Demonic Angel (onedemonicangel) wrote,
Demonic Angel

What the Frill?!!!!

I saw the original son saw it...I emailed it to friends and although they were not quite as thrilled as I was, they saw it as well.

A little off target but warning to those who may go and see the site again....

Now it doesn't state it in the Disney version but in all reality Pocahontas was in fact a 13 yr old child. In this movie not only have they hired a 17 yr New Zeland girl for the role (in which I must sadly state that there is a LARGE number extremely angry posts about that gradually grow more and more into cat fights) but John Rolfe is now portrayed by Christian Bale instead.

Where does that leave our favorite? He is now portraying the character Capt. Wingfield.
I don't have the slightest clue of who this character is other than obvious guess is that it's the captain of the my opinion...a minor role compared to the previous. Well hell, he could have just as many lines as say Wobblehead (another character I don't recognize the name of) who knows. All I know is I'm not that happy about the changes. Of coarse it could have very easily been done due to the 17 yr old girl's parent, or say his choice, or even due to some unknown agreement with WB about him maintaining his role as Remus all because of the age between him and the leading lady. (afterall it wouldn't be the first time a studio has done something like this...just look at Disney back with Anette what-ever-her-last-name-was when it came to the 'Beach Party' movies).

I will say now to C.M.A that the last bit was all My Own Theory and not in any way shape or form factual.

Am I depressed, Pissed, Extremely Utterly Disappointed in this whole change???
You bet your ass I am....all three of them.
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