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Why did I do what I did?

Ok I've never been one that's a 'social butterfly'. I rarely attend functions and although I do get along with alot of people I consider very few of them friends. I think in the 5 years I've been with Arnold, I've attended 1 Christmas party and that was the one at our Albany, Ga office 3 years ago. I go to the baseball game each year only because Fire and I love watching the game (not to mention the free beer I get), but this year....This year what did I do? I went and joined the Bowling league. I haven't bowled in 10 years but stupid me goes and signs up. I forgot why I quite bowling, the same reason I stopped rollar skating....I'm falling apart.
Yesterday was our first game and although I came home with merely a sore thumb from the holes in the ball being too far apart but this morning. Ack! This morning I woke up and found out I had pulled a muscle in my hip. Now unfortunately I'm walking very funny and some of the people who weren't there last night to see us almost bust our asses on the floor everytime we threw the ball believes I really had a wild night. SHIT I WISH then I would gladly walk around with the pain but with it merely being from a fully clothed sport in a public thanks. Hell if I had at least 1 good game last night then maybe I'd feel better but I barely broke 100 each game.
So here I am with the left side of my ass sitting on a heating pad and wobbling around the house wanting to scream everytime I have to go near the stairs.
I thought I was feeling my age when one of my co-workers, Alicia, told me that I'd get along with her 60 yr old grandmother....or when Jill tried to set me up with her 55 yr old uncle because he's a plummer and 'knows how to lay pipes'. Hell what ever he wants to do with pipes is his own damn business....the last time I looked like a remotely like a pipe I was 19 yrs old, 125 lbs and living out of my Nova.
Anyway I am definately feeling my age now and hopefully this will not be the case every single week....mainly because there are 12 weeks of this league (minus the one I'll miss when I'm at Convention Alley) and I don't think I can spend my whole summer like this. Maybe if there was free beer at this too it would make it more worth while, it's not like I don't see the people I work with enough during the week.

As for how Collisions is coming along....Since I'm down to probably the last 4-5 chapters I've decided to write it out before I post anymore....this way I can hopfully make it still fit in with the ending I wrote out over a year ago. Although I must admit I did tweak the prologue abit so it may just seem do I put this....Stephen King-ish. hehehe.

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