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Good News!!!!

Runs around house doing happy dance

I got excellent news this morning when I got to work.....I know...Monday after a holiday weekend while working in the transportation can anything on this day be considered good.

My supervisor approved my vacation request for the end of July and the beginning of August!!! What does that mean?

Please anyone in HP online world should know by now....that means CANADA HERE I COME!!!!! Yep that's it, I'm going to Convention Alley. Am I as thrilled about this as I seem? You bet your ass I am. I plan on going up a few days early so that I can get in some sight seeing and help set up for the event. Officially I will be off work from Tuesday July 27th thru Wednesday August 4th but I plan on flying up on the 28th and returning the 3rd so that I can have a day on each end as recovery time....

Believe it or not my boss is actually happy that I am taking all this time at once. I'm allowed 10 vacation days, 3 personal days, and 1 floating holiday off each year (not including sick days) and I usually spread them out throughout the year with a day here and there. This way i get the majority of them out of the way in one big swoop.

Anyway if anyone actually reads this and is also planning on going to the Convention in July please let me know.



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