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Day 4 of trip

Well I'm right now resting since I'm finally able to get online this was quite late last night when Sidnee finally got off the MUD game and I was able to get fact she's wanting to get on again this morning so I have to make this quick.....
Yesterday was great....between the classes and fun we had I couldn't put it any other way. As for compared to how things were at Nimbus???? They both were equally fun...while Nimbus had the quidditch match and a few other differences, C.A. has a smaller crowd (to tell you the truth I like it can actually enjoy more as a 'group'.) also people have been more pleased with the meals here (big plus...cant have fun on a 1/2 empty stomach).
Here are the pics that I promised....hope you all enjoy them.

If you want the full version just click on the pic....

During (a) Professor Snape('s) Class

Lunch Time

Just because we don't wake him doesn't mean we won't have our fun...

Other's that were met

Vendor: Order of Merlin

The walk between classes

Gathered in the 'Great Hall' for the Birthday Banquet

Our Guest Speaker....Steve Vander Ark Harry Potter Lexicon

While waiting for the movie
I believe Snape heard of the pics we took...mwahaha
B.B.E.F.B. contest....Ok on the count of 3. One....Two.....

Anyone who was at Convention Alley is more than welcome to copy these pics...all I ask is that you comment so I know you snagged them.

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