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onedemonicangel we go again....

Well things at work have been quite hetic....My number of loads per day has dropped fact I wet from 180 loads per week down to so far this week is only about 50. Why is this???? The blasted weather.

People say that the many hurricanes we've had over the past few weeks use to be normal....well 40 years ago it was normal. Funny thing is it's been 40 years this year since Jacksonville has been hit dead on by one. Not good, I actually have a pretty bad feeling about this year and how long the hurricane season is going to last now. Believe it or not when I moved out here 10 years ago the season lasted from mid June to the last week of October...then what happened???? Hurricane Dannie came by...this one happened right after my divorce was finalized...I remember because Derf had a complete utter hissy fit telling me I was a poor mother and what not. Funny thing was the only way to really go was west, needless to say Dannie (gotta love the name...sorry...if you know my real name just look at the letters and you'll understand why). Anyway where was I...Oh yea...she hit just south of us, went westward across the state to the gulf and then back to the northeast. If I had left and gone out camping Suwanee River Music Park (stop singing the song!!!!) I would have been clobbered.

Even though there are different electric companies from all over the northeast and midwest parts of the country all in Florida trying to get everything up and working again....(I see a group of 17 bright orange utility trucks from Ohio every morning on my way to work), there are still plenty of people without power. In fact it was about 3/4 of the city lost power for more than 24 hours (I was lucky...only went without for 2 hours). The rains have finally died down and 'By Order of Mayor Whats-his-face" schools in Duval County Will start again tomorrow after the kids being out for the past week due to the storm. Why they don't just give them tomorrow off since it is the last day of the week...I have no idea other than maybe he's sick of his own kids being home all day while he has to work.

IMO it's stupid but Fire will be going for the simple fact that tomorrow is the day he gets his first report card. Yes I know it's early for kids to get them already, afterall it's only the middle of Sept. The majority of the district will merely be getting their progress reports in which Fire got 2 weeks ago....the difference is because the high school he goes to happens to be in a "4 on 4 block schedule". It's different I know but he seems to enjoy it more. I'm not worried at all with how he's doing because when I went to the Open House last Thursday his 3 academic classes already let us know what their grades would be....he's got straight B's across the board but I have no idea what he's gonna get in Automotive Technology.

Anyway with Frances psat us....(sorry for those of you in Canada being effected by the remains of it) we now have Ivan to look forward to. As usual we don't know exactly when this one will hit but so far the predictions are that it's headed for Tampa....(with that being said...Madeline please be careful out there I know you're as sick of this as I am.)....then on towards us...pretty much the same path that Charley was originally expected to take. I don't know if it's true or not but the radio stations here were stating that Tampa is to start evacuating tomorrow (Friday). We'll see.

As always I'm staying put...My sister (not by blood though) Amberfire's husband is going to help me by getting the sandbags for the garage (which tends to flood with every hard rain...thank Merlin it's the only part of the house that does) along with some plywood to put up over my windows. I'm hoping to talk him into coming over this weekend with the chainsaw so that he can cut down some of the higher branches on the birch tree in my back yard. Usually I wouldn't want to cut any part of it down (yes I suppose you could consider me a tree hugger) but there's these thick branches that are a good 10 feet further up than me (I'm 5'10 if that's any sort of idea on how high up they are). Well the only bad part of this beautiful tree is these branches rub against the roof of my house (Luckly with Frances I only lost 1 shingle that was right on the edge of the roof) while another likes to hit against the side where Fire's bedroom is on the 2nd floor. Also I need him to take care of one of the old trees down on the lake side of my back fence that was blown over last weekend.

Yes Frances did quite abit of damage with just tornados involved. Fences, roofs, sides of older houses, trees, and power lines all either fallen over or removed from the houses.

I took some pics from my backyard last weekend that I plan on putting up this weekend...hopefully...but that all depends on what happens. In fact tomorrow I'm heading over to Earth Gifts to pickup some good...powerful candles (since my candle making ability has gone downhill...they stick to the molds no matter what I do) for this one. I'm even tempted to breakdown and buy a Dragonsblood one for protection....that's how bad of a feeling I have about this storm.

Well I'd better get's almost midnight and my good ol' mental clock will be waking me in a mere 5 hours for work tomorrow morn.

Take care and talk to ya'll laters.
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