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3 weeks and counting

Well we are down to the home stretch.....
Yes folks this is true....In exactly 3 weeks me, my broom skirts, both cloaks, choker, knee-high moccs, school sweater, tie, scarf, digital camera, and laptop are Canada bound. (oh lets not forget the 'henna-kit' for my scars and branding. (yes I'm going as my OC...hell I'm too old to be one of the kids)
Why you ask? Hell why not....afterall it's Convention Alley time!

For those of you who haven't had the fun of an HP's just about the most fun you can have and look like a complete fool with 4-6 hundered people doing the same.

It's a school like structure with presentations such as:
Severus Snape: Romantic Byronic Hero or Unredeemable ‘Greasy Git’?
Living and Surviving in Harry Potter: The Boy, the Bell Jar, and the Prophecy
Celtic and West Country Influences in the Harry Potter Books
A Deeply Horrible Person: The Unlikely Redemption of Severus Snape
Dumbledore Trusts Severus Snape - Do You?
Birthday Banquet
Keynote Speech: The Hidden Message: It’s All About Lee Jordan
Keynote Speaker: Steve Vander Ark (abstract)
The Inscrutable Severus Snape
A Muggle's Guide to Wizarding Britain
Presenter: Steve Vander Ark (abstract)
many many more....
Yes that's the same Steve Vander Ark from the HP Lexicon.....

Plus not to forget parties, writiing groups, a Haunted Walk through Ottawa, and finally going to see POA (for a 6th time) in costumes.....
And just think....I'll actually be able to howl without being confined to my car at the drive-in and nobody will think twice about it.....YEEAAAHHHH!
I'll also be working 2 resgitration shifts and 4 security shifts.

I think the one thing I will never forget from Nimbus is how many people knew both SS and COS word for word during the all night sleep-over/double-double feature of the movies.

The only other time I'm able to dress up is usually during pow-wow's but even then I have to watch what I wear because I've been known to scare the elders....yes thats true...little (well not so little) ol' me was stopped by security at the last one asking me to change my outfit because I 'reminded the elders of a not so good time'. Those were the words...guess I do look a bit too witchy at times...not my least I don't think it is.

Anyway, I'm also hoping to be able to make it to The Witching Hour in Salem, Mass next year also but there is one
Although I've been there for 5 years, I don't have the same senority as others and this just so happens to co-inside with Bike Week down in Daytona which one of my co-workers will be asking for time off to attend. That's ok....I could always use some 'sick-days' if need be, afterall I'm one of those people who's only used 2 sick-days since I started and I get 5 a year.

Anyway....can you tell I'm getting psyched about this trip....(no I won't say it...I won't say five letter s word ever comes from this mouth)
Only downfall....I am petrified of flying!
Think I definately need to make a trip to Earth Gifts for supplies so I can get myself conditioned for this...let's see candles, herbs, and a charm for this fear....shit whatever did I do with my old book of them from my old wiccan days?
(yes I will admit I studied it but only made it far enough to be a certified Herbologist....had to stop after that because I had a problem with pouring too much energy into the charms I did...yes they really worked too. Of coarse I still find myself mumbling the Law of Three from time to time when someone starts throwing shit at me.)

Well that's about it for to work now...cyas all later.

What I'm listening to won't fit into the box....some story about an fuckin idiot sueing McD's because there's no warning on hamburgers telling you that they will burn your eye if you try to shove it into it....
Yes it actually happened and the person is 27 yrs old from Maryland.....
Why is this person considered mentally stable enough to be roaming around on his own and not locked up in a hospital?
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