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Chapter 26 - Traditions

Ok here it is...finally....had to rig some things to get the chapter to upload on my son's comp but I did it....hope you enjoy...of to start typing in the next chapt.

Title: Collision
Summary: As one family struggles to come together, another is torn further apart.
Main Pairing: RL/OC
Story Rating: Hard R or NC-17 (depending on your own views)
Chapter title: Chapter 26
Chapter Rating: R for language light sexual situations

On his way back toward his guardian’s Remus strolled through town smiling at everyone who stopped and looked at him strangely. As soon as he walked in the door to the small shop William slammed the cash register closed and glared at him. “Do you mind telling me where you were all day?”

“I was still at the old shack.”

“This whole time? What would make you stay there all day?”

“I appreciate all that you’ve done for us and I’d like you to be the first to know.” Remus continued to smile as he walked over to the counter. “She has agreed to join with me tomorrow evening.”

William then reached under the counter and pulled out a pair of pants. “Well I don’t need to know how you convinced her to join with you but after finding these out in the yard I can only guess.”

“It wasn’t anything like that; at least it’s not what you’re thinking.”

“Really? Then do tell me where your robes are then.” William stated as Remus looked at himself and noticed he was still in nothing but the sheet.


Later that evening he arrived at the castle with his list in hand on his way to find Bria. In heading to Dannie’s quarters he passed by the potions lab in which Severus was going over stores so he walked in without knocking. “Good afternoon.” he greeted him with a smile on his face.

“Where were you yesterday?”

“I was going through something important.”

“You do realize what yesterday was and what we all were suppose to do don’t you?” Severus asked.

“Listen about Harry’s birthday. I’m sorry I wasn’t there but…”

“You had Lily oblivate your mind didn’t you?”

Remus nodded, “I wish now I hadn’t but yes. How did you know?”

“Where do you think we went? She met Bria yesterday and you should have seen her face when she learned that you never went back for them.” Severus said as he put the parchment down and walked over to his friend. “Is that what all this has been about between the two of you? Because you heard about the instance in court and you don’t believe her? No wonder she’s heading back. Hell Remus I wouldn’t blame her is she took Bria with.”

“Sev, it’s over with.”

“I know it’s over. She’s going back - don’t tell me you plan no following her again because this time I will not…”

“No the fighting between us is over with. That’s why I came to see you.” Remus explained “You’ve been a good friend to both of us and I wanted to know if you’d do me the honour of standing up…”

“So you’re going through with it. How’d you get Miss Head-Case to agree?” Sirius said from the doorway.

Remus ignored his comments and continued to ask “…with me.”

“I am honoured but don’t you believe that should be bestowed upon your best friend?”

“My best friend yes, oldest no….not after the hatred he has toward her. “

“I never said that I hated her. I don’t trust her.” Sirius stated. “She’s been using you this whole ting, why else would she remain in a world that she doesn’t belong in?”

“What in Merlin’s name could she be using me for Siri? I sure in hell don’t have anything to give her except for what I’ve already done and trust me, having this condition is no gift at all. Not to mention that one of the people I believed to be one my closest and dearest friend scares the daylights out of her every time he goes near her.”

“Go on with this farse and have him up there with you. When you’re old and alone with a broken heart don’t say I didn’t warn you.” Sirius spat.

“Why do you hate her so much that you can’t accept our joining?”

“Not only is she not one of us but she’s a damn muggle.”

Remus ignored his last comment “If you remember right both Peter and Pattie was ‘one of us’ and look what happened with them after how many years of friendship?”

“They have nothing to do with this.”

“Really?” Severus asked “You were perfectly content with the whole idea of the two of them being joined just a few months ago when you even danced with her at the Solstice ball. It wasn’t until recently when you changed your mind.”

“Would you approve of anyone that I choose at all?” Remus asked but Sirius didn’t answer. “Sirius, she’s my mate and has been for 16 years. She raised my child and never once asked for anything, and then when we finally were reunited last year she never once showed any sort of resentment for what happened in the past. Don’t you think her…no we deserve to finally be happy?”

“So that’s the reason? You think you owe her for waiting for you? You could do so much better than that…that…”

“That what Sirius. Tell me.” Remus spat “I watched all 4 of you have your times with your soul-mates while I never expressed one bad word about any of them while I never had more than 3 dates with the same female. You were all happy with your choices back then and now it’s my turn. You can either accept my family or you can….”

“Remus I only…”

Remus shook his head and left the lab without waiting to hear his old friend out. “Well you’ve finally gone too far this time.” Severus stated.

“Give him a few hours and he’ll forgive me.”

“If I had ever caught you talking about Lily the way I’ve heard you talk about Dannie, ending a life long friendship would be the least I would have done.”

“I’m just glad that you and I have never been friends.” Sirius replied as he also left the room


Remus then continued his venture to find Bria when he arrived at the door to Dannie’s quarters and knocked. She took longer to open it than usual when he knocked again once to hear shuffling going on inside. Bria then opened it just enough to look out before jumping in front of the opening. “Dad, what are you doing here? I though you’d be resting.”

“Aren’t you going to let me in?”

“I don’t know how mom would feel about you coming in with her not being here.” she replied nervously.

Remus caught onto the scent she was putting out and along with something else, “Your mum asked me to come see you. We need you to take care of some things and since obviously you have nothing better to do with your time right now. I know you won’t mind.” Bria bit her lip knowing she’d been caught and opened the door allowing Remus to walk in and he then took a look at the boy who seemed ready to shit his pants. He then took a deep breath before fighting to contain his rage. “This is the last time I will find the two of you alone like this. I don’t want to know what you were doing because the scent…” he took another breathe and handed the paper to Bria.

“What’s this for?”

“Your mum is in no condition to be able to do all that on her own for tomorrow so we need you to.”

Bria looked over the small piece of paper “But wait a second, it has here to get her bag and meet her at the entrance to the willow.” She then thought for a few moments when she saw the smile on his face “You mean…but I thought…”

“I’ll see you later; I have some things to take care of myself.” Remus said before he motioned for Harry to leave the quarters then kissed Bria on the top of her head and left with Harry right behind him.

“Uncle Remus, we weren’t doing…”

Remus stopped and turned to face Harry, “I strongly suggest you do not say another word and ruin the mood I’m in right now.” he then handed him the second half of the list, “Here’s what I want you to take care of for tomorrow.” before he turned and walked off without another word.

Throughout the rest of the evening anytime Sirius tried talking to his old friend, Remus would just walk away as if he wasn’t even there. Later that evening in the dinning hall Sirius finally asked Severus “Where are the kids at. I know I saw Hermione, Ron and Ginny earlier but I haven’t seen them since.”

“It seems that Remus assigned some tasks to Harry and Bria earlier and the two of the recruited their friends to help out with.”

“What kind of tasks?”

“Preparing everything for their…oh that right…your against this whole thing. By the way, has Remus started speaking to you yet or have you finally realized he’s not as naive to you as you thought he was.”

“I never considered him naive.”

“No you just assumed that he’d always forgive you no matter what you did. Face it Black, he’s finally happy and no matter what you think of her they’re going to be joined...tomorrow. I told you before she’s nothing like Patricia is so get on with your life and either accept her or lose your only remaining friend.”

Sirius got up from the table slamming his chair backwards then stormed out of the hall in search for his daughter. About an hour later he heard some voices coming from behind one of the suits of armour “So are you gonna send an owl to your mom and Jamie to let them know about it?”

“I don’t know. You saw the way dad and her got along at Harry’s birthday, I don’t want to be responsible for it ruining their ceremony too.”

“You never know. I mean after all she was dad’s friend and even though she works…well you know. In a way she was partially responsible for the closing of the Safe-house.”

“Bus as pissed off as dad is with her he’d probably A.K her ass the minute she steps foot on the grounds.”

“He can’t, Professor D is making sure there’s no magic allowed”

“He can’t do that can he?” Ann asked.

“I don’t know but he sure acts like he can.”

“I don’t know.” Ann sighed “I miss Jamie and all; afterall this is the first time we’ve really been separated like this before. Then there’s mom, I know what she did and all but she’s still mom.”

“Mom feels the same way about papaw. As mad as he and mom were with each other when we left. It just won’t be the same without him being here for this. You should see him at ceremonies; he has this way of embarrassing the couples so bad. I can’t even imagine what he’d do to them now.” Bria stated. “Hell he probably wouldn’t show up even if he could. After watching mom and me he doesn’t trust anyone and can’t understand how mom can forgive him for disappearing like he did.”

“Yeah but there were reasons behind that.”

“Don’t matter to papaw. You take care of your own no matter what.”

“You have some strict rules.”

“Tell me about it. Good thing is about it though there aren’t that many divorces.” Bria replied.

Sirius continued to listen to the girls, if I can’t keep him from joining with her maybe her father will he through before he walked in the room and cleared his throat causing the girls to turn around “Ann, I have an errand to run. I need you to behave yourself while I’m gone.”

“How long are you gonna be?”

“I’m not sure but it shouldn’t be all that long.” Sirius replied.

“But what about the ceremony tomorrow? Are you at least going to be here for that?”

“I should be.” he said as he through If there is even one that is. He then turned and headed out the main doors over to his motorbike and drove away while the girls finished what they were doing before turning in for the night.”


The next day Dannie woke up to the slamming of the trap door leading to the tunnel at the bottom of the stairs. When she finally made her way down she noticed Bria looking around. “Morning.” she mumbled.

“Afternoon mom. What happened to the ceiling?” Bria asked then noticed her mom gave her a concerned look, “Don’t worry everything is all set except the fry bread which just needs to be cooked.”

“Ok thank you. As for the ceiling, it rotted through the other night.” Dannie stated, “So did you bring everything from the list?”

“Yes but I don’t understand. What happened to make you change your mind?”

Dannie smiled at her daughter “All you really need to know is that seemed to be a reunion between two old friends who haven’t seen each other in a long time.” then the two of them left the shack and headed directly through the forest to the lake.

As they left the cover of the large trees she noticed Ann sitting down by the lake “About time you showed up.”

“Well don’t I have the right to actually get some sleep before I’m joined? By the way what are you doing here?”

“Ann’s going to help guard the area so nobody wonders down here.” Bria replied.

“I know your dad doesn’t approve of me, what’s he going to say about you helping?” Dannie asked the girl.

“He left last night, something about having an errand to run.” Ann said quietly. “Can I ask what we’re doing down here?”

“Mom has to bathe in the lake before the ceremony. You and I are going to keep watch in case anyone decides to wonder down.” Bria said as Dannie walked down to the water with her bag.

Dannie first spread out a decorated across one of the higher tree branches before placing her tan coloured buckskin regalia over it and smiled as she looked over it seeing many different beaded patterns across the top that she knew were put on it by her own mother and sighed. She then walked over to the bag pulled out a conk shell and filled it with white sage, cedar, and tobacco before returning to the tree and placing it on the ground under the garments then after striking a match and setting it ablaze she put the flames out and let it smoke heavily. Dannie then returned to the water’s edge and splashed some on her face before standing up and started to take off her shirt that’s when the girls turned and followed the path away. Once she discarded her clothes, Dannie then grabbed the bar of homemade soap and walked down into the cold water until it was knee deep then she dove under only to quickly emerge letting out a loud screech from the icy feeling.

As soon as she was done she climbed out of the lake feeling well awake and refreshed she quickly wrapped herself in her shawl then let out a loud whistle to summon the girls back. They were discussing different aspects of the ceremony that afternoon when Ann asked. “I understand the blanket and the feather parts….I think but do you guys have an exchanging of rings of some kind to show that you belong to someone?”

“Not normally,” Dannie replied as Bria walked behind where she was seated and started braiding her hair.

“With Uncle Remus going through your ceremony and all are you going to incorporate any wizarding traditions into it?”

“We never spoke of any of them; in fact I don’t know what any are.” Dannie replied.

“There are the binding cords for one and then the four…” Ann was cut off by Bria clearing her throat and shaking her head as she reached for the a long piece of leather that was cut into strips half way down and wrapped it around the braid then tied it securely in place.

“What is it you’re trying to hide Bria?” Dannie asked.

“It’s just something that I know you wouldn’t be willing to do in front of a group of people.” Bria replied quickly. “It’s one of the more intimate traditions that they have.”

“There’s nothing wrong with a little intimacy.” Dannie replied but noticed she wasn’t going to get any more of a response about that particular tradition. She then stood up and took the regalia off the tree branch then stepped behind a bush to dress. “What about this binding cord thing? Is that also intimate?”

“Yes but it’s not really done in front of people like the other is.” Ann replied then continued to explain the process to her.


Meanwhile on the other side of the ocean Jenny was walking out of the hotel office when she saw Dan standing behind the counter. “I thought you would of left to visit Bobby by now.”

“No I can’t leave yet. That idiot is late for his shift again.”

“Well why don’t you just leave. It’s not like there’s anyone who plans on checking out today and check-in isn’t for a few more hours. I’m sure he’ll be here before then.” Jenny stated. “Listen, it’s the slow season anyway, go on I’ll take care of everything when it come…”

Just then the bell about the front door rang followed by “Sorry I’m late.” announced the guy who walked in with Sirius right behind him.

“You’re lucky I need you hear today. I swear one more time and you’re fired.” Dan stated.

“You can’t fire me, you’re not in charge here.” he spat.

“You’ve been here long enough to know that I am second in command here, especially when Bobby’s out.” Jack stated as he gathered his things and glanced at Jenny who nodded in return. “You know what? Forget there being a next time, get you’re ass out now.”

“You fucking faggot, you’re gonna regret that.”

“You do or say one single thing and I’ll make sure you’re dragged out of the closet in a heart beat. Just remember what I caught you and that ‘friend’ of yours doing last week in one of the cabins. Do you keep it a secret from your wife as well or does she like to join the two of you?” Dan asked and the guy huffed before walking out the door so he turned to Jenny. “I hate to do this to you but I really need to talk with his doctors while I’m there. I won’t be to long.” then leaned down to kiss her on the cheek.

“Hey don’t worry about it. Take all the time you need. Oh I almost forgot. I got a…” she then noticed that they weren’t alone. “…a ‘call’ from Nicca earlier with some news that may cheer him up.”

“Did she finally give us Angel’s flight information?” Dan asked solemnly

Jenny smiled. “She’s not coming back afterall. I’m not sure what it was all about other than just a case of the gitters but the ceremony is back on….in fact tonight it seems.”

“You’re kidding?”

Jenny smiled “Nope I swear it’s true.” just then Sirius walked up to the counter. “May I help you?”

Heading for the door Dan called out, “I’ll be back in a few hours. Make sure you call Papa Jack to break the news before I return.”

“Don’t worry I will.” she said with a smile. “Sorry about that sir. Just a family situation going on.”

“No worries, I was wondering if you knew where I could find a Mr. Lightpaws?” Sirius asked.

“He’s doing a run right now. What do you want with him?” Jenny asked as she looked over the stranger.

“I’m a professor at the school his granddaughter attends and I need to talk to him.” Sirius replied.

“So you came all the way over here to speak with him about Nicca? Why didn’t you just talk to her mama?”

“Listen here, I just had a long flight to this hole in the ground and I don’t have time to even attempt to explain anything to a peon like you. If you won’t tell me where I can find Mr. Lightpaws then at least tell me where I can find another relative of his so that his daughter won‘t ruin my friend‘s life.” Sirius growled in a low voice as he glared down at the woman.

Jenny stood on her toes and leaned on the counter so she could get as close to the idiot’s height as possible “For your information Sir, Bobby is in the hospital, and his partner is the one who just left. If you have anything to say to my uncle you can tell me what it is and I will be more than happy to pass on the information for you.”

Sirius was stunned; he looked over the shorter plump woman again then noticed the nametag she was wearing. “You…you’re Jenny?”

“I should hope so; I don’t wear her nametag just for the fun-of-it. Are you gonna tell me what you want with Papa Jack or not?”

Sirius quickly changed his attitude, “I’m sorry for the way this started out. With you knowing what kind of school that Bria goes to I’m sure you understand my neglect of straight information to you.” he stated with a fake charming tone to his voice and held out his hand, “I’m Sirius I’ve been friends with Remus since school.”

Jenny took his hand and replied “I’ve heard of you.” not falling for his change in personality. “If you really wanna know where Jack is I suggest you tell me. I do have work to get done.”

“I overheard Bria speaking with my daughter yesterday as they were preparing for the ceremony and she said that your cousin would love to have her father there. Well I’m sure that you understand with all that your cousin has gone through over the past few months, I just couldn’t resist the opportunity to try to give this to her. Afterall Remus is one of my best friends.”

Completely hiding the fact that she had been informed of all events but still pulled out a map. “Well I appreciate what you’re doing for my cousin and all.” She then spread it out on the counter. “Papa Jack makes the same delivery every weekend so I know his route by heart. His next delivery is right here in Menomee Falls and always takes this route since there’s hardly ever any cops along it.” she stated as she ran her finger along a line on the map “I’m sure if you hurry you’ll be able to catch him right at this intersection.”

Sirius studied the map for a few moments then ran out the door without thanking her. Jenny walked around the counter and to the front door where she saw him literally take off toward in the direction she told him to go. She then went back behind the counter bent down and picked up her cell phone and made a quick phone call.

Not too much later Jack was driving down the same interstate ahead of schedule with an earpiece in his ear, “I gotcha Jens, don’t worry I’ll take care of everything.” then clicked the red button on his cell phone before moving his hand to turn the volume back up on his cd player and bellowed along with the song. “He got a job. As a snake handler in an all night pet store…..She had a job…nightshift supervisor in a late night lingerie store…Hello hello, Snakecharm Handler….Hello hello…” he then caught sight of someone along side the road waving him down. “Well here we go.” Jack said to himself as he started to slow down and pull over. He then turned down the radio and rolled down the passenger side window. “Having some problems with that bike of yours?” he asked as Sirius climbed up on the step outside the cab.

“Are you Jack Lightpaws?”

“What if I am?”

“Yes or no, are you him?” Sirius asked again.

Jack moved his hand to the side of his seat as if he was reaching for something. “What is it you want?”

“I need you to come with me. It’s in regards to your daughter.”

“Do you realize that I have a schedule to keep? If I don’t make this delivery on time then they will put me down as a work in and I’ll most likely have to spend the rest of the day and even tomorrow to get the shit off my truck.” Jack spat, “Besides my daughter ran off to England, whatever she has gotten herself into this time is her own damn fault. She knows I didn’t want her to go back there.”

“I know quite well where your daughter is that’s why I need you to come with me. You want her home and I want my friend happy. If you will come with me then we can stop this foolish joining ceremony that they’re doing tonight and…”

“Are you saying that my Angel’s not joined with that idiot yet?” Jack asked.

“No that’s why…”

Jack immediately flipped a switch to unlock the door. “Climb on in and put your belt on. As soon s I get this done we’ll leave.” Jack stated as he pulled back onto the highway. He then looked over at the man next to him, “You like music?”


“I’m not talkin that rap shit or any of that head banking crap…I mean real music.” and Sirius nodded “Good.” He then turned the music back up and started to once again bellow along with the music. “If I had a little Finger Monkey, I’d by her the finest clothes…and my little Finger Monkey would never be out in the cold…” Sirius sat and suffered during the off pitch wailing the man next to him was doing and wondered if what he was doing was really worth the suffering his ears were experiencing. “Now this is true music!” Jack shouted over the song and Sirius just nodded. Just as he thought he’d had enough of the suffering and actually considered jumping out the window a car blared it’s horn as it passed them “Check this out boy you’ll love it.“ he stated and just to make the man happy he looked out the windshield. To his surprise 3 women leaned out the windows of the car and lifted their shirts over their heads screaming loudly for attention. “Aaahh, my favourite day of the year. Pretty sad when this becomes the largest thrill of your life though.” he stated as he lifted his hand up to the cord above him and tugged twice letting out two short blasts.

“Do you know them?” Sirius asked not quite believing what he was seeing.

“Nah…I don’t know them. But I would have loved to have when I was younger. Before my Gabby and I were joined that is.” Jack replied.

“If you don’t know them then why are they…No offence but you are quite a bit older than them.”

“National Flash a Trucker Day boy. Best damn day of the year.” Jack sighed. “Don’t even have to go over to one of them pole-dancing clubs this week. In this one day I see more sets of titties than you could ever dream of seeing for free.”

It was at that point that Sirius decided that he could tolerate with the old man’s off pitch singing as long as he got to see more of scenery that passed by them every once in a while and stop his friend’s ceremony. When they finally arrived at their destination he continued to sit there quietly while Jack backed his rig to the dock and then climbed out of the truck and waited for someone to assist him. After about 10 minutes a tall thin woman with highlighted hair arrived with a clipboard, “Jack how’ve you been?” she asked as she greeted him with a hug.

“Oh I’m fine now darlin now that you’re back.” he replied as he took her arms and held them out to her sides. “I see you’ve grown out. They look spectacular.”

The woman pulled her arms from his “Well they had better. These twins cost me 10 grand.” she replied.

“What does Mark think about them?”

“Oh he loves them. Says they feel like the real thing.” and the woman smiled as she noticed the look on the old man’s face. “It’s ok touch them, tell me what you think.”

“Oh I don’t know darlin. It’s been a long time since I’ve touched something so lovely. Don’t want Mark thinking I’m puttin the moves on his woman.”

She then reached out and took his wrist and placed his hand on her chest. “He don’t mind. He’s so proud of them he’s had all his friends touch them at least once.” she then looked toward the cab and saw Sirius reflection in the mirror. “Who’ve you got with you? Not another dim-witted trainee again?”

“No nothin of the sort, he’s a friend of Nicca’s father who’s gonna take me to stop Angel’s Blanket Ceremony.” Jack stated as he pulled his hand back.

“Jack David Lightpaws I though you told me that…”

“Shush Chelle, I know and I am ok with it. Just go along with this and I’ll be able to see her on her day.” Jack said quickly and quietly.

The woman looked at him closely “You’re serious aren’t you?” she asked and he nodded “So that’s why you brought the trailer up here instead of dropping it in the yard.”

“Yes now please just go along with me on this ok?” Jack asked and she shook her head with a smirk on her face. “Hey Boy! Bring me the paperwork off the dash will ya?” Jack shouted and Sirius soon climbed out of the truck with the papers in his hand. “Chelle this is…I’m sorry boy I didn’t get your name.”


“Ok then, this is Sirius.” Jack said and the woman just nodded at him as she looked over the bills of lading while Sirius watched her. “Would you believe that up until a few weeks ago Chelle here was a mere size A? It’s amazing at what doctors can do today isn’t it?”

Chelle then stood up and Jack noticed him looking at her figure more clearly “It’s more of what they‘ll do for you for the right amount of money.” she stated.

“You mean those aren’t real?” Sirius asked.

“They may not be real but they sure feel like they are. I’m sure you’ve handled some nice ones more recently than I have. Why don’t you tell me if they feel real to you?”

“No I couldn’t.” Sirius replied with his eyes still focused on her figure.

She then gave the clipboard to Jack before she took a step toward Sirius and just like with Jack she took his hand but this time put it under her tank top and on her breast. “See yes you can and your hand isn’t even falling off.” she smirked and he started to massage and she let out a small moan. “You don’t have to be so gentle.” she whispered.

Sirius then took his hand out of her shirt and placed it back on the material that covered her breast as he reached his other arm around her waist and pulled her closer “HEY YOU THAT’S ENOUGH! GET YOUR PAWS OFF MY WIFE!” a very wide man shouted from inside a booth at the end of the next dock and Sirius jumped back away from her.

“Oh back off Mark! You let all your friends touch them for the past 2 weeks and he’s not doing anything they didn’t. I paid for them so they’re mine and if I want one of my friend’s to touch them I will.” she called back.

“He had his feel now that’s enough. I suggest you get him outta here now.” Mark warned.

She then walked over to the booth and had a brief discussion with her husband then returned. “Listen I’ve never seen Mark so pissed before. He’s ready to have you physically removed from the property but we need this product for a sale that starts tomorrow so why don’t you just drop the trailer here and you can pick it up on Monday.”

Jack looked over at Sirius and said “Get in the cab.” then turned toward the woman next to him. “Thanks Chelle.” and he bent down to hug her.

“I didn’t do anything but use up time you need to get there.”

“That’s fine. As soon as they consummate their union there’s not a thing I can do.” he whispered in her ear.

“Well then you go have fun.” she said.

Jack then lowered the trailer legs, unhooked the trailer from his cab and slowly inched forward until he heard a metallic thud then drove off the property and down the road. When they reached about half way from where the motorcycle was left behind and he turned down the cd player once again. “So if you’re friends with Remus then why do you want to stop their joining? Don’t tell me my Angel’s not good enough for him.”

“To be honest, no she’s not.” Sirius stated.

“Normally I’d knock the shit outta anyone who’d say that about my baby girl. But I have to give you some credit for bein honest.” Jack said then briefly glanced at the man next to him. “What is it you don’t like about her. The girl’s a damn good cook, she’s independent, understanding to a point, does not have the nature to cheat on her mate, and best of all she’s got the build to pump out plenty of healthy grandbabies for me.”

”I just don’t trust her. Until 2 days ago this was all over and she was coming back here. Now she’s staying and…”

“You’re jealous.” Jack smirked.

“I am not. Remus can do much better than her.”

“And Angel could do much better than him if it weren’t for the fact that she’s mated with the deadbeat.”

“Watch it old man, that’s my best friend you’re talking about.”

“You weren’t talkin about my daughter? I suggest we stop this now before I actually do get pissed off.” Jack stated as he pulled onto the shoulder of the road. “Take that bike of yours and follow me to my nephews hotel so I can park my rig.” Sirius didn’t reply he just climbed out of the truck and as Jack watched him run across the street before he pulled back onto the road he thought ‘I’m gonna be able to send my baby-girl off on her joining.’



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