Demonic Angel (onedemonicangel) wrote,
Demonic Angel

Sigh.......I'm finally home

Yes that's right...I'm home and it's now time to face R/L once again...Man this sux.

We were about 1 1/2 hrs late getting in last night due to the weather in least that's the reason they gave us but with everything going on again we were beginning to wonder. Especially when they said it was due to thunder storms but that ended 15 minutes after we got on the where do the other 75 minutes we waited come in? I really don't think I want to know.

Fire comes home today...I love my son dearly but I also love it when he's away at him dad's. I keep hoping that the day will come when he will spend the whole summer with Derf but so far after 5 summers now I truly believe that a hurricane will actually hit Jacksonville, we'll get snow down here again.

Immediately after I pick up Fire I have to go out to Baldwin to get the damn dog. I really don't want to do all this...the moment each thing gets done is another step closer to having to go back to work. (For those of you at CA who heard me mention that I want to take my son to the next con...this is why...). Afterall he'll be 15 next year and is just as much into the fandom as I am.

Anyways one major problem I have is something happened to my laptop...for some reason it refuses to go into dialup mode so I can't get online with it. I'm currently on my old dinosaur that likes to freeze up on me all the time.

For those who are reading Collision....sorry but I wasn't able to get any typing done this past week so hopefully if my fingers can continue to handle this keyboard I may just get it done this week.

Also all my pics from Montreal are on my laptop so once I get that taken care of I'll have them up. Sheryll, Christian, and Lynn....had a great time running around trying to find the entrance with you guys. Also I found a camera in my rental car yesterday when I went to drop it off. Lynn, if it's your's like I think it is please shoot me an email with your home address so that I can get it out to you.... .

Thanks to everyone for a awesome weekend....


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