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Plot Bunny Attack

Ok in sitting home today vegging infront of the lap top and tv I unfortunately had an attack of a plot bunny of one of the scary kinds.
One of the talk shows had someone on it I rarely see but painfully remember seeing how I am a child of the 80's and aerobics was very big back then. Do you see where I'm going or who I'm seeing invading our favorite school and lives of the professors? What would their reactions be like? He may be quite strange but he is a muggle and there would be a rule of no hexing him. I believe you may have finally caught on....that's right. Let's send Richard Simmons to Hogwarts to teach phys-ed.
Well if not sending him to Hogwarts then how about for the WIKTTers out there who have all participated in the Marriage Law challenges or Getting Snape Married challenge how about a honeymoon to a resort of some kind for the love birds where they somehow wind up in a class of his one way or another.

How's that sound? If anyone actually reads these updates I do please let me know your ideas and if your up for the challenge.

Demonic Angel
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