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Ok yes I hurt but I had a great time until the end when I couldn't find my sister.
Started out the day waiting at the wrong building for 2 hours in the morning...that was good cause of all the strange looks I was getting from people....I love it.
Then when I finally found the group and immediately I was sucked in....
There was Sheryll and Phyllis who are the women in charge of the thing, Nat, Natalie, Matt, Lynn, Amanda, Amber, Britin, and those are just the names I remember....there were a few that remember me from Nimbus and vice-versa.
Well after the registation and meet and greet a group of 20 of us hiked across town to the market and had dinner in this place called Coasters (average meal price was $15.00) which was fun then we all hiked about 2 blocks from my hotel to do the 'Haunted Walk' in which it started raining during. Once that was over I came back to the hotel for the night but unfortunately I learned I lost my room card....ack! Hang sister is to meet me at the Uni to bring me back...ok let's go there so she don't get pissed for having to wait.
Well I got up and painfully (walking all day long in moccsins that were now wet) walked 1.75 miles back to the university in which she wasn't there. I let my feet rest a bit and then I finally headed back.
By the time I got back to the hotel is was around 11:50 pm and I was exhausted but Sidnee still wasn't here. I asked the guy at the desk (who had seen me dozens of times over the past few days but he refused at first. I told him that my id and even birth certificate which has the same last name as my sister is in the room and I'd be happy to show him....well finally after 10 minutes of looking like a drown rat and laying down on their couch in the lobby to sleep until my sister came back was a bit too much so I got the key.
Turns out my sister was still up in Montreal and didn't get back until after 1am.
Well I didn't get any pics yesterday but I definately will today...there's this one local lady who's bringing her hubby to the banquet and from what I understand he looks exactly like Jason Issacs' Lucius Malfoy (aahh...almost said it but I still won't....I refust to go into 'fangurl' mode)

Anyway that's about all of my very painful but very fun day.... Today are the classes, the birthday banquet with Lexicon steve, and finally the showing on POA....oh and I'm still not the one who's seen it the most.
I'll brief you tomorrow morn on how it goes....

Demonic Angel

PS...sorry jess_black no Sirius as of yet but I did miss alot of the people who checked in...maybe I'll see him today

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