Demonic Angel (onedemonicangel) wrote,
Demonic Angel

After thinking about it long and hard.......

Yes I've been doing some thinking..and Merlin help us all.
After attending 2 conventions so far I'm surprised that there are still two very well liked characters that nobody has dressed up as of yet.
Next year at The Witching Hour (nobody had better steal my costume either)...yes I'm going even if I have to call in sick I don't care (Jill don't you say a word). I'm quite sure by my icons and what nots that you can guess who I'm gonna go as...I just need someone to play the partner in crime.
This could be kewl!!!! jess_black you've got to get your tail....oops wrong word for your character...buttocks out here and play the role. You know you wanna....I'd be far too much fun not to. Whacha say?

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