Demonic Angel (onedemonicangel) wrote,
Demonic Angel

Frances update....

Well he/she finally hit land yesterday...down in the Vero Beach area after looking as if it was bumping against the coast for a bit...not quite sure but that's what the satellite maps were showing (looked as if it was doing the cha-cha...with banging it's hip against shore every now and then. This is why I still say think they should have named it Fred.). Yes I'm one who has to laugh at situations like this cause if I sit and think and worry about it then I'll go more nuts than I aleady am.
Anyway we do have some of the tail of the storm...not much though. Very little rain spirts and a constant wind of about 10-20 mph...not too bad, just a very nice summer breeze.
Right now the projections are that it will very very slowly make it's way across the state to the Gulf then head northward. Who knows what it'll really do because like I said yesterday. Frances is playing games with us by constantly changing it's mind just to confuse everyone more than we already are.
Still here I sit at home, not knowing if I'll loose power or not but I'm haning in here....I've stuck these things out for the past 10 years and I'll continue to do it. Afterall there's nothing worse then being on the highway during these things with True Southern Floridiot Rednecks surrounding you.
My friend's clan still haven't come by and they most likely wont since we're pretty much in a safe zone now so the house remains mine for the weekend.

I don't have much else to say other than I'm still working on getting all my typing of Collision done and looked over so it shouldn't be long until it's updated.

Well better get going...we'll talk to you all later....

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