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Well today's to day...and I have off work too! Fire and I will be meeting my friend Brenda and her son over by work this morning to watch the movie since she works nights at our office. As for the movie party tonight at the drive-in....well I'm not so sure that's going to be as big of a turnout as I was previously led to believe with all the 'yes we'll be there' answers....most likely has something to do with the rain we're expected to get. Go figure...just my luck. Oh well that's ok...I've been at drive-ins in the past in the rain and I highly that this will be any worse, with the exception of being trapped in the car instead of sitting in the open with the cold beer. Oh well their loss if they chicken shit out.

I just realized that I never said anything about the 'work' function the other night. Well we were all at the Suns game. As large as this city is we don't even have a real baseball team...hell is not even one of the higher minor league teams....merely an A team. Needles to say it was still fun....afterall free food, free souveneers for the kids, FREE beer, seats next to the dug-out, and finally seeing the owner of our company and the butt-picker sumo-wrestle out on the field. Unfortunately the humidity was over 90% with heat still in the high 80's so although all that beer was didn't mix too well in the heat. Only resulted in being slightly dehydrated and no hangover when I woke up at 3am the next day. At least I wasn't drunk enough to sumo-wrestle....although I do want copy of the pics of butt picker laying ontop of the owner...hmmmm, backup blackmail just incase it's ever needed.

Well I'd better get's getting late and I need to get Fire out of bed so we can get ready.

I'll probably post a review on this afterwards and don't worry Jess I won't forget to mention your fav.


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