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I haven't been on line much lately due to everytime I sit down to do so I wind up falling asleep. My boss keeps telling me that things are going to lighten up soon but everytime they say that and take some smaller accounts off my desk they give me one that becomes huge. The latest one is the one I mentioned a few weeks ago that I got because of my attitude. Well turns out everyone at the company likes me (I have no idea why....I'm a major bitch to everyone lately) so they keep offering me more and more frieght through constant non stop faxed and emails. It's not like I can just turn the stuff down and go on with my day, I have to go through the planner with an IM for each and every load, if they reject it I have to do the same thing with my supervisor, put in on a 'turn-down' report then tell the cusomer why we are rejecting it. It's more work than it sounds especially when they are offering 4 times what I'm accepting.
I've had customers before that I've accepted 15-20 loads a day but those were sent over EDI and all appointments were made with 1 email and 1 fax. This one I have enter myself, schedule each and every p/u and delivery with nothing but separate phone calls. It's becoming to be a huge hassle and takes up the majority of my day. I have reports for on time deliveries that I haven't been able to get done in 2 months because of this and everything else. I have about 150 active customers that I have to give special attention to each and every 8 hour day and quite alot of them are extremely time consuming.
I'm feeling trapped lately and it doesn't seem like it's ever going to get easier. If I knew that I would be able to jump into another job right away making as much as I am now (which isn't very much - 5 yrs at 31k a year) I'd do it in a heartbeat but they do have me trapped. I have no previous office experiance and I'm a single parent. this is really getting worse and worse.
I didn't intend to write all this out....I need to stop it I know but geesh....

Here's some meme's I gacked from Jess....
Your Wild Night At Hogwarts by Chocolate_Kiss
Male character you screwed?Siruis Black
Reason he caught your eye?His pervert ways
Number of times he moaned your name?62
Why did it happen?You needed to boost your grades
What happened afterwards?You cut off his dick
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I wasn't happy with the outcome of this...sorry Jess, so I tried it again.

Your Wild Night At Hogwarts by Chocolate_Kiss
Male character you screwed?Remus Lupin
Reason he caught your eye?His dick
Number of times he moaned your name?31
Why did it happen?You liked him
What happened afterwards?You had his child
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!

Which Harry Potter adult would you fuck? (girls)
What is your Name?
What is your House?
Which is your favorite student?
Favorite Colour?
You will fuck Professor Remus Lupin
You will be caught at it by Hermione Granger
Where will you be doing it? In your dorms
How did you meet? Detention
How did he seduce you? he met up with you at the top of the astronomy tower
This quiz by w00t - Taken 650 Times.
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How a younger Lupin enjoyed his choclate....gacked from Uebs at the DavidThewlis group

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