Demonic Angel (onedemonicangel) wrote,
Demonic Angel

Well another opinion....

Fire and I went to the drive-in last night as planned with the group as planned and I believe I was right.

I big part of my problem was not only my comprehension problem but mainly because of the hype this one got and how everyone was saying that it was so much better than the other two.
I was so hyped up about what I heard that I was expecting so much more. I must say don't do that. If you havent seen it yet then block out everything and look at it as you saw the first 2 movies, they move just as fast in a way.
I remember being not all that interested in the first movie after I first saw it because of the fast pace, and honestly didn't see it again until it was out on DVD when I actually enjoyed what I was watching.
One of my friends that was there, Alicia, had never read any of the books, didn't read the reviews, nothing. She went there with innocent eyes and she understood the majority of the whole plot and even enjoyed it. Unfortunately as the time-turner scene ended so did the sound and they soon turned off the film afterwards. Unfortunately because they were unable to fix the problem they also cancelled the following showing as well.
As for the weather last night that I was worried about, well it was perfect. The only rain was a small drizzle that started just before the Dementor/train scene and ended after the Welcoming feast. The sky was also overcast and really strange the moon didn't even make an appearance until Remus changed. Talk about a coinsidence...shit.
Fire and I also remained dressed up...that was great. The two of us were laughing while some of my friends thought we were completely cruel. All night long little kids were dragging their fathers over to look at Fire while they shouted "Daddy daddy see, I told you it was Malfoy!" One poor little boy, about 3, even had a cryng hissy-fit with his mom in the snack shop all because his mom wouldn't let him have paper and pen so he could get an autograph. Oh it was great!

All in all after the second time seeing it I will say it was just as enjoyable as the first one. If you saw it once then and weren't happy only because it wasn't everything you though it would be then look at the other 2 and how fast paced they were and go see it again.

If you haven't seen it yet then forget everything you heard from the papers and interviews and watch it with open eyes.

Yes it's a different director, different book, and different form of camera techniques. But it's no different than what we saw before.
Almost 2 years ago when COS came out the papers here in Jacksonville FL said how horrible the movie was and would be just another failing sequal. I didn't listen back then to what everyone else said and I loved it.
I really wish I didn't listen to all the reviewers before I saw it the first time because I really think I would have enjoyed it alot more.
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