Demonic Angel (onedemonicangel) wrote,
Demonic Angel

Ok I'm Back

Well I've just seen it and I must say I have mixed feelings about it. I'm not sure how to put this without spoilers but I will give it a try.
Only click on the link if you want to really know.

All in all I will say it was extremely good but it was also horribly rushed. If you haven't read the books you will be completely lost but on the otherhand as a fan of the book you may in turn be disappointed. Alfonso did stay somewhat true to the emotiotional side story in a least with what was shown.
Gary Oldman did an excellent job as Sirius who seems to be walking the line of insanity but that is exactly what I always saw even though I seriously had my doubts about him until today. To be honest I wanted Thorsten Kaye (formerly Patrick Thornhart from OLTL) to get the roll.
David Thewlis' scenes were breath-taking to me. I was one of few people who were actually thrilled to see him get the roll almost 1 1/2 years ago because I knew he could be everything I ever imagined Remus to be.
I was disappointed on the number of scenes that Alan had. I beleve it was less than he did in the previous movies but what he did have were all memorable.

There were some small changes made in the movie which I won't go into but for those who know the story will easily recognize them.

I think the biggest thing that really disappointed me was how much was removed. I spoke with my frind Brenda (who I went with to see it) afterwards and I will repeat it. This was horribly rushed. It was as if they took the most memorable scenes and spliced them together with no real direction in between them. This went all the way to the executioners scene where it actually blended together to the end but only up until Remus left. After that they took something from the middle of the story and put it at the end.

With 9 months of filming I know they had to do alot more than what they showed. I am so hoping that when it comes to DVD they will put back everything they removed so that it will move like a story and not a 'best of' type episode.

With all this said, yes in my opinion the movie was just as wonderful as the others but in a completely different sense.

Do I highly recommend it? This is one that really depends on the tast of the viewer.
I will see it again mainly because I have a severe comprehension problem and in things that jump around like this did, I tend to feel like I lost something somewhere. Even though I've read the book quite a few times I really need to see it again and maybe after that my opinion will change.

As for my rating of it, sorry but I can only give it a 7 out of 10 at this time because of the whole first half of the film.

Here are some pics I took of Fire and I at the movie, at least we weren't the only ones dressed up. But I would like to know what was up with the guy in line ahead of us who was wearing a 'Tarzan' type outfit....didn't look quite right.

Brenda's son and Firewalker before the movie.

Firewalker and again Brenda's son this time after the show.

Me and Firewalker after the show. (no I don't have short hair. It's just braded)

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