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Gacked and collected Memes

After many tries with many different versions of my name I finally got some answers I can live with although some are not of my choosing.....Yes I cheated....there was no way that I would have accepted some of these answers as 'Dobby' or 'Filch'!

How will Remus Lupin hit on you? by werewolf_stalkr
He says"Care for some chocolate?"
YouKiss him passionately
ResultYou have a very sexy relationship together
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gacked from Jess

Sexuality at Hogwarts
Full Name
# diff. people you screwed 26
professor you had an affair with Lupin
# times Filch caught you sleeping with someone 9
# time you got off punishment by sleeping w/ Filch 2
This fun quiz by Exist4Uatw - Taken 7 Times.
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Have no idea where these came from....a firefly???? Does this mean I can go around blinking so kids can catch me, stick me in a jar, and put me in their mom's freezer overnite? Or will I be smashed onto the back of someone's hand so it will glow for a few seconds....

Your Sexual Power Animal is a Firefly!

Flirty, fun, and friendly.

Like a firefly you are all about the dance.

You've been accused of liking foreplay as much as sex!

You don't have a strobe show to lure partners,

But your act does the job quite well.

What's Your Sexual Power Animal?

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drunken kiss

You Are a Drunken Kiss!

You are an impulsive kisser - kiss first, think later

And sometimes you end up suffering from a little kissing amnesia

It's all good though… your little condition allows you to kiss freely

Without headache or heartache the next morning

What Type of Kiss Are You?

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Gacked from Shiv


A mythical being of Chinese mythology, comparable
with the western unicorn. Ki-lin personifies
all that is good, pure, and peaceful. It lives
in paradise and only visits the world at the
birth of a wise philosopher. The Ki-Lin is
said to walk on earth and on water. It never
drinks or eats dirty food or water. The Chinese
unicorn never treads on smaller animals below
its feet nor does it ever harm another living
creature. The Ki-Lin is the emblem for
exquisite goodness, longevity, grandeur,
endless compassion and great wisdom. According
to Chinese mythology, at the birth of Confucius
a Ki-Lin appeared and Confucius died soon after
a Ki-Lin was killed, he believed that his
writings would not proceed from the omen of the
death of the Unicorn.

Which Chinese Mythological Being Are You?
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gacked from Jess
You're a Lupe!!!

You're a bit of a lone wolf but you're a very deep
and thoughtful person. People don't always see
who you are behind your wolf-like exterior. You
are quite brave and care deeply for others.

Want to get your own?? Then visit neopets! (click
the banner below)

What Neopet do you resemble the most??
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also from Jess
Your Secret Hogwarts Lover- etc... by jessgunit
Your ManSirus Black
Your favorite Place to have sexShrieking Shack
Your Favorite PositionMissionary
Special GuestsLucius Malfoy
Wand SIZE18
Your Name
Your House
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Virgo - Your Horoscope for July 5 - 11

You feel a bit of conflict between what you feel like doing and versus what you "should" be doing.

Your emotional impulses are very strong, and you are likely to behave in a childlike manner at this time.

Your nervous system is tightly wired now. You can be very alert, but also nervous and restless.

Be prepared to move and think quickly as things could change directions unexpectedly.

This week, you'll be extra be original and brilliant.

You may feel that others are demanding more from you than is reasonable.

Try not to overreact to what you see as criticism.

This horoscope provided by astrology/ Source.
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Your Harry Potter Wedding by shimmerbaby
Soon to be:Mrs Remus Lupin
How he proposed:By writing the question in your diary.
Maid of honour:Hermione
Objections:Voldermort tried to seduce you by running in stark naked.
The outcome:Broomsticks + Fire Whisky = Fiery Death
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!

I'M BLIND....I'M BLIND!!!! Ack how could that thing run into my wedding naked????? As for the final ending....that's for the streaker....every shoved their broomsticks up his ass, doused him in firewisky and lit the torch.....only thing was the odor compleatly ruined the event.
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