds of misusing a cauldron."

"I don't even want to think about how that could be done." Dannie replied just as there was a loud pounding on the door. "Why can't people just go away." She complained.

"You stay here, I'll get it." Remus said as he started to climb over her.

Dannie quickly wrapped her arms around his neck "No, don't go. Just ignore it and they'll go away."

"Dannie, Remus, I know you're in there open up." Severus yelled through the door.

Remus sighed as he pried her arms off him "I wish I could but it may be urgent." he said then as soon as he turned the doorknob Severus barged into the house.

"Where are your cousins? They said they would be coming here. I need to know what this name is that they told me to use means." Severus stated.

Dannie quickly sat up. "Did you hear back from Hermione already? Was she able to find anything out for us?"

"Yes I heard back from Miss. Granger. I also heard from her very irate parents as well. Not to mention lots of other people asking how long it was, what it was shaped like, and if I would hit them with it. I have no idea what these people are talking about but Miss. Granger suggested that I not use Harry's email account and try getting one of my own with a name more suitable for someone in my position." Severus paused for a moment. "I was getting so tired of the little messages that kept popping up from different people that I wasn't even able to get any research done and it took all I had not to just smash that contraption into the wall while your cousin, Jenny just stood there and laughed."

"What was the name they gave you?" Dannie asked.

Severus handed her a scrap of paper and replied "I wrote it down cause I can't even pronounce the word and I figured it must be some sort of computer saying of some kind. Besides laughing, all that Jenny could do was to help print out the information on that case that you had questions about."

Dannie looked over the scrap of paper "Um Severus, who made up this name for you?"

"Jenny did. Do you know what it means?"

"Figures as much. Yes I definitely know what this means and I can also see why Hermione's parents were quite upset." Dannie said as she smiled.

"What does it mean?" Severus asked.

"First hand over the papers you printed then I will tell you."

"I'm not going to like this am I?" Severus asked and Dannie just shook her head. "Tell me what it says."

"Uh no. I will write it out for you but you have to hand me the papers as I hand it back to you. Fair enough?"

"I have already looked them over and I don't know what good they will do but here you go." Severus replied as he held out the papers and Dannie transcribed the meaning of the name on the paper.


She then handed the paper over to Severus and he quickly read it and realization hit as his face turned different shades of red and he stormed out of the house muttering curses under his breath.

Remus walked back over to the couch and laid back down next to Dannie and asked. "What has got him all upset?"

"That screen name of his was asking people if they wanted to see what I saw of you earlier." She smiled.

"And I'd be more than happy to show you again but not until you get some sleep." He said as he kissed the top of her head as she snuggled comfortably into his embrace.



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