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Yes I'm Free I'm Free!!!!!

*Strips down to buff and runs around house waving arms wildly in air* Damn Fire's home...sneaks back to room hoping didn't wake child I'm Just Kidding...

Today starts my vacation and for the next 9 days I don't have to go back..
I still have another let's see....25 hrs and 58 min until I board the plane (it's 5:17 right now) and my stomach is becoming more and more tied into knots....of coarse I'm sitting here and thinking of all the shit I have to do today in order to be completely ready for this adventure.
Let's see here there's
Firewalker's 9th grade orientation...(at least I didn't have to take extra hours off work for that)
Take Bubba Wiggle Butt (aka Koty) to Amberfire's in Baldwin)
Pickup a few things from Wally World....including seeing if I can get my hands on any more broom skirts)
Finish packing both myself and make sure Fire's all packed...
Pickup that little thingy so I can get on wireless internet....definately must have so I can keep you all up to date and have pics on here...
Is that it???? I know there's more....
Oh and bowling tonight still....
But there's still gotta be more to do...shit what is it???? Oh crap....

Anyway I am so psyched for this....I don't know if I'll be posting later today or not cause I need to go to sleep early tonight so that I can be up at 3 and leave at 4 for the flights.

Oh I finally was able to talk to my sister by blood...big sigh of relief...
She's still meeting me in Ottawa but she's not going to the convention so she'll be working on genealogy stuff while we're there. This is a good thing since we'll have time apart and hopefully not want to kill each other....

Well that's about it....Oh hiya to J.S., Fishboy, and Tracy....yes this is the right place for news on the trip....and yes this is the place where I'm more strange than what you know from work....(if that's even possible). Sit back and relax and check it daily to see what's been going on. And a big :P~~~ for everyone at work!!!! Do me a favor...*crosses folds arms over chest and stands in proper Snape type fassion* if TJ calls tell him I'm pissed that he didn't get me the list of places to see while up here like he promised he would for the past 4 months.

Anyways....that's about it for this morning....If any of the newbies stopped by just leave a comment and let me know you found this place....

Talk to ya'll laters

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