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Hurricane Charlie

For anyone that's concerned about Hurricane Charlie hitting Florida so far we're doing just fine. If anything they are estimating that it will come up the center of Fl which is still about 1 1/2 hours away from me but this doesn't mean we won't get some of the side effects. Tonight they are expecting anywhere between 50-70 mph winds through here....what does that do to me? Well unfortunately it means they will be shutting down the bridges...including the Buckman Bridge which is my path to and from work. I've already made arrangements for my son to go to a neighbor's house just if it closes before I'm able to get home. I myself have somewhere to crash if I get stuck on the other side as well. My supervisor will be keeping a close ear on the news for the few of us on this side of town too so he'll know when and if to send us home early.

Hopefully my plans won't have to go into effect. This is actually the first time in the past 10 years that I've lived here that Jacksonville has actually been worried about one of these....mainly because one hasn't come this close and still this powerful since the early 60's....this is why people here shrug off these things.

Mom if your worried....don't. We've got things planned for the situations and we'll be fine. And please....Turn off the Weather we learned with Hurricane Dannie 5 years does NOT give accurate up to the hour information.

As for school....Fire is loving it so far....he's run into a few friends and claims that the girls have staring problems....(I accused him of picking his nose when they were staring but he denied that one). I don't have any additional supplies I need to get him for Automotive Technology but I'm sure I will have that list shortly.

Well have to get ready for work....I'll update later to let my mom know I got home ok.

Ok if anyone talks to Madeline (from WIKTT chat) find out how she's doing and if they're doing ok and please let me know....she's from Tampa and closer to where it'll touch land.


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