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So close and yet so far away

I found this info today over on IMDb today regarding David. It seems that 'Kingdom of Heaven' is now in post production and they are gearing up to start filming The New World. What does this have to do with David? He's listed as portraying John Rolfe (the one who in the end marries the Indian girl).

There isn't all that much information regarding the movie but looking at the character names it clearly states that it's another version of Pocahontas.
Better news for those who live in the Virginia area....from the messages I've read about 'cast calls' in regards to extras for it they are searching the Richmond/Charles City Virginia area.

Yes that's true ladies....looks as if David is coming to the east coast!

Just my luck living down in close but still a good 15 hour drive. Why couldn't they film closer say....St Augustine perhaps. Afterall the forts are still there and you can easily find a good size forest close by....sign.

For those of you in the Richmond area....have fun rading the set and please...please...please get some good pics to share with us.

Perhaps if Thewlis is not your choice of actors to stalk while there you can always hunt down Colin Farrell who will be playing John Smith.

Demonic Angel
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