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The Return to Work

Well last week going back to work wasn't as bad as i was afraid it would be. First off there were no major problems with my desk, a few complaints about my customers ('I hate your desk' or 'Your customers are a pain in the ass'...the usual) at least nothing major...helps when you threaten them to get them to behave, and last of all no complaints from the customers whatsoever.
When I pulled into the parking lot on Thursday I noticed that the 'Outstanding Employee of the Month' signs were back up and I was wondering who got it this month. Well I went to my usual spot in the back of the lot then up to my desk and into my email...but nothing was there tellin me who got biggie, not the first time I don't receive emails when I'm not in the office (I'm usually the forgotten one) so I went on with my day. Finally around 1100 Jill (who covered my desk) called me up "I added a new file to your Notes called "Lookie Lookie". I went into it and there was the email I wa lookin for....along with some I opened it and there was my name listed...YEAH I FINALLY DID IT! I finally got an upclose parking space without having to arrive at work a good 1/2 hour or more ahead of time.
About 20 minutes later one of the 'higher-ups' (who's nickname I use on here can't be used anymore since I handed out the url to co-workers (and a VP)) came to my desk..."Congrats on getting E.o.t.M, how come you didn't use your parking space?"
"I didn't find out about it until a little bit ago"
"Didn't you check your email?"
"Yes but it wasn't in my inbox....someone stuck it in a folder called Lookie Lookie. If it was in my inbox I would have definately gone and moved my car earlier."
"Well congrats, you deserved it."

I don't think I need to say how thrilled I am about this.

With what I said earlier about people from work knowing the url to this I can probably guess your wondering if it means that I'm gonna change what I do on here....Hell No! Yes it's about time they learn I'm a bit more nuts than they thought....although I don't believe I'll be writing anymore Buckbeak/AF things anytime soon. But even if I did who cares. If they wanna read I hope they enjoy it. But it does mean that if I start bitching and complaining about work it will be locked up into my 'friends only' thingy.

As for how Collision is coming....oh geesh...I am working on it....I promise but at first I was back on my old Dinosaur of a computer which has been killing my fingers. I'm now on my son's laptop which doesn't have spell-check on it. I was hoping that someone would step forward and be the beta for the next few chapters but no such luck as of yet....I posted asking for one about a month ago over on AFF and nothing.
As for what's happened to my laptop? Well I mentioned last week (I believe) that it wasn't dialing into my server....I took it back to Best Buy yesterday and not only was I informed that the modem was bad but also it was suppose to have been burning CD's for me all this time. Well they have to ship it back to Toshiba and I won't see my baby with the Remus wall paper, all my trailers...clips...and music vids, or all my hundreds of pics for another 3 weeks! Not to mention all the notes and the epilogue that was making me bawl my eyes out for 2 weeks are all on it. (They had better not erase anything otherwise I'll have to go postal on their asses)...this is how I found out that it should have burned cd's.

Right now Fire is running around the house getting ready for his first day of school. Yes it's that time baby is starting High School today....yeah!!!! Merlin I feel so old. Where has the time gone?

Anyway that's about it....for now....time to get ready for work and to drop Fire off at the High School (sniff...sniff)

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