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Well aren't I the bitch today...hehehe

A few weeks ago I ordered the audio book of SS off the Ebay. I've never had problems with them before and since I can't find them here I might as well go there. Well I received the CD's yesterday and well I have finally found a seller that wasn't selling what they were advertising. What I got was 7 white labeled CD's with merely the words "Harry Potter and the Sorcerers's Stone" at the top and on each side it would state 1 of 7, 2 of 7...ect. and each in their own separate envelope. No pics on the cd's, nothing such as that. And I paid $15.00 for this crap????

Ok I was taken on that part....understandable until....I decided to listen to them this morning....Do you really want to know how many words were cut out or sentences split in half? I don't think you do....I was royally Pissed Off at this time (doesn't help that I'm PMSing either...grrrrrr)

Anyway I quickly sent a very polite email (don't even ask how many times I had to re-write it due to anger) to not only the 'seller' and they immediately responded to me wanting to know what differences there are between the actual item and the copies I claim to have received. Since my son's laptop is unable to have the photo program I need on it I took pics of actual items I received for the other true cd story books I have and as soon as my laptop is back I will be forwarding them to this person. They claim that they purchase the audiobooks from another dealer and had no idea that they were copies and not the real thing. (BULLSHIT!).

In the meantime this seller has also contacted Ebay and found out that what I told them is true so not only has every audiobook they are trying to sell on the site been removed but they have also been instructed to refund EVERY customer they have sold them to over the past few months they have been doing this. They have been reported to the authorities and it seems I am not actually the first person to complain about them and these people are already under investigation.

Yes I know the old saying "Buyer Beware" and I've learned my lesson with these people.

So here I now sit not only waiting for my refund but also waiting on winning another auction of the same item only this time the seller actually states "Never been used. Still in plastic". Hopefully I'll win and I won't have to wait very long until I get the real thing.

As for update news for sign of getting my laptop back as of yet. Guess I'll have to wait another week. Good news is though I've found the email I sent to my friend Amberfire with the final chapter in it so the hardest part of the whole story is not completely lost huge sigh of relief. According to her....I'm definately going to be hated for what I've done in it....also she claims it to be the best work I've done to date. What I spent 2 weeks typing and crying over is actually going to be worth it all.

Once Collision is over with I am truly starting to think of taking up finally writing Could of Been even though the first chapter has been on for over a year now. Even though hasn't been getting a single review for it HPFF has not only been getting them but people are starting to ask when I'm gonna finish it so it'll be worth working on...I hope. I'm probably gonna keep that one at a PG13 rating though so more people can read it.

Well that's about it so c-ya's later.

PS: so far so good on the front with the new planner....friday their super did what they said they would do so we'll see how it progresses from here. Althoug my question is still the same but also still goes unanswered....just more and more people are starting to ask the same thing.
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