Demonic Angel (onedemonicangel) wrote,
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Marriage Meme....gacked fom JessBlack

(Marriage memes)
1. How did you meet your fiancé/spouse?

Playing pool at Navy club with a friend of one of my boyfriends at the time....turned into 'bumper people'. I agreed to go out with him when the night we met he promised to take me to see Heart (which was coming to town)...he never did.

2. How did you know she/he was the "one."
I didn't....he kinda a lost puppy that followed me everywhere including dates with other guys. He grew on me.

3. What was the proposal like?
It sucked and he was an idiot...I told him so to.
We were in the Helms Club with my friends and he said "I want to marry you."
I gave him a huge hug as a response and he looked at me and said "Well?"
As I said....IDIOT

4. What is the engagement ring like? What are the wedding rings like?
We each bought our own rings....they were a matcing trio, thin gold with white gold design, engagement ring had a 1/4 carot added to it.

5. Who is in or was in your wedding party and why?
Maid of Honor, Pattie...Best Man, Tim (Gina's ex), Gina, Atour (running around taking pictures with an empty camera), cousin Lynnae (representing my father's side), Aunt Dye (mom's side), Jackie, and Fred's mother, Norma (bitch from hell).

6 Wedding colors?
I wore my blood-sister's baby blue prom dress with babys breath in my hair and tennis shoes (don't worry the dress covered them). Fred wore his Dress Whites (active duty navy)

7. Where will/did you get married?
Kenosha County Courthouse, Kenosha Wisconsin. (didn't require $50 AIDS tests which we both already had for other reasons)

8. Where will you or where did you go on the honeymoon?
He left for his next duty station in Norfolk, Va the next morning....what's a honeymoon?

9. Is there anything you would change about it all?
Yeah....married someone who wasn't such an idiot.

10. How long have you been married?
Was married 12 years

11. Is marriage what you expected? Why?
Have to say no....I actually though it would last until we died....never thought he'd leave for wife of his best man.

Sorry pics. What isn't in my son's room has been burned.
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