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Almost forgot

Work week last week still ended on a sucky note...but I did receive the following letters that made me feel abit better. Posting them here cause I know keeping them in email I'll loose them....ack not too often do people in my company get credit like this (at least I usually don't)


I just wanted to let you know that we are extremely pleased with our new Customer Service Person, Nadine Roth. She has done an excellent job in taking care of our account, handling loads and using Nistevo (our new on-line tendering system). Nadine is a pleasure to work with, returns phone calls, answers emails and is genuinely concerned about Food Lion loads. It is amazing how having the right person changes how a carrier is viewed, thanks so much for making the change. We appreciate it.

Suzanne M. R----


I was confident that this change would have a positive result and knew Nadine was the right individual for your account. I am glad that you shared your feelings on this with me. It's good to hear when you do something good. I will pass along your sentiments with Nadine and others in our organization who need to know.

Thank you for your business and continued confidence in Arnold!

Best regards,

Stephen R____
Regional Sales Manager
Great job with this account Nadine! I am not sure if you were aware of this or not, but we were in jeopardy of losing this account. You have changed their perception of us as a carrier, and that is something to feel proud about. Thanks again and keep doing what you have been doing.

R------ O-----
Director of Planning and Customer Service
M~~~ G--------
06/18/04 02:43 PM

Good job Nadine. Great comments from this customer
Great job Nadine. Thanks for jumping in and taking charge.

B-- B-----
Vice President Sales, Eastern Division
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