Demonic Angel (onedemonicangel) wrote,
Demonic Angel

Almost time for the sanity to return

Well they have been here for 4 days now and there are only 2 days left until they leave. You may be wondering who I mean by 'they'. parents. Oh Merlin now I remember why I spent my teen years hiding in my room getting high. You don't understand. These people that I came from are absolutely positively bonkers, please I beg that if this type of insanity is hereditary then please put a gun to my head now just to keep me from becoming like them.
Mom likes to lecture, to give you an example Saturday I wound up walking around walmart with her as she gave a good 20 minute lecture about teflon and the dangers of cooking with it. "If you have a bird in the kitchen while boiling water in a pot coated with teflon then the bird will be dead by the time it's done." Well hell what kind of idiot cooks in any sort of pot or pan with a living bird in the kitchen....they cause salmonella poisioning....geesh.
Sunday's lecture was for 10 minutes on how wonderful Hebrew National hot-dogs are....who gives a shit...they are a fricking hot dog.
Oh I forgot to mention if they aren't lecturing on some stupid thing or another then they are bickering back and forth. Or worse the car, mom bitches about how horrible people in Florida drive (hell half the population of Jacksonville, FL came from the midwest....I grew up in Chicago....I don't see anything wrong with the way they drive.) but while mom is bitching about Florida drivers dad is bitching about mom's driving.
I must keep in mind today is Tuesday and they will be leaving Friday morning....thank the Creator! I don't think that I could last any longer than that. I actually love my job this week....screw the stress and the fat bitch of a boss...I don't care I'm away from mom and dad.
As for Firewalker, he will be leaving on Thursday evening to go to his dad's up in Chesapeake for the holidays. So guess what....Pub Here I Come....Friday night is PUB night this week....I need it...I deserve it...I want it!
Hell maybe I'll even get a christmas/solstice gift this year...the one I want....Just to get strings attached. No son around to worry about, nothing. hell 4 frilling years is far too long to go since I've had sex and even that sucked. (Ex was so horrible in the sack I actually had to turn on wrestling to have something to enjoy that passed the time until he got off.) Geesh, 12 years of horrible sex and faking every orgasm to be followed by 4 years of no sex what so ever. My life sucks. And just when I don't think it could get much worse I find out my fat ass sister plans on coming out this month to visit as well.

Oh well I feel better now that I've had my bitch session. One last thing, if my muse doesn't return soon I honestly may just hang myself, after-all I do live in a 2 story house with a nice high loft to do it from....(don't worry I really won't, I hate heights)

Hope everyone else if fine and dandy.


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