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Collision Chapter 23

Title: Collision
Summary: As one family struggles to come together, another is torn further apart.
Main Pairing: RL/OC
Story Rating: Hard R or NC-17 (depending on your own views)
Chapter title: Chatper 23
Chapter Rating: R for language and violence

Chapter 23

Over the next week life went on as normal as to be expected at the old school. With a little over a month away from the new school term, everyone started getting their lesson plans together while Dannie finished off her contract by taking care of the overgrown plants in the greenhouses before her replacement arrived. Grabbing a quick bite to eat as soon as the dinning hall opened for breakfast making sure she left the building before anyone else arrived. She had poured every bit of energy she had into her work and was rarely seen by anyone including Bria with the exception of supper where she mainly pushed her food around her plate between the few small bites she took. One morning while she was quietly leaving their quarters there was a sleepy voice from behind “Morning mom.”

Dannie closed the door and turned around, “Mornin, what are you doin up so early?”

“I hardly see you anymore so I though I’d get up early. I was hoping we could talk like we use to.”

“Sorry but I have a lot of work to do. Maybe later.”

“I figured, that’s what Ann said you would probably say.” Bria replied as she turned to walk back into her room.

Dannie sighed “What did you want to talk about?”

“Anything, everything. You haven’t said more than five words at a time since the trial and we use to talk about everything all the time.”

“I was going to talk to you but I need to sort some things our first. Can you at least give me some time to do that?”

“I suppose but can you at least tell me why you never told me that you had seen dad before I we came here?”

Dannie walked over and sat on the couch then motioned for Bria to sit next to her. Once the girl did she replied, “Do you remember when you were little you thought that being pregnant would be wonderful and I told you about when I was carrying you?”

“Yeah so. What‘s that got to do with this?”

“That day. When your papaw, Jenny, Bobby and everyone on the res. found out, you know was one of the worse days of my life but it was also that same morning that he was there in the restaurant and saw it happen. By the time everything calmed down somewhat and papa left again so did he and that was it.”

“But I thought you said you even talked to him and he knew.”

“I did, before your papaw left.”

“If that was true then don’t you think he would remember it too?”

“When did you talk to him about this?”

“After the trial ended I asked him if he remembered and he said he didn’t.”

“If what Albus say’s is true then I don’t think he would. I don’t know much about your spells but he says Remus had the memory oblivated.”

“Dad wouldn’t do that.” Bria spat

“I’m just going by what I know happened and what I was told. Whether or not he did the fact is he not only left us but he erased us from his memory and now because the past that he doesn’t remember has been brought to light and he has lost his trust in me.”

“Then make him trust you by telling him what happened.”

Dannie then moved to kneel in front of her daughter, “Bria listen I have thought about doing just that. Even if I could relive that day by telling him it would still be hearsay and there is no guarantee that he will even believe what he’s told. He has to be the one to remember it and until then it’s over.” Dannie took a deep breathe as she stood up and her knees popped. “Listen, I want you to behave yourself today while I get some work done. Ok?”

“How can you just say it’s over when I know you don’t want it to be?” Bria asked and Dannie stared at her “Mom, I hear you at night and don’t tell me your eyes are glassy because you’re sick or an allergy. You don’t get sick, there’s no bleach around, and if you got stung by a bee then you’d be over in the infirmary.”

“I learned a long time ago that what I want and how things need to be are almost always two different things. I always get over it and in time I’ll get past this one too.” she replied before she proceeded out the door.

Not five minutes after the door closed there was a quiet knock on it and when Bria went to open it Ann rushed in. “I saw her leave, did you get to talk to her?”



“It’s what I thought it was but she still won’t tell him.” Bria replied.

“Then why don’t you say something?”

“Because I don’t know the full story. I know papaw got pissed off again and she had to stay at one of the cabins afterwards but I don’t know the details of it all.”

“Well then you’d better figure out something because Draco told Ron and I that he saw Madame’ Sprout here last week up in Dumbledore’s office.”

“Who’s she?”

“She taught Herbology before your mom took on the position. If she’s taking over again then your mom’s out of a job and back to the states both of you go.” Ann stated.

“Come on now that’s not going to happen and even if it did then why would I be gone?”

“How else do you think you’ll be able to attend school? No offence but you and your mom are from the reservation and I highly doubt she’d be able to continue to be able to afford your tuition once it’s no longer free. Why else would Jamie and I be sent here once dad started teaching when mom spent all her money and could no longer afford sending us to Salem.”

“That may be the case for you and your brother but mom wasn’t hurting for money. We have a regular size home with plenty of land fully paid not to mention that mom use to own half of the restaurant until she paid for my tuition for all four years.”

“Sorry I just thought…..”

“I know what you thought and I suggest you go before I get royally pissed.” Bria spat as she escorted Ann to the door. “You know I honestly thought I was a friend of yours and not some poor little Indian kid that you felt sorry for because I grew up in a shack with a dirt floor.”

“Bria I didn’t….” was all Ann could say before the door slammed in her face.

“Princess what’s going on?” Sirius asked as he entered the corridor.

“I think I put my foot in my mouth.”

“Don’t worry about it, I‘ve done that plenty of times, you might say it‘s a family trait. If she’s anything like her father then she’ll get over it in no time.” He said as he put his arm around her and started leading her away “How about if you accompany your old man to breakfast and you can tell me about it.” and they headed to the dinning hall as Ann told him what happened.

As they reached the double doors Sirius grabbed the handle to open it as he said “Trust me, she’ll soon forget all about it and forgive you. I’ve said and done far worse before and Remus always forgave me.”

Just then Dannie started out the door but when she saw him she backed up and glared in his direction as he walked past her with a smirk on his face. Ann looked at the exchange of glances they gave each other and asked, “Ok then what if she’s like her mother and doesn’t forgive me?”

“Then I’d have to say your better off without her as a friend. Just look at her, it’s been a week and she still goes nutters every time she sees me.”

“Didn’t you hear what happened to her?”

“Yes, but I wasn’t the one who did those things to her.” he replied

“But last week you…” Ann stopped and watched her father continue to the table then she turned and watched Dannie walk backwards out of the room while keeping her eyes on the same man.

Sirius then turned around and looked at Ann as the doors closed, “I what?”

The girl cocked her head and looked at him like he was someone she‘d never seen or known before and replied, “Nothing. Um I guess I’m not that hungry after all. I’ll grab something from the kitchens later.” then turned and headed out the doors quickly followed by Albus and Poppy while Sirius shrugged and proceeded towards the table again.

Meanwhile Dannie watched the doors close and started towards the landing when she stopped and looked at her hand as it shook uncontrollably. She then leaned her back against the wall as she folded her arms together to try to gather control as she quietly whispered to herself “Calm down, we’re safe here, calm down, nothings going to happen.” over and over until she heard the doors open again and she jumped.

“Miss Dannie, are you alright?”

Dannie looked at the girl in front of her and faked a smile the best she could “We’ll be fine sweetheart, don’t worry.” then the doors banged open briefly startling her once again.

“Are you sure?” Ann asked.

Poppy rushed over to the woman’s side as Albus placed his hand on the girl’s head and replied, “She’ll be just fine. You need to get yourself something to eat or get your summer work done that I know you’ve been putting off.”

Ann nodded and started down the stairs pausing every once in a while to look back and see Dannie quietly arguing with them before she continued down and couldn’t see them anymore.

“I told you I’m fine.” Dannie stated

“I know what you said but your not acting like your fine. Merlin child your still shaking.” Poppy stated. “Come with me and I’ll get you taken care of.”

“I don’t need to be taken care of. Just let me get started on my work and I promise I’ll be fine.”

“That I don’t doubt but what about the next time you run into him or the time after.”

“If I wasn’t detained this morning I would have been in and out of there before he even arrived as I usually am. I have 2 weeks left on this contract then nobody will ever have to worry about the two of us running into each other again.”

“That’s another thing I wish to speak to you about.” Albus stated. “From where I stand you have two choices: you either cooperate and come to my office on your own or I can easily put you into a body bind and drag you there.” Dannie lowered her head in defeat “Wise choice.” and he led the two women to his office.

When they entered Albus offered the two of them seats while he sat on the other side of his desk. “Now when you returned last week you told me that the two of you had worked things out.”

“We did.”

“But not in the way you allowed me to believe.” Albus stated.

Dannie just shrugged and Poppy spoke up, “I have been watching both of you. You work from sun up to sun down, you rarely eat, and finally both of you are showing signs of not sleeping well if at all. When was the last time you had a good night’s sleep?”

She shook her head and looked away as she replied, “I’ve been having some problems but I’ll be fine in time and I don’t care what the two of you think but he has nothing to do with it.”

“The thing is, it’s affecting your work habits. You know how much concentration is needed around here and what can happen if your not able to.” Albus said.

“My work habits have not changed, I’m as careful as I’ve ever been. Since you feel that they have changed then why don’t you let me out of my contract so that I can be on my way.”

“Really? Do you have any idea of what you’ll do out there?”

“I’ll find something.” Dannie replied.

“Seeing how there was so much publicity with that trial, everyone now knows what you are and there won’t be any jobs for you.”

“That’s fine. I can always go back to my world and work at the restaurant again.”

“Is that truly what you want?” Albus asked.

“What I want has never mattered. It’s what I’ll have to do.”

“What about Remus? How does he feel about this?”

“I haven’t told him yet because it’s really none of his concern.”

Poppy took Dannie’s hand and asked, “Are you really that blind? Have you even looked at him lately?” Dannie didn’t answer, “He’s taking this harder than you are. If he’s unable t concentrate on what he’s doing then he could seriously injure himself. Last time it was merely a day that needed to be suppressed, there is no what that we can erase a full year from his memory and even if we could, think about what it would do to your daughter.”

“Remus is a grown man. He’ll heal and move on with someone he knows he can trust.”

“Is that was this is about? The fact that you don’t think he can trust you? Have you even given him any reason to believe he can’t?”

“What do you know abut that day we met?”

“I know enough to understand why he was so upset. Dannie he not only thought you lost her but with the family problems that he witnessed he didn’t want you to…”

“Family problems were an understatement you should have seen papa’s face when he found out what she was.”

“I was serious when I said he had every intention on returning once the war was over.”

“Then what happened? If the memory is erased then can’t it be returned as well?”

Albus removed his glasses placing them on the desk then leaned on his arms “Only through two different means. The first is only if there happened to have been a pensive made of that memory before it was removed. I’m sure though after all this time if there was one then he would have seen it already and this mess would have been avoided.”

“Bria said that the person that cast the spell can reverse it, what about that?”

“I’ve already been looking into that but there were few people Remus would trust enough to have preformed such a delicate task and even fewer that could have successfully have accomplished it. The only answer I have of who would have attempted it explains is the same reason his memory was never returned. They died at the end of the war.”

“So because of this he will never know the truth of what happened.”

“I’m afraid it looks that way.” Albus replied.

Dannie stood up and started heading to the door, “Well it looks as if we’re back where we started.”

“It doesn’t have to be this way. I know you love him as much as he does you.” Poppy stated.

“Sorry but there is no way I can be joined with him or anyone else who can’t trust me. If you’ll excuse me I have some things to do.” she said as she left the two behind looking solemn.

When she reached the bottom of the stairs she noticed Remus and Severus at the end of the corridor, she took a deep breathe and headed in their direction as she constantly watched them out of the corner of her eye as she passed in hopes not to be noticed.

“Make sure you stop at the lab today before you go back.” Severus said as Remus turned and started in the opposite direction. He then started walking with Dannie, “Don’t forget you need to be examined by Poppy before you start the potion today.”

“How come?” Dannie asked.

“You need to be tested.”

Dannie stopped and looked at him. “Why isn’t Remus ever tested?”

“It’s nothing major, she just needs to cast a minor charm to make sure your not pregnant.”

“Why in the hell would you think I was pregnant?”

“It’s just a simple precautionary charm that all female werewolves have to take in order to be able to take the Wolfsbane potion.”

“So if I was pregnant then I wouldn’t be able to take it?” Dannie asked, “If that’s the case then don’t worry about making it for me.”

“I beg you pardon?”

“I said I’m not going to take it.” Dannie stated.

“Do you remember what it was like last month?” Severus asked

“Yes I do but if there’s something in it that will be harmful if I was pregnant then I’m not taking the chance of what it could do to me when I’m not.”

“This month will be a lot worse for you. You’ve gone through a full cycle so not only will the pain be more intense but you will have 3 consecutive nights of it.”

“If you’re so concerned about what I’ll go through then give me a list of ingredients and I’ll decide from there if I take it or not.”

“It doesn’t matter what’s in the potion, you need to take it as long as your going to be staying here.” Severus stated.

“Well then there’s no need for me to take it since I won’t be here for too much longer.”

“What do you mean you won’t be here?”

“Just what I said.” Dannie shrugged, “Now if you don’t mind I have some work to do.” she said as she turned and walked away not giving Severus a chance to respond.

As he watched her walk out the door Sirius approached from the dinning hall, “Figures she would ignore the fact that there‘s a staff meeting this morning. With an attitude like that I wouldn’t doubt if the rumours were true.”

The two men started walking down the corridor when Severus asked. “What rumours are you talking about?”

“She hasn’t told you? Well I’m sure if they are correct then you’ll see soon enough.”


Dannie immediately headed for the greenhouses, put on Bria’s headset and started working. As she sat on the floor replanting all the new plants into new pots she paid no attention to the time until felt someone come up from behind and tough her shoulder causing her to jump. When she turned around she noticed a short plump woman standing there talking. She then removed the headphones “I’m sorry I didn’t hear you. May I help you with something?”

“No dearie I was just wondering what your doing in here instead of outside enjoying the weather.”

“It got too overgrown while I was away I was trying to get everything in order before I leave.”

“So you must be the one I heard about from Albus. I’m Pomona Sprout.” she replied as she held out her hand. “What do you mean you’ll be leaving? I thought that since you and Remus will be joined soon you would be interested in being my assistant in order to help pass the day away.”

“Thanks for the offer but no thanks.” Dannie said as she started working with the plants again.

“Are you sure? It’s not much I just figured that you could help by grading the papers while I taught class that way you’d have something to occupy your time and I wouldn’t be up all night trying to get it done.” She stated but Dannie just shook her head again. “I’m curious though. Remus seemed a bit stunned when he saw me today. I would have thought he would have known by now.”

“Did you say anything to him?”

“Of coarse I did. I‘ve know that boy since his 4th year.”

“No I mean about you starting here again?”

“I didn’t have to. I’m sure he knew that the moment he saw me in the staff meeting. Don’t tell me you haven’t told him yet.”

“I have to go….there’s something I forgot to take care of. It was nice meeting you.” Dannie stated as she quickly started out of the greenhouse and headed toward her rooms in hopes that she wouldn’t be seen. She the exited her quarters as she entered only pausing to grab something off the fireplace mantle before she was headed towards the gates.


Meanwhile inside

Remus remained sitting at the table as he watched the remaining staff slowly gather their belongings and file out of the meeting room until it was only he and Albus left. “Why didn’t you let me know before hand that you had dismissed her?”

“It was her request that I keep it quiet because she wanted to break the news to you and Bria. After everything that had happened to her I felt that it was one request I couldn’t refuse.”

“You know we haven’t seen each other since the trial ended how you could have expected her to tell me before you go and bring Pomona in the meeting?”

“At the time I made the promise I was under the impression that they two of you had resolved your differences and she would have informed you by now. “ Albus replied.

“Is that the reason that you decided to just dismiss her? “ he asked. “Excuse me but I don’t recall any bylaws stating that co-workers cannot be joined, or is it because I changed her?”

Albus walked over and placed his hand on Remus’ shoulder “Listen, it’s neither of those reasons. Until a few weeks ago Miss Lightpaws was more than welcome to remain in her position. In fact not only I but The Board of Governors were quite pleased that someone with her background was capable of maintaining the required curriculum.”

“Then how can she just be let go like that? You know as well as I do there’s nothing out there for her.”

“That wasn’t my choice. The Board made the decision when she died. I know you felt her leave and Miss. Skeeter received word and put it in her column. As for what she’ll do after she leaves, I can only surmise that she’ll go…”


“You said it yourself, there’s nothing for her here so there’s no other choice that she returns.”

Remus jumped out of his seat and spat “She can’t go back there. Not only because of the way they talk about her there but the way her own father looks at her.”

“I’m sure that if what I heard about her father’s reaction, it was merely out of pain he was feeling at the time due to the situation. She’s a strong one Remus, how her people will treat her when she returns is no different than how she’s been treated her whole life. The family that she has there are the only ones she feels she can love and trust as much as they love and trust her to be there when needed. Where she was taught at an early age that you take care of your own.”

“She knows she my own and that I‘d never let anything happen to her.” Remus stated.

“With all that has happened recently, does she really?” Albus questioned “Question is do you trust her as much as you want her to trust in you?” Remus remained quiet “That’s exactly why she’s made the decisions she has. You believe she hide the truth from you just because you chose not to remember it and because of that you’ve lost so much trust in her that you weren’t there when she needed you most.”

“Excuse me.” Severus said as he entered the room with a goblet in his hand. “It’s starting to get late.”

“I quite agree, if you don’t mind I’ll be going.” Albus stated as he left the room.

Remus looked at the smoking liquid as he took it from his friend and immediately drank it in one gulp then cringed as he handed the glass back. “When we walked in here you didn’t seem surprised to see Pomona here.”

“No I wasn’t. I knew they had to find someone to fill the position.”

“So you did know she was leaving. Why didn’t you tell me?” he growled.

“Wait a second I only found out this morning when she let it slip after I informed her that she had to take it the potion if she was going to remain here.” Severus replied only to see Remus rush pass him and into the corridor.

Bria was sitting on her bed making something when she heard the front door bang open and she got up and headed for her bedroom doorway. “You’re done early, tomorrow is it alright if I go with Harry and…”

“Where is she?” Remus asked as he started looking in the rooms of the small flat.

“Who mom? Most likely in either one of the greenhouses or forest I guess.” she replied as she followed her father into the other bedroom as he stared in the closet at the stacks of filled boxes that lined the wall. “I thought she would have unpacked by now. It’s not true that she’s leaving is it?” she asked.

Remus then turned and placed his hand on her shoulders and looked her in the eyes, “Not if I can help it.” then moved her out of the way before he ran out of the room and back down the corridor.


Dannie paused outside the small shop as she took a deep breath and wiped the threatening tears from her eyes before she opened the door and entered being quickly greeted with a brief hug from Grandfather. “Wado young one, how’re you feeling today?” he asked as he pulled back.

“Been better. By chance is Remus here?”

“I’m sorry child but he hasn’t returned from the castle yet. Nothing’s wrong is it?”

Dannie turned and started looking at the different items on the shelves, “No sir. I just needed to give him something.” she then paused and picked up an item trying to pretend she was interested in it as she quietly asked, “How’s he doing?”

“As well as to be expected.” he said as he walked over and took it out of her hand and placed it back onto the shelf. “Aren’t you supposed to be there as well so you can take your potion?”

“I’m not gonna take it.”

“Why not?” he asked as he reached out and touched her chin to turn her head towards him, “Do you realise if you don’t you’ll be changing tonight?” Dannie took a step back and nodded, “Then why torture yourself?”

“Do you know what’s in it?”

“Unfortunately I do.”

“Then you should know why I’m not going to take it.”

The old man then walked up and put his arm around her and directed her to the back of the shop and out the back door to the patio as he replied “I understand your fear and I can assure you that it’s only a small enough amount in order to paralyse her.”

“I don’t care how small of an amount it is. The side effects with continuous use are severe, not to mention that to paralyse her is something I could never do.” she stated as she sat down in one of the chairs.

He then picked up a chair and moved it in front of her and sat down “You have to get past what you’ve experienced with her in the past. You and Angel have always shared the same experiences throughout your life. Haven’t you noticed recently that something has been missing more and more everyday?”

“Sometimes I do.”

“That’s because although she’s still there she’s merely waiting. You have to remember she has evolved now and at during this part of the cycle she will insist on the control that is rightfully hers. Have you ever given her full control before?”

Dannie thought for a few moments then replied, “Maybe once but…”

“You have the memories of that night. The amount of control she had was still restrained by you otherwise you wouldn’t remember it.”

“But Bria still…”

“That’s because she’s a combination of him and what you were. As she progresses into womanhood there will be a few times she too will lose that control.”

Dannie looked at the old man and asked, “How do you know all this?”

“Now child, you know better than to ask your elders about their secrets.” he said with a smirk. “I want you to think about what I’ve said. It maybe too late for you to take that potion this month but next month…”

“I won’t be here next month but thanks for the warning.” she said as she rose from her chair then leaned over and gave the older man a hug when something in the nearby trees caught her eye. “Is that a sweat out there?” she asked as she straightened up again.

“Good eye. I forget its there sometimes, it’s been so long since it’s been needed.” he replied. “We’ll see what happens. Until then think about what I said and don’t try to fight Angel this time, she may have control for the first time but I know she’ll never do anything that would harm you.”

“Um, thanks.” Dannie replied as she turned and headed back towards the castle feeling confused about what the old man said.


While lost in her thoughts about what the old man said and what she was going to do once she got back to the reservation she found herself at the edge of the lake. She then sat down and stared out at the lake enjoying to sunshine as she tried to figure out what she was going to say to not only her family but how to tell Bria since she knew she couldn’t put it off any longer.

After what seemed like a short while she noticed that although there weren’t any trees around there was a shadow over her completely blocking the suns rays. “Where have you been?” the voice behind her asked. She tried to ignore him in hopes he’d give up and leave but instead he knelt down next to her and continued to speak. “I’ve been looking for you everywhere. Where have you been?”

“Around.” she said as coldly as possible.

“Were you at least going to tell me you’re leaving or were you just going to disappear on me?”

“I was going to tell you. I had to so that I could give you this for Bria.” she said as she pulled a key from her pocket and held it towards him. “I’d give it to her but you know how kids are with money. There should be enough in there for her supplies for the rest of her time here with some let over for allowance at least this year.”

“So you it’s true. You really plan on leaving.” he replied as a statement more than a question.

“What do you expect me to do? It’s not like I have a job anymore, nor could I even get one.”

“What are you going to do there?” Remus asked.

Dannie shrugged, “I’ll floo Bobby and Dan to see if papa sold the house yet. If he has then I’m sure they’ll be able to set me up in one of the cabins while I go back to the restaurant to work.”

“Join with me.”

Dannie ignored his comment as she stood up and brushed the dirt off the back end of her shorts then held the key out again. “Are you gonna take it?” Remus shook his head, “Fine then I’ll have Severus hold onto it for her.” she said as she put it back in her pocket and started to walk away. Remus immediately grabbed her arm and spun her around “Damn-it! What the hell is with you and your friends that cause you all to grab me like that?” she shouted as she pushed his arms away then turned and once again tried to walk away.

He then quickly walked past her and turned to block her path while he kept his hands at his sides as much as possible. “Stop walking away and talk to me so I won’t have to.” he stated as she tried to get pass him but he kept blocking her path. Dannie stopped trying to pass and folded her arms across her chest as she glared at him. “You can’t leave you don’t belong there and you know it.” he said as he took a step forward to close the gap.

“You’re right but I also know I don‘t belong here either.” she said as she closed her eyes and lowered her head.

“Yes you do.” he said as he once again moved closer to her moving one arm behind her as he cupped her chin lifting her head slightly as his lips gently caressed her. She tried to pull away but his arm pulled her in closer he brushed his thumb across down her throat and around to the back of her neck to keep her there. Although she fought it at first he soon felt her succumb as her arms wrapped around his torso and she deepened the kiss while a small moan escaped from her throat. Before letting it get any further he ended it by kissing his way to her ear as he tightened the embrace and she rested her forehead against his chest inhaling his scent. “I know you can’t tell me you didn’t’ feel that. You know we belong together just stay and join with me.” he whispered. Her hands moved from his back to his chest as she started to pull away again and he instantly took her hand in his and kissed her fingers, “Joining ceremony, Handfasting, or Blanket ceremony, whatever you want whenever you want it. Just promise you’ll stay and we’ll spend the rest of our lives together.”

She then looked up and stared into his eyes “Only if you can honestly tell me right here and now that you remember the day we actually met for the first time.”

“I’m sorry love but if what Albus says is true then there’s a possibility that I will never remember it. I don’t understand why is it so important to you that I do?” he asked as he ran his fingers through his hair in frustration.

“I know how important as it is to you to be able to trust those close to you and because of that I need to know that you absolutely trust in me a hundred percent. Ever since it was brought up in court I have felt your trust in me fade because you can’t remember. I can’t spend the rest of my life with someone knowing that there is even a small amount of doubt in the back of their mind.”

“What about your trust in me? You accused me of things you should know damn well didn’t happen.”

“You’re right, I did I’ll admit it but there’s a big difference. I wasn’t around to know what you were doing or why you had that day erased from your mind. All I knew was that you were there that day. You saw me, we talked and you helped me when I needed it then all of a sudden you disappeared without a word. Do you realize how hard it is to try to find someone when you don’t know their name or even where they’re from? For two years after she was born I dragged our daughter to every police station and hospital in a hundred mile radius just to view mug shots and visiting John Does‘. I don’t even remember how many full moons I spent in the cave believing you would return one night just so I could introduce her to you.” she stated as the tears rolled down her face. “I….I can’t do this anymore. Goodbye Remus.” and she turned and headed towards the castle.

As she was half way to the top of the hill she started to hear footsteps rapidly approaching from behind so she started running but they still grew closer. Right as she approached the peak she started willing herself to change before she dove head first over the top of the hill. As soon as Remus saw her dive he knew there was no way he could catch up to her in wolf form so he slowed down and turned in the direction of the small village when he heard “Goddamn Mother Fucking Son of a Bitch!” shouted from behind so he turned and ran back to see what the commotion was. As he drew closer he saw Dannie clumsily climb to her feet as she seemed to be nursing her arm and he rushed to her side to try to assist as she continued to rant loudly to herself as she made her way to the castle blind to everything around her except the stars that the pain was causing her to see. “Do I remember the fact that I wasn’t able to change during the last cycle? No, I have to be a fucking idiot and try it again. Hell the way my fuckin luck is going next thing you know I’ll turn into some deformed stub tailed golem with fangs tonight.”

As she approached the door Poppy was on her way out “There you are, just in time for dinner too. I assume since you didn’t come to be tested Severus didn’t give you the potion.” Dannie just shook her head. She then noticed her arm and ran her wand from Dannie’s wrist to shoulder. “Good nothing major to worry about you just a minor fracture it’ll be healed in no time.” she stated then Dannie saw her turn toward the door, “Will you be staying for dinner tonight?”

“Thank you but no. I have to head back.”

Dannie spun around and was surprised to see Remus standing in the doorway. She slowly took a few steps toward him “I said something out loud didn’t I?” she asked and he slowly nodded his head. “I’m sorry…I didn’t…”

“No worries love. I know you didn’t mean it.” he said as he took a step forward then leaned down placing his hand on her arm and very briefly kissed her, “We’ll talk again in a few days.” He then turned and left before she could respond.

She watched as he left the grounds and was out of her line of sight when she quietly stated “I can’t believe I did that.”

“Did what?” Poppy asked.

“Said something stupid.” Dannie said as she turned and started heading to the dinning hall.

Poppy started walking with her and stated “Don’t worry about it everyone does that once in a while. Would you like to know what someone once said to me at the wrong moment causing me to throw a kettle at his head?”

Dannie looked at the shorter woman. “No thanks, I can only imagine.”



I haven't posted it yet and I won't be able to until late tonight due to a work function so you have first look
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