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Boring weekend

Well today actually flew by....I don't know if anyone else has had any problems but it seems I haven't been able to get onto AFF all day....ack I need my smut!

Well I then decided to rewrite a future scene and I think that worked....not quite sure...Having the problems I do even though I can understand what I'm writing I know others cant....sometimes it's actually the way I talk as well but those who have gotten to know me can understand what I'm saying.
Anyway we'll have to see how it goes over when I post it.

I'm up late tonight waiting to see if I win an auction I'm bidding on over on ebay. I think this is the most determined I've been on trying to win this thing. Usually I place a bid of what I think it's worth then walk away, if I win great...if I don't oh well I wasn't ment to have it. Well almost there now...just under 10 minutes left then I can get to sleep.

As for Cultures, well good news is I have the next two chapters completely hand written, have one more to go then it's the ones I wrote so long ago and the epilogue. I must say it's been fun but who knows if I'll do it again. I definately need a break after killing myself with this one for so long. Hell if anything I'll probably finally start working on Could of Been.....that's the one I have tons of stuff for but all for later chapters. Either way there will still be a break and I have no idea of how long it'll be for.

Oh has anyone seen the list of top HP sites? I saw a site on there that I haven't seen since before COS came out....not to mention a picture of someone a few of you may not be happy about seeing. Here's a link to the pic in question....I'm sorry but I don't care how much my kid would make in a movie...if they wanted to do that to his hair I'd pull him immediately.

Yes your reading the link correctly...that is Rupert's site.

Gotta go and finish waiting for that click of AOL email with my YOU WON letter...I hope I hope I hope.

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