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What's Worse???

I have to ask...what's worse.
Listening to a song that you dispise so much that you would rather be loosing a gut in the bathroom (such as 'It's getting hot in here')
or....'ll love this one.

Listening to the DJ on the radio get HIS butt waxed by someone named Jim.

Yes that's right...I don't know if it's really happening since we can't see it but this guy is crying whinning and cussing like...well I don't really know....I'll tell you though he could actually sing soprano. The comments that Jim and the girl on the radio with him are making aren't any better either....
"I pulled a forest out with that one."
"There weren't any dingle berries with it were there?"

They just recently started beeping out the cussing but there was so much of it before I won't be surprised if the station manager wants to inspect the job to make sure it was real.

No this isn't Lex and Terry that I'm listening to...although it would be something that they would's actually one of their sister stations that plays the pop songs.

Kinda hard to believe that this is happening in one of the cities that 10 years ago refused to allow ABC to show NYPD Blue at 10 pm.

On for some good news...we had out raise reviews today. I think I got a pretty good additional $31 a week. I know it really doesn't sound like all that much but for me...I think it's pretty good, although it now puts me in a tax bracket so I won't get EIC anymore unless they up the maximum.

I was also able to get another 2 pages typed up during lunch today....sorry Jess that your love won't have much fun in this one but don't worry....I do have plans on him having some fun in the next chapter. Mwahaha...

Anyway that's about it for tonight...oh except...thank you Jess for this different variations of my name and this is what I get....YEAH

What Is Your HP Threesome?
by elschan
You Will ShagRemus Lupin and Severus Snape
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!
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