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Poor Poor Fire

Well my wonderful, smart, fun, loving, teenage son decided he wanted his hair bleached white. Well, it's summer time, school's out, why the hell not. So we gave it a try. Afterall I was a sophmore when I tried to go blonde for the first time and wound up fire orange.
Well I put a little homemade mask over my mouth and nose (since I'm allergic by touch and smell) and I mixed the crap and put it in his hair. Well first came Weasley Red...oh you should have heard that boy scream while I sat and laughed. Then 40 minutes later my light brown hair child decided it was time to remove the stuff cause from what he could tell by looking in the mirror 'it was good'. I asked him if he was sure but he grew more insistant so we rinsed it out.
The best word for it....well it's definately not the white blonde he was looking for...and in looking for a description of this...I'd have to say 'candle flame yellow'.

Who I feel sorry for is his cousin. She had promised to do his hair last weekend but she pulled one of her stunts and got kicked outta their house.

Anway here is a pic of what he now looks like....I'm not quite sure how I feel about it yet.

Yes I know it's abit blurry but for some reason it seems alot of pics I try to edit turn out this way.

Maybe it'll look better when he slicks it back.
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