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I am so tempted.....

Yes this is definately actually tempted to go all fangurly. But I won't I'll keep my dignity...for now because it's not time yet.
If you have no idea what I'm talking about but you're a sci-fi fan then tell me if this plot sounds familiar....
"Once upon a time there was a boy named John. One day when John was out doing astronaut things a BIG BLUE WORMHOLE GOBBLED HIM UP AND SPAT HIM OUT ON THE FAR END OF THE UNIVERSE..."
Well does it sound at all familiar???? I think it will to some...The date is out and the trailer is on the net to view....

Here's just a few of the screencaps....

The last show we saw 2 years ago was....

Yes they were blown to crystal dust....The worse way to end a show with the words "To Be Continued" at the end....Good reason to completely ban the channel right??? I think so cause I did. I was royall po'd...cussed screamed yelled had a fit and refused to talk to anyone about the show at work the following Monday but.....

YES!!!!! It returns for the 4 hour mini series just a little over a month from least in the States it does. For those of you who were fans and live everywhere else, unfortunately they haven't announced the airing date for you as of yet....Sorry.

Now you know why I'm thrilled...I loved this show...I was a faithful episode viewer for 4 flipping years. Hell where else can you see people and muppets all in leather??? And Ben Browder??? tight black leather pants, tight t-shirt, and long black leather coat.

Now rumor has it that if this is a huge success that the Sci-fi channel just may bring the show back....They better. Yes I am lifting my ban on the channel for a total of 4 hours...(plus for each and every rerun there is of it) just to see this. This shows cancellation was why I and so many others stopped watching and it coming back is the only way we will watch that channel again.
The viewing date is Oct 17 at 9 pm EST...yes I know that's a Sunday keep the tv on and tape needs the ratings cause I need this show back.

Oh I almost forgot....If you would like to see the internet trailer here's the link...

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