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The good...the bad...and me, the royally pissed.....

Ever have one of those times when just about everything can go wrong and it does?????
This happened back on Saturday evening and I've had to put off telling about it because I was fuming so much I don't believe that what I wanted to to say would have made much sense nor looked like anything more than a bunch of swearing.

Here's what happened.....
The good news
I got my laptop back!!!!!

The bad news
They never did a damn thing and they won't without me paying $500-$800 for it to be done even though it's not only under manufacturers warrenty but also the extended warrenty from Best Buy.

Why I'm Pissed

When I took my laptop into Best Buy to be repaired because of the modem and cd burner being bad....I know I've mentioned this. They had it the full 3 weeks time to get it done.
Well Saturday afternoon during the WIKTT chat I called B.B. to check on the status once I got the 'geek' (as they go by) on the phone and they pulled up my record the conversation went as such....

"I'm sorry Mrs Roth, we do have it here but they refused to fix it due to the problem being caused by water damage on the motherboard"

As calmly as possible I said "Wait a second, there was no 'water damage' done to it when I gave it to your people."

"I'm sorry but there is water damage and they refuse to fix the problem with your modem."

"Ok what about the cd burning feature that never worked?"

"The moment the saw the damage they closed it up and sent it back."

"But there was no water damage when I dropped it off."

"There was when it was opened."

With my temp starting to rise (usual problem I get when I'm pissed) I hung up on the idiot and went back to the chat. After a half-hour of trying to calm down I had Fire get his shoes on and the 2 of us went over to the store. Before we even got out of the car I looked at him and said "If you feel at all that you don't want me to imbarrass you may wish to stay out here."

The two of us went into the facility and up to the service center. "I'm Nadine Roth, I'm here to pickup my laptop."

"Oh you must be the phone call."

"Are you the person that told me that it wasn't fixed?"

"No but I heard about it." (heard about what? I was polite and calm on the phone)

One of the techs went into the back room and took 20 minutes to come back with my laptop (funny, they said it had just returned that day...why would it take 20 minutes?...maybe I should have asked.) and placed it on the counter while I put the receipts down on it next to it. "Since it is only 7 months old and your people refuse to fix a problem can I have a refund on the $200 I paid for the extended warrenty?"

"No ma'am."

"Why not? Your people refuse to abide by the contract?"

"There was water damage done to it and that is not covered."

"But there was no water damage when I dropped it off!"

"It was dirty and that was marked down on it."

"That was dust. Besides because of the dust problem in this state I had asked to buy one of those dust cover things when I bought it 7 months ago and your salesman told me that I didn't need one because no matter what the product would be covered."

"Do you have the name of the salesrep?"

"No but if you punch up my receipt information I'm sure it'll be there."

"We don't keep that sort of information because our people are not on commission."

"Bull Shit. Every store has to keep that sort of information especially when credit cards are used for the transactions. Are you trying to tell me that anyone in this store can walk up to a cash registar and pull money out of it and you wouldn't have any proof that it wasn't a sales-rep."

"No ma'am you have to have an employee ID and password to get into them."

"There you go....that's your record of who sold me this item at that cash registar over there on..." paused to look at the recipt "November 15 at 1513."

"I'm sorry ma'am." he then stopped to open up the service plan booklet that he pulled out from behind the counter that I never received one of and circled two things. 'Best Buy is not responsible for any items left at our service center' and 'Damage caused by liquid spills are not covered'. "Now I can assure you that it went directly from here to the repair center and there were no beverages anywhere around it."

"That's funny cause I see a computer right there on your counter with a Burger King cup not even a half a foot away. Do you happen to have timed video tape of my laptop from the time I dropped it off until this very moment filmed non-stop?"

"No ma'am we aren't required to do that."

"Then don't fuckin lie to me again." I growled as I looked up at this far to calm to be real ass wipe and saw his eyes were glassy. "You're even stoned. I left my laptop with a company where the EMPLOYEES ARE STONED WHILE ON THE JOB? THIS IS BULLSHIT!"

Fuckin son of a bitch had me but he looked around nerviously as the store manager started in our direction. "Is there a problem?" I then hung around to explain to him the situation....this time I was so mad I was shaking. As I was talking to him he reached into his pocket and pulled out a plastic card then when done he handed it to me "I'm sorry for the inconvience but please accept this as for your troubles."

I looked down at the card "I don't want a $20 gift card! What in the hell is this gonna do for me with getting a $700 laptop fixed?"

"You could use it towards a new motherboard."

Do you know how much I wanted to reachout and strangle the bastard? "Unless your company is going to replace the fuckin motherboard and this is still mine you can SHOVE IT AND YOUR FUCKING SERVICE WARRENTY UP EITHER YOUR ASS OR YOUR EMPLOYEE WHO IS STANDING OVER THERE STONED!"

I don't know what happened after that cause I then picked up my laptop and put it into the carrying case that I usually use with it and took my stuff and left announcing quite loudly that they will lie through their teeth and Dont ever be SUCKERED into their extended contract BECAUSE BEST BUY IS NOT RESPONSIBLE IF YOU ALLOW THEM TO SHIP IT TO THEIR REPAIR SHOP...EVEN THOUGH THEY DON'T HAVE THE SPACE TO FIX THE SHIT!

People turned and looked at me while we walked out and I the only thing that dawned on me was my son was walking next to me with his head held signs that mom imbarrased him.

I now look back and maybe I over-reacted at the store but damnit I was pissed.

I have my laptop back...all my writing, pics, trailers, and vids are in it but I still cant get the dial-up or the burner to work. I then came home went back to the chat for a bit...yes I bitched a little while there and I'm sorry for those who had to listen but thanx. After awhile I thought for a few moment on what I was gonna's been almost 7 weeks since my last update and I need to do something.

Once again I packed up Fire but this time we went to Walmart where I bought a cd burner and hooked it up to my laptop. For the next few weeks I'll be spending every free moment typing up the 1 1/3 notebook I have filled with the rest of the story onto my comp then burning it and uploading it from Fire's comp.

I've learned my lesson now and trust me....Best Buy is the very last place I will ever buy anything no matter what the sale price is.


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