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Ack! Meme Muse Attack!!!!

I gave it a try and I realize this definitely proves I don't have many friends here but here's the results

Instant LiveJournal Cult
LJ Username
Pick A Theme...
The Fanatic... butter_cup_
The Virgin Sacrifice... jessblack
The Evil One... butter_cup_
The Designer Of The Offical Cult Underwear... jessblack
The One That Smells Really Bad... jessblack
Chance The Cult Will Rule The World... - 74%
This Quiz by Nobleshadows - Taken 20 Times.
New - How do you get a guy to like you?

Quite interesting....We have the smelly Virgin Sacrifice designing the official cult underwear while the other is just an evil fanatic about the topic.

Starts pondering the situation then remembers the shaggy dark haired well endowed man sitting in the corner naked bound and gagged. Walks over and pulls him up by his chains then walks down the hall dragging him behind.
They hear noises coming from the first room and she stops to peak in only to find the latest specimen with jet black eyes tied to the four posts of the bed while 'The Evil One' kneels at the base with a bowl of ice cubes sitting on his stomach.
She then closes the door to give them their privacy and continues onto the next room. Before opening the door she puts nose plugs on both her and the victim then knocks. As soon as the sewing machine stops she opens the door
"Are they almost done?" she asks only to receive a nod in response. "Here's your least he claims to be one. You can either model them for him or have him model them for you. Take all the time you want with this one nobody will miss him since they believe him to be dead." She then unshackles the man and pushes him further into the room before quickly exiting due to not wanting to see the show. Not two seconds after the door is closed she hears a loud crash and imagines the so called virgin was either tackled to the ground or slammed against the wall.
She then heads down stairs, through the first floor and finally down the steps leading to the basement when she pauses to take a deep breath before opening the door. She then enters the room and turns to quietly close the door behind her when she is instantly pinned to the wall only to hear the sounds of someone sniffing as he presses against her.
"Your scent is intoxcitating." he growls.
She then smiles before turning around and places her hand on his cheek as she runs her thumb across his mustache.
"Is it really? I know how you can get a better whiff of it."

Ok ok I know that was a bit inappropriate but I just had to do it. By the way....I gacked the meme from Jess...welcome back girl.

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