Demonic Angel (onedemonicangel) wrote,
Demonic Angel

First / Last / Now Meme

Gacked from jmpovrthemoon23

[First job]: Newpaper route at 8 yrs old
[First screen name]: "Dannie the Demonic Angel of Shadow" (from the MUDgame ShadowMUD 10 yrs ago)
[First funeral]: Grandma Lil (age 7)
[First pet]: Merlin (Seal-point Siamese cat we received from my uncle when he moved to Cali)
[First piercing]: My ears (now closed up...had reactions to any kind of metal I tried putting in my ears.)
[First tattoo]: Needles???? Ummm....I don't think so
[First credit card]: Visa
[First kiss]: Jimmy G. in 1st grade (his sister would pay me in cookies to kiss him)
[First enemy]: Renee R. bitch from down the street I grew up on...still have scar on hand from her 1 1/2 inch finger nail digging into my hand.)
[First favorite musician]: Ray Stevenson (the Streak)

[Last car ride]: Walmart
[Last kiss]: ummm...onto next question
[Last movie watched]: theater home....Timeline
[Last beverage drank]: Bacardi Silver - Black Cherry
[Last food consumed]: Chips and con queso
[Last phone call]: My friends daughter - wish her happy 20th b-day
[Last time showered]: This afternoon
[Last CD played]: BonJovi (songs gacked from Kazaa a few years ago)
[Last website visited]: 'Friends' LJ
[Lesson learned]: Next Question

[Single or Taken]: Single
[Sex]: Been far too long.....or did you want to know I'm a female
[Birthday]: September 22nd....yes guys that's only 30 shopping days left
[Sign]: Virgo (guess this explains my sex life)
[Siblings]: 1 sister by blood - for adopted....far too many to name off
[Hair color]: Brownish-black with silver streaks.
[Eye color]: Blue/green/any color depending on my mood.
[Shoe size]: 9-9.5
[Height]: 5'10"
[Mood]: Relaxed

Right now what are you:
[Supposed to be doing instead of this]: not a damn thing
[Wearing]: Jeans, Rock 105 Work Force concert shirt, and of coarse moccisins (did you expect anything else on my feet?)
[Drinking]: Bacardi Silver - Black Cherry
[Thinking about]: Not wanting to go to work tomorrow morning....(same old same old)....and how much I miss MY laptop still.
[Listening to]: HP and COS
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