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I'm still alive

yeah that's right...sorry to disappoint you all but I'm here still.
I'm just sitting here listening to the morning DJ's on local radio station talk about man-thongs and how the two guys on the program will be wearing these things. These are not some small guys here....they are each pushing I'd say 250-300 lbs and this is the last thing I want to think about them wearing. Sorry to ruin your breakfast so early....better yet....nah I'm not.

Oh yesterday my son had his first 'Blonde Moment'. I'm talking really stupid thing that I don't feel good about him doing, here's what happened. Tuesday nights is bowling league night with problem, my son't 14 now he's been a 'latch-key' kid for 2 1/2 years now and knows the rules. Or so I thought. I didn't get home last night until 930 last night, not 15 minutes after I walked in the door someone rang the bell. When I went to see who it was it turned out not only to be a salesman but one that knew my name and when I would be home and who told him this information? He told me that Tony told him. Oh talk about pissed off and ready to explode, I couldn't believe he'd do something like that. I'm not sure what to do now but he and I had a huge talk after I quite yelling at him for that one. I only hope that him giving out this information doesn't cause any problems.

On for the lighter side, story is done!!!! Down to just typing it up now. I still don't know what I'm going to do when it's done if I'm even going to keep writing or what but who knows. Maybe once my life is back to as close to normal as it use to be I will but I'm glad it's at this point.

Speaking of stories... did anyone see TLC yesterday? JKR finally named the book....'Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince'. Hmmm curious on who this would be...she stated it wouldn't be Harry or Voldemort (thank goodness) but I'm trying to remember what little hints she gave about this book before. I think I remember but it's early, my head is killing me and I'm still abit upset about last night, not to mention I'm still abit sick of the idea of 'big-guys' wearing thongs....shudder.

Well gotta get to work...cyas later.
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