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Today's Memes

Gacked from soleta_nf

Your Husband Generator by Lady_Galadriel
Your Husband Is
You Metat a cheap café
You Have6 children
You Livejapan
Ina flat
You And Your Partner Are Best Known Forbeing incredibly selfish and self centred
Quiz created with MemeGen!

</td><td valign="top">OK, so maybe you ain't a geek. You do, at least, show a bit of interest in the world around you. Either that, or you have enough of a sense of humor to pick some of the sillier answers on the test. Regardless, you're probably a pretty nifty, well-rounded person who gets along fine with people and can chat with just about anyone without fear of looking stupid or foolish or overly concerned with minutiae. God, I hate you.</td></tr>
You are 16% geek

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Gacked from jessblack

Your Love Life Is Most Like My Big Fat Greek Wedding

You're on your way to happily ever after...
Just don't let your friends of family get in the way.

What Movie Is Your Love Life Like? Take This Quiz :-)

Find the Love of Your Life
(and More Love Quizzes) at Your New Romance.

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