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Ok here we go...

Yes lets talk about the horrible trip so far.

Last night I told Fire "set your alarm full blast for 3am and make sure youwake me up too."
Oops...I set my own alarm for 0330 while Fire was downstairs watching cartoons.

Needless to say we rush through everything and still walk out the door at 0400...Big Sigh of Relief

We hen get to the airport at 0435 and immediately head for the checkin counter. Fire's 0600 flight is perfectly for my 0715 flight to's now canclled (SHIT) but wait...there's hope...they can put me on a 0700 flight to Chicago and then onto we go!!!

I picked up my luggage and put it on the machine to check it in..."I'm soory your going to have to do that down at United....that's who your flying out on."...why the hell didn't he say his shit 5 minutes ago?

I look at the watch it's now down to the United desk but there's a line of people...shit...Fire stands there staring at me while I pace back and forth growing more and more frustrated and wanting to go postal on these idiots but it's not United's fault....

I look at my watch again...529...damn...I go up to the ticket counter..."Sir can I leave my bad here while I take my 'under age unacompanied minor' (hell I gotta pay a few for this I might as well take advantage) to his terminal for his 0600 flight?"
The man looked at Fire then back at me then at Fire again who this time was holding up his little red and white kiddie club badge (he can't wait until he's 15). "Sure just leave it right here."

So I leave my bag and the two of us run down to the terminal to security....uh oh...Fire's allowed through but I'm not...why?...because in all the mess the idiots at US Air forgot to give me na fuckin 'parent pass' to get him in....DAMN...DAMN...DAMN

Needless to say that's where I have to leave my son at...argh...finally I make it back to the United desk and get checked in then go down to the same exact terminal...just the next gate over (by now Fire's plane is in the air) and here I am sitting and waiting to walk onto the runway and board some little thing that looks like it should be landing on Fantasy Island instead of Chicago's OHare....did I mention the other day that I hate flying??? Still do...

I board the sits 40 people and is smaller than I was afraid it would be...damn...

Anyway's that was yesterday morning....why wasn't I able to post this sooner? Well because it seems that my laptop either doesn't like the lam or I'm not suppose to be paying an additional $2.95 an hour for aol while I'm here. Either way it aint working so I'm sitting here on my sister's laptop while she's asleep.

Oh here's some pics I took yesterday...the girl in the last one is my sis...These were taken from the balcony of our hotel room at Aristocrat Suites.

(Photo of sister removed by request....dangit)

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