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He's Gone!!!!

Here it is 7 am and I just got home from the 'Scout Hut'...why?

Dropping of Firewalker so that he can travel with his troop up to the Atlanta area to attend Boy Scout Summer camp for the next week....


What does this mean?????

I can...I can...I can do whatever the hell I wanna do. I can watch some of my movies in the living room without having to hear him whine "Not this again".....I can go without worrying about having to come home from 9-10 hrs of work just to make dinner for someone....I can fancy dance in the living room until I collapse without being watched....and last of all I can walk around the house in my camasol and panties and not worry about a 14 yr old boy being scared shitless over his fat-ass mom. (although I don't know what kind of damage it'll do to the dog)

For anyone that will be traveling along I 75 through Georgia today...if you see a big white van pulling a trailer that says "Oak Crest" on the side....blare your horn for me because and wave to Firewalker and my nephew Rainwalker.

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