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I'm home

This storm really needs to make up it's mind on what it's gonna do here.....
This morning they were stating that it'd go up the middle of the state and we'd get the inside tail of it.....bridges closing between 1600-1800....
Around 1000 "Be where you have to before 1800 because the bridges will close." (shit..."hey Butt Picker, can I leave at 1630 since my son is home by himself?"..."No, you'll stay until 1700...we'll have someone else do the overhead phones until 1800" (oh how very kind of them since that is something I volunteer for anyway...bastard))
Around 1200 "The hurricane is now a catagory 4 and the eye of the storm is going to cross directly over Jacksonville" (glare at Butt Picker when he walks by...but wait...he's leaving at 1230 so won't do a damn bit of good) is panicking....grrrrr no good
1600...waiting patiently....tapping foot...ready to start slamming head against desk again if co-workers don't stop with this....maybe need to get her drunk but afraid it'll get worse once she is....damn....Amberfire calls....coming straight for in trailer..."can we come and crash at your place?"..."Sure do you really think you need to ask???"....should have asked her if she was bringing her mother-in-law too...damn....thats 6 additional people in this house for the weekend...ACK!
1630....GOOD NEWS....It's turned again....looks as if it's going south of St Augie....but as far as I know Amberfire and family are still coming over.
Right's dropped down to 73 degrees (was 94 this morning)...winds rushing past the house and tons of rain but no lightening as of yet so, so far so good.
More news is we also got hit from a Tropical Storm along the eastern coast and downtown flooded out.....
Haha...and they laugh at those of us who live on the west side of town....the shelters on this side here are gonna be packed tonight.

Has anyone heard from Maddy and know if they evacuated or stayed behind to stand it out?....guess I may find out if I still have power tomorrow and can be in the chat....

Oh shit...they're now starting to do voluntary evacuations in SC...

Anyways...that's the far so good and I aint goin anywhere unless they come and take me away....I've done tornado's...earthquakes...fires racing down mountain range toward my this....about damn time.
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